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BEAUTY ONLY (S411) 美麗大師 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 123

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / IRE
Owner: Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai-chun & Patrick Kwok Ho-chuen
Last win: 08-04-18
Health: Left front fetlock injury. (28/02/2019) Unacceptable performance. (10/12/2017)
Sire: Holy Roman Emperor
Dam: Goldendale

Past Performances
Total Starts: 46: (8-8-4)
ST 1400m: 10 (1-2-1)
ST 1600m: 31 (7-6-2)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 4 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-02-19429ST tf g A+31400G19A. S. Cruz126N. Callan3CP/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONBEAT THE CLOCKCONTE1:21:0322.2837.18 22.65 22.8510-10-10-910.2511461202480
20-01-19354ST tf g/f A+31600G16A. S. Cruz126H. Bowman3CP/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONCONTESOUTHERN LEGEND1:33:5122.6948.58 22.84 23.006-6-6-65.7511551211717
01-01-19309ST tf g C1400G311A. S. Cruz133K. Teetan5CP/TTCONTEMORETHANLUCKYRATTAN1:20:8522.6137.07 22.05 22.7112-12-10-11611551221215
09-12-18242ST tf g A1600G14A. S. Cruz126H. Bowman9CP/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONVIVLOSSOUTHERN LEGEND1:33:5222.8848.53 23.07 22.5314-14-14-43.7511471171723
18-11-18186ST tf g B1600G23A. S. Cruz123N. Callan3H-/CP1/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSOUTHERN LEGENDBEAUTY ONLY1:32:6423.5147.39 22.46 23.297-7-7-3311481221810
21-10-18116ST tf g/f A1600G29A. S. Cruz124N. Callan11H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSINGAPORE SLINGEAGLE WAY1:33:0723.1747.75 22.91 23.259-11-11-95.2511471231221
01-10-1862ST tf g A+31400G34A. S. Cruz130N. Callan4H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONPING HAI STARBORN IN CHINA1:20:6222.2836.46 22.80 21.9810-9-9-4411241231315
03-06-18701ST tf g/f B1600G32A. S. Cruz130N. Callan8H/TTTHE GOLDEN AGEBEAUTY ONLYROMANTIC TOUCH1:33:1322.9448.43 22.28 22.719-9-8-21.7511251236.34.3
29-04-18608ST tf g A1600G14A. S. Cruz126N. Callan3H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONWESTERN EXPRESSSOUTHERN LEGEND1:34:3122.9648.32 23.55 22.747-8-6-41.7511391171716
08-04-18555ST tf g C1600G21A. S. Cruz123N. Callan8H/TTBEAUTY ONLYWESTERN EXPRESSPINGWU SPARK1:32:8422.7047.88 22.82 22.148-8-8-1N11411203437
18-03-18504ST tf g A160016A. S. Cruz132Z. Purton5H/TTSOUTHERN LEGENDPINGWU SPARKJOYFUL TRINITY1:35:4422.2351.46 22.31 22.446-6-6-64.7511601221110
25-02-18455ST tf g B1400G15A. S. Cruz126N. Callan11H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONBEAT THE CLOCKFIFTY FIFTY1:20:8623.1535.80 22.51 22.9511-11-11-52.511631233335
28-01-18380ST tf g B1600G15A. S. Cruz126N. Callan6H/TTSEASONS BLOOMFIFTY FIFTYWERTHER1:34:7423.3649.34 22.84 22.7211-11-12-5111561231819
01-01-18317ST tf g B+21400G34A. S. Cruz132Z. Purton7H/TTFIFTY FIFTYBEAT THE CLOCKHELENE PARAGON1:21:1022.4936.33 22.96 22.2512-12-12-42.7511591251619
10-12-17260ST tf g A1600G17A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton12H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONWESTERN EXPRESSHELENE PARAGON1:33:7222.7148.37 23.24 22.7412-11-9-7411591196.14.5
19-11-17206ST tf g B1600G24A. S. Cruz128Z. Purton8H/TTSEASONS BLOOMHELENE PARAGONBEAUTY GENERATION1.34.1322.8748.75 22.99 22.5810-9-10-41.25115512763.7
22-10-17134ST tf g/f A1600G29A. S. Cruz133Z. Purton12H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONBOOMING DELIGHTJOLLY BANNER1:33:5622.5649.78 22.54 21.9412-13-12-94.2511601275.23.8
01-10-1780ST tf g/y A+31400G35A. S. Cruz133Z. Purton8H/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSEASONS BLOOMTIME WARP1:21:8022.5736.56 23.51 22.0510-12-12-5211561277.515
07-05-17631ST tf g/f A+31600G12A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton2H/TT CONTENTMENTBEAUTY ONLYHELENE PARAGON1:35.222.7 50.18 22.51 22.613-4-5-2N11351195.13.4
09-04-17560ST tf g/f C1600G22A. S. Cruz128Z. Purton2H/TT RAPPER DRAGONBEAUTY ONLYCIRCUIT LAND1:33.722.1 49.37 22.50 21.966-6-6-20.511371266.36.3
26-02-17450ST tf g B2000G15A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton7H/TT WERTHERBLAZING SPEEDSECRET WEAPON2:03.722.3 78.82 22.82 22.686-5-5-53.5114512643.6
30-01-17379ST tf g B1600G15A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton11H/TT HELENE PARAGONJOYFUL TRINITYABLE FRIEND1:34.323.1 48.78 23.25 22.5910-11-11-51.511421265.55
11-12-16256ST tf g A1600G11A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton13H/TT BEAUTY ONLYHELENE PARAGONJOYFUL TRINITY1:33.423.4 48.18 22.49 22.8111-12-9-10.511561179.56
20-11-16200ST tf g B+21600G21A. S. Cruz123Z. Purton8H/TT BEAUTY ONLYROMANTIC TOUCHSUN JEWELLERY1:33.722.9 48.78 22.72 22.298-9-8-1SH11371263.73.3
23-10-16129ST tf g A1600G23A. S. Cruz133D. Whyte10H/TT DESIGNS ON ROMEBLAZING SPEEDBEAUTY ONLY1:35.322.2 50.61 23.00 21.838-7-10-30.51132125109.4
01-10-1674ST tf g A+31400G32A. S. Cruz132Z. Purton9H/TT JOYFUL TRINITYBEAUTY ONLYBEAUTY FLAME1:21.122.4 36.04 23.10 22.1812-10-9-21.251149124119.2
29-05-16675ST tf g A+31600G32A. S. Cruz133Z. Purton10H/TT RAPPER DRAGONBEAUTY ONLYSECRET WEAPON1:33.822.0 49.38 23.12 21.5511-8-6-21.2511171237.87.6
01-05-16608ST tf g B1600G14A. S. Cruz126N. Callan10H/TT MAURICECONTENTMENTPACKING PINS1:34.022.0 49.46 23.11 22.0210-9-8-43.2511091179.39.3
03-04-16533ST tf g B+21600G21A. S. Cruz123N. Callan1H/TT BEAUTY ONLYREWARDING HERODESIGNS ON ROME1:33.222.7 47.69 22.98 22.556-6-5-11.2511271206.76.6
13-03-16473ST tf g C+3160015A. S. Cruz133N. Callan3H/TT REWARDING HEROLUGERMULTIVICTORY1:34.522.0 49.40 23.38 22.275-6-5-53.2511411203.84.1
28-02-16442ST tf g B1400G13A. S. Cruz126R. Moore1H/TT CONTENTMENTBEAUTY FLAMEBEAUTY ONLY1:21.221.9 36.64 23.33 21.578-7-7-3211411206.55.5
31-01-16365ST tf g A+31600G14A. S. Cruz126R. Moore5H/TT GIANT TREASURELUGERCONTENTMENT1:34.122.6 48.96 23.07 22.339-7-8-41.2511421205.56.3
13-12-15251ST tf g A2000G18A. S. Cruz126G. Mosse9H/TT A SHIN HIKARINUOVO RECORDBLAZING SPEED2:00.623.6 74.55 23.31 23.945-5-5-87.511341158.29.1
21-11-15193ST tf g B+22000G23A. S. Cruz123G. Mosse9H/TT MILITARY ATTACKBLAZING SPEEDBEAUTY ONLY2:01.822.7 76.32 23.34 22.309-8-8-30.7511311165.54.2
25-10-15137ST tf g/f A1600G22A. S. Cruz119N. Callan7H/TT CONTENTMENTBEAUTY ONLYMILITARY ATTACK1:33.722.7 49.07 22.82 22.019-10-10-20.7511011135.53.6
13-09-1527ST tf g/f C140011A. S. Cruz129N. Callan3H/TT BEAUTY ONLYDIVINE CALLINGKABAYAN1:21.822.2 37.25 22.80 21.787-7-7-1Nose11251085.25.7
12-07-15775ST tf g/f B+2160012A. S. Cruz127N. Callan5H/TT CONTENTMENTBEAUTY ONLYFANTASTIC KAKA1:33.622.0 48.97 22.97 21.728-7-6-2N11041064.23.7
24-05-15644ST tf y C+3160015A. S. Cruz119N. Callan13H/TT TRAVEL BROTHERKABAYANFLAME HERO1:35.824.0 48.48 23.92 23.857-9-7-52.2510941065.33.9
26-04-15569ST tf g/f A140022A. S. Cruz132N. Callan13H/TT GIANT TREASUREBEAUTY ONLYKABAYAN1:21.622.8 36.62 22.83 22.179-8-9-2SH1098103107.9
15-03-15467ST tf g A2000G16A. S. Cruz126N. Callan5H1/TTLUGERGOT FLYROMANTIC TOUCH2:01.222.9 74.90 23.88 23.189-10-8-64.2510951036.47.4
15-02-15399ST tf g A1800G14A. S. Cruz126N. Callan2TT THUNDER FANTASYREDKIRK WARRIORGIANT TREASURE1:48.623.0 62.55 23.43 22.978-8-8-4211161032.42.6
18-01-15326ST tf g/f A+31600G11A. S. Cruz126N. Callan9TT BEAUTY ONLYDIVINE CALLINGGIANT TREASURE1:33.923.2 47.79 23.17 22.999-9-5-12.251105932110
04-01-15292ST tf g/f C+3160024A. S. Cruz128N. Callan4TT FLAME HEROWINNING LEADERGIANT TREASURE1:34.722.4 49.51 23.47 22.257-7-6-431117937.87.1
14-12-14242ST tf g/f A1600211A. S. Cruz126N. Callan1TT WHAT YOU DREAMGURUS DREAMSELKIRK STAR1:35.022.8 47.73 24.44 23.702-2-1-115.251122933.52.8
09-11-14149ST tf g C+3160021A. S. Cruz125N. Callan1TT BEAUTY ONLYFLAME HEROTABLEAUX1:34.423.2 47.46 23.75 23.136-7-4-1SH1123872.52
05-10-1466ST tf g/f A160031A. S. Cruz133N. Callan9TT1 BEAUTY ONLYDANEWIN EXPRESSFASTER MORE1:35.023.3 47.66 24.46 22.958-8-8-11.751109807.27.8

HKJC Comment

Missed start, remained at the tail, never threatened.