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CASH COURIER (S417) 天賦致寶 (Retired)

D. Hall / Rating: 20

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Yu Yin-wai
Last win: 15-07-18
Health: Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (30/07/2018) Repeat episode of fever. (24/10/2018) Sore right front fetlock and stiff restricted action on the day after racing. (19/06/2017) Unacceptable performance. (16/05/2015) Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (14/12/2018) Unacceptable performance. (07/04/2015) Fever. (04/10/2018)
Sire: Strada
Dam: Eugenie Gold

Past Performances
Total Starts: 50: (2-1-4)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 12 (0-0-1)
ST 1600m: 11 (0-1-1)
ST 1800m: 7 (1-0-1)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 14 (1-0-1)
HV 1800m: 4 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
05-05-19630ST tf g B160057D. Hall117C. Y. Ho5BDOCTORS DELIGHTMONEY MARSHALINDIGENOUS STAR1:35:7624.6247.57 23.97 25.107-6-6-75.51213222028
23-03-19516CH tf g A180057D. Hall118T. H. So1BDRAGON WARRIORWEALTHY FORTUNEPEARL FURU1:49:6024.4661.58 24.20 24.927-9-10-10-76.75117924  
20-02-19435HV tf g C1800512D. Hall120S. De Sousa8BCOME ON WONGCHOYTHE JOY OF GIVINGWEALTHY FORTUNE1:50:2023.4863.35 24.29 24.866-9-10-11-1214.251201262431
13-02-19416HV tf g B165055D. Hall120S. De Sousa1BSHOWING CHARACTERGOLDEN CANNONMASSIVE POWER1:41:4724.7552.98 24.58 24.237-5-5-52121526109.8
27-01-19369ST tf g B+2140056D. Hall117T. H. So4BDIAMOND LEGENDDARING HEARTDISTRICT EXPRESS1:23:0724.1836.54 23.31 23.7610-8-7-63.51227264456
15-07-18797ST tf g A180051D. Hall115J. Moreira1BCASH COURIERLE PANACHEWONDERFUL CHASER1:50:0723.5162.89 23.87 23.315-5-4-4-1H1230195.67.3
24-06-18743ST tf g A140055D. Hall111T. H. So14BCHAPARRAL STARAMBITIOUS SPEEDYSUPERIOR BOY1:22:5223.7536.47 23.42 22.8313-13-13-51.251237181726
10-06-18715ST tf g/f C140057D. Hall111T. H. So2BEXPONENTSSCARBOROUGH FAIRDUTCH WINDMILL1:21:5323.3435.73 23.10 23.4111-11-10-74.51239202037
16-05-18650HV tf g/f B165059D. Hall115K. C. Leung10BSTARLIT KNIGHTRISING POWERFIVE STARS AGENT1:39:6723.7852.97 24.00 23.6610-10-10-961227211523
06-05-18623ST tf g B140053D. Hall114K. Teetan8BPEARL WARM WARMGOLD TALENTCASH COURIER1:22:8323.4937.26 23.28 22.7314-14-14-32.751231211624
28-03-18530HV tf g C+31650510D. Hall111M. F. Poon4BGOLDEN KIDHAPPY CENTURYDAZZLE WINNER1:40:2624.5052.63 24.17 24.717-7-8-107.75125323139.9
11-03-18484ST tf g C+3140056D. Hall118A. Sanna6B2FLYING NOBLEVARA PEARLDON WONGCHOY1:22:2323.5736.55 23.19 23.2014-12-13-64.51256251524
07-02-18401HV tf g A165058D. Hall121S. Clipperton1 FINE WITH MEVICTORY FOLLOW MECELEBRATION1:40:8424.5151.96 25.05 24.696-6-9-85.251269288.39.4
17-01-18348HV tf g C165058D. Hall123S. Clipperton11 AMAZING ALWAYSHAPPY FRIENDSHIPGOAL FOR GOLD1:41:8424.1253.75 25.01 23.5312-11-10-82.751258301014
01-01-18309ST tf g B+2160054D. Hall126S. Clipperton14 VIVA COUNCILAMAZING ALWAYSLE PANACHE1:36:4924.0148.80 24.28 23.789-10-9-42.251248323066
29-11-17227HV tf g A1650510D. Hall129S. Clipperton4B-GOLDEN CANNONJOLLY AMBERTELECOM BOOM1:43:3723.1255.38 25.79 23.098-7-11-105.51234341216
18-06-17734ST tf g/y C+31800513K. L. Man119M. F. Poon8B AEROLUMINANCELIGHTNING AND GOLDFORTUNE GIGGLES1:49.923.3 63.37 24.30 24.728-8-9-1315.51212361112
04-06-17699ST tf g/f B140056K. L. Man131K. Teetan7B REWARDING FLYERYOURTHEWONFORMETELECOM BOOM1:22.823.5 37.06 23.39 23.1610-12-12-64.751212381418
07-05-17625ST tf g/f A+3160053K. L. Man132J. Moreira10B HIT A HOME RUNUNIQUE JOYFULCASH COURIER1:35.824.1 48.71 23.63 24.1811-11-10-341209393.14.6
12-04-17565HV tf g A1650411K. L. Man119H. W. Lai4B FORMULA GALORESPINNING DANCERVICTORY FOLLOW ME1:41.523.8 54.20 24.23 24.067-8-12-116.251200411312
22-03-17512HV tf g C180046K. L. Man111H. N. Wong2B GOOD CHOICESUM WIN DRAGONSUPER FORM1:50.323.8 62.68 24.61 23.837-6-7-64.751186432924
08-03-17475HV tf g A165046K. L. Man118K. C. Leung1B MUTUAL JOYSUM WIN DRAGONMIDNITE PROMISE1:40.724.0 53.69 23.26 24.233-4-4-62.751195437.85.8
19-02-17431ST tf g/f A180043K. L. Man115S. De Sousa9B BEST EFFORTROCK THE TREECASH COURIER1:48.024.3 60.30 23.93 23.957-6-6-30.751211421422
02-02-17385HV tf g A165043K. L. Man116S. De Sousa3B SPARKLING SWORDARGENTUMCASH COURIER1:41.624.5 53.47 24.57 23.768-7-8-30.75121342147.7
08-01-17316ST tf g/f C160052K. L. Man133S. De Sousa9B BEST EFFORTCASH COURIERGORGEOUS AGAIN1:35.325.0 48.29 23.56 23.599-8-8-2N1215408.96.9
07-12-16245HV tf g/f B165046K. L. Man118K. C. Leung12B GIANT TURTLECASA MASTERGOOD CHOICE1:40.824.0 53.13 24.63 23.6511-11-12-63.751208415175
27-11-16217ST tf g C160048K. L. Man114M. Chadwick2B UNICRON JEWELLERYGO BEAUTY GOFANCY MUSIC1:35.522.8 49.66 23.58 22.846-6-6-83.751211413273
16-11-16190HV tf g C165045K. L. Man115S. De Sousa6B KING BOUNTIFULSPARKLING SWORDWINASWEWISH1:40.623.6 53.38 24.33 23.288-8-8-52.251214412022
30-10-16139HV tf g A165051K. L. Man132S. De Sousa1B CASH COURIERLUCKY BALLDUTCH WINDMILL1:42.225.3 53.40 24.30 24.598-9-5-1N1207374.76.2
16-10-16103ST tf g/f C160054K. L. Man129K. C. Leung2B PRINCE FALCONPOLYMER LUCKBLISS CARTEL1:35.323.6 48.07 23.77 23.754-4-3-41.751198382532
11-09-1621ST tf g C1400511K. L. Man130C. Y. Ho12B GOOD FOR YOUSNOWHOOVESGOOD METHOD1:22.123.5 35.95 23.56 24.659-9-12-1112.751193392478
01-07-16761ST tf g/f A+3140049K. L. Man115C. Y. Ho13B FASHION MAESTROSUPER MANMAGNETISM1:21.822.7 36.82 23.05 22.7914-14-11-95.251189433371
22-06-16740HV tf g/f C165048K. L. Man116T. H. So2B VARA PEARLGO GO WINDANEWIN EXPRESS1:40.723.6 53.19 24.58 24.128-8-8-87.51195451822
01-06-16683HV tf g C+3180048K. L. Man121K. Teetan1B HO HO FEELAUTUMN GOLDROYAL PARTNER1:50.423.7 62.45 24.98 23.9810-8-8-861199477.79.9
04-05-16614HV tf g C+3165044K. L. Man121K. Teetan9B GREAT TOPLIGHTSUPER SPRINTERRISING POWER1:41.024.5 52.72 24.49 24.199-10-9-421187482815
16-04-16571ST tf g/f C+3180046K. L. Man124O. Doleuze2B ROUGE ET BLANCLOTUS STRIKES BACKHO HO FEEL1:48.022.8 61.30 24.40 23.137-6-6-64.751202501629
20-03-16494ST tf g A200049K. L. Man125K. Teetan6B ROUGE ET BLANCLOTUS STRIKES BACKROCK THE TREE2:05.223.0 77.33 25.25 23.354-4-4-94.51230522746
14-02-16401ST tf g C+31800411K. L. Man128G. Mosse10B BEAUTY LOVEMIDNITE PROMISERAPID TRIUMPH1:48.423.5 61.48 24.24 23.969-8-8-117.751218546.912
09-01-16315ST tf g C180044K. L. Man127S. De Sousa2B MIDNITE PROMISEMONSIEUR MOGOKWIN ALONG1:48.023.6 60.64 24.31 23.4110-8-6-421210541018
19-12-15265ST tf g C+3160046K. L. Man131K. Teetan2B2 BAMBOO DANCESTEP HIGHUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:35.023.9 47.73 24.02 23.959-9-9-64.251205561831
02-12-15219HV tf g C+31800410K. L. Man132G. Mosse8B-/TTMAC ROWMONSIEUR MOGOKOSCAR MIRACLE1:51.824.0 63.94 24.91 25.196-5-6-1013.51219581111
28-09-1559ST tf g A160046C. S. Shum133C. Schofield13B/TT BAMBOO DANCEREAL GENEROUSPACKING DRAGON1:36.822.8 50.74 24.10 22.6312-12-13-641159602323
13-09-1523ST tf g/f C140046C. S. Shum133J. Moreira5B2/TTBEST HOPEUNIQUE JOYFULDANEWIN EXPRESS1:22.523.4 36.55 23.28 23.3110-10-9-63.51173609.813
21-06-15712ST tf g/y C1600314C. S. Shum118M. Chadwick11CP-/TCHEEKY TOOLITTLE DRAGONSUPER TALENT1:37.123.9 49.70 24.16 24.6210-10-10-1481162642024
16-05-15623ST tf g C1800314C. S. Shum120Z. Purton4CP1/THAPPY SUMMERAUTUMN GOLDMEDALLIST1:48.023.4 61.01 24.20 25.336-6-6-1415.251152654.53.2
03-05-15585ST tf g/f A+3160035C. S. Shum118T. Berry4TT CHARITY KINGDOMBEAUTY LEADCHEEKY TOO1:35.922.8 50.20 23.36 22.668-8-8-51.751159659.76.8
26-04-15566ST tf g/f A140036C. S. Shum118C. K. Tong12B-/TTPACKING PINSULTIMATE GLORYDR GOOD HABIT1:22.322.5 37.11 23.47 22.2813-13-12-63.251166668099
07-04-15521ST tf g/f B+21600313C. S. Shum118C. Y. Ho5B2/TTUP AND COMINGJAEGER BOMBSERGEANT TITANIUM1:35.223.1 50.54 23.75 24.3913-13-13-1321.251180665399
08-03-15449ST tf g/f C+3140037C. S. Shum119H. W. Lai8B-/TTLAUGH OUT LOUDUP AND COMINGTOO FAST1:22.123.6 36.11 23.23 23.6513-14-13-75.251186689499
14-12-14241ST tf g/f A1400312C. S. Shum123N. Rawiller2B GIANT TREASUREPACKING PINSRADIANT BUNNY1:22.022.7 36.80 23.37 24.0813-14-14-12141141709999
23-11-14179ST tf g/f B+21200310C. S. Shum123J. McDonald4B1 STRATHMOREPACKING PINSTHE PRINCE1:08.422.9 24.56 22.31 23.1711-12-109.751159706390

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden to hold the rail in midfield, ran on ok in straight.