PRESIDENTPARAMOUNT (S420) 總統至上 (Retired)

C. W. Chang / Rating: 48

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Mr & Mrs Cheung Yat-yuen
Last win: 16-06-18
Health: Lame left front foot. (21/06/2016) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (07/09/2015) Bled from both nostrils after racing. (02/11/2016) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (02/04/2017)
Sire: Danerich
Dam: Magical Slice

Past Performances
Total Starts: 50: (5-5-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 8 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 24 (4-1-3)
ST 1600m: 8 (1-2-1)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (0-1-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
25-11-18202ST tf g C160046C. W. Chang118M. Chadwick2HROMANTIC CHEFSUNNY POWERMY WINNER1:36:2022.9149.92 23.81 23.197-7-5-64.51170451417
21-10-18113ST tf g/f A140049C. W. Chang121A. Sanna2H2HAPPY SEBRINGABSOLUCOOLCORDYCEPS1:22:3923.4936.49 23.01 23.378-9-9-931159472524
22-09-1841ST tf g/f A1400414C. W. Chang120M. Chadwick7 A BEAUTIFULHAVE FUN TOGETHERIMPECCABLE FELLOW1:21:3822.9537.51 22.24 23.6314-13-12-1412.51165472432
09-09-1825ST tf g/f C160049C. W. Chang120M. Chadwick1 GREAT TREASUREFULL OF CHANCESLET US WIN1:34:4124.0846.66 23.67 26.191-1-1-913.25116947107.1
15-07-18802ST tf y A140048C. W. Chang122M. Chadwick9 VIVA COUNCILRED HORSEENJOY LIFE1:24:1824.8136.09 23.84 24.759-11-9-83.251163471810
08-07-18784ST tf g/f C160042C. W. Chang120M. Chadwick12 WINNING CONTROLLERPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTMARVEL JOY1:34:3523.1547.54 23.74 23.312-2-2-21.5116946149
16-06-18736ST tf g/f C+3160041C. W. Chang114M. Chadwick6H-PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTWINNING CONTROLLERRED ELYSEES1:34:9522.8949.27 23.11 22.576-7-6-11.51164411015
03-06-18699ST tf g/f B160045C. W. Chang118A. Sanna8HAMAZING SATCHMOENJOY LIFESTRATHSPEY1:35:1923.0649.23 23.58 22.7614-14-13-52.51166431227
12-05-18644ST tf g C1600410C. W. Chang116M. Chadwick11HDESMIOSINDIGENOUS STARTHE FULL BLOOM1:34:6923.4648.91 23.12 23.9611-11-9-1081165431111
15-04-18571ST tf g/y C+3160043C. W. Chang115M. Chadwick12HNAMJONG PLUSSTRATHSPEYPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:36:5123.5849.35 23.70 23.556-3-3-30.51166421613
02-04-18543ST tf g B+2160042C. W. Chang118A. Sanna2HRED ELYSEESPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTAMAZING SATCHMO1:35:1423.2349.20 23.43 22.6111-10-7-20.51153411216
11-03-18487ST tf g C+3140045C. W. Chang120A. Sanna7XB-/HAMAZING SATCHMONOBLE DE LOVETHE FULL BLOOM1:22:3223.3736.10 23.49 23.2010-9-10-531161431025
18-02-18428ST tf g A140046C. W. Chang120A. Sanna5B-/XB/H2VITAL SPRINGBEAUTY DAYAMAZING SATCHMO1:22:3823.7736.20 23.25 23.3314-12-12-62.51167451436
04-02-18394ST tf g C1400412C. W. Chang121O. Doleuze2B/XBGRADE ONECITY LEGENDSUPER MISSILE1:22:9123.4637.05 23.04 23.498-8-8-124.251172481335
13-01-18338ST tf g C+31400412C. W. Chang124M. Chadwick7B/XBAMBITIOUS HEARTROYALE ELEGANCEGOLDEN SLEEP1:22:6523.1537.35 23.15 22.7610-11-12-123.751170511933
20-12-17285HV tf g/f C+3120047C. W. Chang127M. Chadwick8B/XB1/TT-CHEERFULJETPADDINGTONNUMERO UNO1:09:5423.1323.99 22.54 24.09 2-2-76.751157532238
11-11-17182ST tf g/f A1000412C. W. Chang125K. C. Leung13B/TTMASSIVE MOVEFISH N' CHIPSHOT HOT PEPPER0:57:3323.4013.62 20.91 24.37 11-11-129.751163543243
29-10-17146HV tf g/f A120046C. W. Chang129M. Chadwick3B/TTSACRED IBISROYAL CHOCOLATEFLYING FORCE1:10:7823.2124.32 23.45 23.43 3-4-62.751150561422
08-10-1795ST tf g B+21400413C. W. Chang133M. Chadwick13B/TTRED HORSEENDEARINGGREAT TREASURE1:21:9923.2935.73 23.37 25.724-3-6-1317.751163592524
10-09-1727ST tf g C120038C. W. Chang118M. Chadwick10B/TT2PINGWU SPARKMYTHICAL EMPERORAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:08:8922.1325.54 22.26 22.62 11-9-89.51137613299
03-09-179ST tf g B1200312C. W. Chang117M. Chadwick3BFIFTY FIFTYDIAMOND KINGMARVEL TRIBE1:09:5922.5824.90 22.91 23.47 8-11-1210.51164623899
09-07-17788ST tf g B+21400310C. W. Chang120A. Sanna13B2/TTCOBY BOYLUCKY GUYGRANITE BELT1:21.423.5 35.01 23.14 24.404-2-4-107.251171671323
25-06-17754ST tf g/f A120039C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze11B-/TTINTREPICCHARITY GLORYWINSTON'S LAD1:09.122.7 25.07 22.35 22.7912-11-96.51172691749
02-04-17539ST tf g/f B+2120037C. S. Shum117H. T. Mo9B BIG FLASHLUCKY GUYMONEY BOY1:09.123.4 23.68 21.95 24.421-2-75.751192712233
19-03-17507ST tf g/y A1200313C. S. Shum126M. Chadwick6B RIGHT CALLHANG'S DECISIONCHUNG WAH SPIRIT1:11.223.5 25.51 22.82 23.8211-10-135.251202732460
02-11-16153ST aw g -1200312C. S. Shum127J. Moreira4B TEAM FORTUNEFISH N' CHIPSHARBOUR ALERT1:09.524.3 23.62 22.38 27.188-9-1222.51166736.67.9
19-10-16120HV tf g/y C120039C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller5B NAVASHAPPY BAO BEIOUTLAWED1:10.422.8 24.37 23.53 23.213-3-941169734.95.2
05-10-1678HV tf g A120032C. S. Shum125C. Schofield12B VERBINSKYPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTDIAMOND MASTER1:11.023.9 24.25 23.34 23.558-7-20.51175712817
21-09-1644HV tf g/f C1200311C. S. Shum124N. Rawiller8B FLYING TOURBILLONTHOR THE GREATESTHAPPY SURVEYS1:10.123.2 24.02 23.22 24.034-4-116.75117071118.2
09-06-16704HV tf g A165037C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller4B INVENTORSO CAFFECHATER LEGEND1:41.023.6 53.25 24.65 23.584-5-5-72.51151731010
18-05-16655HV tf g B165034C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller3B GOLDEN SLEEPHEROIC GURUSUPEROI1:40.524.1 52.42 24.58 23.694-5-6-411156731211
24-04-16589ST tf y A140036C. S. Shum130N. Rawiller12B FRIENDS OF NANJINGPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRADIANT BUNNY1:23.723.9 36.47 23.72 24.087-8-7-631155742313
28-03-16516ST tf g A+31400311C. S. Shum129N. Callan10B JOYFUL MOMENTSVERBINSKYTOO FAST1:21.723.4 35.55 23.45 23.7414-11-11-116.251152741910
28-02-16438ST aw g -1200311C. S. Shum128R. Moore4B ELITE SPIRITTURIN PEARLSKY MAN1:08.422.9 23.64 22.52 23.417-7-116.751164747.53.8
10-02-16396ST tf g C140031C. S. Shum124R. Moore9B PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTJOLLY JOLLYSUPER TALENT1:22.223.7 35.28 23.72 23.266-6-5-1H1156696.49.2
17-01-16337ST tf g/y C+3140033C. S. Shum122R. Moore3H-/B2SO FASTMIDNIGHT RATTLERPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:22.122.5 36.58 23.25 22.604-4-4-31.51161695.52.7
19-12-15269ST tf g C+3140037C. S. Shum129K. Teetan10H HEROIC GURUEASTERN EXPRESSTONYBOY1:22.023.3 35.31 23.48 24.212-3-2-75.751161719.48.3
29-11-15212ST tf g C140035C. S. Shum126N. Callan12H BRILLIANT DREAMNUMERO UNOJOYFUL MOMENTS1:22.023.1 35.23 23.78 23.533-2-2-5311637188
08-11-15158ST tf g C+3140033C. S. Shum125J. Moreira14H INVINCIBLE FRESHKING OF MONGOLIAPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:22.323.7 35.79 23.28 23.377-8-7-30.51166706.25.8
10-10-15102ST tf g C140033C. S. Shum126K. Teetan4H SPICY SUREINVINCIBLE FRESHPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:22.323.2 36.20 23.58 22.9112-10-9-31.751169705.54.6
01-10-1572ST tf g A+3140032C. S. Shum123K. Teetan8H THE SHOWPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTKIRAM1:22.323.3 35.79 23.55 23.396-6-6-22.5116169118.1
06-09-1510ST tf g B1400311C. S. Shum123D. Whyte8H UP AND COMINGENORMOUS HONOURJOYFUL MOMENTS1:22.823.1 36.42 23.89 23.358-9-8-1151186695.65
16-05-15624ST tf g C140031C. S. Shum115K. Teetan2H PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTAMAZING KIDSWHY WHY1:22.123.1 36.01 23.35 22.834-4-4-1N115262146
12-04-15533ST tf g C1400311C. S. Shum115K. C. Leung12H OUTLAWEDCHARITY KINGDOMSECRET COMMAND1:21.823.6 36.56 22.94 22.9211-11-10-113.751157621810
21-03-15486ST tf g C+31400312C. S. Shum114M. L. Yeung12H PACKING PINSCHARITY KINGDOMCHEEKY TOO1:22.023.8 35.12 23.39 24.506-4-5-126114962198.2
21-02-15405ST tf g A+3140041C. S. Shum130Z. Purton4H PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTUNIQUE HAPPIESTAH BO1:22.623.3 36.13 23.44 23.064-6-5-1N1141562.82.5
25-01-15340ST tf g/f B+2140041C. S. Shum124Z. Purton7B-/H2PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTGLACIER BLUEUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:21.923.4 35.20 23.52 23.248-7-5-1N11515184.1
28-12-14266ST tf g/f B+2120049C. S. Shum125H. W. Lai5H-/B1BOSSIEEFOREVER ACCURATEBEAR RAPPER1:10.123.1 23.80 23.28 23.831-2-94.751148531716
30-11-14197ST tf g/f C120047C. S. Shum125M. L. Yeung8H SIGHT SEEINGTHOR THE GREATESTBOSSIEE1:09.222.8 24.06 22.55 23.343-3-74.251153534.58.4
09-11-14141ST tf g C+3120042C. S. Shum123M. L. Yeung2H1 SHINING CHAMPIONPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTPRECIOUS GEM1:09.423.3 24.14 22.19 23.466-4-22.51158522338

HKJC Comment

Allowed to find feet in first 300m before positioning midfield between runners around 4.5L off lead. Was ridden up prior to cornering to improve and did give short sprint before shifting around and tiring in last 200m.