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TIMELY ARRIVED (S431) 及時取勝 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 67

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Siu Chor-kee, Chu Man-chung & Tam Ping-lap
Last win: 16-03-16
Health: Bled from both nostrils after racing. (07/06/2017)
Sire: Sebring
Dam: Alteza Real

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (4-2-5)
ST 1000m: 7 (0-1-2)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 13 (4-1-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
07-06-17712HV tf g/f A120036Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong11B PRINCE HARMONYJOLLY CONVERGENCEPEACE N PROSPERITY1:09.122.7 23.74 22.72 23.262-2-63.51173673034
13-05-17649ST tf g C100035Y. S. Tsui120M. L. Yeung7B LUCKY DOLLARMONEY BOYTRIUMPHANT JEWEL0:56.722.8 13.17 20.65 23.794-2-55.751170692526
20-04-17587HV tf g/f B1200312Y. S. Tsui125M. L. Yeung7B ARM RUNDAALL GREAT FRIENDSIRON BOY1:09.924.4 23.59 22.51 25.465-6-1210.51164714.512
05-04-17550ST aw g -120037Y. S. Tsui123M. L. Yeung12B STAR OF YAN OIGOLDEN SUNSUPER MAN1:08.322.6 23.29 22.45 23.201-1-73.751172721715
09-11-16174HV tf g B120035Y. S. Tsui125N. Rawiller9B EXTREMELY FUNWHO ELSE BUT YOUSUPER LEADER1:10.823.5 23.97 23.63 23.394-4-511184721417
26-10-16137HV tf g/f C+3100037Y. S. Tsui125H. N. Wong10B MOMENT OF POWERTRUMPOUR HERO0:57.523.4 12.65 21.53 23.772-2-72.51186742328
08-10-1690ST tf g/f B+2100036Y. S. Tsui121H. N. Wong2B BEAUTY MASTERTHOR THE GREATESTDRAGON MASTER0:56.922.6 13.20 21.05 23.141-1-62.751161751633
25-09-1653ST aw g -120033Y. S. Tsui126H. N. Wong8B TEAM FORTUNEHARBOUR ALERTTIMELY ARRIVED1:08.523.4 23.29 21.86 23.881-1-32.751164759.311
18-09-1635ST tf g/f C+3100033Y. S. Tsui121H. N. Wong14B DRAGON MASTERBEAUTY MASTERTIMELY ARRIVED0:55.922.3 13.11 20.50 22.793-1-331163758.711
19-06-16730ST aw g -120036Y. S. Tsui126C. K. Tong1B HAPPY METEORBORNTOACHIEVEELITE SPIRIT1:08.123.1 23.04 21.97 23.841-1-64.251174755.78.4
15-06-16722HV tf g/f B120036Y. S. Tsui121H. N. Wong7B FIVE UP HIGHFOREVER REDHAPPY LIFE1:10.023.5 23.49 23.03 24.061-1-63.51182757.34.6
11-05-16637HV tf g A120033Y. S. Tsui126M. L. Yeung5B BACK IN BLACKFOREVER REDTIMELY ARRIVED1:10.423.5 23.57 23.29 23.731-2-30.751175747.25.3
20-04-16582HV tf g B120032Y. S. Tsui119H. N. Wong4B MY DARLINGTIMELY ARRIVEDHAPPY YEAH YEAH1:10.023.5 23.48 22.98 23.821-1-21.7511687344.7
16-03-16488HV tf g B120031Y. S. Tsui119M. L. Yeung4B TIMELY ARRIVEDGOOD LUCK BOYDIAMOND MASTER1:10.124.0 23.63 22.48 24.031-1-1SH1171673.22.5
17-02-16414HV tf g B120033Y. S. Tsui122M. Chadwick3B E-SUPERRED KYLINTIMELY ARRIVED1:10.923.1 24.39 23.91 22.865-5-31.251170666.34.1
20-01-16341HV tf g C120041Y. S. Tsui131M. L. Yeung6B TIMELY ARRIVEDCIRCUIT KINGSHARP HUNTER1:11.323.1 24.40 23.79 23.111-1-1N1163604.73.2
23-12-15277HV tf g C120041Y. S. Tsui125M. L. Yeung11B TIMELY ARRIVEDI'M A WITNESSMISSION POSSIBLE1:10.224.1 24.12 22.71 23.453-3-1N116054134.3
02-12-15218HV tf g C+3120045Y. S. Tsui125M. L. Yeung12B BORN TO RACEJOYFUL THE GREATYO-YO DA1:10.923.8 24.27 23.51 23.386-7-51.251155549.53.8
11-11-15162HV tf g B120041Y. S. Tsui119M. L. Yeung8CP-/BTIMELY ARRIVEDCHIN CHUNMASTER STEED1:10.623.7 24.04 23.09 23.483-3-11.511444765.3
04-10-1576ST tf g/y B+2100044P. F. Yiu121M. L. Yeung2CP2/TGALLANT ROCKWINNER ST PAUL'SNATURAL TEAM0:57.423.2 13.69 20.81 23.627-5-44.251162491014
28-09-1556ST tf g A1000410P. F. Yiu122B. Prebble6CP-/TLONDON MASTERWINNER ST PAUL'SHIGHLAND HAMMER0:57.122.8 13.65 20.99 23.177-7-1041169493.13.1
29-04-15573HV tf g/f C+3100046P. F. Yiu127N. Callan7CP/TTGRACE HEARTKING OF HOUSEHOLDCHIN CHUN0:57.122.4 12.79 22.30 22.762-5-64.251142537.48
15-04-15535HV tf g/f B120049P. F. Yiu122K. C. Ng11CP1/TPAKISTAN BABYEASY SUCCESSA FAST ONE1:09.823.3 24.24 22.72 23.923-3-96.251148541010
11-03-15451HV tf g B100044P. F. Yiu130B. Prebble2TT HIGHLAND DRAGONDO YOU GET ITJOLLY POSH0:57.923.3 12.80 21.73 23.581-1-41.251157542.42.6
07-02-15374ST tf g/f C+3100043P. F. Yiu126N. Callan3TT FAY DEEPPEACE COMBINATIONTIMELY ARRIVED0:57.223.1 13.33 20.80 23.211-1-3N1161535.16.4
18-01-15320ST tf g/f A+3100042P. F. Yiu128B. Prebble2TT1 GOOD LUCK BOYTIMELY ARRIVEDFAY DEEP0:57.523.1 13.71 20.94 23.088-5-211155525.96.4
15-11-14160ST tf g/f A120044P. F. Yiu125B. Prebble1 FOREVER ACCURATESUPER TALENTDASHING FELLOW1:09.623.0 24.34 22.48 23.235-6-42.5115052179

HKJC Comment

Pushed and sat outside the lead, sat about 1/2L off, kept on until flattened passing 150M.