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K. W. Lui / Rating: 37

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Stanley Chan Ka-leung
Last win: 23-01-19
Health: Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (31/08/2016) Unraced for 12 months. (20/07/2015)
Sire: Danzero
Dam: Dance Hit

Past Performances
Total Starts: 37: (3-5-5)
ST 1200m: 9 (0-1-2)
ST 1400m: 15 (1-1-3)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 8 (2-2-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
24-04-19605HV tf g C180052K. W. Lui129C. Y. Ho3B/H/XBENJOYABLE SUCCESSGOLDEN CANNONMEGATRON1:50:0624.7861.36 24.60 24.168-8-8-7-2N 954351012
20-03-19507HV tf g C165057K. W. Lui126C. Y. Ho12B/H/XBRIGHTEOUS MATEBONITOLUCKY STORM1:39:9223.8052.94 24.18 23.6811-12-12-75.5945351113
13-02-19416HV tf g B165052K. W. Lui125C. Y. Ho7B/H/XBSHOWING CHARACTERGOLDEN CANNONMASSIVE POWER1:41:4724.7553.18 24.58 23.786-7-8-20.5968335.24.1
23-01-19360HV tf g C165051K. W. Lui119C. Y. Ho6B/H/XBGOLDEN CANNONDASHING DARTROOKIE STAR1:40:8424.3852.49 24.61 23.748-8-7-1N964284.14.9
09-01-19322HV tf g A165052K. W. Lui118C. Y. Ho8B/H/XBSPINNING DANCERGLORIAM, GOLDEN CANNON 1:40:6524.4952.71 24.37 23.6310-10-10-2N 974267.45.7
12-12-18246HV tf g C165055K. W. Lui118C. Y. Ho7B/H/XBKWAICHUNG BROTHERSCOME ON WONGCHOYDOCTORS DELIGHT1:40:6124.0153.50 24.30 23.159-9-10-52962261412
25-11-18200ST tf g C140059K. W. Lui118G. van Niekerk10B/H/XBSUPREME WITNESSNATURAL FLAREROYAL PREROGATIVE1:22:9124.5535.24 23.52 25.486-4-4-98.25958281115
31-10-18137ST aw g -165059K. W. Lui121C. Y. Ho13B/H/XBSUPERIOR BOYMY HONEYSWEET BEAN1:39:1725.1251.52 24.37 25.5212-13-12-914970301124
07-10-1876ST tf g B+2140056K. W. Lui126C. Y. Ho5B/H/XBCHAPARRAL STARSPORTS MASTEREXPONENTS1:22:4223.6736.19 23.56 23.6812-13-13-66.25972328.28.7
09-09-1822ST tf g/f C140054K. W. Lui124C. Y. Ho1B/H/XBSUPREME WITNESSCHIU CHOW KIDOTOUTO1:22:1323.4535.36 23.72 23.627-6-6-43.5970325.57.9
08-07-18780ST tf g/f C140056K. W. Lui124C. Y. Ho11B/H/XBTHE FULL BLOOMYOURTHEWONFORMENEWSWIRE FREE1:21:9323.5035.59 23.40 23.6310-9-9-64.25951331626
20-05-18659ST tf g/f C+3140059K. W. Lui127C. Y. Ho7B/H/XBTRIUMPHAL TRUMPETSCARBOROUGH FAIROTOUTO1:22:8123.4336.76 23.58 22.9713-14-14-93.25945346.612
21-04-18587ST tf g C+3140056K. W. Lui125C. Y. Ho9B/H/XBWINNING CONTROLLERTRIUMPHANT LIGHTREGENCY HONEY1:22:7223.3536.58 23.39 23.008-9-8-61.5945346.28.4
02-04-18538ST tf g B+2120053K. W. Lui125C. Y. Ho12B/H/XBDRAGON DANCETHE GREATESTGOLDEN CANNON1:09:7123.4125.03 22.27 22.96 10-10-33.59583475.7
28-01-18373ST tf g B140051K. W. Lui119C. Y. Ho8B/H/XBGOLDEN CANNONWINNER ST PAUL'SWINNING BOY1:23:0924.0936.37 23.35 23.3711-11-9-1N96928118.5
01-01-18308ST tf g B+2140052K. W. Lui118C. Y. Ho8B/H/XBSOCCER BRAVEGOLDEN CANNONWINNING BOY1:23:2823.2936.57 23.66 23.184-3-3-20.759652785.6
29-11-17227HV tf g A165051K. W. Lui115C. Y. Ho9B/H/XBGOLDEN CANNONJOLLY AMBERTELECOM BOOM1:43:3723.1254.66 25.59 23.124-2-1-1SH966221113
05-11-17164ST tf g/f C+3120053K. W. Lui116J. Moreira11B/H/XBWINNER ST PAUL'SNEWSWIRE FREEGOLDEN CANNON1:09:5422.9124.08 22.59 23.29 3-2-32.75953235.94.5
22-10-17129ST tf g/f A140053K. W. Lui115C. Y. Ho14B/H/XBYOURTHEWONFORMEACTUARIATGOLDEN CANNON1:22:3723.5435.44 23.43 23.832-1-3-32947233031
08-10-1794ST tf g B+2120052K. W. Lui116C. Y. Ho1H/XB/B1WINNER ST PAUL'SGOLDEN CANNONGAINFULJET1:09:4223.6423.90 22.36 23.52 6-6-22.25939232047
03-09-175ST tf g B1200511K. W. Lui115K. C. Leung2H/XBYOURTHEWONFORMEENCHANTED FEELINGSTARRY STARLIES1:10:1923.4824.00 22.91 24.28 2-4-116.25953241122
01-07-17770ST tf g/f A+3120054K. W. Lui111M. F. Poon5H/XB SUPER EURO STARA FAST ONEDYNAMIC VOYAGE1:09.723.1 24.23 22.64 23.075-5-41.5950278.43.8
11-06-17716ST aw g -120057K. W. Lui120K. C. Leung10H/XB MASSIVE MOVESNOWHOOVESFANTASTICLIFE1:09.523.9 23.97 22.67 24.216-7-78.25950291418
12-04-17563HV tf g A100058K. W. Lui119K. K. Chiong8H/XB ORIENTAL FANTASIASPARKLING TALENTPERFECT SMART0:58.023.5 13.15 21.96 23.235-8-82951305.66.5
19-03-17500ST tf g/y A140053K. W. Lui118K. K. Chiong9H/XB AMBITIOUS SPEEDYFANTASTICLIFEGOLDEN CANNON1:24.224.4 36.24 23.56 24.701-1-1-31.5944302210
05-02-17390ST tf g C140058K. W. Lui122K. K. Chiong9H/XB RED HORSEMASSIVE POWERMAGIC STAR1:23.023.4 35.74 23.77 23.961-1-1-83950327.84.1
22-01-17354ST tf g A140053K. W. Lui119K. K. Chiong8H/XB STRIKING STARMASSIVE POWERGOLDEN CANNON1:23.124.3 35.38 23.51 24.525-2-2-31.5958321214
27-12-16286ST tf g A+3120058K. W. Lui125K. C. Leung4H/XB LEAN JOURNEYINTELLECTUAL GLIDESTARRY STARLIES1:11.024.1 23.80 23.31 24.463-4-83.25962343221
06-07-16766HV tf g A165059D. Cruz130K. C. Leung5H/XB PRECIOUS GEMMR VANILLAZERO ENERGY ACT1:40.924.1 52.45 25.15 25.947-7-8-916.5940382216
01-06-16678HV tf g C+3165057D. Cruz126H. N. Wong6H/XB FAITHFUL BOYMIGHTY WONGCHOYCASA MASTER1:40.824.0 51.43 25.56 24.411-2-2-73.5944402421
01-05-16605ST tf g B1400412D. Cruz115M. Chadwick12H/XB BULB MASTERHOME RUNMOLLY'S JADE STAR1:22.823.6 35.91 23.39 24.608-1-2-126.25958424999
28-03-16510ST tf g A+3140048D. Cruz117E da Silva2H/XB RIGHT CALLDYNAMIC VOYAGETRIUMPHANT LIGHT1:21.924.1 35.73 22.92 23.934-4-3-84974442561
28-02-16439ST tf g B1400410D. Cruz117C. Y. Ho13H/XB SNOW SLIDERRIGHT CALLCLEVER SPIRIT1:22.623.0 36.47 23.36 23.708-5-3-105.5962464499
21-02-16416ST tf g A1200413D. Cruz123M. Chadwick12H/XB FRIENDS OF NANJINGWINNING VIBERICHCITY FORTUNE1:10.222.9 24.59 22.98 23.307-5-96972486499
03-02-16372HV tf g A1200410D. Cruz124Y. T. Cheng11H/XB TOP BONUSI'M A WITNESSLUCKY PROFIT1:10.823.7 24.33 23.34 24.435-7-107.5973503699
09-01-16310ST tf g C120049D. Cruz124Y. T. Cheng11H/XB RAGING BULLTHUNDER DASHSHINING CHAMPION1:09.622.8 24.50 22.97 23.248-8-96.75978523154
27-12-15284ST tf g A+3120049D. Cruz123Y. T. Cheng6H1/XBGLENEALY PRIZEMOLLY'S JADE STARLONDON MASTER1:09.823.4 23.98 22.54 24.272-2-96976525699

HKJC Comment

Raced midfield, improve passing 500M, widest on straightening, responded solidly in the straight.