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EXTREMELY FUN (T024) 超好玩 (Retired)

L. Ho / Rating: 76

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Ngan Pui-ying & Ngan Ng Yu-ying
Last win: 09-11-16
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (29/09/2016) Left hind fetlock flushed under general anesthesia. (28/07/2015) Lame left front leg after racing. (26/09/2018) Abscess on mouth. (26/09/2017) Lame right hind leg (suspect saggital stress fracture of right hind long pastern). (18/11/2015) Lame left hind leg on the day after racing. (15/11/2018) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (06/03/2016) Left hind fetlock joint flush under general anesthesia. (05/01/2017) Lame left hind leg (effusion in fetlock). (03/01/2017)
Sire: Duporth
Dam: Cassata

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (3-3-3)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 22 (3-3-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-11-18178HV tf g C1200310L. Ho125H. T. Mo1 AMBITIOUS HEARTCOUNTRY STARHAPPY TIME1:10:1623.6224.10 23.16 23.89 3-5-106.251203722938
26-09-1854HV tf g C+31200312L. Ho125M. Chadwick5 SPARKLING DRAGONDOUBLE VALENTINEMY CHANCE1:09:7423.5623.87 23.03 24.72 6-7-1211.751205721214
13-06-18731HV tf g B1200312L. Ho120C. Wong11 SUPER HOPPYSUPER LEADERBULB ELITE1:09:8723.4523.74 22.68 25.26 2-1-1211.251198741514
16-05-18655HV tf g/f B120032L. Ho120M. F. Poon11 SUPER HOPPYEXTREMELY FUNFANTASTIC FEELING1:09:9822.7824.17 23.03 22.82 1-1-2H1198721311
02-04-18540ST tf g B+21200310L. Ho127C. Schofield8 STAR SHINEROYAL MOJITOSPEEDY KING1:08:9722.7724.13 22.47 24.03 5-6-1010.51209741617
07-03-18482HV tf g A1200310L. Ho122M. F. Poon6 SMART BOYFAST MOST FURIOUSMOST BEAUTIFUL1:09:6423.4123.69 22.66 23.83 2-2-103.251198768.35.4
31-01-18390HV tf g C+3120037L. Ho131J. Moreira7 BOLD STITCHBACK IN BLACKGAMECHANGERS1:10:3723.3223.89 23.40 23.45 4-5-72.251200785.87.1
17-01-18354HV tf g C120033L. Ho126H. T. Mo8 FLYING TOURBILLONSMART BOYEXTREMELY FUN1:10:2923.4923.84 23.16 23.65 4-3-32.251215781011
13-09-1735HV tf g/f B120034L. Ho128H. N. Wong9 YOUNG EMPIREHAPPY BAO BEISUNNY DRAGON1:10:3023.8923.76 22.65 23.97 1-1-40.51209772629
12-07-17794HV tf g/f A120036L. Ho130U. Rispoli1 FLYING QUESTGREEN CARDDOLLAR REWARD1:09.824.2 23.52 22.60 23.853-3-611197776.85.4
28-06-17768HV tf g/f C+31200311L. Ho123H. N. Wong12 SUNNY DRAGONPERPETUAL JOYANCEMASTER VIKING1:10.324.2 23.82 22.96 24.188-7-113.751202771836
14-06-17732HV tf g/f B120032L. Ho121H. N. Wong5 JADE THEATREEXTREMELY FUNCHEER WIN1:09.423.8 23.33 22.57 23.633-3-20.751196752027
17-05-17660HV tf g/f B120039L. Ho129N. Callan9 BEST STEPWONDERFUL JOURNEYRIGHT HONOURABLE1:10.123.2 24.23 23.13 23.486-6-94.251183761012
03-05-17623HV tf g/f C+3120034L. Ho132H. W. Lai2 LOTUS BREEZETRAVEL DATUKRED KYLIN1:10.023.0 24.15 22.87 23.291-1-41.751174768.89.1
22-12-16284HV tf g/f C+3120035L. Ho129H. W. Lai9 WONDERFUL JOURNEYLAMAROSAGIANT STARS1:09.823.9 23.64 22.78 23.544-4-511202762227
30-11-16228HV tf g A120038L. Ho131S. Clipperton3 LUCKY DAYCHARITY GLORYIRON BOY1:10.223.6 23.88 22.78 24.001-1-82.51200769.77
09-11-16174HV tf g B120031L. Ho124S. Clipperton11 EXTREMELY FUNWHO ELSE BUT YOUSUPER LEADER1:10.823.5 23.85 23.47 23.513-2-1N1203712026
28-09-1663HV tf g C+31200312L. Ho126N. Callan10 BOTH LUCKYHANG'S DECISIONWONDERFUL JOURNEY1:10.024.3 23.75 23.08 24.934-4-1210.51189715.59.7
06-07-16773HV tf g A120033L. Ho126N. Callan12 SUPER TURBOHAPPY BAO BEIEXTREMELY FUN1:10.023.9 23.39 22.71 23.952-2-3N117269114.7
01-07-16762ST aw g -120038L. Ho122H. W. Lai6 DEJA VUFULL TALENTBORNTOACHIEVE1:08.622.9 23.71 22.68 23.556-9-88117969105
15-06-16723HV tf g/f B120032L. Ho121H. W. Lai9 HIT THE BIDEXTREMELY FUNWAH MAY BABY1:09.923.4 23.70 22.97 23.362-2-2N1185674.33.3
11-05-16632HV tf g A120041L. Ho128H. W. Lai9 EXTREMELY FUNCIRCUIT KINGWINNING TALENT1:09.923.0 23.82 23.12 23.051-1-13.751180555.14.7
13-04-16557HV tf g/y A120041L. Ho122H. W. Lai3B-/SREXTREMELY FUNWAH MAY BABYSUPER MAN1:09.923.5 23.84 22.64 23.483-2-10.751183496.67.5
06-03-16456ST tf g C1200410D. Cruz124E da Silva6B/SR RICHCITY FORTUNEBRIGHT STARMASQUERADER1:10.023.5 23.59 22.87 25.081-1-109.51213506.18.4
05-07-15750ST tf g/f A+3140043D. Cruz124N. Callan7B/SR CHEVALIER STARKIDS AND WINEXTREMELY FUN1:22.922.5 37.40 23.75 22.245-6-6-32.751174503225
10-06-15681HV tf g/f B120046D. Cruz127H. W. Lai8SR/B1GRAN BOLIVARMI SAVVYNATURAL TEAM1:09.622.8 24.75 23.00 22.898-7-66.251176524.96.7
08-03-15441ST tf g/f C+31000412D. Cruz125D. Whyte7SR1 FAY DEEPDIAMOND MYSTERIOUSA FAST ONE0:57.223.0 13.55 21.14 23.405-7-1251207521112

HKJC Comment

Pushed but had to settle in front of midfield along the rail at 600M, faded in the straight.(Lame left hind)