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HO HO FEEL (T029) 可愛寶

C. H. Yip / Rating: 55

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Simon Tam Ngak-chou & Tam Hin-chi
Last win: 21-10-18
Health: Inappetence. (27/09/2018) Unraced for 12 months. (20/07/2015) Castration. (12/12/2014) Lame right front leg. (10/03/2015)
Sire: Henrythenavigator
Dam: Minnie Deal

Past Performances
Total Starts: 54: (6-5-2)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 8 (0-1-0)
ST 1800m: 11 (1-2-2)
ST 2000m: 8 (1-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 10 (2-0-0)
HV 1800m: 8 (2-1-0)
HV 2200m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
18-05-19670ST tf g/f C+3180044C. H. Yip127M. F. Poon12H/XBLONDON HALLGOOD DAYSYOU HAVE MY WORD1:47:0723.2861.25 23.38 22.7714-13-11-10-421157579.812
22-04-19598ST tf g/f C+3180045C. H. Yip129M. F. Poon12H/XBLONDON HALLKING'S MANCLEMENT LEGEND1:48:6022.8662.37 23.89 22.7214-10-10-9-52.251138591016
20-03-19514HV tf g/f C1650310C. H. Yip112T. H. So2H/XBPENANG HALLAMAZING SATCHMOLAST KINGDOM1:39:6723.6352.86 23.86 23.468-8-7-103.251141613046
06-03-19474HV tf g A165037C. H. Yip116W. M. Lai7H/XBSUMSTREETSUMWHEREHAR HAR HEARTTHUNDER STOMP1:40:9923.3354.34 24.36 22.7710-8-8-731132633678
27-02-19458HV tf g/f C+3165038C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai9H/XBBRAVE LEGENDHARMONY HEROZHAN JIANG ROCKS1:39:0523.6551.93 24.67 23.4412-12-12-86.251150653557
07-02-19404ST tf g C+31600310C. H. Yip122G. van Niekerk2H/XBCORDYCEPSNOT USUAL TALENTFAMOUS WARRIOR1:34:6523.2848.85 23.44 23.0113-14-13-1041148671540
23-01-19364HV tf g C180037C. H. Yip121W. M. Lai5H/XBNAMJONG PLUSVIGOR FAMEHELENE CHARISMA1:49:4724.4161.06 24.96 23.889-10-10-11-72.751145681746
29-12-18298ST tf g B+2200039C. H. Yip121U. Rispoli13H/XBTIANCHI MONSTERGRAND CHANCELLORHELENE CHARISMA2:01:1124.4074.19 23.56 24.2313-13-13-13-95.51145681317
09-12-18238ST tf g A180032C. H. Yip120U. Rispoli8H/XBHO HO KHANHO HO FEELBIGWOOD1:47:6523.9061.11 23.48 23.1610-11-10-11-20.51145653831
14-11-18179HV tf g C180038C. H. Yip120U. Rispoli12H/XBRULE THEEBIGWOODTIANCHI MONSTER1:50:2824.3362.94 23.85 23.9412-12-12-10-82.751164653845
04-11-18152ST tf g C+3180036C. H. Yip111C. Wong13H/XBHO HO KHANNEW ELEGANCEHELENE CHARISMA1:48:0323.6961.37 23.97 23.3612-12-11-11-64.251169653212
21-10-18109ST tf g A200041C. H. Yip125M. F. Poon10H/XBHO HO FEELHAPPY ROCKYLE PANACHE2:02:2223.1275.97 23.49 22.7610-7-7-7-12.751166571210
26-09-1852HV tf g C+3165047C. H. Yip123C. Wong1H/XBSPARKLING SWORDCHARITY WINGSFINE WITH ME1:41:2222.9154.70 24.41 22.648-8-9-73.251169597.714
09-09-1821ST tf g C160035C. H. Yip110M. F. Poon4H/XBCIRCUIT NUMBER TWOFRIENDS OF KA YINGPATRIOT HERO1:34:9122.8749.57 23.07 22.687-7-7-52.51144611017
05-09-1817HV tf g/f B1650310C. H. Yip114W. M. Lai3H/XBSKY MELODYCLOUD NINELAND GRANT1:40:3724.7251.86 24.47 25.436-5-5-108.751166613133
01-07-18768ST aw w/s -1650312C. H. Yip111T. H. So2H/XBJADE FORTUNECIRCUIT GLORYIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:38:0623.5351.36 23.77 25.189-9-9-12141160634088
24-06-18747ST tf g/f A160039C. H. Yip117H. N. Wong9H/XBMARZOUQRACING LUCKAMAZING SATCHMO1:33:9522.5249.65 22.62 22.6612-11-11-961155653150
03-06-18700ST tf g/f B160039C. H. Yip121W. M. Lai8H/XBMAGNETISMSUPER FORMSLEEP EDUCATION1:34:1224.0948.17 22.74 24.0912-13-11-95.51157662936
20-05-18665ST tf g/f C+3140038C. H. Yip121W. M. Lai11H/XBBOLD STITCHINTREPICBABA MAMA1:21:7622.4236.95 23.15 22.3711-10-10-84.51143663374
12-05-18646ST tf g C160037C. H. Yip122R Maia5H/XBGO BEAUTY GONITRO EXPRESSFAMOUS WARRIOR1:35:5422.5350.21 23.40 22.528-7-7-73.751147662322
08-04-18550ST tf g C180041C. H. Yip127M. F. Poon3H/XBHO HO FEELPOLYMER LUCKHAY RUN1:47:4623.8061.17 23.29 23.0010-9-9-8-121163592123
18-03-18505ST tf g A2000311C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng9H/XBGRAND CHANCELLORGIANT TURTLEVICTORY BOYS2:02:8822.9577.16 23.57 23.5213-12-13-13-118.51177615187
03-03-18473ST tf g C180038C. H. Yip114H. T. Mo8H/XBJOLLY GENEGENERAL DINOBRING IT ON1:46:7123.1062.14 22.91 22.8210-10-10-10-87.251172631814
21-02-18444HV tf g C180036C. H. Yip119K. C. Leung11H/XBSHARP SAILORACCLAIMED LIGHTISHVARA1:50:1223.9462.72 24.38 23.6012-11-10-12-63.51170651218
10-02-18411ST tf g C+3160034C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng9H/XBAGREEDIAMOND DRAGONGENERAL DINO1:35:6222.6350.14 23.41 22.3210-9-8-41.51180654035
24-01-18372ST aw g -165038C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai10H/XBJADE FORTUNENUCLEAR POWEREXPERTO CREDE1:38:2023.8851.41 23.63 24.0311-10-8-85.51175674599
20-12-17287HV tf g/f C+32200311C. H. Yip122B. Prebble1H/XBRULE THEERICKFIELDENSURING2:16:2423.4588.91 24.44 24.057-6-7-7-8-117.251163682911
13-12-17269HV tf g C165035C. H. Yip121B. Prebble11H/XBWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIARIGHT CALL1:40:2623.7253.41 24.09 23.1611-10-8-52.51176681514
19-11-17202ST tf g B200035C. H. Yip119K. C. Leung1H/XBGIANT TURTLELOTUS STRIKES BACKENSURING2.02.4323.2775.98 23.50 23.1910-10-9-9-51.5115568148.7
11-10-17104HV tf g B180031C. H. Yip116K. C. Leung4H/XBHO HO FEELLOTUS STRIKES BACKKING OF MONGOLIA1:49:7224.6762.43 23.70 23.599-9-9-9-1N1157637.97
01-10-1774ST tf g A+3180032C. H. Yip110M. F. Poon5H/XBGORGEOUS KINGHO HO FEELENSURING1:47:3323.1761.38 23.26 22.897-8-8-7-21.251158626.35
20-09-1748HV tf g/f C180035C. H. Yip116C. Y. Ho2H/XBSHARP SAILORKING OF MONGOLIAGO GO WIN1:49:0824.2061.23 24.13 24.434-3-4-3-54.51157645.33.1
10-09-1726ST tf g C160036C. H. Yip115C. Y. Ho9H/XBAMAZING AGILITYWINWIN RUBYGORGEOUS AGAIN1:35:8322.5550.63 23.45 22.089-9-9-621156642122
19-03-17505ST tf g/y A200035C. H. Yip114K. C. Leung10H/XB MAMBO ROCKJOLLY GENEENSURING2:03.424.5 75.98 24.06 23.9012-12-12-53.251160672412
26-02-17452ST tf g B200039C. H. Yip122Z. Purton13H/XB LOTUS STRIKES BACKWILLIE WAYMAMBO ROCK2:03.623.2 78.36 22.77 23.0714-13-14-93.5116768159
05-02-17394ST tf g C180035C. H. Yip123Z. Purton6H/XB MAMBO ROCKGORGEOUS KINGCLASSIC EMPEROR1:47.722.8 62.55 23.33 22.3412-13-13-531181691311
22-12-16283HV tf g/f C+32200311C. H. Yip124C. Williams8H/XB SHARP SAILORPRAWN BABAVICTORY BOYS2:16.823.5 89.90 24.10 24.323-2-5-1191162697.711
11-12-16251ST tf g A180033C. H. Yip121C. Williams8H/XB GENERAL SHERMANISHVARAHO HO FEEL1:48.323.1 62.22 23.70 22.5610-10-11-30.51171683626
20-11-16197ST tf g B+2200037C. H. Yip122Z. Purton14H/XB REDWOOD BABYALLCASHHAPPY CONTENDER2:03.022.9 77.55 23.67 22.3114-14-14-73.251163693132
16-10-16108ST tf g/f C180037C. H. Yip121K. C. Leung5H/XB GREEN DISPATCHLOTUS STRIKES BACKHOLMES LEGEND1:47.423.5 60.67 23.79 23.3214-12-10-72.251158693132
28-09-1662HV tf g C+3180038C. H. Yip120K. C. Leung2H/XB HAPPY SPIRITWINNIE'S HONEYHAPPY CONTENDER1:49.723.6 62.20 24.27 23.934-3-4-83.751158697.38.4
07-09-1616HV tf g/y B165031C. H. Yip116K. C. Leung3H/XB HO HO FEELHAPPY CONTENDERHAPPY SPIRIT1:41.323.8 53.88 23.80 23.634-5-4-1Nose1147645.96.1
06-07-16768HV tf g A180032C. H. Yip115K. C. Leung11H/XB SAVVY NATUREHO HO FEELFORMULA WON1:50.523.7 62.84 24.48 23.266-7-9-2Nose1151628.88.2
26-06-16748ST tf g/f A200042C. H. Yip133J. Moreira2H/XB HOLMES LEGENDHO HO FEELABLE DEED2:03.322.5 77.36 23.98 22.078-8-7-2N1155606.42.7
01-06-16683HV tf g C+3180041C. H. Yip128J. Moreira9B-/H/HO HO FEELAUTUMN GOLDROYAL PARTNER1:50.423.7 62.41 24.70 23.338-7-7-111154545.23.9
11-05-16635HV tf g A1650411C. H. Yip127D. Whyte6H/XB/SO CAFFEBOSSIEEROCK THE TREE1:40.223.6 52.55 24.98 24.109-10-10-118.51142546.95.2
16-04-16571ST tf g/f C+3180043C. H. Yip128D. Whyte10H/XB ROUGE ET BLANCLOTUS STRIKES BACKHO HO FEEL1:48.022.8 61.58 24.12 22.6612-9-9-31.75114854118.6
13-03-16476ST tf g C+3160042C. H. Yip125C. Schofield7H/XB ROYALE ELEGANCEHO HO FEELGORGEOUS LEGEND1:35.023.8 47.86 24.17 23.2411-12-12-21.251135523020
24-02-16430HV tf g C165047C. H. Yip125B. Prebble3H/XB PEARL WARM WARMSAFARI MAGICYEUNG SING1:41.623.6 54.15 24.37 23.466-6-5-72.251147526.15.7
13-01-16321HV tf g B165041C. H. Yip121B. Prebble2H1/XBHO HO FEELOSCAR MIRACLEKITAYA1:42.223.1 55.20 24.64 22.585-5-5-1N1141478.86
27-12-15285ST tf g A+31400411C. H. Yip122B. Prebble14 RIGHT CALLUNIQUE JOYFULMOTIF1:23.123.3 37.02 23.34 23.4014-14-10-113.751139492819
01-11-15143HV tf g A120047C. H. Yip123B. Prebble9 CRAIG'S FORTUNEHIGHLAND DRAGONJOLLY POSH1:11.023.1 25.31 23.51 22.8910-10-741157503736
10-10-1597ST tf g C1400411C. H. Yip126B. Prebble9 UNBEATABLE GUTSROYALE ELEGANCEGOLD DRAGON1:22.523.2 35.36 24.12 24.396-3-2-118.51166526199
28-09-1557ST aw g -1200410C. H. Yip127C. Schofield7 MODERN FORTUNEHIGHLAND DRAGONHEARTS KEEPER1:08.923.6 24.19 22.12 24.2510-10-10101168521118