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JOLLY JOLLY (T087) 再開心 (Retired)

P. O'Sullivan / Rating: 90

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 8 yrs / NZ
Owner: Lo Kui-lun, Lo Hoe, Stanley Lo Shek-yin & Sharon Lo Ching-wun
Last win: 17-12-16
Health: Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (27/09/2016)<br>Cortical screw surgery to both hind cannons under general anesthesia. (16/06/2016)<br>Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (15/08/2017)<br>
Sire: Stratum
Dam: Paolino

Past Performances
Total Starts: 28: (4-6-6)
ST 1200m: 6 (0-3-1)
ST 1400m: 17 (4-3-3)
ST 1600m: 5 (0-0-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
24-06-18751ST tf g/f A1400211P. O'Sullivan118H. N. Wong7VWIN BEAUTY WINSOLAR PATCHCONTE1:20:7022.6236.62 22.50 22.6614-13-14-116.751222842799
27-05-18686ST tf g/f A1400214P. O'Sullivan123T. Berry13VRATTANWORLD RECORDCIRCUIT HASSLER1:21:1022.4636.85 22.55 22.9014-14-13-147.51216861823
25-03-18528ST tf g A+3160028P. O'Sullivan122K. C. Leung3VSIMPLY BRILLIANTEASY GO EASY WINCITRON SPIRIT1:34:1923.0748.89 22.83 23.267-7-7-851223882021
03-03-18468ST tf g C140025P. O'Sullivan120K. C. Leung1VPING HAI STARKINGSFIELDCIRCUIT GLORY1:21:8022.3736.89 22.94 22.604-4-5-541238907.98.5
10-02-18418ST tf g C+3120024P. O'Sullivan118K. C. Leung10VPERPETUAL JOYANCEMARVEL TRIBEHOUSE OF FUN1:08:7223.4724.97 21.44 22.55 11-11-41.5123090146.8
26-11-17222ST tf g C1600110P. O'Sullivan114A. Badel7VFIFTY FIFTYEXULTANTCITRON SPIRIT1:34:5822.6448.12 24.34 23.846-8-9-1010.751235902012
05-11-17172ST tf g/f C+3140025P. O'Sullivan130S. Clipperton8VMARVEL TRIBEPINGWU SPARKFIFTY FIFTY1:21:3722.7535.88 23.26 22.5613-11-9-52124190138.2
22-10-17136ST tf g/f A140022P. O'Sullivan123Z. Purton8VNOTHINGILIKEMOREJOLLY JOLLYSIMPLY INVINCIBLE1:21:3522.5836.08 23.33 22.2510-9-9-221228897.55.8
24-09-1764ST tf g A140023P. O'Sullivan124Z. Purton14VCITRON SPIRITSOLAR HEI HEIJOLLY JOLLY1:22:0222.5536.69 23.26 22.2111-9-8-30.75121387158.2
18-06-17741ST tf g/y C+3160023P. O'Sullivan121Z. Purton8V SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA JOYJOLLY JOLLY1:34.822.9 48.26 23.81 23.381-2-2-33.751210874.73.6
21-05-17670ST tf g C+3160023P. O'Sullivan120Z. Purton14V KEEN VENTUREBOOMING DELIGHTJOLLY JOLLY1:34.523.9 46.70 23.95 24.101-1-1-311211866.35.8
23-04-17598ST tf g C+3140022P. O'Sullivan128S. Clipperton14B-/V1NOTHINGILIKEMOREJOLLY JOLLYPIKACHU1:21.924.0 35.81 22.95 23.4114-13-10-21.251214851719
19-03-17508ST tf g/y A140023P. O'Sullivan121S. Clipperton11B WESTERN EXPRESSSUPER LIFELINEJOLLY JOLLY1:23.023.5 36.59 23.45 23.2510-10-9-31.251214841213
05-02-17397ST tf g C140023P. O'Sullivan120S. Clipperton6B WESTERN EXPRESSCALIFORNIA WHIPJOLLY JOLLY1:21.622.3 36.92 22.83 22.488-9-7-33.51216841711
22-01-17361ST tf g A140039P. O'Sullivan132S. Clipperton8B MR POTENTIALMONGOLIAN KINGCHARITY KINGDOM1:22.123.4 35.62 23.29 23.994-4-4-94.75121084115.8
17-12-16276ST tf g/f C+3140031P. O'Sullivan133S. Clipperton10B JOLLY JOLLYBRING IT ONROUNDABOUT1:21.823.4 35.43 23.03 23.422-1-1-11.251209787.25.4
27-11-16222ST tf g C1400211P. O'Sullivan117S. Clipperton1B JOLLY BANNERMIGHTY MAVERICKBABA MAMA1:22.022.5 35.79 23.90 23.207-4-3-115.251217781619
06-11-16167ST tf g/f C+3140035P. O'Sullivan133O. Bosson1B BABA MAMABEAUTY KINGDOMCLASSIC EMPEROR1:22.022.9 36.12 23.19 23.685-6-4-56.251217781311
06-03-16463ST tf g C140031P. O'Sullivan125Z. Purton8B JOLLY JOLLYGO GO WINWINNAM1:22.523.0 35.65 23.82 23.061-1-1-10.751190723.42.9
10-02-16396ST tf g C140032P. O'Sullivan125K. Teetan8B PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTJOLLY JOLLYSUPER TALENT1:22.223.7 34.68 23.88 23.732-1-1-2H1211703.31.9
01-01-16300ST tf g B+2160035P. O'Sullivan125Z. Purton2B GONNA RUNKIRAMEASTERN EXPRESS1:34.523.8 46.59 24.16 24.135-3-2-52.251217702.71.7
13-12-15244ST tf g A140031P. O'Sullivan114K. Teetan13B JOLLY JOLLYPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRUN FORREST1:22.023.4 35.29 23.30 23.461-1-1-121214618.92.6
14-11-15173ST tf g A+3140041P. O'Sullivan127Z. Purton12B JOLLY JOLLYUNBEATABLE GUTSBOLD STITCH1:22.723.0 36.19 23.76 22.841-2-2-11.51206546.63.5
25-10-15131ST tf g/f A120042P. O'Sullivan126Z. Purton3B FABULOUS ONEJOLLY JOLLYDIAMOND KING1:09.122.6 25.17 21.96 22.4510-8-22.751206534.53.6
01-10-1568ST tf g A+3120042P. O'Sullivan127Z. Purton9B FABULOUS ONEJOLLY JOLLYMAGICAL BEAUTY1:09.722.5 25.10 22.82 22.439-8-23.51204532.82.9
24-05-15637ST tf g C+3120043P. O'Sullivan127D. Lane11B DIAMOND MYSTERIOUSMEDIC KINGDOMJOLLY JOLLY1:09.323.2 24.05 22.69 22.905-6-321211531114
26-04-15564ST tf g/f A120042P. O'Sullivan126D. Lane1PC-/BDIAMOND MYSTERIOUSJOLLY JOLLYTHORS BOLT1:09.723.3 24.59 22.29 23.147-6-21.751218523499
29-03-15497ST tf g A+3120049P. O'Sullivan125C. Williams4PC1 LUCKY YEARDIAMOND MYSTERIOUSTHE PRINCE1:09.522.4 24.00 23.43 23.833-6-910.751211523118

HKJC Comment

Slowly away and dropped back to last. Didn't give much in the run home, and only picked up a couple of slower ones late.