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TRAVEL FIRST (T098) 旅遊首席

C. W. Chang / Rating: 67

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 8 yrs / IRE
Owner: Jackie Wong See-sum
Last win: 24-04-19
Health: Lame right hind leg. (30/06/2017) Lame right hind leg. (17/06/2017) Very restricted action of both hind legs on the day after racing. (11/07/2019) Lame left front leg. Update: Advanced degenerative joint disease in both front fetlocks. (05/06/2019)
Sire: Duke Of Marmalade
Dam: Starship

Past Performances
Total Starts: 63: (4-7-5)
ST 1400m: 11 (0-2-2)
ST 1600m: 12 (0-2-1)
ST 1800m: 4 (0-1-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 15 (2-2-2)
ST aw 1800m: 4 (1-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 9 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 6 (1-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
10-07-19805HV tf g A1800312C. H. Yip119T. H. So3B/TTTRUE GRITXIANG BAI QITASHIDELEK1:49:0024.0461.54 24.42 25.5210-10-11-12-1215.51228683173
26-06-19768HV tf g/f B1650310C. H. Yip119T. H. So5B/TTTRUE GRITHARMONY HEROMY ALLY1:38:8223.7250.74 24.64 24.643-4-3-107.51216683774
05-06-19714HV tf g A22003WDC. H. Yip119T. H. SoB/TTSALTO OLIMPICOTASHIDELEKGOD OF DRAGON2:16:2724.12 11856830 
15-05-19665HV tf g A180037C. H. Yip119T. H. So10B/TTBRAVE LEGENDCINQUANTE CINQGIANT TURTLE1:50:0924.1561.46 24.56 24.432-2-2-2-72.251206682049
24-04-19609HV tf g C180031C. H. Yip111T. H. So7B/TTTRAVEL FIRSTGLORIOUS DRAGONHAPPY DRAGON1:48:3723.9460.36 24.19 23.822-2-2-2-1N1185623399
14-04-19583ST tf g/y C1600311C. H. Yip116K. C. Leung11B/TTEVER LAUGHSOUTHERN SUPERSTARBEAUTY DAY1:36:1123.8348.26 24.18 24.391-2-2-114.51187625699
03-04-19552ST aw g -165042C. H. Yip128C. Wong9B/TTGENERAL DINOTRAVEL FIRSTDEAL MAKER1:38:7723.2351.98 23.56 23.311-1-1-20.51196606.85
13-03-19495HV tf g B1650310C. H. Yip115W. M. Lai8B/TTLUCKY GIRLMERRYGOWINMAGNETISM1:40:0624.3950.83 24.84 25.441-1-1-106.51211623479
02-03-19467ST tf g C1400311C. H. Yip117W. M. Lai5B/TTKASI FARASIGOD OF DRAGONYOUNG LEGEND1:22:2823.8635.57 23.21 24.206-7-7-114.251195624747
24-02-19449ST tf g B+22000313C. H. Yip117W. M. Lai3B/TTTIANCHI MONSTERCLASSIC BEAUTYVINCY2:02:4024.0274.49 24.17 25.201-1-3-4-1391219643799
02-02-19392ST tf g C1800313C. H. Yip119W. M. Lai5B/TTTIANCHI MONSTERMARZOUQXIANG BAI QI1:47:6923.8959.70 24.10 24.911-1-1-1-136.51215664381
23-01-19365HV tf g C1650311C. H. Yip123S. De Sousa11B/TTBANK ON REDARCADAFEARLESS FIRE1:40:0223.9351.64 24.45 25.471-1-1-119.51215672986
12-01-19336ST tf g A180038C. H. Yip123S. De Sousa7B/TTDANCES WITH DRAGONHAPPY SEBRINGRULE THEE1:48:0323.7960.46 23.98 24.411-3-3-4-851233671910
19-12-18270ST aw g -180034C. H. Yip123S. De Sousa4B/TTZILONGWILLIE WAYGOLDFIELD1:47:8723.3960.39 24.37 23.501-1-3-3-42.512176774.7
02-12-18219ST aw g -180041C. H. Yip133S. De Sousa2B/TTTRAVEL FIRSTKING'S MANBRING IT ON1:48:8122.8862.97 22.96 22.881-1-1-1-12.51186608.84.9
18-11-18182ST aw g -165043C. H. Yip133S. De Sousa7B/TTGRAN MASTERSUPERIOR BOYTRAVEL FIRST1:38:7124.5750.36 23.82 24.664-2-2-30.751198598.410
28-10-18130HV tf g A165048C. H. Yip126C. Wong4B/TTFLYING QUESTCHAPARRAL STARTRUE GRIT1:41:1525.1151.50 24.58 25.692-2-2-841188602117
11-07-18793HV tf g/f A1800312C. H. Yip116H. N. Wong5B/TTNAMJONG PLUSTEN FLAMESWILLIE WAY1:49:3524.4660.66 24.63 26.332-1-2-3-1214.251221623049
16-06-18740ST tf g/f C+3180032C. H. Yip112H. N. Wong3B/TTGLORIOUS FOREVERTRAVEL FIRSTNAMJONG PLUS1:46:1823.1159.75 23.60 23.472-3-3-2-241204623462
30-05-18694ST aw g -165034C. H. Yip110H. N. Wong3V-/B2/TTGLORIOUS ARTISTHANG'S DECISIONREMARKABLE1:38:2023.5851.84 23.30 23.338-7-5-41.751201621211
02-05-18619ST aw g -165038C. H. Yip118C. Schofield6B-/V1/TTTURIN REDSTARGONNA RUNHANG'S DECISION1:38:2022.9651.85 23.67 23.324-5-4-841191646.67.6
21-04-18589ST aw g -180034C. H. Yip119U. Rispoli8B2/TTGLORIOUS ARTISTROYAL PERFORMERWILLIE WAY1:46:6822.9559.96 23.85 23.212-2-2-2-42.251206661515
25-03-18524ST tf g A+3160039C. H. Yip124Z. Purton8TTAGREEGREEN ENERGYTAI SMART1:34:4823.4348.46 23.15 23.845-6-7-96121168225.3
11-03-18489ST aw g -165034C. H. Yip123C. Schofield6TTCALCULATIONROYAL PERFORMERWILLIE WAY1:37:7623.8451.40 23.32 23.869-8-7-45.2512006854.4
10-02-18410ST aw g -165032C. H. Yip121C. Schofield8TTTANG FLEMINGTRAVEL FIRSTNUCLEAR POWER1:37:9623.8951.23 23.60 23.158-8-9-2SH 121766118.2
13-12-17270HV tf g C165037C. H. Yip116H. T. Mo9TTMISTER MONTEDR WIN WINNITRO EXPRESS1:39:5623.3552.77 23.96 23.574-4-4-74.751232681733
01-11-17161ST aw f/t -1650310C. H. Yip123B. Prebble4TTRED MARVELWILLIE WAYTURIN PEARL1:39:1923.6452.29 23.82 24.187-6-7-107123370109.5
22-10-17130ST tf g/f A160038C. H. Yip118H. T. Mo2TTBEAUTY WAYRAZOR QUESTSERGEANT TITANIUM1:34:7822.9447.98 24.10 23.094-3-5-82.51220727399
08-10-1799ST aw g -1650313C. H. Yip121H. T. Mo12TTDIVINE BOYRED MARVELGONNA RUN1:39:2723.9051.72 24.41 26.265-7-13-1319.51204743371
01-07-17776ST aw g -16503WDC. H. Yip123H. N. WongTT TURIN PEARLWHITE MAGICAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:38.523.9  121675  
18-06-17739ST aw w/s -16503WDC. H. Yip132U. RispoliTT WILLIE WAYTURIN PEARLWHITE MAGIC1:39.324.9  119975  
31-05-17696ST aw g -165039C. H. Yip121H. T. Mo11TT RED MARVELGOLDEN SUNWHITE MAGIC1:38.324.1 51.17 23.69 24.002-3-4-931206772614
13-05-17652ST tf g/y C140038C. H. Yip127K. C. Ng1TT BEAUTY KINGDOMSUNNY WAYMONGOLIAN KING1:23.223.8 35.78 23.88 24.302-3-5-84.51196793386
30-04-17616ST tf g/f A1600214C. H. Yip110K. K. Chiong7TT EASTERN EXPRESSBOOMING DELIGHTDOYENI1:33.722.8 47.39 23.55 24.572-1-2-1411.251190813773
23-04-17597ST aw w/s -1800310C. H. Yip123M. F. Poon12TT VANILLAGIANT TURTLEKING GENKI1:47.024.0 59.58 24.43 24.813-3-4-1010.751192831714
05-04-17552ST aw g -165038C. H. Yip127K. K. Chiong13TT LITTLE DRAGONDIVINE BOYFRIENDS OF KA YING1:37.623.4 50.53 23.92 23.773-1-3-83.751200841422
12-03-17488ST aw g -165023C. H. Yip116K. K. Chiong11TT PEOPLE'S KNIGHTFRIENDS OF KA YINGTRAVEL FIRST1:37.623.4 50.95 23.66 23.284-5-6-31.251186841111
19-02-17434ST tf g/f A140027C. H. Yip120T. H. So1TT LIMITLESSKEEN VENTUREWHO DAT SINGA1:21.622.9 35.67 23.31 23.254-4-4-73.251191841920
11-02-17414ST tf g/f C+3160023C. H. Yip116K. K. Chiong8TT CALIFORNIA DISEGNOCIRCUIT HASSLERTRAVEL FIRST1:34.123.3 46.97 23.87 23.471-1-1-311206832530
22-01-17358ST tf g A180027C. H. Yip114T. H. So11TT DINOZZOHAPPY PLACEAMBITIOUS CHAMPION1:47.124.0 58.34 24.76 24.852-1-2-75.251199839599
11-01-17332HV tf g B165029C. H. Yip116K. K. Chiong3TT SPEEDY LONGWAHPACKING LLAREGYBDYNAMISM1:40.123.4 52.60 24.46 23.861-2-5-94.751206832617
27-12-16295ST aw g -165031C. H. Yip121K. K. Chiong14TT TRAVEL FIRSTRED MARVELMAGICAL BEAUTY1:38.723.9 51.62 23.32 23.782-2-2-10.51197782019
04-12-16238ST aw g -165035C. H. Yip123H. T. Mo14TT PEOPLE'S KNIGHTRED MARVELGO GO WIN1:38.023.1 51.94 23.50 23.408-6-6-551201801626
16-11-16192HV tf g C180028C. H. Yip110K. K. Chiong3TT WINNIE'S HONEYDYNAMISMMAGICAL BEAUTY1:48.723.8 60.61 24.82 24.332-3-4-86.251196822431
30-10-16145HV tf g A165025C. H. Yip116K. K. Chiong8TT PRECISION KINGCHEEKY TOOPIKACHU1:41.823.6 53.23 25.23 23.672-2-2-51.51195833863
28-09-1664HV tf g C+3165029C. H. Yip111K. K. Chiong2TT SICHUAN DARDYNAMISMSUPER LIFELINE1:40.423.2 52.48 24.98 23.992-2-3-96.251190841522
03-09-1610ST tf g B140028C. H. Yip113K. C. Ng2TT FLYING MOOCHIMERIONPIKACHU1:20.723.4 35.00 22.63 23.884-5-3-74.751180845199
22-05-16666ST aw g -165028C. H. Yip117C. Schofield14TT HARBOUR MASTERCIRCUIT LANDSICHUAN VIGOUR1:38.023.0 51.52 23.74 23.662-3-3-85.251204842818
14-05-16644ST aw w/s -165031C. H. Yip125K. K. Chiong1TT TRAVEL FIRSTULTIMATE GLORYHIT THE BID1:37.723.7 50.37 23.66 23.671-2-2-1Nose1193787.24.8
01-05-16610ST tf g B140039C. H. Yip133T. Angland1B-/TTWAH MAY FRIENDHO IN ONECHARITY KINGDOM1:22.223.4 35.84 23.21 23.827-6-5-941183795.35.3
28-03-16518ST tf g A+31600211C. H. Yip112K. C. Ng1B/TT RAPPER DRAGONSERGEANT TITANIUMSANTA FE SUN1:34.423.2 48.06 23.45 23.584-5-5-1141184819.610
16-03-16489HV tf g B180037C. H. Yip131C. Schofield10B/TT BASIC TRILOGYPHOTON WILLIELITTLE DRAGON1:51.723.9 62.09 25.73 24.531-2-1-741193831111
24-02-16433HV tf g C120035C. H. Yip130N. Callan3B/TT EXCEL ONESELFTURF SPRINTGENERAL IRON1:10.423.4 24.45 23.33 22.928-8-51.751174815.33.7
21-02-16424ST tf g A140022C. H. Yip120C. Schofield12B/TT RAPPER DRAGONTRAVEL FIRSTGREAT SPIRIT1:22.423.2 35.58 23.66 23.183-3-2-2Nose117781105.7
06-02-16386ST tf g B+2140024C. H. Yip122Z. Purton4B2/TTUNIVERSAL UNIONMERIONSO FAST1:22.023.3 35.93 23.26 23.106-7-5-41.51190813.22.6
13-12-15249ST tf g A160024R. Gibson117D. Whyte7TT WERTHERAPOLLO'S CHOICEVICTORY MAGIC1:34.922.3 48.53 24.08 22.882-2-2-43.251221821412
08-11-15160ST tf g C+3160025R. Gibson116R. Fourie3TT SECRET WEAPONVICTORY MAGICANTICIPATION1:34.522.8 48.47 23.47 22.924-3-4-521211821310
04-10-1584ST tf g/y B+2160022R. Gibson118W. M. Lai4TT SECRET WEAPONTRAVEL FIRSTGLORIOUS LAD1:35.122.9 48.16 24.36 22.844-4-6-21.251194811618
16-09-1536HV tf g B165026R. Gibson117C. Schofield8CP-/TFAT CHOY HONG KONGGOODHEART SUCCESSTOP ACT1:40.423.8 52.93 24.48 23.666-7-7-641212812312
14-06-15699ST tf g/f B+2160026R. Gibson113M. L. Yeung8CP/TTCONTENTMENTLET ME GOFANTASTIC KAKA1:34.522.5 48.24 23.91 22.722-4-4-62.251207827.510
09-05-15607ST tf y B+2140024R. Gibson124K. Teetan10CP1/TDR GOOD HABITPRECISION KINGUNIVERSAL UNION1:23.423.8 36.31 23.76 23.739-8-7-42.251209823.93.2
15-03-15468ST tf g A140023R. Gibson118K. Teetan4 LET ME GOEROICOTRAVEL FIRST1:22.622.7 35.82 24.30 22.685-4-4-30.751193815.82.7
21-02-15410ST tf g A+3160032R. Gibson133O. Doleuze2B- GOOD GOOD VIEWTRAVEL FIRSTDOYENI1:34.723.3 47.99 23.91 22.905-6-6-2SH1182793.43.8
01-02-15363ST tf g/f C140032R. Gibson131O. Doleuze2SR-/BSKY HEROTRAVEL FIRSTGOODHEART SUCCESS1:22.222.1 36.59 23.87 22.044-7-5-21.751178776.97.5
10-01-15309ST tf g/f A160034R. Gibson132O. Doleuze11SR RED DANCERFLYING UNICORNPO CHING TREASURE1:35.623.8 47.75 24.15 24.004-3-2-41.751190773.83.4
20-12-14260ST tf g/f A+3140033R. Gibson129O. Doleuze5SR1 BERLINIHIGH AND MIGHTYTRAVEL FIRST1:22.323.2 35.97 23.47 23.047-8-7-311188765.93.5

HKJC Comment

Failed to muster speed, ended up near last 6Ls off leader, couldn't keep up rounding home bend, soon behind. (Restricted action both hind legs day after racing.)