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GOLDEN SLEEP (T117) 睡德福 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 59

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / SAF
Owner: David Hui Cheung-wing
Last win: 26-04-17
Health: Castration. (22/04/2015)<br>Injury to left front foot. (20/06/2017)<br>Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (18/05/2016)<br>Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (17/02/2016)<br>Heart irregularity after barrier trial. (02/12/2014)<br>
Sire: Sail From Seattle
Dam: Circle Of Gold

Past Performances
Total Starts: 47: (2-2-2)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 8 (0-0-1)
ST 1600m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 5 (0-1-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 22 (2-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-06-18755HV tf g/f C1650411C. H. Yip124U. Rispoli7B-/XB-/TT2MEGATRONSICHUAN BOSSWIN FOR CHARITY1:40:0923.7153.68 23.86 23.7110-10-10-117.251201511019
03-06-18698ST tf g/f B120049C. H. Yip126W. M. Lai4B/XBMIGHTY MAVERICKSUPER EURO STARCORDYCEPS1:09:1422.3524.90 22.05 23.23 9-6-96.51189531437
23-05-18669HV tf g/f C1200410C. H. Yip128A. Sanna5XB/B2GOLDEN GLORYFLYING GODSPELLGALLANT RETURN1:10:0023.3423.91 23.19 23.37 6-6-1031193551128
21-04-18586ST aw g -165048C. H. Yip132Z. Purton1B-/XBNAMJONG INVINCIBLELET US WINGRAND HARBOUR1:38:6222.8451.83 24.11 23.152-2-2-8311875743.4
28-03-18531HV tf g/f C+31650412C. H. Yip127H. N. Wong7B/XBCHARITY WINGSMONEY WINNERSICHUAN BOSS1:39:6423.9351.65 24.42 24.595-3-4-126.51179591310
11-03-18488ST aw g -165047C. H. Yip127H. N. Wong12B/XBREMARKABLEQUICK RETURNHAY RUN1:38:4024.0750.73 23.60 24.807-1-1-74.51181592025
28-02-18462ST aw g -165042C. H. Yip125H. N. Wong1B/XBAMAZING FEELINGGOLDEN SLEEPIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:38:4124.3150.65 23.61 24.253-3-3-20.51185578.710
10-02-18414ST aw g -165045C. H. Yip127H. N. Wong14B/XBELUSIVE STATEKIROVMI BLANCO1:38:7723.8051.07 23.94 24.332-2-2-53.51194592238
31-01-18385HV tf g C+3165049C. H. Yip132K. Teetan2B/XBWIN FOR CHARITYMONEY WINNERDARING HEART1:41:0723.7953.49 24.03 24.135-5-3-93.751181594.24.6
13-01-18338ST tf g C+3140043C. H. Yip131U. Rispoli5B1/XB2AMBITIOUS HEARTROYALE ELEGANCEGOLDEN SLEEP1:22:6523.1536.87 23.07 22.785-5-5-30.51184581523
20-12-17284HV tf g/f C+3165046C. H. Yip132K. Teetan7 HAR HAR HEARTSUN TOUCHWAH MAY BABY1:39:5524.5751.49 24.45 23.898-8-8-61.751191598.311
15-11-17197HV tf g C165037C. H. Yip113W. M. Lai6 TOP LAURELSSUPER FORMRED MARVEL1:41:9223.7253.94 24.74 23.475-6-6-71.51190602547
29-10-17152HV tf g/f A1650311C. H. Yip117W. M. Lai7 THUNDER STOMPFULL GLAMOURFLYING QUEST1:40:3423.6552.61 24.40 24.447-4-4-1171174621345
18-10-17126HV tf g/f C165034C. H. Yip119W. M. Lai5 GONNA RUNSUPER FORMRED MARVEL1:40:4023.8952.66 24.17 23.822-3-2-41.51176633275
05-10-1788HV tf g A1650311C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng9 STAR MAJESTICTHE SYLPHRAZOR QUEST1:39:7124.6451.63 24.20 26.083-4-5-1113.751173652068
27-09-1771HV tf g/f C+31650310C. H. Yip118W. M. Lai1 OUTLAWEDKIRAMGONNA RUN1:39:4623.6952.04 24.17 24.205-5-5-1061187672436
13-09-1734HV tf g/f B165038C. H. Yip122D. Whyte9 INVENTORDIVINE BOYMAGNETISM1:40:2423.7053.40 23.66 24.343-4-6-87.251163681918
06-09-1717HV tf g A165036C. H. Yip116H. T. Mo1TT-THUNDER STOMPKIRAMGO GO WIN1:40:5324.0352.22 24.60 24.535-4-4-651177681310
16-07-17805ST tf g/y C140037C. H. Yip117K. K. Chiong10TT CALCULATIONCHUNG WAH SPIRITFANTASTIC KAKA1:23.023.4 35.74 24.09 23.967-2-2-74.51170682779
26-04-17604HV tf g/f C165031A. T. Millard107H. T. Mo3TT GOLDEN SLEEPMAGICAL BEAUTYUNICORN1:40.024.3 52.18 23.50 24.353-2-1-1Nose116863148.4
02-04-17541ST tf g/f B+21400311A. T. Millard115K. C. Ng2TT KINGSFIELDREGENCY BO BOCONVINCIBLE1:21.923.0 35.78 23.64 23.935-7-9-1191185653187
30-01-17381ST tf g B1600310A. T. Millard115A. Badel3TT BOOMING DELIGHTFRIENDS OF NANJINGAMAZING AGILITY1:35.723.6 48.39 24.02 24.027-8-8-104.51166673199
01-01-17305ST tf g/f B+21600311A. T. Millard122N. Callan2TT RAZOR QUESTBOOMING DELIGHTFRIENDS OF NANJING1:34.923.3 48.49 23.62 23.594-5-6-114.751160691727
14-12-16267HV tf g/f C165035A. T. Millard125N. Callan12TT HAPPY SPIRITHARD BALL GETVICTORY MARVEL1:39.723.9 52.01 24.33 23.848-7-5-531161701516
27-11-16221ST tf g C140036A. T. Millard126N. Callan10TT PEOPLE'S KNIGHTBEAT THE CLOCKBEAUTY KINGDOM1:21.723.2 36.22 22.77 23.2011-11-9-62.51143726199
20-11-16198ST tf g B+21400312A. T. Millard127K. Teetan14TT VOLITATIONWINNER'S WAYGREEN CARD1:21.722.6 37.18 22.91 22.9013-13-12-127.751151743175
02-11-16156ST aw g -165038A. T. Millard121K. K. Chiong9TT TURIN PEARLMAJESTIC ANTHEMDEJA VU1:39.124.4 51.80 23.56 24.398-8-7-83.751157752026
07-09-1616HV tf g/y B1650311A. T. Millard129K. Teetan11TT HO HO FEELHAPPY CONTENDERHAPPY SPIRIT1:41.323.8 54.20 23.80 23.898-8-8-113.751157751415
10-07-16780ST tf g/f B+2160037A. T. Millard128K. Teetan9TT UNIQUE JOYOUSENORMOUS HONOURENERGETIC CLASS1:33.523.2 47.53 23.06 23.593-4-4-73.751157751923
15-06-16720HV tf g/f B165032A. T. Millard120K. K. Chiong10TT CLASSIC EMPERORGOLDEN SLEEPLUCKY PROFIT1:40.123.6 51.97 24.69 23.722-2-2-21.51166734.57.3
18-05-16655HV tf g B165031A. T. Millard121K. Teetan1TT GOLDEN SLEEPHEROIC GURUSUPEROI1:40.524.1 51.98 24.38 24.171-2-1-1SH1156686.26.5
20-04-16581HV tf g B165033A. T. Millard120K. Teetan2TT GONNA RUNHEROIC GURUGOLDEN SLEEP1:40.424.5 50.99 25.02 24.441-2-3-3N1138671610
13-04-16564HV tf g/y A165039A. T. Millard126G. Lerena7TT RED MARVELFORMULA WONDASHING KING1:40.724.3 52.53 24.82 24.149-10-10-94.51146691012
23-03-16505HV tf g/y C165035A. T. Millard126G. Lerena3TT KING OF MONGOLIAFORMULA WONTEN FLAMES1:42.224.2 54.08 24.58 23.776-7-7-51.251154701111
17-02-16413HV tf g B165036A. T. Millard125K. Teetan3TT BULLISH SMARTTRENDY WINLITTLE ISLAND1:41.223.6 53.06 25.32 23.597-6-8-64.75114872114
06-02-16380ST tf g B+21600314A. T. Millard128G. Mosse1TT LUCKY GIRLLEADING HORSEWINNAM1:34.523.3 48.15 23.68 24.278-8-7-149.7511597589.7
13-01-16326HV tf g B165037A. T. Millard133S. De Sousa6TT HEROIC GURURED MARVELBEAUTY KINGDOM1:41.023.9 52.59 25.47 23.5312-11-12-73.51137776.76.8
09-12-15242HV tf y A165035A. T. Millard133K. Tosaki12TT SUPEROISPARKLING SWORDBEAUTY KINGDOM1:41.024.7 52.73 24.55 24.1312-12-12-52.51138782246
21-11-15191ST tf g B+21800210A. T. Millard116K. Teetan3TT2 ROMANTIC TOUCHANTICIPATIONSELKIRK STAR1:47.922.6 61.99 23.67 23.234-6-5-1061153811815
08-11-15160ST tf g C+31600210A. T. Millard117K. Teetan7 SECRET WEAPONVICTORY MAGICANTICIPATION1:34.522.8 48.95 23.31 23.3610-10-11-106.751148832652
25-10-15139ST tf g/f A1400210A. T. Millard121R. Fourie7 BLIZZARDTHEWIZARDOFOZDASHING FELLOW1:21.922.2 36.02 23.80 23.284-5-3-107.251154854179
28-09-1564ST tf g A140028A. T. Millard122K. Teetan11E- WINNING LEADERWAH MAY FRIENDUNIVERSAL UNION1:22.123.2 35.73 23.45 23.372-2-2-82.251155853299
21-06-15717ST tf y C120027A. T. Millard123K. Teetan9P-/E1SMART MANCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:10.123.1 25.01 22.65 23.1111-11-741183872543
15-03-15467ST tf g A2000G112A. T. Millard126B. Fayd'herbe13XB-/PLUGERGOT FLYROMANTIC TOUCH2:01.222.9 75.38 23.72 23.6714-14-14-129.251171886299
01-03-15430ST tf g/f B+2180025A. T. Millard117K. Teetan6P1/XBCONTENTMENTMR GNOCCHIANTICIPATION1:47.023.4 61.28 23.28 23.0612-13-13-53.51167891744
15-02-15399ST tf g A1800G112A. T. Millard126U. Rispoli7XB-/TTHUNDER FANTASYREDKIRK WARRIORGIANT TREASURE1:48.623.0 62.79 23.67 24.0510-10-10-1211.751189892976
25-01-15346ST tf g/f B+2140027A. T. Millard127M. Guyon14XB1/TBRILLIANT SHINEHIGH AND MIGHTYPIKACHU1:21.722.9 36.53 23.26 22.3712-11-11-72.251184893974

HKJC Comment

Jumped with them, raced 3 wide at rear early, 2 wide from 1150M, 7 to 8 lengths back, there to turn, failed to close off in straight. (See Racing Incidents.)