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JOLLY GENE (T146) 非常堅

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 68

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 8 yrs / IRE
Owner: Mr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin-ki
Last win: 08-04-18
Health: Lame right hind leg. (26/03/2019) Eight years of age or above at season end. (25/07/2019) Unacceptable performance. (19/12/2018) Lame right hind leg on the morning after racing. (15/12/2014) Colic. (14/06/2017) Unacceptable performance. (06/05/2018)
Sire: Galileo
Dam: Luas Line

Past Performances
Total Starts: 51: (6-2-0)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 9 (2-1-0)
ST 2000m: 11 (2-1-0)
ST 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 6 (1-0-0)
HV 1800m: 10 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 6 (1-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-07-19777ST tf g/f B200037A. S. Cruz118H. T. Mo11B/H/TTCLASSIC BEAUTYI DOGLORIOUS DRAGON2:02:0023.1475.54 23.32 23.571-1-1-1-72.751082722531
16-06-19745ST tf g/f C+31400310A. S. Cruz127A. Sanna1B/H/TTGOOD BEAUTYLOOKING GOODCOOL TEAM1:21:4123.1435.72 23.31 22.9410-9-10-103.51088742178
05-06-19714HV tf g A220037A. S. Cruz126M. F. Poon4B/H/TTSALTO OLIMPICOTASHIDELEKGOD OF DRAGON2:16:2724.1288.00 24.27 26.691-1-1-1-2-716.751090762330
27-03-19534HV tf g/f C+322003WDA. S. Cruz123H. T. MoB/H/TTHELENE CHARISMATASHIDELEKHAPPY DRAGON2:14:8823.97 110376  
17-03-19502ST tf g A200038A. S. Cruz125K. C. Ng5B/H/TTGOOD OMENCLASSIC BEAUTYDYNAMIC EAGLE2:02:1923.4575.23 23.51 24.041-1-1-1-83.751115783592
23-01-19364HV tf g C1800312A. S. Cruz126C. Wong8B/H/TTNAMJONG PLUSVIGOR FAMEHELENE CHARISMA1:49:4724.4159.98 25.08 25.923-1-1-1-129.51120802057
12-01-19338ST aw g -1650211A. S. Cruz111H. N. Wong1B/H/TTELUSIVE STATERAGING BLITZKRIEGCIRCUIT GLORY1:37:3222.8051.78 23.34 24.0510-11-9-1111.51118823899
19-12-18271ST aw g -1200212A. S. Cruz108H. T. Mo1B/H/TTGUNNISONPERPETUAL TREASUREMISSION TYCOON1:07:7022.8124.25 22.28 24.61 12-12-1221.51121823267
08-07-18781ST tf g/f C200028A. S. Cruz117M. F. Poon6B/H/TTGLORIOUS FOREVERINSAYSHABLEGENERAL SHERMAN1:59:5323.1073.23 23.72 25.533-2-2-4-818.51115842859
27-06-18756HV tf g/f C180028A. S. Cruz117M. F. Poon4B/H/TTDOCTOR GEOFFINSAYSHABLELITTERATEUR1:48:0723.1560.47 24.45 25.002-1-1-1-811.51113852026
10-06-18716ST tf g/f C180027A. S. Cruz118C. Y. Ho6B/H/TTPIKACHUSTIMULATIONIMPERIAL GALLANTRY1:46:3624.3058.52 23.54 24.971-1-1-1-74.251110855.49
06-05-18629ST tf g B2000311A. S. Cruz128M. F. Poon5B/H/TTGENERAL SHERMANSANGRIAFIAMA2:01:3924.0074.03 23.48 27.181-1-2-3-1120.51110851712
08-04-18553ST tf g C180031A. S. Cruz128M. F. Poon1B/H/TTJOLLY GENEDYNAMIC EAGLETAI SMART1:47:5523.4061.01 23.34 23.205-3-3-3-10.751104806.55.7
03-03-18473ST tf g C180031A. S. Cruz120M. F. Poon5B/H/TTJOLLY GENEGENERAL DINOBRING IT ON1:46:7123.1060.38 23.23 23.101-1-1-1-14.751111711317
04-02-18395ST tf g C180037A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho9B/H/TTRULE THEEACCLAIMED LIGHTTAI SMART1:47:3122.8860.59 23.84 24.161-1-1-1-781115732134
13-01-18340ST tf g C+3220039A. S. Cruz129C. Y. Ho1B/H/TTGIANT TURTLEENSURINGSUPER CHIC2:17:1022.8890.62 23.60 23.373-1-1-1-2-931101751925
01-01-18316ST tf g B+21800311A. S. Cruz127K. C. Ng2B/H/TTBRING IT ONTAI SMARTCIRCUIT HASSLER1:48:6323.5660.84 24.63 24.033-3-3-9-115.51092771816
19-11-17202ST tf g B2000311A. S. Cruz128C. Y. Ho5B/H/TTGIANT TURTLELOTUS STRIKES BACKENSURING2.02.4323.2774.98 24.18 24.171-1-1-1-115.75110277910
05-11-17170ST tf g/f C+3180032A. S. Cruz128C. Y. Ho1B/H/TTGORGEOUS KINGJOLLY GENECIRCUIT HASSLER1:46:8523.4959.79 23.57 23.792-1-1-1-21.751099772744
25-10-17137HV tf g/f C+3220036A. S. Cruz131C. Y. Ho4B/H/TTHAPPILABABYENSURINGHAPPY CONTENDER2:14:9423.8386.46 24.65 24.901-1-1-1-1-66.751101788.411
11-10-17104HV tf g B180038A. S. Cruz131C. Y. Ho5B/H/TTHO HO FEELLOTUS STRIKES BACKKING OF MONGOLIA1:49:7224.6761.91 23.90 24.695-4-5-5-84.751103781110
01-10-1774ST tf g A+3180036A. S. Cruz131C. Y. Ho3B/H/TTGORGEOUS KINGHO HO FEELENSURING1:47:3323.1760.66 23.50 23.971-2-2-1-651113781523
01-07-17772ST tf g/f A+3200031A. S. Cruz125C. Y. Ho10B/H/TJOLLY GENEGORGEOUS AGAINRULE THEE2:01.823.1 75.16 23.54 23.101-1-1-1Nose108173109.1
28-05-17679ST tf g/f A200034A. S. Cruz124C. Y. Ho6B/H/TGREEN DISPATCHLOTUS STRIKES BACKHAPPY ROCKY2:02.323.6 75.34 23.34 23.831-1-1-411088734.93.6
07-05-17626ST tf g/f A+3200031A. S. Cruz118C. Y. Ho6B/H/TJOLLY GENEENSURINGGREEN DISPATCH2:02.323.5 74.99 23.81 23.541-1-1-11.251073674.86.4
12-04-17568HV tf g A220035A. S. Cruz121M. Chadwick12B/H/TANDOYASHAPPY CONTENDERINDUSTRIALIST WAY2:17.125.1 87.99 24.02 25.672-3-3-1-1-53.51077678.313
19-03-17505ST tf g/y A200032A. S. Cruz113M. Chadwick7B/H/TMAMBO ROCKJOLLY GENEENSURING2:03.424.5 74.58 24.26 24.651-1-1-2N1072651335
08-03-17479HV tf g A180035A. S. Cruz119M. Chadwick2B/H/TANDOYASHAPPY ROCKYINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:49.424.5 60.61 24.48 24.552-3-3-51.51078656.511
15-02-17425HV tf g/f C180034A. S. Cruz120M. Chadwick8CP-/HRICKFIELDSHARP SAILORSKY KING1:49.124.0 60.92 24.26 24.581-1-1-43.51081676.510
25-01-17364HV tf g C+3220039A. S. Cruz125D. Whyte9H/CP1ANDOYASHAPPY CONTENDERINDUSTRIALIST WAY2:15.824.7 86.31 24.86 26.327-6-1-910.251082696.813
04-01-17312HV tf g A180034A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick2H/TT EASY HEDGEANDOYASCLOUD NINE1:49.324.0 61.95 24.07 23.927-7-5-43.751092711116
22-12-16283HV tf g/f C+3220036A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick9H/TT SHARP SAILORPRAWN BABAVICTORY BOYS2:16.823.5 89.50 24.26 24.086-3-3-661097738.911
20-11-16197ST tf g B+2200036A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick8H/TT REDWOOD BABYALLCASHHAPPY CONTENDER2:03.022.9 76.07 23.99 23.414-1-1-62.751099752872
12-10-1698HV tf g B165039A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick1H/TT NITRO EXPRESSINDUSTRIALIST WAYENORMOUS HONOUR1:40.923.2 53.48 24.66 24.036-5-7-97.751088771019
28-09-1662HV tf g C+31800310A. S. Cruz132M. Chadwick11H/TT HAPPY SPIRITWINNIE'S HONEYHAPPY CONTENDER1:49.723.6 62.16 24.55 25.685-5-3-1016.251090791839
07-09-1616HV tf g/y B165037A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick7H/TT HO HO FEELHAPPY CONTENDERHAPPY SPIRIT1:41.323.8 53.80 23.84 24.105-3-3-72.751092792161
09-06-16703HV tf g A1650311A. S. Cruz127K. C. Ng12H/TT INDUSTRIALIST WAYPIKACHUKING OF MONGOLIA1:40.623.8 53.17 24.73 24.0712-12-12-118.51080793176
11-05-16636HV tf g A1800311A. S. Cruz132M. Chadwick1H/TT LOTUS STRIKES BACKPO CHING TREASUREINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:50.123.6 62.01 24.98 23.986-5-5-115107579137.7
20-04-16579HV tf g B220031A. S. Cruz124M. Chadwick7H/TT JOLLY GENEALLCASHTOWERING STORM2:17.324.4 88.13 24.82 24.358-9-3-1SH1072741115
28-03-16513ST tf g A+3200038A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick8H/TT HAPPILABABYHAPPY ROCKYALLCASH2:02.023.0 75.47 24.05 23.495-6-7-86.25107575138.9
24-02-16434HV tf g C180035A. S. Cruz129M. L. Yeung5H/TT PACKING DRAGONANDOYASRED MARVEL1:51.123.8 62.63 25.19 23.773-5-6-531093758.19.9
20-01-16343HV tf g/y C165035A. S. Cruz128C. Y. Ho11H/TT TEN FLAMESBOSSIEESPINNING DANCER1:41.424.1 51.82 25.61 24.352-2-2-52.25106975108.3
06-01-16304HV tf g A165031A. S. Cruz123M. L. Yeung8H/TT JOLLY GENEAMAZINGLYRED DANCER1:40.623.9 52.18 24.53 23.972-2-2-10.751075696.37.8
19-12-15270ST tf g C+3160034A. S. Cruz121C. Y. Ho10H/TT HAPPY PLACEJOYFUL MOMENTSCHARITY KINGDOM1:35.622.4 49.06 24.12 22.811-1-1-42.251071691767
10-06-15687HV tf g/f B165038A. S. Cruz128G. Mosse6H/TT HORSE OF FORTUNESPEEDY LONGWAHSUPREME ESSENCE1:39.923.6 52.38 24.18 24.205-4-4-85.251058739.915
09-05-15606ST tf y B+21600311A. S. Cruz129A. Suborics5H/TT RAZOR QUESTHORSE OF FORTUNETURBO JEWELLERY1:36.424.3 48.49 24.17 26.6811-11-8-1118.251057751823
26-04-15565ST tf g/f A180037A. S. Cruz133N. Callan6H/TT SUPREME PROFITVICTORY MASTERHOLMES LEGEND1:49.122.8 63.29 23.45 23.045-5-5-74.251056771013
01-04-15513HV tf g/f A180035A. S. Cruz132B. Prebble2H/TT RENAISSANCE ARTENSURINGSUPREME FRESH1:48.323.8 60.16 24.86 23.815-5-5-53.251072792017
01-03-15428ST tf g/f B+2160038A. S. Cruz132M. Chadwick10H/TT RENAISSANCE ARTCELESTIAL SMILESO CAFFE1:35.423.1 48.92 23.97 23.0813-13-10-831073793199
15-02-15400ST tf g A160029A. S. Cruz114M. Chadwick9H/TT LUGERARPINATISANTA FE SUN1:34.922.4 49.72 23.67 22.4910-11-11-95.751077815299
18-01-15328ST tf g/f A+31800211A. S. Cruz111K. C. Ng14H/TT GOT FLYWINNING LEADERPACKING LLAREGYB1:48.522.8 63.22 23.42 22.7914-14-14-115.751093839799
14-12-14238ST tf g/f A1200212A. S. Cruz117M. Chadwick3H1/TTLET ME GOKEY WITNESSHELENE HAPPY STAR1:08.823.0 25.33 22.21 22.7113-13-128.51078833499

HKJC Comment

Jumped well from gate 11, sent forward to take the lead, travelled comfortably in the middle stages, challenged by rival turning in, peaked and headed early in straight, kept on evenly to 100M, weakened gradually thereafter.