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CHEVALIER STAR (T167) 勇士勁 (Retired)

J. Moore / Rating: 70

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Chevalier Syndicate
Last win: 10-02-16
Health: Lame right front leg after racing. (16/05/2015) Fever. (21/09/2016) Bled from both nostrils after racing. Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (30/10/2016) Unacceptable performance. Lame right front leg after racing. (05/03/2017)
Sire: Bel Esprit
Dam: Murray Mary

Past Performances
Total Starts: 21: (3-1-0)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 9 (1-0-0)
ST 1400m: 9 (2-0-0)
HV 1200m: 2 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
05-03-17471ST tf g/f C1400314J. Moore123Z. Purton4B/H MIGHTY MAVERICKDARING FITCITRON SPIRIT1:21.123.8 34.82 23.02 27.954-4-4-1428.751242701014
19-02-17427ST tf g/f A120036J. Moore125S. Clipperton11B/H HIGH FIVEMOMENTUM LUCKYTOP LAURELS1:09.222.7 24.22 22.43 23.083-3-63.25124272129.1
30-10-16141HV tf g A120038J. Moore127S. Clipperton9B/H LAMAROSACHOICE TREASURESILVER SPUN1:10.724.6 23.74 22.42 25.152-2-83.51254723.65.3
12-10-16101HV tf g B120032J. Moore123S. Clipperton7B/H FANTASTIC FEELINGCHEVALIER STARCOURAGEOUS BROTHER1:10.3523.5 23.87 22.90 23.621-1-2H1246701345
11-09-1624ST tf g C12003WDJ. Moore123Z. PurtonB/H LUCKY DAYLOTUS BREEZEHAPPY CHEERS1:09.123.1  1237706.8 
26-06-16751ST tf g/f A120039J. Moore124N. Callan11B/H CLEVER BEAVERLANG TAI SINGTEAM FORTUNE1:08.523.3 23.34 21.79 24.272-2-95.751250711517
05-06-16695ST tf g/f B+2140036J. Moore119H. N. Wong5B/H SENSATIONJOLLY BANNERMEGA RED1:21.323.8 34.25 23.29 24.551-1-1-64.251245711516
07-05-16628ST tf g C1400314J. Moore124Z. Purton2B/H AVELLINOHAPPY SURVEYSMAGNETISM1:22.222.4  ---TNP1231715.16.1
10-04-16554ST tf g/y C140035J. Moore125Z. Purton4B/H HO IN ONEENORMOUS HONOURSUPER LEADER1:23.023.5 35.46 23.98 23.632-1-1-5N1235701410
13-03-16481ST tf g C+3140037J. Moore117H. N. Wong12B/H SUPER LEADERENORMOUS HONOURDILLY1:22.423.8 35.21 23.32 25.131-1-1-77.75123770610
10-02-16392ST tf g C120031J. Moore120C. Brown12B/H CHEVALIER STARDA VINCIALL MY GAIN1:09.822.4 24.45 22.98 22.461-1-10.51234649.95.8
24-01-16352ST tf g A120035J. Moore112H. N. Wong1B/H LINE SEEKERDIAMOND KINGGOOD LUCK BOY1:10.423.3 24.06 23.03 23.741-1-52.751240666.912
19-12-15269ST tf g C+3140038J. Moore125D. Whyte8B/H HEROIC GURUEASTERN EXPRESSTONYBOY1:22.023.3 35.15 23.60 24.311-2-1-861239674.35.9
14-11-15178ST tf g A+3120036J. Moore124Z. Purton6B/H WINSTON'S LADHEALTHY JOYFULSO FAST1:09.722.7 24.02 23.21 23.094-4-63.251240673.84.3
25-10-15133ST tf g/f A120034J. Moore124D. Whyte2B/H SOLAR HEI HEIALL WIN BOYCAREFREE LET GO1:09.723.2 23.97 22.49 23.552-1-421244674.13.5
05-07-15750ST tf g/f A+3140041J. Moore131D. Lane14B/H CHEVALIER STARKIDS AND WINEXTREMELY FUN1:22.922.5 36.88 23.59 22.511-1-1-11.751230576.16
14-06-15693ST tf g/f B+2140041J. Moore121D. Lane12H/B1 CHEVALIER STARTHORS BOLTSUGAR CITY1:23.222.0 37.25 23.94 22.091-1-1-11.251232481942
16-05-15619ST tf g C1400411J. Moore126D. Whyte10H RUN FORRESTBEAUTY AHEADDOUBLE DRAGON1:23.023.0 37.31 23.43 23.1411-11-12-115.251236488.26.9
26-04-15564ST tf g/f A120048J. Moore124T. Berry6H DIAMOND MYSTERIOUSJOLLY JOLLYTHORS BOLT1:09.723.3 25.15 21.97 23.2512-10-83.751241502127
07-04-15517ST tf g/f B+21200412J. Moore127N. Callan9H HAPPY AGILITYTOP BONUSWINNER ST PAUL'S1:10.022.9 24.91 22.69 23.3412-10-125.51252521316
21-03-15478ST tf g C+3100047J. Moore125K. C. Leung9CP-/HE-SUPERGLORY BOYGLORY SUNSHINE0:57.323.6 13.97 20.71 23.1014-10-72.751248525599
01-03-15424ST tf g/f B+21200412J. Moore125T. Berry1CP1/HFOREVER ACCURATEWINNER ST PAUL'STELECOM BOSS1:10.323.1 25.68 22.75 22.9814-14-126.751240521021

HKJC Comment

Fairly away, but recovered to go forward and be handily placed in 4th. Gave ground rapidly from the 350m, and eased out. Unacceptable performance. Vet – Lame Off fore leg.