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FINE WITH ME (T178) 順其自然 (Retired)

K. H. Ting / Rating: 47

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / ch / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Fraternity Syndicate
Last win: 18-10-18
Health: Lame right front leg after racing. Update: Right front superficial digital flexor tendon injury. (22/04/2019) Lame right hind leg. (21/09/2016) Lame left front leg (medial splint incomplete fracture). (19/11/2015) Fever and inappetence. (13/12/2017)
Sire: Starcraft
Dam: It Had To Be You

Past Performances
Total Starts: 32: (3-1-4)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 11 (0-1-1)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 2 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 10 (2-0-2)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
22-04-19593ST aw g -1650414K. H. Ting120R. Bayliss12BGENERAL DINOCLEAR CHOICEPERFECT TO PLAY1:38:0222.7952.90 23.93 23.4213-12-13-14141090471437
27-03-19530HV tf g/f C+3165046K. H. Ting117H. N. Wong6BCHAPARRAL STARSAVVY SEVENBUNDLE OF ENERGY1:39:2023.6452.39 24.17 23.3810-9-8-64.751066478.810
02-03-19463ST tf g C140042K. H. Ting114H. N. Wong10BPERFECT PAIRFINE WITH MEFLAME LILY1:22:6023.5836.76 23.02 22.8813-12-11-2N 1089446568
17-02-19426ST tf g A+3140049K. H. Ting116H. N. Wong6BGREEN CARDGOLDEN FOURSAM'S LOVE1:22:2323.5836.73 22.76 23.3914-14-14-941083464139
02-02-19388ST tf g C1400413K. H. Ting121H. N. Wong13BKA YING BRILLIANCEHURRICANE HUNTERFAMILY LEADER1:22:8623.3638.22 22.44 23.2014-14-12-136.251091485968
06-01-19319ST tf g C+31800410K. H. Ting122U. Rispoli11BDYNAMIC EAGLEHAPPY ROCKYLE PANACHE1:48:1024.0961.12 23.57 24.3410-10-9-9-105.751117492462
12-12-18250HV tf g C180044K. H. Ting122U. Rispoli9BSMART BABYGOLDEN KIDGENERAL DINO1:50:0124.3561.80 24.22 24.364-4-3-4-42.251097491038
14-11-18177HV tf g C165048K. H. Ting121M. L. Yeung4BALL YOU KNOWENORMOUS HONOURGENERAL DINO1:40:7123.7353.45 24.29 23.628-9-9-841095498.612
18-10-18105HV tf g C165041K. H. Ting115M. L. Yeung4BFINE WITH MELUCKY SHINY DAYSPARKLING SWORD1:40:3623.7652.92 24.04 23.406-5-5-1Nose1083445.47
26-09-1852HV tf g C+3165043K. H. Ting116M. L. Yeung5BSPARKLING SWORDCHARITY WINGSFINE WITH ME1:41:2222.9154.46 24.33 22.805-6-6-32.251090447.77
06-06-18709HV tf g A165048K. W. Lui117A. Sanna3BMULTIGOGOTEN FLAMESSICHUAN BOSS1:40:6023.8653.38 24.88 23.1612-12-12-85.25108444109.7
28-03-18531HV tf g/f C+3165048K. W. Lui115C. Y. Ho11BCHARITY WINGSMONEY WINNERSICHUAN BOSS1:39:6423.9352.25 24.26 23.7011-11-11-83.5108544175.9
07-02-18401HV tf g A165051K. W. Lui132N. Rawiller3BFINE WITH MEVICTORY FOLLOW MECELEBRATION1:40:8424.5152.12 24.69 24.038-8-7-1SH1099399.35.7
13-12-17264HV tf g C16505WDK. W. Lui133N. RawillerBGLORY STARPEARL FURUVICTORY FOLLOW ME1:40:7223.44 1074399.7 
11-11-17183ST tf g/f A160048K. W. Lui111K. C. Ng7BINDIGENOUS STAREVER LAUGHHIT A HOME RUN1:35:0623.4348.69 23.66 23.4810-10-9-84.751089414342
05-11-17168ST tf g/f C+31400410K. W. Lui114C. Y. Ho13BWIN BEAUTY WINLET'S TAKE IT EASYRED HORSE1:22:0523.7936.44 22.98 23.3513-13-13-104.51104434777
14-10-17110ST tf g C140048K. W. Lui112M. F. Poon12BUNIQUE JOYFULCONTRIBUTIONEMPIRE STAR1:23:3222.7338.14 23.25 22.6313-13-11-84.251090451710
27-09-1767HV tf g/f C+3165047K. W. Lui120U. Rispoli7BLITTLE ISLANDWAH MAY BABYHAPPY AND HEALTHY1:40:5123.4354.50 23.70 22.8610-11-10-73.51088476.77.4
06-09-1712HV tf g A165046K. W. Lui121U. Rispoli6BBO DUKETHE SYLPHCITY WINNER1:42:2223.6454.61 24.21 23.673-3-4-61.751091474.25.2
28-06-17762HV tf g/f C+3165043K. W. Lui120U. Rispoli4B GO GO WINWORKS OF ARTFINE WITH ME1:39.823.6 52.64 24.55 23.119-9-9-32.751095471315
04-06-17698ST tf g/f B120047K. W. Lui121C. Murray2B IVICTORYNOBLE DE BOYAMAZING MOMENT1:09.822.3 25.36 22.82 22.788-7-771097477.17
10-05-17637HV tf g/f A120048K. W. Lui118K. C. Ng3B RESPLENDENT GLORYTORNEYCONFUCIUS SPIRIT1:10.623.0 25.00 23.53 22.759-8-83.751099471111
12-04-17566HV tf g A120041K. W. Lui109K. C. Ng6B FINE WITH MEGAME OF FUNSILVER SPUN1:10.523.9 24.71 22.84 22.999-10-10.751087413729
26-03-17518ST tf g A+3160046K. W. Lui110K. C. Ng5B DASHING DARTGOLDEN ACHIEVERARGENTUM1:35.924.0 48.25 23.82 24.153-3-3-621082425899
12-03-17483ST tf g C+31400414K. W. Lui116K. C. Leung13B BOLD STITCHLUCKY POWERDESTIN1:22.823.1 36.71 24.08 23.7713-14-13-1410.51099443499
10-07-16779ST tf g/f B+2140049K. W. Lui121D. Whyte10H-/B1REGENCY BABYREWARDING FLYERVICTORY DUKE1:21.822.8 35.84 23.45 23.765-4-4-97.751055471612
12-06-16710ST tf g/y C140046K. W. Lui119M. L. Yeung2H SUPER MANCARE FREE PRINCEVOLITATION1:22.423.8 35.90 23.58 23.6410-10-10-64.251079486.15.3
22-05-16659ST tf g A120043K. W. Lui118M. L. Yeung3H REGENCY DARLINGDR LISTENINGFINE WITH ME1:09.323.4 24.56 21.98 23.079-7-31.751080489.610
18-10-15115ST tf g/f C+3140046K. W. Lui122M. L. Yeung10H HAPPY AGILITYGERONIMO MEADOWMOTIF1:22.923.3 36.54 23.97 22.8212-12-11-62.251078502033
19-09-1539ST tf g/f C+3140046K. W. Lui121M. L. Yeung4H BORN TO WINLEADING HORSEFLORAL SPUR1:22.522.9 37.01 23.29 23.135-7-7-65.51056508.17.2
05-07-15747ST tf g/f A+31400Gri3K. W. Lui118M. L. Yeung3H PEOPLE'S KNIGHTCLASSIC EMPERORFINE WITH ME1:24.821.6 39.25 24.08 21.982-2-2-32.751072--66.2
14-06-15689ST tf g/f B+21200Gri5K. W. Lui118M. L. Yeung1H PEOPLE'S KNIGHTCIRCUIT KINGSUPER DRAGON1:09.721.9 25.38 22.84 21.958-7-531064--1417
03-05-15579ST tf g/f A+31200Gri7K. W. Lui118M. L. Yeung7H1 SUPER DRAGONHIGHLAND HAMMEREASTERN EXPRESS1:10.422.4 25.28 23.41 22.559-9-75.251071--1511

HKJC Comment

Taken back from a wide draw, raced 3 wide with cover at rear, steadied off heels near 800M, still well back on turn, emptied early in straight. (Lame right front leg.) (See Racing Incidents.)