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SUPER MAN (T213) 真好漢

K. L. Man / Rating: 71

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 12 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mr & Mrs Chan Hou-bo
Last win: 24-09-17
Health: Right hind leg injury. (27/09/2015) Eight years of age or above at season end. (25/07/2019) Left tuber ischii fracture. (20/03/2018) Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (14/10/2018) Passing the 350M clipped heels, blundered badly and rider being dislodged. Lame left front leg after racing. (03/09/2016) Sore right front tendon. (01/02/2019)
Sire: Tale Of The Cat
Dam: Santoya

Past Performances
Total Starts: 42: (4-4-8)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (1-2-1)
ST 1600m: 6 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 16 (3-2-4)
ST aw 1650m: 5 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 2 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
19-12-18272ST aw g -120033F. C. Lor130A. Badel9B/TTRAGING BLITZKRIEGGOLDIE FLANKERSUPER MAN1:08:2023.3023.73 22.05 23.18 8-9-34.5124173137.5
10-11-18171ST aw g -120032F. C. Lor127A. Badel2B/TTNUCLEAR POWERSUPER MANTEAM FORTUNE1:09:1123.7923.62 22.06 23.50 7-6-2N 121972179.6
13-10-1897ST aw g -120037F. C. Lor125N. Callan6B/TTGO PUBLICHARBOUR ALERTENCORE BOY1:08:6623.4023.81 21.69 23.51 3-3-72.251200728.77.2
22-09-1842ST aw g -120033F. C. Lor124N. Callan4B/TTHARBOUR ALERTENCORE BOYSUPER MAN1:08:6622.9523.74 22.25 22.79 4-3-30.751186718.35.3
24-01-18371ST aw g -120038F. C. Lor122B. Prebble9B/TTALMABABYWINNING VANGOGHBIG TIME BABY1:08:1422.9324.25 22.00 22.77 12-10-85.5123674118.6
13-01-18345ST aw g -120033F. C. Lor131B. Prebble4B/TTPICK NUMBER ONECHUNG WAH SPIRITSUPER MAN1:08:3623.4023.33 21.87 23.33 3-3-311239741617
17-12-17280ST aw g -120037F. C. Lor131B. Prebble5B/TTPICK NUMBER ONESTRATHCLYDESUPER WISE1:08:6523.2223.54 22.37 23.55 6-6-751226741010
26-11-17219ST aw g -120032F. C. Lor127B. Prebble7B/TTBIG TIME BABYSUPER MANGIDDY GIDDY1:08:9123.4623.64 22.29 23.28 6-5-221232746.89.9
29-10-17150HV tf g/f A120038F. C. Lor123H. T. Mo5B/TTFORTUNE BOOTHHEALTHY LUCKPOWERMAX1:09:8923.7324.12 22.68 24.03 9-10-86120774119.1
24-09-1762ST aw w/s -120031F. C. Lor124B. Prebble12B/TTSUPER MANWINNING VANGOGHCARE FREE PRINCE1:09:5023.4323.91 22.20 23.39 2-2-10.5119468148.6
21-06-17750HV tf g C1650310W. Y. So123B. Prebble11B/TT KIRAMBULLISH SMARTSPICY SURE1:39.324.0 51.89 24.81 23.8610-10-10-107.51186702899
04-06-17706ST tf g/f B140039W. Y. So118H. N. Wong5B/TT MONGOLIAN KINGINTREPICVICTORY DAY1:21.923.1 35.44 23.58 24.422-2-2-99.51192723422
13-05-17650ST aw w/s -1650310W. Y. So127N. Juglall13B/TT KING GENKIROYAL PERFORMERTOP ACE1:38.424.3 51.68 23.83 24.3213-13-13-1091178743580
23-04-17596ST aw w/s -120038W. Y. So128Z. Purton12B/TT HAPPY METEORSTAR OF YAN OIJOYFUL MOMENTS1:08.623.2 24.05 22.12 23.339-7-85.25118875126.2
05-04-17550ST aw g -120033W. Y. So128Z. Purton3B/TT STAR OF YAN OIGOLDEN SUNSUPER MAN1:08.322.6 23.93 22.17 22.436-5-31.251178755.34.4
26-03-17521ST aw f/t -120035W. Y. So132N. Callan2B/TT HAPPY METEORGOLDEN SUNDEJA VU1:08.923.6 23.60 22.06 23.615-6-51.751191759.36.1
01-03-17459ST aw g -165035W. Y. So129N. Callan10B/TT SKY KINGKING GENKIDEJA VU1:38.125.0 51.97 22.91 23.6914-14-10-52.51180761310
11-02-17411ST aw g -165034W. Y. So130N. Rawiller7B/TT VANILLARED MARVELDEJA VU1:37.823.7 50.69 23.42 23.961-1-1-41.251186767.95.3
18-01-17349ST aw g -165033W. Y. So132S. Clipperton8B/TT SKY KINGBEAUTY PRINCESUPER MAN1:38.023.7 50.61 23.65 24.321-1-1-33.251183761929
27-12-16295ST aw g -1650311W. Y. So124B. Prebble10B/TT TRAVEL FIRSTRED MARVELMAGICAL BEAUTY1:38.723.9 51.94 23.36 24.195-5-7-114.751192761814
11-12-16252ST tf g A140037W. Y. So130B. Prebble3B/TT WINNER'S WAYBEAT THE CLOCKBOOMING DELIGHT1:22.123.1 35.84 23.30 23.713-1-2-74.251197763133
02-11-16155ST aw g -120031W. Y. So124B. Prebble4B/TT SUPER MANSTAR OF YAN OISKY HERO1:09.224.1 23.43 21.97 23.884-3-1SH1190705.33.2
16-10-16105ST aw g -120041W. Y. So129B. Prebble1B/TT SUPER MANI'M THE WON FOR UHELEN'S CHOICE1:08.723.2 23.65 21.79 23.272-1-14.2511806084.4
08-10-1687ST tf g/f B+2140045W. Y. So133N. Callan11B/TT SNOW SLIDERHIT A HOME RUNREWARDING FLYER1:22.023.7 35.30 23.26 23.804-2-2-51.751182607.33.5
03-09-165ST tf g B1400414W. Y. So126K. K. Chiong3B/TT RUN FORRESTREGENCY BABYTEAM SWEET1:22.123.7  4-6-6-UR1182603.43.3
01-07-16761ST tf g/f A+3140042W. Y. So126K. K. Chiong12B/TT FASHION MAESTROSUPER MANMAGNETISM1:21.822.7 35.46 23.65 22.984-1-1-21.75118660109
12-06-16710ST tf g/y C140041W. Y. So128N. Callan3B/TT SUPER MANCARE FREE PRINCEVOLITATION1:22.423.8 35.06 23.74 23.634-3-3-1SH1178553.94.8
29-05-16671ST tf g A+3140043W. Y. So126N. Rawiller10B/TT HOME RUNNAMJONG INVINCIBLESUPER MAN1:22.323.8 35.25 23.27 23.875-4-3-2SH1179538.36.3
01-05-16603ST tf g B140042W. Y. So127O. Doleuze5B/TT ROYALE ELEGANCESUPER MANAH BO1:21.823.6 35.01 23.24 24.011-1-1-22.251183531513
13-04-16557HV tf g/y A120043W. Y. So127B. Prebble1H-/B1EXTREMELY FUNWAH MAY BABYSUPER MAN1:09.923.5 23.96 22.76 23.565-4-32118654115.5
06-02-16382ST tf g B+2160047W. Y. So131B. Prebble5H/TT UNICORNUNIQUE HAPPIESTRIGHT CALL1:35.423.2 49.33 23.96 23.418-9-11-781211562448
17-01-16331ST tf g/y C+31600412W. Y. So132B. Prebble2H/TT HOUSE OF LUCKEASY HEDGEOUR GENERATION1:36.322.9 49.47 24.74 23.799-9-8-12101213581011
16-12-15260HV tf g B1650310W. Y. So105H. N. Wong10H/TT STRONG FOUNDATIONLUCKY HAMMERBULLISH SMART1:41.224.0 52.36 25.33 24.518-7-7-107.251219607.421
14-11-15179ST tf g A+31600310W. Y. So113T. H. So12H2/TTTERRIFIC MASTERWINNAMHAPPILABABY1:35.923.5 47.78 24.55 24.222-2-1-1041220622737
28-09-1561ST aw g -12003WDW. Y. So115C. K. TongTT RUMBA KINGPERPETUAL TREASUREHIT THE BID1:08.623.1  119762  
13-09-1525ST aw g -120035W. Y. So117C. K. Tong6H-/TTPERPETUAL TREASUREULTIMATE GLORYRUMBA KING1:09.123.3 24.27 22.65 22.9210-9-54.51189622668
12-07-15774ST tf g/f B+2160038C. W. Chang116T. H. So11H/TT WINNAMWINNING INSTINCTBEAUTY LEAD1:34.423.2 47.43 23.90 23.281-2-2-81.251190642554
21-06-15712ST tf g/y C1600312C. W. Chang120O. Doleuze10H/TT CHEEKY TOOLITTLE DRAGONSUPER TALENT1:37.123.9 49.30 24.28 24.497-6-6-125.51182651817
31-05-15658ST tf g/f A160033C. W. Chang120O. Doleuze8H/TT SECRET WEAPONCHEEKY TOOSUPER MAN1:35.523.0 48.38 24.11 23.403-1-1-32.51176653499
03-05-15589ST tf g/f A+31400310C. W. Chang123B. Prebble9H/TT DASHING FELLOWSECRET COMMANDLUCKY SCEPTER1:21.823.9 35.87 23.03 24.2212-11-9-107.751191672121
19-04-15550ST aw g -120037C. W. Chang115K. C. Leung5H/TT PABLOSKYORIENTAL PROSPERSIGHT BELIEVER1:08.722.7 24.51 22.64 22.358-7-74.751196698.313
29-03-15502ST tf g A+3120034C. W. Chang125K. C. Leung9H/TT AMBER DRAGONGOOD LUCK BOYLET ME DO1:09.323.0 24.07 22.46 23.293-3-431191702221
21-03-15483ST tf g C+3120035C. W. Chang126B. Prebble9H1/TTMULTIMAXTHOR THE GREATESTBRILLANTE1:09.923.3 25.09 22.80 22.579-9-531195703360

HKJC Comment

Failed to muster speed, held up towards rear of midfield, stayed on steadily from 400M, no threat to first 2 but well clear from rest.