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BEST EFFORT (T220) 有衝勁

C. Fownes / Rating: 38

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / gr / g / 8 yrs / GB
Owner: Poon Tit-man
Last win: 14-04-19
Health: Rider concerned horse's action during racing. Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (28/02/2018) Unacceptable performance. (05/12/2018) Unacceptable performance. (03/12/2017) Left front proximal suspensory injury. (03/03/2015)
Sire: Cape Cross
Dam: Chinese White

Past Performances
Total Starts: 43: (3-3-4)
ST 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-0-1)
ST 1600m: 12 (1-2-1)
ST 1800m: 4 (2-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 7 (0-1-2)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 4 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-04-19578ST tf g C180051C. Fownes114K. H. Chan3 BEST EFFORTFORTUNE PATROLLITTLE FANTASY1:49:4324.2560.67 24.51 24.251-1-1-1-12964314.14.7
31-03-19539ST tf g A+3160052C. Fownes114K. H. Chan14B-INDIGENOUS STARBEST EFFORTLITTLE FANTASY1:35:2423.6947.49 24.06 23.741-1-1-2N 97929106.4
24-03-19520ST tf g C+31400513C. Fownes124M. Harley14BRUMINAREFLYING NOBLETHE SYLPH1:23:2324.1336.81 23.45 24.097-10-13-137992311611
24-02-19442ST tf g B+2140053C. Fownes124M. Harley5B1FLYING NOBLENEVER BETTERBEST EFFORT1:23:1323.7935.90 23.56 23.907-6-2-31.5990311823
01-01-19302ST tf g C160058C. Fownes125C. Y. Ho3 MONEY WINNERINDIGENOUS STARDASHING DART1:35:7523.5548.20 24.16 24.084-4-6-84.25962331011
19-12-18265ST aw g -165053C. Fownes127C. Y. Ho3 MI BLANCOCORRE RAPIDOBEST EFFORT1:39:7724.3351.58 24.26 24.636-6-4-34.25980347.25.4
05-12-18227HV tf g B1650512C. Fownes128K. Teetan9 THE SYLPHWONDERFUL TIGERTHE JOY OF GIVING1:40:9325.5051.27 25.16 28.693-4-9-1226.2598834107
04-11-18147ST tf g C+3160052C. Fownes127K. Teetan3 CHIU CHOW KIDBEST EFFORTINDIGENOUS STAR1:35:8323.9048.50 23.63 23.775-5-5-2N 99632115.1
02-09-182ST tf g B1600510C. Fownes118M. L. Yeung7E-/PC-/XB-LE PANACHESPORTS MASTERTHE SHOW1:34:3823.2847.70 23.80 24.984-4-6-1013.25980345.16.7
15-07-18797ST tf g A180058A. Lee132Z. Purton12E/PC/XBCASH COURIERLE PANACHEWONDERFUL CHASER1:50:0723.5162.49 24.07 24.073-2-2-2-83.5984382.53.3
28-02-18461ST aw g -180044A. Lee111M. L. Yeung11E/PC/XBREMARKABLELET US WINCROWN AVENUE1:47:7723.3761.29 23.51 23.675-5-5-6-44.51022381245
07-01-18320ST aw w/s -180056A. Lee133Z. Purton10E/PC/XBSEMPITERNALFURIOUS PEGASUSSWEET BEAN1:48:7524.4260.85 24.00 24.9011-9-10-6-66.25101640137.8
03-12-17242ST aw g -1650414A. Lee116C. Schofield3E/PC/XBROMAN IMPEROQUICK RETURNIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:38:1123.8650.95 24.66 26.279-5-14-1423.51014401210
19-11-17199ST aw g -165052A. Lee129M. L. Yeung2E/PC/XBDOUBLE POINTBEST EFFORTWINNINGLI1.39.1924.6251.96 23.45 24.217-7-6-22.751008398.27.2
01-11-17159ST aw f/t -165043A. Lee111M. L. Yeung3E/XB/PC1IMPERIAL CONCORDEFIVE STARS AGENTBEST EFFORT1:39:7023.6852.48 23.70 23.863-3-3-32101540143.8
08-10-1797ST aw g -165045A. Lee113M. L. Yeung14E/XBSPICY KAKAIMPERIAL CONCORDEGRAN MASTER1:40:3124.3352.91 23.35 24.537-4-4-531010423542
16-09-1741ST aw g -165044A. Lee114M. L. Yeung4E/XBGRAN MASTERFIVE STARS AGENTSURE PEACE1:39:6323.6952.83 23.59 23.553-4-5-42998421919
10-09-1721ST tf g C160048A. Lee116W. M. Lai7E/XBHIT A HOME RUNINDUSTRIALIST WAYUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:35:2823.4048.44 23.60 23.963-2-2-84.51007421849
28-06-17762HV tf g/f C+3165046A. Lee115M. L. Yeung2E/XB GO GO WINWORKS OF ARTFINE WITH ME1:39.823.6 52.92 24.51 23.0110-11-11-63.5990441816
18-06-17736ST aw w/s -165049A. Lee117M. L. Yeung12E/XB NAMJONG INVINCIBLESURE PEACEFIVE STARS AGENT1:39.723.8 52.36 24.57 24.607-7-10-911.25998462843
11-06-17719ST tf g/f C160045A. Lee118M. L. Yeung4E/XB PO CHING TREASUREINFINITY ENDEAVOURTRIUMPHANT LIGHT1:35.522.8 49.40 23.60 22.865-5-4-52997474348
28-05-17681ST tf g/f A160048A. Lee122H. W. Lai8E/XB ELECTRIC LIGHTNINGHAPPY AND HEALTHYWIN FOR CHARITY1:35.923.4 49.78 23.81 23.0410-8-7-84992492948
07-05-17629ST tf g/f A+32000414A. Lee120M. L. Yeung3E/XB BEST REWARDGORGEOUS AGAINALLCASH2:03.124.2 74.47 24.82 26.311-2-3-1415.25998503311
17-04-17573ST tf g/f C+3180048A. Lee122K. Teetan13E/XB GORGEOUS AGAINFANCY MUSICASHKIYR1:48.422.5 62.79 23.89 22.5911-12-12-85.251006501811
19-03-17503ST tf g/y A160045A. Lee121K. C. Leung8E/XB RATTANCOOL AND NEATKING'S MAN1:36.624.5 48.33 24.29 24.8011-10-8-54.751023502224
19-02-17431ST tf g/f A180041A. Lee116M. L. Yeung8E/XB BEST EFFORTROCK THE TREECASH COURIER1:48.024.3 60.58 23.81 23.669-9-10-1N1018452413
11-02-17413ST tf g/f C+3160043A. Lee116M. L. Yeung3E/XB GO BEAUTY GOC P POWERBEST EFFORT1:34.623.2 48.25 23.53 23.328-6-6-32.751031453121
08-01-17316ST tf g/f C160051A. Lee131M. L. Yeung5E/XB BEST EFFORTCASH COURIERGORGEOUS AGAIN1:35.325.0 47.49 23.72 24.174-3-2-1N101840107.5
17-12-16272ST tf g/f C+31600411A. Lee114M. L. Yeung14E/XB TRIUMPHANT LIGHTKING'S MANGO BEAUTY GO1:35.223.8 47.34 24.46 24.362-4-5-115.51010423130
23-11-16208HV tf g C+31650412A. Lee118S. Clipperton12E/XB SUPER SPRINTERSPINNING DANCERACCLAIMED LIGHT1:41.624.5 52.29 25.07 25.573-2-3-128.25995441413
06-11-16162ST tf g/f C+3160044A. Lee115C. Y. Ho1CP-/EBLAZING PASSUNICRON JEWELLERYARGENTUM1:35.623.6 47.46 24.77 23.563-3-3-41993443946
23-10-16124ST tf g A140048A. Lee117C. Y. Ho2CP/E/VOLITATIONSUPERIOR BOYGLORY STAR1:23.122.3 37.41 23.95 22.4512-9-9-84.25984463535
16-10-16104ST tf g/f C140047A. Lee118M. L. Yeung12XB/CPARGENTUMGOOD METHODHOUSE OF FUN1:22.223.0 36.94 23.11 22.7413-12-13-73.5993464896
01-07-16761ST tf g/f A+3140047A. Schutz121M. L. Yeung4XB1 FASHION MAESTROSUPER MANMAGNETISM1:21.822.7 36.54 23.37 22.6510-11-13-74.5970502238
15-06-16718HV tf g/f B165046A. Schutz125M. L. Yeung10 WISKYWIN ITGREAT TOPLIGHT1:40.223.8 52.72 24.57 23.6811-10-11-64.75979533050
01-05-16606ST tf g B1200412A. Schutz129M. Chadwick8 MULTIEXPRESSCAREFREE LET GOROBUST MOMENTUM1:10.122.5 25.07 23.02 23.0213-13-126.25991564499
10-04-16550ST tf g/y C100049A. Schutz129C. Y. Ho14 GALLANT ROCKART OF SUCCESSSMILING GLORY0:57.023.1 13.88 21.27 22.8713-13-96986582320
13-03-16478ST tf g C+3100037A. Schutz112M. L. Yeung9 DIAMOND DRAGONJOLLY SPRINGTRIUMPHANT JEWEL0:56.823.0 13.97 20.85 22.5613-13-73.25998603698
28-02-16437ST tf g B100037A. Schutz113M. L. Yeung12 WASHINGTON HEIGHTSMALMSTEENTRIUMPHANT JEWEL0:56.822.6 13.75 20.94 22.8814-10-74.51008627699
10-02-16395ST tf g C120038A. Schutz115M. L. Yeung3 OUR FOLKSSOLAR HEI HEIFLYING FORCE1:10.222.3 24.94 23.30 22.485-5-83.251008644899
31-01-16366ST tf g A+3120039A. Schutz121K. C. Leung5 NEW ASIA SUNRISERADIANT BUNNYGLENEALY PRIZE1:09.522.9 25.07 22.32 23.0813-12-95.751013666899
23-12-15274HV tf g C120039A. Schutz120K. C. Leung6 RACING MATEALL WIN BOYHASTA LA VISTA1:10.223.1 24.96 23.35 22.9012-12-961003686099
02-12-15223HV tf g C+3120038A. Schutz121V. Cheminaud8 GOLDEN CHOPSTICKSHARBOUR ALERTTHOR THE GREATEST1:10.723.5 25.21 23.12 23.3311-10-85.751016684499

HKJC Comment

Began awkwardly, sent forward to take the lead, easy lead to turn, kicked clear early in straight, kept on strongly to the line and scored.