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SPICY SURE (T234) 辣得很 (Retired)

F. C. Lor / Rating: 87

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Wong Man
Last win: 10-12-17
Health: Heart irregularity. (12/07/2015)<br>Unacceptable performance. (03/09/2016)<br>
Sire: Casino Prince
Dam: Sovereign Miss

Past Performances
Total Starts: 39: (4-5-5)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 28 (4-3-3)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 5 (0-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
25-02-18448ST tf g B160023F. C. Lor122K. Teetan1XB/TTEASTERN EXPRESSRISE HIGHSPICY SURE1:34:9523.2349.38 22.54 23.064-3-3-3H1154862710
10-02-18415ST tf g C+3160024F. C. Lor117H. T. Mo4XB/TTCONTEEASY GO EASY WINLOCKHEED1:34:8522.3349.18 23.42 22.846-6-4-43.751179873425
21-01-18362ST tf g A140024F. C. Lor114M. L. Yeung5XB/TTPINGWU SPARKWAH MAY FRIENDEASY GO EASY WIN1:22:0422.8636.58 23.00 22.964-7-8-43.251174874827
01-01-18318ST tf g B+21400211F. C. Lor118C. Y. Ho6XB/TTKINGSFIELDNEW ASIA SUNRISEBABA MAMA1:22:2122.7136.70 23.28 23.028-8-8-1151163878.55.2
10-12-17262ST tf g A140031F. C. Lor133Z. Purton3XB/TTSPICY SUREREGENCY BO BOCALCULATION1:21:7923.5036.29 22.60 22.901-5-4-11.751177804.63.3
05-11-17171ST tf g/f C+3140032F. C. Lor131N. Callan1XB/TTTIME TO CELEBRATESPICY SUREBULB ELITE1:21:7223.3734.76 23.59 23.463-3-1-20.51166783.22.2
24-09-1763ST tf g A140035F. C. Lor131K. C. Leung2XB/TTDIAMOND KINGCHUNG WAH SPIRITHOME RUN1:21:8624.0634.71 23.09 24.533-1-1-531158788.212
21-06-17750HV tf g C165033K. L. Man132Z. Purton1XB/TTKIRAMBULLISH SMARTSPICY SURE1:39.324.0 50.69 24.85 24.014-3-4-31.251154794.45
24-05-17675HV tf g C165037K. L. Man133J. Moreira3XB/TTMAGNETISMLAND GRANTAPACHE SPIRIT1:39.624.2 51.04 24.34 24.812-2-1-73.251148792.31.8
03-05-17624HV tf g/f C+3165034K. L. Man133N. Callan1XB/TTLITTERATEURBEAUTY LOVEWISKY1:40.323.1 53.09 24.28 23.074-4-3-50.51152788.46.4
09-04-17562ST tf g/f C140037K. L. Man133C. Schofield1XB/TTHAPPY AGILITYBIG BANG BONGG-ONE LOVER1:21.723.4 35.22 23.43 23.694-4-6-73.751146806.910
19-03-17508ST tf g/y A140029K. L. Man117K. C. Leung7XB1/TWESTERN EXPRESSSUPER LIFELINEJOLLY JOLLY1:23.023.5 36.03 23.49 24.353-4-1-94.751156822931
19-02-17434ST tf g/f A140026K. L. Man120A. Badel12TT LIMITLESSKEEN VENTUREWHO DAT SINGA1:21.622.9 36.07 23.19 22.8710-10-9-62.751146828.413
15-02-17420HV tf g/f C165032K. L. Man126K. K. Chiong2TT UNICORNSPICY SUREFRIENDS OF KA YING1:39.223.9 51.49 24.55 23.496-5-7-21.751158821212
05-02-17397ST tf g C140028K. L. Man115K. K. Chiong7TT WESTERN EXPRESSCALIFORNIA WHIPJOLLY JOLLY1:21.622.3 36.16 23.15 23.161-1-1-851156841425
14-01-17343ST tf g C+3140024K. L. Man121A. Badel1TT INVINCIBLE DRAGONJOLLY BANNERNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:21.622.9 35.39 23.50 23.225-4-5-42.751147863035
27-12-16296ST tf g A+31400213K. L. Man120K. K. Chiong1TT MY DARLINGBEAUTY GENERATIONCALIFORNIA WHIP1:21.623.6 34.98 23.01 24.921-1-1-137.751140881416
11-12-16259ST tf g A1600212K. L. Man127N. Callan7TT EAGLE WAYSANTA FE SUNAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:35.922.7 49.52 23.73 23.491-1-1-124.751150905684
12-11-16183ST tf g A+3140016K. L. Man117S. Clipperton13TT RACING SUPERNOVAMR BOGARTBLIZZARD1:21.022.8 35.65 23.13 22.7711-9-9-63.51150912236
16-10-16112ST tf g/f C140023K. L. Man122K. K. Chiong11TT MR BOGARTPAKISTAN STARSPICY SURE1:21.022.8 35.46 22.78 23.451-1-1-33.751147919918
03-09-1610ST tf g B1400212K. L. Man125J. Moreira10TT FLYING MOOCHIMERIONPIKACHU1:20.723.4 34.76 22.75 25.162-2-2-121211259122.2
10-07-16784ST tf g/f B+2140022K. L. Man119K. K. Chiong5TT ALL YOU WISHSPICY SUREINVINCIBLE DRAGON1:20.922.9 35.11 23.33 22.586-6-9-2SH1145897.26
19-06-16735ST tf g/f C+3140031K. L. Man133J. Moreira7TT SPICY SUREVERBINSKYMETALLIC STAR1:20.923.0 35.29 22.56 23.071-1-1-131139804.13.7
14-05-16646ST tf g C+3140023K. L. Man111T. H. So5TT JOYFUL TRINITYSOLAR HEI HEISPICY SURE1:21.722.6 36.42 23.35 22.149-9-9-31.251138801710
07-05-16628ST tf g C140036K. L. Man133O Bosson12TT AVELLINOHAPPY SURVEYSMAGNETISM1:22.222.4 36.74 23.10 23.042-3-2-63.751149807.110
10-04-16555ST tf g/y C140022K. L. Man116K. C. Leung3TT CHEEKY TOOSPICY SURESO FAST1:22.423.5 35.49 23.45 23.585-4-2-20.51138782429
20-03-16495ST tf g A140027K. L. Man118H. W. Lai6TT PRECISION KINGRAPPER DRAGONGREAT SPIRIT1:22.622.7 35.95 24.13 23.162-3-3-73.751135802635
06-02-16386ST tf g B+21400211K. L. Man122G. Mosse14TT UNIVERSAL UNIONMERIONSO FAST1:22.023.3 35.21 23.54 24.263-1-1-1161135811519
20-01-16345HV tf g/y C165026K. L. Man120G. Mosse1TT TWIN DELIGHTHORSE OF FORTUNECALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:39.823.8 51.98 24.30 24.254-4-3-64.251135825.56.8
27-12-15290ST tf g A+31400210K. L. Man110H. N. Wong8TT THEWIZARDOFOZBLIZZARDWHY WHY1:21.523.7 34.98 22.89 25.261-2-2-109.751118821313
29-11-15215ST tf g C140024K. L. Man121G. Mosse5TT CELESTIAL SMILEHERO LOOKTHEWIZARDOFOZ1:21.623.2 35.31 23.20 23.345-5-3-41.5112082198.2
08-11-15159ST tf g C+3140033K. L. Man133G. Mosse3TT LUCKY SCEPTERJOYFUL MOMENTSSPICY SURE1:22.523.4 35.71 23.65 23.225-3-4-3SH1125806.12.8
10-10-15102ST tf g C140031K. L. Man129G. Mosse1TT SPICY SUREINVINCIBLE FRESHPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:22.323.2 35.56 23.78 23.053-5-5-11.251117734.83.3
19-09-1546ST tf g/f C+3140037K. L. Man128G. Mosse9TT RACING HERONUMERO UNOROUNDABOUT1:21.722.8 35.92 23.16 23.415-3-3-74.51117735.23.9
12-07-15776ST tf g/f B+21400314K. L. Man127Z. Purton3TT COLOSSUSHAPPY SURVEYSMETALLIC STAR1:21.723.2 36.11 23.41 25.635-6-7-1421.51122733.82.4
14-06-15695ST tf g/f B+2140031K. L. Man120Z. Purton11TT SPICY SURECIRCUIT LANDAMAZING KIDS1:20.923.0 35.15 22.96 22.794-3-3-1N111766108.5
16-05-15620ST tf g C120035K. L. Man120K. C. Leung8TT1 SUN JEWELLERYLUCKY BUBBLESCIRCUIT LAND1:08.922.8 23.98 22.16 23.156-5-52.251123675.44.7
03-05-15588ST tf g/f A+3120034K. L. Man120D. Whyte5 LUCKY YEARSTRATHMORELUCKY DAY1:09.222.3 24.58 22.63 22.348-7-42.251132676.95.4
07-04-15523ST tf g/f B+2120032K. L. Man117K. C. Leung4 STRATHMORESPICY SUREMULTIMAX1:09.322.9 23.89 23.02 22.957-10-231115661756

HKJC Comment

Eased to sit in midfield along the fence, pace good, lack room 400M, made steady ground when clear for 3rd.