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LUCKY YEAR (T245) 永旺年年 (Retired)

C. S. Shum / Rating: 117

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Cheung Pui-chu
Last win: 28-05-17
Health: Lame left hind foot (abscess). (06/06/2016)
Sire: Holy Roman Emperor
Dam: Natural Lil

Past Performances
Total Starts: 25: (8-2-3)
ST 1200m: 12 (4-2-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 7 (4-0-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-01-18379ST tf g B1200G14C. S. Shum126A. Badel2TTD B PINMR STUNNINGBEAT THE CLOCK1:09:6422.1424.84 23.14 21.92 5-6-41.7511281141640
01-01-18317ST tf g B+21400G38C. S. Shum123A. Badel9B-/TTFIFTY FIFTYBEAT THE CLOCKHELENE PARAGON1:21:1022.4936.17 23.08 22.6511-11-11-8511381162250
19-11-17205ST tf g B1200G26C. S. Shum123A. Badel2B/TTMR STUNNINGAMAZING KIDSD B PIN1.09.3322.4424.21 23.28 22.48 9-10-6411281162067
28-05-17686ST tf g/f A1200G31C. S. Shum116C. Murray8B/TT LUCKY YEARD B PINTHEWIZARDOFOZ1:09.222.3 24.12 22.83 22.322-2-10.7511341103189
13-05-17645ST tf g C140015C. S. Shum126H. N. Wong2B/TT WINNER'S WAYHORSE OF FORTUNECALIFORNIA WHIP1:21.423.2 35.09 23.43 23.603-4-4-5411331101114
23-04-17593ST tf g C+3140013C. S. Shum123M. F. Poon8B/TT MIDNIGHT RATTLERCALIFORNIA WHIPLUCKY YEAR1:21.823.3 35.99 22.77 23.133-4-3-3SH11301081715
09-04-17559ST tf g/f C1200G28C. S. Shum123K. C. Leung8B1/TTMR STUNNINGPENIAPHOBIATHEWIZARDOFOZ1:08.422.4 24.59 22.09 22.949-8-84.2511361093470
05-03-17468ST tf g/f C140019C. S. Shum133K. C. Leung7TT INVINCIBLE DRAGONSIMPLY INVINCIBLEROMANTIC TOUCH1:20.722.5 35.01 23.35 23.176-5-7-9511551091954
15-02-17423HV tf g/f C120013C. S. Shum133N. Rawiller3TT SEA JADEBLOCKER DEELUCKY YEAR1:09.923.2 23.94 23.11 22.936-5-30.511511083.35
30-01-17378ST tf g B140014C. S. Shum133N. Rawiller8TT INVINCIBLE DRAGONRACING SUPERNOVAFLYING MOOCHI1:22.023.0 35.80 23.71 22.943-3-3-42.251145109614
11-12-16255ST tf g A140018C. S. Shum129R. Moore10TT BLIZZARDMR BOGARTDASHING FELLOW1:23.121.7 37.31 24.24 22.0010-7-6-82.511391102837
20-11-16201ST tf g B+21200G28C. S. Shum123N. Rawiller10TT NOT LISTENIN'TOMELUCKY BUBBLESAEROVELOCITY1:08.222.8 24.70 21.65 22.4410-10-83.2511371101328
23-10-16127ST tf g A1200G29C. S. Shum115H. W. Lai8TT LUCKY BUBBLESAMAZING KIDSAEROVELOCITY1:08.222.7 24.10 21.96 22.956-8-94.511291101424
03-09-163ST tf g B120011C. S. Shum117J. Moreira2TT LUCKY YEARKEY WITNESSBLIZZARD1:08.122.3 24.10 21.91 22.184-2-10.7511351053.12.8
06-07-16772HV tf g A120021C. S. Shum125N. Rawiller1TT LUCKY YEARALMABABYBORN IN CHINA1:09.023.1 23.78 22.68 22.636-6-121121943.52.8
18-05-16656HV tf g B120021C. S. Shum123J. Moreira1TT LUCKY YEAREROICOCLEVER BEAVER1:09.322.8 24.34 22.53 22.494-3-10.751129872.71.9
27-04-16600HV tf g C120025C. S. Shum121J. Moreira11TT TONYBOYBORN IN CHINAACCEPTED1:10.223.7 24.26 23.25 22.9411-11-51.51130876.54.3
09-03-16470HV tf g/y A120023C. S. Shum119J. Moreira10TT COUNTRY MELODYSECRET COMMANDLUCKY YEAR1:09.924.1 24.10 22.67 23.437-8-31.2511358632.7
03-02-16376HV tf g A120021C. S. Shum114K. C. Leung5TT LUCKY YEARMR GENUINEPABLOSKY1:10.223.2 24.17 23.13 22.943-5-10.51140802.52.6
09-12-15240HV tf y A120031C. S. Shum127J. Moreira10TT LUCKY YEARPOPPING CANDYHIGHLAND HAMMER1:11.023.5 24.23 23.53 23.275-3-10.751128742.53.4
10-10-15101ST tf g C120032C. S. Shum127Z. Purton1TT LUCKY BUBBLESLUCKY YEARLUCKY DAY1:09.222.4 24.05 22.75 22.761-1-22.251120732.63
28-09-1562ST tf g A120032C. S. Shum128Z. Purton2TT LUCKY DAYLUCKY YEARSUPER FLUKE1:09.323.0 23.75 22.61 23.031-1-2SH1118713.22.3
07-06-15680ST tf g/f A+3120035C. S. Shum125M. L. Yeung5TT LUCKY BUBBLESLUCKY DAYBRILLIANT DREAM1:09.022.2 23.88 22.92 22.831-1-53.511037121.8
03-05-15588ST tf g/f A+3120031C. S. Shum115M. L. Yeung2TT LUCKY YEARSTRATHMORELUCKY DAY1:09.222.3 24.02 22.83 22.351-1-10.51113642.71.7
29-03-15497ST tf g A+3120041C. S. Shum123M. L. Yeung7TT1 LUCKY YEARDIAMOND MYSTERIOUSTHE PRINCE1:09.522.4 23.52 23.55 22.471-1-141101525.55.1

HKJC Comment

Slightly slow out, positioned 3 lengths back on rail, saved ground on turn, angled out early in straight, no clear running until near 200M, finished off strongly to make frame.