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NEW ASIA SUNRISE (T268) 一片光明 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 68

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / ch / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: New Asia Alumni Syndicate
Last win: 07-05-17
Health: Severe osteoarthritis in both front fetlocks. (24/10/2019)
Sire: Written Tycoon
Dam: Karedane

Past Performances
Total Starts: 44: (6-6-6)
ST 1000m: 4 (1-0-0)
ST 1200m: 24 (4-4-4)
ST 1400m: 16 (1-2-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
20-10-19111ST tf g/f A120038Y. S. Tsui123C. Y. Ho14 AEROHAPPINESSMR CROISSANTLONE EAGLE1:08:8122.2424.94 22.23 22.06 10-10-82.51004701523
01-10-1965ST tf g/f A+3120033Y. S. Tsui123A. Domeyer5 MR CROISSANTJUMBO PRIZENEW ASIA SUNRISE1:08:3422.2723.95 22.48 22.15 5-5-31.5987705.66.1
15-09-1933ST tf g/f C+3120033Y. S. Tsui123C. Y. Ho6 SOLOMON'S BAYCALIFORNIA GUNGHONEW ASIA SUNRISE1:08:5322.7724.09 22.27 22.42 4-8-31.5997704.64.7
01-09-197ST tf g B120033Y. S. Tsui125L. Hewitson5 GOLDEN SIXTYMR CROISSANTNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:08:4722.6724.07 21.93 22.87 3-3-32.51003708.325
07-07-19794ST tf g C100034Y. S. Tsui128M. Harley12P-CLASSIC UNICORNSEVEN HEAVENSJING JING WIN0:55:0922.1113.28 20.42 22.12 8-10-44.5986752069
01-07-19776ST tf g/f B120038Y. S. Tsui130A. Sanna8P1AETHEROBALLISTIC KINGDIAMOND BRILLIANT1:08:3222.7323.81 22.06 23.43 3-2-86.25995779.834
16-06-19748ST tf g/f C+3120036Y. S. Tsui132N. Callan10 REEL BIZZYSUNNY BOYINVINCIBLE MISSILE1:08:9023.2223.40 22.52 23.44 2-2-63996791220
02-06-19713ST tf g/f B1200210Y. S. Tsui113T. H. So10 RACING FIGHTERCALIFORNIA WHIPFLYING THUNDER1:09:2423.2124.23 22.52 22.95 12-11-102.75982812650
26-05-19694ST tf g/y A140028Y. S. Tsui117K. C. Leung1 HEZTHEWONFORUSFAST MOST FURIOUSSTYLING CITY1:21:7323.4636.11 22.64 23.445-7-6-83995831129
28-04-19620ST tf g A120028Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong12 FLYING THUNDERFULL OF BEAUTYFAST MOST FURIOUS1:08:7423.2324.20 22.19 22.82 6-6-831000853399
31-03-19546ST tf g A+31400211Y. S. Tsui116C. Wong8 LEAN PERFECTIONTORNADO TWISTENCOURAGING1:22:0223.4635.90 22.90 23.954-3-3-114.51018871648
10-02-19411ST tf g A120027Y. S. Tsui126U. Rispoli5 LEAN PERFECTIONMY DARLINGSTORM SIGNAL1:09:7922.4424.91 22.96 22.40 7-7-731003891330
27-01-19368ST tf g B+2120028Y. S. Tsui127U. Rispoli4 REGENCY LEGENDRAGING BLITZKRIEGCALIFORNIA FORTUNE1:09:1422.4824.52 22.58 22.71 3-3-84.251010912232
01-01-19308ST tf g C120025Y. S. Tsui129S. De Sousa5 REGENCY LEGENDCOUNTRY STARMISSION TYCOON1:08:5422.4224.19 22.33 22.70 4-4-54.251007931320
09-12-18244ST tf g A120024Y. S. Tsui128N. Callan2 RAGING STORMHINCHINLOVEFAST MOST FURIOUS1:09:7322.7624.40 22.57 22.98 2-1-41.51017937.36.4
18-11-18189ST tf g B120025Y. S. Tsui129C. Murray3 RAGING STORMLIMITLESSSTORM SIGNAL1:09:3422.8724.50 22.73 22.38 7-11-51.751000949.315
10-11-18170ST tf g A1400111Y. S. Tsui120C. Murray3 RATTANCONTELITTLE GIANT1:21:1122.9335.20 23.26 23.541-4-4-115.5998963868
18-03-18507ST tf g A140026Y. S. Tsui133G. Mosse2 PEOPLE'S KNIGHTRACING SUPERNOVAAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:22:0522.3437.03 22.96 22.585-6-5-63.2510071007.610
03-03-18468ST tf g C140024Y. S. Tsui128H. T. Mo4 PING HAI STARKINGSFIELDCIRCUIT GLORY1:21:8022.3736.69 22.78 22.903-3-2-43.510121019.28.3
04-02-18397ST tf g C140025Y. S. Tsui132N. Rawiller6 PING HAI STARMR GENUINEKINGSFIELD1:22:2722.6537.04 22.94 22.622-4-5-52.251009101108.7
01-01-18318ST tf g B+2140022Y. S. Tsui133N. Rawiller3 KINGSFIELDNEW ASIA SUNRISEBABA MAMA1:22:2122.7136.66 23.28 22.406-7-7-20.7510011001011
26-11-17223ST tf g C1000211Y. S. Tsui130K. C. Ng6 PREMIEREHOUSE OF FUNARCHIPPUS0:56:5822.4513.51 21.18 22.81 3-9-115.7510071022738
11-11-17187ST tf g/f A140016Y. S. Tsui127U. Rispoli5 WESTERN EXPRESSWAH MAY FRIENDRACING SUPERNOVA1:21:5822.4235.84 23.76 22.375-6-7-62.59941033135
01-10-1780ST tf g/y A+31400G311Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong4 BEAUTY GENERATIONSEASONS BLOOMTIME WARP1:21:8022.5736.16 23.51 23.003-5-6-115.59641033138
25-06-17757ST tf g/f A1400G35Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong2 THEWIZARDOFOZWINNER'S WAYMAGIC LEGEND1:20.822.2 35.50 23.40 22.874-5-5-55.75990103117.4
07-05-17634ST tf g/f A+3140021Y. S. Tsui126H. N. Wong7 NEW ASIA SUNRISEHANG'S DECISIONMY DARLING1:21.723.8 35.06 22.87 23.813-2-1-12.25997957.15.3
02-04-17543ST tf g/f B+2140022Y. S. Tsui125U. Rispoli11 WESTERN EXPRESSNEW ASIA SUNRISEJOLLY BANNER1:20.823.0 35.26 22.77 22.861-2-2-2H1005931711
05-03-17468ST tf g/f C140014Y. S. Tsui118U. Rispoli11 INVINCIBLE DRAGONSIMPLY INVINCIBLEROMANTIC TOUCH1:20.722.5 35.05 23.19 22.984-6-3-431016942224
05-02-17397ST tf g C140025Y. S. Tsui130K. Teetan10 WESTERN EXPRESSCALIFORNIA WHIPJOLLY JOLLY1:21.622.3 36.48 22.99 22.804-3-3-53.751013941118
14-01-17343ST tf g C+3140023Y. S. Tsui129K. Teetan5 INVINCIBLE DRAGONJOLLY BANNERNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:21.622.9 35.51 23.50 22.883-6-6-31.51013943638
11-12-16258ST tf g A120026Y. S. Tsui131B. Prebble10 MR STUNNINGMERIONCLEVER BEAVER1:09.122.9 23.81 22.58 23.364-3-63.751017941114
20-11-16203ST tf g B+2120023Y. S. Tsui129G. Mosse4 LINE SEEKERKEY WITNESSNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:09.422.2 24.20 23.16 22.134-5-30.51004931211
01-10-1671ST tf g A+3120021Y. S. Tsui122B. Prebble12 NEW ASIA SUNRISEPABLOSKYDUKEDOM1:08.923.0 24.08 22.26 22.655-6-10.5984877.36.1
19-06-16733ST tf g/f C+3120028Y. S. Tsui114K. K. Chiong5 WAH MAY FRIENDHAMMER KINGINVINCIBLE DRAGON1:08.921.5 24.81 23.03 21.864-6-85992876.13.6
29-05-16677ST tf g A+3120021Y. S. Tsui118C. Schofield9 NEW ASIA SUNRISERACING SUPERNOVAALL YOU WISH1:08.822.4 23.76 22.61 22.432-1-10.7598381198.4
14-02-16400ST tf g C+3120032Y. S. Tsui133R. Moore3 DIEGO KOSTANEW ASIA SUNRISEMULTIMAX1:09.622.1 24.40 23.36 22.075-4-21996792.42.4
31-01-16366ST tf g A+3120031Y. S. Tsui130R. Moore1 NEW ASIA SUNRISERADIANT BUNNYGLENEALY PRIZE1:09.522.9 24.23 22.64 22.665-5-10.51000732.83.2
27-12-15287ST tf g A+31400Gri3Y. S. Tsui125B. Prebble4 PEOPLE'S KNIGHTAMAZING FEELINGNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:22.422.9 35.53 24.25 22.934-5-5-31.59917335.7
29-11-15209ST tf g C120032Y. S. Tsui128B. Prebble2 FABULOUS ONENEW ASIA SUNRISETONYBOY1:08.722.7 23.74 22.43 22.973-2-22.251000723.72.6
08-11-15155ST tf g C+3120032Y. S. Tsui122B. Prebble2 SECRET COMMANDNEW ASIA SUNRISESMART DECLARATION1:08.823.0 23.65 22.15 23.222-1-20.75992702.52.2
10-10-1599ST tf g C120032Y. S. Tsui120Y. T. Cheng3 BRILLIANT DREAMNEW ASIA SUNRISESO FAST1:09.323.5 23.88 22.19 23.306-3-2SH996671713
19-09-1545ST tf g/f C+3100037Y. S. Tsui123B. Prebble6 SO FASTLUCKY CELEBRITYSKY MAN0:55.722.1 13.47 20.35 22.428-7-73990676.65.1
01-07-15736ST tf g/f A1200Gri1Y. S. Tsui127B. Prebble5 NEW ASIA SUNRISECIRCUIT KINGHAPPY CHAPPY1:10.122.0 25.10 23.23 21.835-4-1N990--1.91.6
24-05-15634ST tf g/y C+31000Gri1Y. S. Tsui120B. Prebble11 NEW ASIA SUNRISECIRCUIT KINGHAPPY CHAPPY0:56.322.1 13.30 21.23 21.844-4-13979--5.33.6

HKJC Comment

Broke well from the widest gate, gradually taken back towards the rear but remained wide without cover throughout, fought on steadily without threatening.