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P. F. Yiu / Rating: 114

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 7 yrs / IRE
Owner: Lau Ng Mui-chu
Last win: 20-03-19
Health: Left front distal radius stress fracture. (28/07/2015) Lame left front leg. (15/06/2018) Castration. (10/09/2015) Inappetence. (08/01/2017)
Sire: Invincible Spirit
Dam: Citron Presse

Past Performances
Total Starts: 36: (6-4-9)
ST 1400m: 13 (3-1-2)
ST 1600m: 15 (2-2-4)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-1)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-0-2)
HV 1800m: 3 (1-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-07-19814ST tf g/f A160015P. F. Yiu130M. F. Poon1H/XBHARMONY VICTORYTIME TO CELEBRATEKA YING STAR1:32:8222.6247.60 23.00 22.966-6-6-54.7510301141624
23-06-19758ST tf g/f A1800G33P. F. Yiu128A. Domeyer6H/XBRISE HIGHSEASONS BLOOMCITRON SPIRIT1:46:8721.9762.06 23.24 21.769-8-7-6-31.2510251148.78.9
02-06-19711ST tf g/f B1600G35P. F. Yiu130A. Domeyer8H/XBCHAMPION'S WAYKA YING STARINSAYSHABLE1:35:0022.2549.67 23.56 22.098-8-8-5210361141531
20-03-19509HV tf g/f C180011P. F. Yiu130M. F. Poon6H/XBCITRON SPIRITVICTORY BOYSINSAYSHABLE1:47:8123.6860.89 23.92 23.007-7-7-7-10.75104810869.1
13-02-19421HV tf g B165013P. F. Yiu130M. F. Poon6H/XBCIRCUIT GLORYLITTERATEURCITRON SPIRIT1:39:0924.1051.74 23.85 23.607-6-6-30.510491077.416
09-01-19327HV tf g A1800G32P. F. Yiu113M. F. Poon9H/XBSIMPLY BRILLIANTCITRON SPIRITINSAYSHABLE1:48:8324.1061.40 24.21 23.3610-10-10-10-20.7510641032649
16-12-18262ST tf g C+3140022P. F. Yiu130M. F. Poon6H/XBCONTECITRON SPIRITJOYFUL TRINITY1:21:1623.4235.42 22.68 23.398-7-5-2210471023013
21-10-18118ST tf g/f A140021P. F. Yiu125M. F. Poon3H/XBCITRON SPIRITGOOD STANDINGSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:21:6623.0236.15 23.09 22.429-8-8-10.51042977.56.1
07-10-1882ST tf g B+2140025P. F. Yiu132A. Sanna9H/XBMORETHANLUCKYCOBY BOYWAH MAY FRIEND1:22:0122.5736.84 23.20 22.196-8-11-51.51047971410
22-09-1846ST tf g/f A140027P. F. Yiu120C. Wong8H/XBREGENCY BO BOMORETHANLUCKYFAST MOST FURIOUS1:21:1923.4435.61 23.18 23.0310-13-14-741040976.54.8
02-09-1810ST tf g B140023P. F. Yiu130C. Schofield7H/XBWORLD RECORDRATTANCITRON SPIRIT1:21:4422.5836.07 23.11 22.317-7-7-3N 1036969.76.9
16-06-18739ST tf g/f C+316002WDP. F. Yiu123C. WongH/XBSIMPLY BRILLIANTHEZTHEWONFORUSXIANG BAI QI1:33:1223.15 103396  
20-05-18667ST tf g/f C+3160023P. F. Yiu122C. Wong10H/XBRISE HIGHDOCTOR GEOFFCITRON SPIRIT1:33:9122.8148.85 22.85 22.316-7-8-30.51034949.111
29-04-18612ST tf g A160026P. F. Yiu128H. N. Wong4H/XBRISE HIGHCIRCUIT HASSLERDOCTOR GEOFF1:35:3522.0750.39 23.49 22.1913-13-11-64.5103494117.8
25-03-18528ST tf g A+3160023P. F. Yiu126C. Schofield9H/XBSIMPLY BRILLIANTEASY GO EASY WINCITRON SPIRIT1:34:1923.0748.21 22.91 23.182-2-2-30.751040928.413
18-02-18433ST tf g A200027P. F. Yiu130C. Schofield7H/XBHAPPILABABYROCKETEERCONSORT2:02:5323.0375.75 23.91 23.112-3-4-3-71.51054931515
31-01-18387HV tf g C+3165023P. F. Yiu126U. Rispoli5H/XBDINOZZOMARVEL HEROCITRON SPIRIT1:39:1823.3552.22 24.17 23.128-8-7-321055935.16
10-01-18334HV tf g B1800G36P. F. Yiu116C. Schofield2H/XBEAGLE WAYTHE GOLDEN AGEDINOZZO1:50:1422.6863.45 24.41 22.764-5-5-6-6310459386
10-12-17263ST tf g A160023P. F. Yiu130M. Guyon6H/XBTIME TO CELEBRATERATTANCITRON SPIRIT1:35:3722.9149.47 23.31 22.834-5-4-31.25103993712
26-11-17222ST tf g C160013P. F. Yiu116C. Schofield1H/XBFIFTY FIFTYEXULTANTCITRON SPIRIT1:34:5822.6447.80 24.30 22.727-5-4-31.2510559288.6
14-10-17114ST tf g C160021P. F. Yiu120C. Schofield1H/XBCITRON SPIRITKEEN VENTUREBABA MAMA1:34:3223.3748.06 23.25 23.017-8-8-1SH10378775
24-09-1764ST tf g A140021P. F. Yiu118C. Schofield5H/XBCITRON SPIRITSOLAR HEI HEIJOLLY JOLLY1:22:0222.5536.57 23.34 22.119-8-7-10.751032817.36.8
25-06-17758ST tf g/f A160032P. F. Yiu133N. Callan5H/XB WINWIN RUBYCITRON SPIRITBRING IT ON1:34.523.2 49.52 23.07 22.3812-12-12-22.25101580149.1
21-05-17669ST tf g C+3160039P. F. Yiu123M. F. Poon12H/XB CHEERFUL BOYSMILING CHARMLET US WIN1:35.224.2 47.62 23.61 24.557-6-4-93.51020805.37.6
30-04-17611ST tf g/f A160031P. F. Yiu131H. Bowman5H/XB CITRON SPIRITHOME RUNPENANG HALL1:34.423.5 48.15 23.37 22.978-9-8-1N1012746.77.8
26-03-17526ST tf g A+3160032P. F. Yiu128N. Callan2SR-/HPENANG HALLCITRON SPIRITCHEERFUL BOY1:34.624.3 47.96 23.31 23.808-7-6-22.51021748.69
05-03-17471ST tf g/f C140033P. F. Yiu126S. Clipperton8H/SR/MIGHTY MAVERICKDARING FITCITRON SPIRIT1:21.123.8 35.58 22.62 23.1712-12-12-311031734.83.7
30-01-17377ST tf g B140031P. F. Yiu122S. Clipperton3SR/XBCITRON SPIRITREGENCY BO BOASSOCIATION FANS1:22.224.2 35.87 22.82 23.5914-12-8-10.7510406639.1
12-11-16185ST tf g A+3160036P. F. Yiu120S. De Sousa9SR/XBCLASSIC EMPERORPRAWN BABAAMAZING AGILITY1:35.022.7 50.10 23.16 22.2512-11-10-631054684.44.4
18-09-1638ST tf g/f C+3140035P. F. Yiu121K. Teetan10H-/SRPAKISTAN STARMARVEL HEROKINGSFIELD1:21.522.3 36.21 23.77 22.2912-12-13-54.51068682955
13-04-16564HV tf g/y A165037C. Fownes129O. Doleuze2H RED MARVELFORMULA WONDASHING KING1:40.724.3 52.29 24.70 24.078-6-5-721000721741
28-03-16515ST tf g A+31600313C. Fownes126C. Y. Ho11H BERLINITHE SHOWRED DANCER1:34.323.3 48.70 23.30 24.6810-9-12-1314.51007754999
13-03-16481ST tf g C+3140036C. Fownes132Z. Purton8H SUPER LEADERENORMOUS HONOURDILLY1:22.423.8 35.85 23.56 24.257-7-9-67.751023782265
21-02-16424ST tf g A1400210C. Fownes117C. Y. Ho3H RAPPER DRAGONTRAVEL FIRSTGREAT SPIRIT1:22.423.2 36.18 23.62 23.348-8-8-104.51031804499
06-02-16386ST tf g B+21400213C. Fownes122C. Brown2H UNIVERSAL UNIONMERIONSO FAST1:22.023.3 36.25 23.46 24.8010-10-13-1315.251025814499
01-07-15746ST tf g/f A160038C. Fownes131Z. Purton4H WINNAMTOO FASTENORMOUS HONOUR1:35.022.7 49.02 23.73 22.999-8-8-84.251028831118
07-06-15679ST tf g/f A+31400310C. Fownes131C. Y. Ho13H1 TOO FASTBIG FOURENORMOUS HONOUR1:21.323.3 35.82 22.79 23.7612-11-12-106.251013831124

HKJC Comment

In midfield along the fence, battled on same pace in straight, never looked likely.