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DUTCH WINDMILL (T288) 荷蘭風車 (Retired)

C. W. Chang / Rating: 42

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 7 yrs / IRE
Owner: Ng Yat-cheung
Last win: 14-11-18
Health: Castration. (30/04/2015)
Sire: Dark Angel
Dam: Cover Girl

Past Performances
Total Starts: 45: (4-0-7)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 9 (0-0-1)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 6 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 21 (4-0-6)
HV 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-11-18173HV tf g C165051C. W. Chang123K. C. Leung2TTDUTCH WINDMILLWONDERFUL TIGERMANAGEMENT STAR1:41:4823.9153.57 24.24 23.674-4-4-1N1049307.711
04-11-18147ST tf g C+3160059C. W. Chang127C. Schofield12B-/TTCHIU CHOW KIDBEST EFFORTINDIGENOUS STAR1:35:8323.9049.30 23.47 23.7113-13-13-941053323068
07-10-1876ST tf g B+2140059C. W. Chang120C. Wong6B2/TTCHAPARRAL STARSPORTS MASTEREXPONENTS1:22:4223.6735.55 24.04 24.315-6-10-99.251058341017
26-09-1848HV tf g C+3180058C. W. Chang122C. Wong5TTAMAZING GOLDCHIU CHOW KIDWONDERFUL CHASER1:51:0023.7064.11 24.07 23.724-5-7-8-85.751057369.313
05-09-1811HV tf g/f B165053C. W. Chang133U. Rispoli1TTLE PEGASEMONEY WINNERDUTCH WINDMILL1:42:2524.8152.23 25.45 24.994-4-3-32.51045364.53.9
11-07-18789HV tf g/f A165053C. W. Chang127S. Clipperton10TTLETSGOFREECELEBRATIONDUTCH WINDMILL1:40:7924.7252.50 24.25 24.0711-10-8-3H1058345.410
10-06-18715ST tf g/f C140053C. W. Chang127S. Clipperton3TTEXPONENTSSCARBOROUGH FAIRDUTCH WINDMILL1:21:5323.3435.49 23.26 23.117-8-9-321050341110
25-04-18595HV tf g C165055C. W. Chang129N. Callan11TTGOLD VELVETJOLLY AMBERDYNAMIC LIONS1:40:6823.9352.86 24.89 23.7911-9-9-55.251047361218
11-03-18488ST aw g -165046C. W. Chang113W. M. Lai14TTREMARKABLEQUICK RETURNHAY RUN1:38:4024.0751.93 23.32 23.8414-14-12-64.251047385799
03-03-18471ST tf g C140048C. W. Chang114W. M. Lai12TTRAGING STORMEMPIRE STARSUNNY POWER1:22:1323.9535.75 23.35 23.6610-11-12-841047409999
14-02-18421HV tf g B1650410C. W. Chang115A. Badel10TTSEE ME NOWGREAT JOYWAH MAY BABY1:40:6923.7252.86 24.59 24.598-7-7-108.51038422324
31-01-18386HV tf g C+31200411C. W. Chang113K. C. Ng3TTAPPLAUSEDR PROACTIVETHE SHOW1:10:6723.4524.36 23.50 24.34 6-8-119.51029434099
10-01-18332HV tf g B165046C. W. Chang117C. Schofield11TTCONTRIBUTIONGOOD CHOICE AHEADSEE ME NOW1:41:6223.5453.71 24.45 23.812-2-2-62.251062444156
13-12-17268HV tf g C1650412C. W. Chang119A. Sanna9TTENORMOUS HONOURPLAY ITMASTER BERNINI1:40:2223.4852.77 24.13 24.585-3-3-127.751054441933
22-11-17213HV tf g C+3165043C. W. Chang115J. Moreira7TTMULTIGOGOCHARITY WINGSDUTCH WINDMILL1:41:4523.9052.57 25.22 23.733-3-3-30.51056429.311
25-10-17142HV tf g/f C+3165043C. W. Chang114K. C. Leung2TTHAPPY AND HEALTHYUNIQUE HAPPIESTDUTCH WINDMILL1:40:8423.5553.97 24.00 23.167-7-7-31.751056421315
05-10-1783HV tf g A165051C. W. Chang130J. Moreira9TTDUTCH WINDMILLDOUBLE POINTFRUITFUL LIFE1:40:9224.8852.21 24.07 24.645-5-5-10.751056374.66.7
13-09-1731HV tf g/f B165058C. W. Chang131O. Doleuze8TTCURLING LUXURYEMPIRE OF MONGOLIAFUN MANAGER1:41:1324.9551.98 24.72 25.025-5-4-83.751050377.415
12-07-17790HV tf g/f A1650511C. W. Chang128K. K. Chiong11TT EASTERN PROWESSSPEEDY WALLYATOMIC BLAST1:40.524.7 52.03 24.91 24.5912-12-12-1161047397.411
24-05-17674HV tf g C165046C. W. Chang114W. M. Lai1TT POLYMER LUCKGO GO WINCONTRIBUTION1:40.823.9 53.71 23.85 23.746-5-6-62.51040411957
10-05-17639HV tf g/f A1650411C. W. Chang115W. M. Lai7TT GREAT JOYFORMULA GALORENEVER BETTER1:40.224.9 52.35 23.99 24.706-6-7-115.251024422782
09-04-17558ST tf g/f C1600413C. W. Chang113T. H. So12TT THE SHOWPOLYMER LUCKAMBITIOUS PINS1:35.522.8 49.50 24.26 23.5710-9-12-13111035424699
22-03-17512HV tf g C1800412C. W. Chang115C. Y. Ho12TT GOOD CHOICESUM WIN DRAGONSUPER FORM1:50.323.8 62.80 24.65 24.6710-10-8-12111037422523
22-02-17439HV tf g/f C+3165043C. W. Chang113K. C. Leung1TT SUPER CLANGO GO WINDUTCH WINDMILL1:40.624.2 52.57 24.49 23.808-9-7-31.25102942127.9
25-01-17363HV tf g C+3165051C. W. Chang129O. Doleuze4TT DUTCH WINDMILLBLISS CARTELSPEEDY WALLY1:41.623.9 53.75 24.45 23.423-6-5-10.751031367.65.5
22-12-16279HV tf g/f C+31650511C. W. Chang129O. Doleuze8TT EXCELLENCEDASHING FORTUNEGLORY STAR1:40.423.8 52.49 24.66 24.447-7-8-117.2510393687.1
07-12-16241HV tf g/f B165051C. W. Chang128O. Doleuze4TT DUTCH WINDMILLBLISS CARTELFRESH AND FRESH1:41.423.7 53.85 24.24 23.365-4-4-11.51047305.86.6
09-11-16169HV tf g B165057C. W. Chang123N. Callan5TT CASA MASTERYEUNG SINGSPICY DOUBLE1:41.724.4 52.79 25.01 24.516-6-5-73.51034306.65.9
30-10-16139HV tf g A165053C. W. Chang117K. K. Chiong9TT CASH COURIERLUCKY BALLDUTCH WINDMILL1:42.225.3 53.48 24.50 24.389-10-9-30.51041291520
25-09-1649ST tf g/f A140058C. W. Chang119K. C. Ng4TT NATURAL FRIENDSHIPDANEWIN EXPRESSPRINCE FALCON1:22.924.2 35.58 23.67 24.015-4-5-821041313273
03-09-161ST tf g B1200511C. W. Chang117K. C. Ng13TT SEASONS KINGHAPPY SOUNDNATURAL FRIENDSHIP1:09.322.7 24.82 22.91 22.7510-14-1171034335584
01-07-16757ST tf g/f A+3140057C. W. Chang129N. Rawiller8TT MASQUERADERHAY GO LUCKYGOOD FOR YOU1:21.923.5 35.92 22.96 23.426-9-7-72.51027359.816
18-05-16648HV tf g B120056C. W. Chang131N. Rawiller3TT RUGBY DIAMONDKING ON EARTHSPEEDY WALLY1:10.124.0 24.11 22.50 24.019-7-631019371310
24-04-16583ST tf g A1400510C. W. Chang133D. Lane1TT AMAZING ALWAYSGOLD PRECIOUSKING ON EARTH1:22.823.6 36.28 23.45 23.955-6-7-105.251021391414
23-03-16500HV tf g/y C165049C. W. Chang117D. Whyte10TT GO-GETTERWHO'STHEDUDEBALTIC WARRIOR1:40.724.6 51.42 25.00 25.484-4-3-97.51018412228
28-02-16439ST tf g B140046C. W. Chang114K. C. Leung5TT SNOW SLIDERRIGHT CALLCLEVER SPIRIT1:22.623.0 36.59 23.52 23.027-7-8-631021432142
10-02-16389ST tf g C140044C. W. Chang117Y. T. Cheng3TT PROMPT EXPRESSARGENTUMMETALLIC STAR1:22.623.9 35.31 23.63 23.932-3-3-41.51014444399
20-01-16341HV tf g C1200411C. W. Chang120Y. T. Cheng11TT TIMELY ARRIVEDCIRCUIT KINGSHARP HUNTER1:11.323.1 25.40 23.91 23.5310-10-119.751026474899
23-12-15277HV tf g C120049C. W. Chang123Y. T. Cheng5B-/TTTIMELY ARRIVEDI'M A WITNESSMISSION POSSIBLE1:10.224.1 24.36 22.91 24.015-6-96.251024503199
25-11-15199HV tf g C1200410C. W. Chang127Y. T. Cheng1B/TT MASTER STEEDWHISTLE BLOWERGLORY SUNSHINE1:11.024.0 24.20 23.51 24.366-7-106.251011523878
11-11-15162HV tf g B120047C. W. Chang128Y. T. Cheng1B/TT TIMELY ARRIVEDCHIN CHUNMASTER STEED1:10.623.7 24.40 23.09 23.867-6-74.751015544399
18-10-15113ST tf g/f C+31200411C. W. Chang131Y. T. Cheng12B/TT1VICTOR EMPERORLONDON MASTERGOLDEN GUNNERS1:09.623.1 25.00 22.32 24.0012-12-1110.751015586099
01-10-1572ST tf g A+31400314C. W. Chang115W. M. Lai5B1 THE SHOWPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTKIRAM1:22.323.3 35.87 24.07 25.248-8-13-1417.751015619999
13-09-1526ST tf g/f C1200311C. W. Chang120W. M. Lai5 BLIZZARDSIGHT SEEINGLUCKY HAMMER1:09.322.6 25.08 22.58 23.4011-12-1110.51013638399
12-07-15769ST tf g/f B+21200414C. W. Chang123H. N. Wong2 JUN GONGSHINING CHAMPIONMAGICAL BEAUTY1:09.723.1 24.28 22.97 24.598-9-1412.751017651929

HKJC Comment

Commenced well, positioned 2 wide, 2 to 3 lengths back, closer on turn, finished off very strongly to score.