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WAH MAY FRIEND (T309) 華美之友 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 106

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 7 yrs / ITY
Owner: Mr & Mrs Lau Ying-wah
Last win: 10-12-17
Health: Surgery to correct entrapped epiglottis. (19/05/2015) Unacceptable performance. Substantial blood and mucopus in trachea after racing. (18/01/2017) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (17/03/2019) Failed vet exam: Substantial blood in trachea after barrier trial. (16/06/2017) Inappetence. (12/02/2016) Castration. (11/07/2016) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (11/03/2018) Failed vet exam: Substantial blood in trachea after barrier trial. (10/02/2017) Failed vet exam: Bled from both nostrils after barrier trial. (07/03/2017)
Bloodline Relations: RAMONTI
Sire: Martino Alonso
Dam: Rosemary Girl

Past Performances
Total Starts: 38: (4-4-1)
ST 1200m: 7 (2-0-0)
ST 1400m: 15 (1-3-1)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 6 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-03-19503ST tf g A1200211A. S. Cruz126H. T. Mo3TTFULL OF BEAUTYWATER DIVINERLEAN PERFECTION1:09:2222.2724.30 22.85 23.52 3-4-1191031942132
02-12-18225ST aw g -1200211A. S. Cruz133S. De Sousa10TTBIG TIME BABYGUNNISONUGLY WARRIOR1:07:7422.7023.94 22.30 23.20 9-10-1110.751053962450
10-11-18170ST tf g A1400113A. S. Cruz115C. Wong9TTRATTANCONTELITTLE GIANT1:21:1122.9335.00 23.26 24.263-2-2-138.751062982246
07-10-1882ST tf g B+2140023A. S. Cruz128M. F. Poon13TTMORETHANLUCKYCOBY BOYWAH MAY FRIEND1:22:0122.5736.16 23.28 22.773-1-1-31.251048982546
05-09-1818HV tf g/f B120028A. S. Cruz128H. T. Mo5TTSUPER HOPPYFORTUNE BOOTHCHEERFULJET1:10:6723.5724.19 23.75 23.20 6-8-831065986.425
11-07-18795HV tf g/f A120026A. S. Cruz129U. Rispoli1TTSUPER TURBOGUNNISONFANTASTIC EIGHT1:09:0023.2823.83 22.33 23.53 6-7-64.2510501001117
13-06-18730HV tf g B120025A. S. Cruz128H. N. Wong4TTHOT KING PRAWNSEVEN HEAVENSMY ALLY1:09:1323.1423.89 22.70 23.17 5-6-5410381023028
27-05-18679ST tf g A1200G37A. S. Cruz113M. L. Yeung5TTWINNER'S WAYBORN IN CHINAFABULOUS ONE1:08:1722.2424.50 21.75 22.62 4-4-74.2510321041313
29-04-18606ST tf g A140015A. S. Cruz123T. Berry11TTWHAT ELSE BUT YOUROMANTIC TOUCHDUNDONNELL1:21:9023.2135.52 23.17 23.591-1-1-52.510501053314
11-03-18490ST tf g C+31200110A. S. Cruz111H. T. Mo6TTAMAZING KIDSFABULOUS ONEWINNER'S WAY1:08:3022.8723.97 22.02 23.28 5-6-10610531061310
18-02-18434ST tf g A140016A. S. Cruz130J. Moreira7TTDUNDONNELLJOLLY BANNERBOOMING DELIGHT1:21:0623.2534.88 22.93 23.691-1-1-62.75106410633.1
21-01-18362ST tf g A140022A. S. Cruz126H. T. Mo7TTPINGWU SPARKWAH MAY FRIENDEASY GO EASY WIN1:22:0422.8635.98 23.20 22.951-1-1-20.510571042421
20-12-17289HV tf g/f C+3120029A. S. Cruz126H. T. Mo10TTARCHIPPUSBORN IN CHINAMR GENUINE1:08:9622.9424.20 22.62 22.84 11-10-94.510581042321
10-12-17259ST tf g A120021A. S. Cruz126H. T. Mo12TTWAH MAY FRIENDPERPETUAL JOYANCEJING JING WIN1:09:2623.1124.28 22.31 22.67 5-5-1SH1049981415
11-11-17187ST tf g/f A140012A. S. Cruz113M. F. Poon1TTWESTERN EXPRESSWAH MAY FRIENDRACING SUPERNOVA1:21:5822.4235.20 23.96 22.422-1-1-2Nose1061962111
14-10-17117ST aw g -1200210A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick9TTLITTLE GIANTPABLOSKYBLOCKER DEE1:08:7322.9723.53 22.59 23.89 4-5-1081056961331
20-09-1754HV tf g/f C120021A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick8TTWAH MAY FRIENDMR GENUINESEA JADE1:09:8323.1724.17 22.85 22.81 4-4-1N1064912558
18-01-17346ST aw g -120018A. S. Cruz117J. Moreira2TT EROICOALMABABYDUNDONNELL1:08.623.6 23.25 22.14 24.914-4-810.2510419433.3
04-12-16240ST aw g -120026A. S. Cruz132N. Callan7TT ARCHIPPUSTEAM FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:08.423.0 23.37 22.21 23.372-2-63.251052959.89.8
12-11-16183ST tf g A+3140015A. S. Cruz121S. De Sousa1TT RACING SUPERNOVAMR BOGARTBLIZZARD1:21.022.8 34.89 23.41 23.152-2-2-52.751059951214
23-10-16125ST aw g -120022A. S. Cruz127S. De Sousa1TT PERPETUAL TREASUREWAH MAY FRIENDFLYING MOOCHI1:08.323.0 23.21 22.15 23.021-1-2SH1063936.712
06-07-16772HV tf g A120026A. S. Cruz124M. Chadwick7TT LUCKY YEARALMABABYBORN IN CHINA1:09.023.1 23.90 22.88 23.298-9-66.25106993118.7
19-06-16733ST tf g/f C+3120021A. S. Cruz119M. Chadwick10TT WAH MAY FRIENDHAMMER KINGINVINCIBLE DRAGON1:08.921.5 24.49 22.87 21.551-1-11.51068852715
01-05-16610ST tf g B140031A. S. Cruz132J. Moreira11TT WAH MAY FRIENDHO IN ONECHARITY KINGDOM1:22.223.4 35.84 23.25 23.164-5-6-11.51055789.96.2
16-04-16569ST tf g/f C+31200311A. S. Cruz132J. Moreira10TT INVINCIBLE DRAGONBLOCKER DEEGOAL FOR GOLD1:08.922.3 24.48 22.44 24.115-7-11131064783.42.9
28-03-16517ST tf g A+3120035A. S. Cruz129N. Callan5TT TONYBOYMR STUNNINGHAMMER KING1:09.922.2 24.33 23.57 22.123-3-5N105876128.1
06-03-16463ST tf g C140039A. S. Cruz131G. Mosse10TT JOLLY JOLLYGO GO WINWINNAM1:22.523.0 36.25 23.42 23.243-8-4-92.51061788.39.9
10-02-16396ST tf g C140035A. S. Cruz133C. Schofield4TT PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTJOLLY JOLLYSUPER TALENT1:22.223.7 35.04 23.76 23.654-4-3-51.251064781011
24-01-16356ST tf g A1600310A. S. Cruz133N. Callan12TT GENERAL OF PATCHENORMOUS HONOURHAPPY AGILITY1:36.323.4 48.54 24.40 24.512-2-2-107.251072807.416
06-01-16307HV tf g A220035A. S. Cruz130N. Callan6TT HAPPY ROCKYANDOYASAMBITIOUS CHAMPION2:18.323.7 89.29 25.76 23.802-4-5-52.75107482139.4
13-12-15249ST tf g A160025A. S. Cruz117M. Demuro3TT WERTHERAPOLLO'S CHOICEVICTORY MAGIC1:34.922.3 49.01 24.04 22.495-8-8-53.51074839.78.8
29-11-15215ST tf g C140028A. S. Cruz122M. L. Yeung14TT CELESTIAL SMILEHERO LOOKTHEWIZARDOFOZ1:21.623.2 36.47 22.84 22.8110-13-14-83.251073851528
14-11-15177ST tf g A+3140015A. S. Cruz108K. C. Ng10TT DASHING FELLOWSUN JEWELLERYGURUS DREAM1:21.822.9 35.91 23.67 22.728-11-13-52.751078853061
22-10-15129HV tf g C+3165028A. S. Cruz115R. Fourie11TT HORSE OF FORTUNEGOT FLYSTAR MAJESTIC1:41.223.4 54.81 24.46 22.6211-11-12-84.251067851415
28-09-1564ST tf g A140022A. S. Cruz121G. Mosse6TT WINNING LEADERWAH MAY FRIENDUNIVERSAL UNION1:22.123.2 36.29 23.45 22.566-9-9-20.751067841728
06-09-157ST tf g B140028A. S. Cruz121M. Chadwick7TT PACKING PINSHIGH AND MIGHTYFULL TALENT1:22.322.2 37.12 23.03 23.281-1-1-86.751076841723
12-07-15777ST tf g/f B+2140025A. S. Cruz114M. Chadwick5TT SUN JEWELLERYPRECISION KINGHIGH AND MIGHTY1:20.822.6 35.48 23.12 22.811-3-3-53.251046854999
01-07-15743ST aw g -1650210A. S. Cruz108K. C. Ng8TT1 GUN PITSICHUAN VIGOUROBLITERATOR1:37.321.4 53.56 23.44 22.1511-11-12-1011.251046854699

HKJC Comment

Niggled at early sharing pace on the rail, dropped 2L back to 3rd rounding home bend and checked off front-runner's heels when pace slackened, folded up quickly inside the final 300 metres. (Blood in trachea)