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ROUNDABOUT (T352) 飛星凱旋 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 68

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / gr / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Sustainable Operation Syndicate
Last win: 08-04-18
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (25/03/2019) Bled from right nostril after racing. (13/05/2017)
Sire: I Am Invincible
Dam: Fidele

Past Performances
Total Starts: 41: (3-1-8)
ST 1200m: 4 (1-0-1)
ST 1400m: 24 (2-1-6)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-1)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 7 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
24-03-19529ST tf g C+3140037A. T. Millard122G. van Niekerk11SRBEAUTY SPIRITHIGH VOLATILITYRACING FIGHTER1:22:7423.4337.17 23.38 22.6113-13-12-72.751129698.212
02-03-19469ST tf g C140033A. T. Millard126J. Moreira4SRRIGHT CHOICEAMAZING CHOCOLATEROUNDABOUT1:22:1423.3436.32 22.96 23.305-6-5-32.7511326973.9
07-02-19403ST tf g C+3140033A. T. Millard122G. van Niekerk12SRPICKENBEAUTY SPIRITROUNDABOUT1:21:8923.1637.05 23.08 22.1014-14-14-321137692242
06-01-19320ST tf g C+3140039A. T. Millard124S. Clipperton13SRFOLLOW MECORDYCEPSSUMSTREETSUMWHERE1:21:6723.4636.59 22.70 23.2512-13-13-95.51141713163
16-12-18264ST tf g C+3140036A. T. Millard126S. Clipperton9SRTAKING AIMFOLLOW MEULTIMATE GLORY1:22:3222.7936.62 23.67 22.769-9-10-64.51134731522
18-11-18190ST tf g B140039A. T. Millard130S. Clipperton2SRNOBLE STEEDNICCONI EXPRESSGRADE ONE1:21:6323.6835.81 22.82 23.749-9-7-94.751142751140
22-09-1845ST tf g/f A140037A. T. Millard128K. C. Leung6SRINVINCIBLE FRESHRELENTLESS MESUN TOUCH1:22:1323.3136.75 22.63 23.1312-8-6-72.251126751123
02-09-188ST tf g B140035A. T. Millard118C. Wong2SRHANG'S DECISIONGENERAL SHERMANGREEN CARD1:21:8623.4735.72 23.19 23.404-5-6-52.751125751212
08-07-18788ST tf g/f C140037A. T. Millard119C. Wong10SRWINSTON'S LADBOMBAY BLITZULTIMATE GLORY1:21:3123.5635.69 22.74 23.629-11-12-74.5112476149.3
10-06-18721ST tf g/f C120033A. T. Millard120C. Wong1SRMASTER ALBERTPATCH BABYROUNDABOUT1:08:7622.6424.40 22.32 22.33 7-8-321129766.83.8
03-06-18703ST tf g/f B140038A. T. Millard133K. Teetan5SRCOMFORT LIFELASTING FRIENDSHIPTAKING AIM1:21:1622.8636.37 22.65 22.7910-10-8-841134768.66.2
06-05-18631ST tf g B140033A. T. Millard129C. Schofield10SRHEZTHEWONFORUSWIN BEAUTY WINROUNDABOUT1:22:3222.9536.94 22.91 22.5910-9-6-30.751134741615
08-04-18557ST tf g C140031A. T. Millard122C. Schofield6SRROUNDABOUTCOBY BOYBIG BANG BONG1:22:3222.6537.43 22.84 22.058-10-9-1H1130691514
25-03-18529ST tf g A+3140036A. T. Millard124N. Rawiller3SRREGENCY BO BOGOD OF DRAGONULTIMATE GLORY1:21:5123.1735.93 23.05 23.285-7-8-64.751137711511
18-02-18437ST tf g A140038A. T. Millard124A. Badel5SRSIMPLY BRILLIANTSACRED IBISSUN TOUCH1:21:6623.5935.27 23.20 24.235-5-5-86.51144715.55.4
21-01-18364ST tf g A140032A. T. Millard123A. Badel5SRCONTEROUNDABOUTSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:22:0722.9336.36 23.26 22.637-5-7-21.251143701116
17-12-17279ST tf g C+3160033A. T. Millard123N. Rawiller9SRNEW ELEGANCEGREEN ENERGYROUNDABOUT1:34:5623.5247.71 24.09 23.0510-10-10-31.751149702214
19-11-17207ST tf g B140037A. T. Millard125N. Rawiller14SRHAPPY AGILITYTOP BEAUTIFULAPOLLO'S CHOICE1.22.2223.6636.41 23.11 23.1812-13-12-73115472117.6
18-10-17124HV tf g/f C120034A. T. Millard123K. C. Leung2SRCHARITY GLORYBREEDERS' STARMASTER ALBERT1:09:9523.4424.25 22.90 23.03 7-7-41.51137721312
13-05-17652ST tf g/y C140034W. Y. So118H. N. Wong8SR BEAUTY KINGDOMSUNNY WAYMONGOLIAN KING1:23.223.8 35.58 23.80 24.161-2-2-421102722938
26-04-17604HV tf g/f C1650312W. Y. So127B. Prebble12SR GOLDEN SLEEPMAGICAL BEAUTYUNICORN1:40.024.3 52.38 23.86 26.212-4-10-12151119732336
29-03-17533HV tf g/f C+3165037W. Y. So127B. Prebble4SR HIGH VOLATILITYJADE FORTUNEHERO LOOK1:39.524.5 51.43 23.94 25.013-4-3-75.5112273137
05-03-17471ST tf g/f C140034W. Y. So126B. Prebble11SR MIGHTY MAVERICKDARING FITCITRON SPIRIT1:21.123.8 35.34 22.70 23.719-10-8-43.51115731212
11-02-17417ST tf g/f C+3140033W. Y. So127B. Prebble3SR DARING FITBEAT THE CLOCKROUNDABOUT1:22.622.3 36.85 23.68 22.344-5-5-31.5111573147.3
08-01-17323ST tf g/f C140031W. Y. So120J. Moreira2SR ROUNDABOUTBEAUTY KINGDOMKA YING KID1:22.022.2 36.85 23.29 21.926-7-5-10.51121674.33.8
17-12-16276ST tf g/f C+3140033W. Y. So122B. Prebble5SR JOLLY JOLLYBRING IT ONROUNDABOUT1:21.823.4 36.35 22.79 22.999-10-9-31.51106676.94.2
07-12-16243HV tf g/f B120034W. Y. So121D. Whyte5SR LOVE SHOCKNUMERO UNOIRON BOY1:09.823.8 23.97 22.63 23.686-6-42.75111768115.4
09-11-16174HV tf g B120036W. Y. So121B. Prebble4SR EXTREMELY FUNWHO ELSE BUT YOUSUPER LEADER1:10.823.5 24.57 23.43 23.009-8-61111768136.3
23-10-16126ST tf g A120036W. Y. So123D. Whyte3SR JING JING WINSTARSHIPDIAMOND KING1:08.823.1 24.25 22.17 23.177-7-64.75112268108.8
01-10-1670ST tf g A+3120034W. Y. So121D. Whyte14SR IRON BOYLUCKY GUYCAREFREE LET GO1:09.022.9 25.14 21.82 22.4012-13-42.251112688.14
03-09-166ST tf g B120041W. Y. So128D. Whyte11SR ROUNDABOUTBOLD STITCHWONDERFUL JOURNEY1:09.122.3 24.98 22.38 21.8311-10-11.751109581316
22-06-16738HV tf g/f C100034W. Y. So118D. Whyte7SR TRAVEL COMFORTSLAMAROSADIEGO KOSTA0:57.123.5 13.23 21.77 22.558-7-42.51098607.810
09-06-16702HV tf g A100036W. Y. So113C. K. Tong5SR TRIUMPHANT JEWELSKY MANHARBOUR ALERT0:57.423.7 13.04 21.63 23.218-9-62.51094622359
01-06-16682HV tf g C+3120037W. Y. So120D. Whyte12SR FLYING TOURBILLONHIT THE BIDHAPPY COOPERATION1:09.723.3 24.93 22.78 22.6810-10-741107645144
11-05-16637HV tf g A1200311W. Y. So118K. C. Leung2SR BACK IN BLACKFOREVER REDTIMELY ARRIVED1:10.423.5 24.01 23.33 24.096-7-116.251106661211
20-04-16580HV tf g B100037W. Y. So116H. N. Wong4SR SKY MANTRIUMPHANT JEWELOCEAN ROAR0:57.223.1 12.76 21.72 23.293-3-73.25109568179.5
03-04-16536ST tf g B+2140039W. Y. So117H. N. Wong13XB-/SNONE OTHERSUPER FLUKEENORMOUS HONOUR1:22.222.9 35.82 23.76 23.412-2-5-94.751105704253
02-03-16451HV tf g C+31200310W. Y. So123C. Y. Ho5XB1 BLOCKER DEEGENEROUS BOBOALL MY GAIN1:11.022.5 24.89 24.02 22.796-6-104.251108721213
03-02-16375HV tf g A120036W. Y. So126B. Prebble9 FANTASTIC FEELINGRAINBOW FIGHTERFORTUNE BO BO1:10.423.5 24.46 23.21 23.1311-11-62.251112731611
18-10-15121ST tf g/f C+31400311W. Y. So127B. Prebble11 NONE OTHERHAPPY SURVEYSTOO FAST1:21.723.4 35.99 23.01 23.528-8-9-115112074128.3
19-09-1546ST tf g/f C+3140033W. Y. So129B. Prebble3 RACING HERONUMERO UNOROUNDABOUT1:21.722.8 36.48 23.12 22.559-9-8-32.251107745768

HKJC Comment

Taken back from gate 11, raced 8 lengths back at rear, same margin back on turn, taken very wide early in straight and made good progress to be nearest on line. (Lame left front leg next day morning.)