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D. Ferraris / Rating: 51

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / br / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Chow Chu May-ping
Last win: 25-01-17
Health: Throat surgery to correct roaring condition. (10/09/2015) Jockey expressed concern about horse's action at the start. Lame left hind leg. Withdrawn from race. (07/12/2016)
Sire: Nadeem
Dam: Princess Laya

Past Performances
Total Starts: 40: (3-3-4)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (1-0-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-1-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-1-0)
HV 1650m: 24 (2-1-4)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
10-07-19801HV tf g A165048D. Ferraris130N. Callan12TTPLAY WISESTARLIT KNIGHTTOUCH OF LUCK1:40:7624.3853.16 24.26 24.4310-11-11-86.751202568.529
26-06-19763HV tf g/f B165047D. Ferraris131A. Sanna10TTTHE JUDGEHIGH REVDREAM WARRIORS1:40:1223.2952.74 24.73 23.1011-10-10-72.751196581529
15-05-19661HV tf g A165048D. Ferraris132N. Callan6TTENJOY LIFERIGHTEOUS MATESHINING ON1:40:2424.8652.18 24.32 24.588-10-10-85.251188585.39.9
17-04-19588HV tf g B165043D. Ferraris133N. Callan12TTTHE FULL BLOOMMR DARTHVEGARNITRO EXPRESS1:39:9824.2951.84 24.77 23.4611-11-9-30.51184571720
20-03-19510HV tf g/f C165043D. Ferraris132N. Callan2TTPERFECT TO PLAYHAPPY WARRIORNITRO EXPRESS1:40:1123.7152.28 24.96 23.207-8-8-321192586.14.3
02-03-19462ST tf g C140049D. Ferraris133N. Callan10TTDRAGON DANCEEZRAGOLDEN MISSION1:22:7423.4836.47 23.43 23.599-9-8-94.751193601431
13-02-19419HV tf g B1800311D. Ferraris116A. Badel4TTHAPPY DRAGONBRAVE LEGENDHARMONY HERO1:49:0623.5561.25 24.70 24.806-5-5-6-1110.51195621628
16-01-19347HV tf g B165035D. Ferraris116G. van Niekerk3TTWARM THE VOICEGREEN LUCKSTARLIT KNIGHT1:39:9124.7751.37 24.53 24.345-5-6-521184631022
26-12-18289HV tf g C+3165037D. Ferraris121A. Badel4TTHAPPY DRAGONBANK ON REDLOOKING GOOD1:39:7523.9952.53 24.27 24.299-8-8-78.251190651116
21-11-18197HV tf g/y C+3165036D. Ferraris118G. van Niekerk9TTGREEN LUCKHAPPY DRAGONSLEEP EDUCATION1:39:8923.7853.03 24.20 23.1112-12-11-62.751185659.717
07-11-18160HV tf g B165032D. Ferraris117A. Badel9TTLET'S TAKE IT EASYNITRO EXPRESSTOP LAURELS1:40:3524.3952.54 24.66 23.2612-12-12-20.75118064718
26-09-1851HV tf g C+3165033D. Ferraris117M. Chadwick3TTRED WARRIORAMAZING SATCHMONITRO EXPRESS1:39:6723.4353.12 23.76 23.158-8-7-321185641122
12-09-1831HV tf g C165039D. Ferraris118D. Whyte2TTFAITHFUL TRINITYFRIENDS OF KA YINGNAMJONG PLUS1:39:8923.7852.61 24.26 23.916-7-7-95.51176651412
13-06-18729HV tf g B165036D. Ferraris120D. Whyte7TTBRAVE LEGENDSKY MELODYSILVERFIELD1:39:8824.1052.63 23.87 23.978-8-9-63.751177671311
12-05-18646ST tf g C160032D. Ferraris121D. Whyte2TTGO BEAUTY GONITRO EXPRESSFAMOUS WARRIOR1:35:5422.5349.81 23.44 22.364-4-4-2N 118065129.3
29-04-18604ST tf g A140035D. Ferraris123D. Whyte3TTRIGHT CALLGO BEAUTY GOVOLITATION1:22:4423.0036.78 23.58 22.7910-10-11-54.51179671214
07-03-18483HV tf g A165035D. Ferraris122N. Callan5TTWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIAGLORIOUS ARTIST1:39:6423.8652.03 24.31 23.818-9-9-53.251178681517
31-01-18388HV tf g C+31650311D. Ferraris121K. C. Leung6TTRAZOR QUESTBULLISH SMARTPHOTON WILLIE1:40:6023.6453.27 24.57 23.4310-11-10-114.251182708.411
13-12-17270HV tf g C165033D. Ferraris123K. C. Leung2TTMISTER MONTEDR WIN WINNITRO EXPRESS1:39:5623.3553.05 23.84 23.137-7-6-331184701425
29-10-17152HV tf g/f A165039D. Ferraris127S. Clipperton10TTTHUNDER STOMPFULL GLAMOURFLYING QUEST1:40:3423.6553.49 24.04 23.4211-11-11-93.751190721428
05-10-1788HV tf g A165036D. Ferraris128C. Schofield6TTSTAR MAJESTICTHE SYLPHRAZOR QUEST1:39:7124.6451.87 23.76 24.907-6-4-65.251206738.316
10-05-17638HV tf g/f A165039D. Ferraris128D. Whyte7TT HAPPY LIFEJADE FORTUNETHUNDER STOMP1:39.123.8 52.20 24.26 23.6611-11-11-961162751817
26-04-17604HV tf g/f C165039D. Ferraris130C. Schofield9TT GOLDEN SLEEPMAGICAL BEAUTYUNICORN1:40.024.3 52.82 23.34 24.549-10-7-94.251173761014
22-03-17516HV tf g C165035D. Ferraris129N. Callan4TT LITTLE DRAGONFANTASTIC KAKALAND GRANT1:40.123.8 52.97 23.96 23.516-9-10-51.5117776106.5
22-02-17443HV tf g/f C+3165035D. Ferraris132N. Callan8TT THUNDER STOMPCHEERFUL BOYJADE FORTUNE1:39.624.3 52.27 23.98 23.7710-10-10-52.751175768.19.2
25-01-17368HV tf g C+3165031D. Ferraris124N. Callan5TT NITRO EXPRESSBULLISH SMARTCHEERFUL BOY1:39.524.4 51.64 24.17 23.696-7-6-10.751159705.43.6
07-12-16248HV tf g/f B16503WDD. Ferraris123G. LerenaTT BIG BANG BONGVARA PEARLCHEERFUL BOY1:40.823.4  11597012 
23-11-16209HV tf g C+3165034D. Ferraris124C. Schofield5TT ENORMOUS HONOURBEAUTY PRINCERED MARVEL1:40.724.6 52.30 24.65 24.048-9-10-41.751175705.83.7
12-10-1698HV tf g B165031D. Ferraris116C. Schofield6TT NITRO EXPRESSINDUSTRIALIST WAYENORMOUS HONOUR1:40.923.2 53.76 24.62 22.568-9-10-121175629.111
18-09-1636ST tf g/f C+3140036D. Ferraris116K. Teetan6TT BEAUTY PRINCEMOLLY'S JADE STARHEALTHY JOYFUL1:21.523.2 35.89 23.08 23.037-8-7-62.751168631711
03-09-169ST tf g B140035D. Ferraris117K. Teetan4TT BABA MAMASMART BOYBEAUTY KINGDOM1:21.523.2 36.12 22.77 23.0710-11-8-52.51172632118
19-06-16735ST tf g/f C+3140034D. Ferraris116C. Schofield8TT SPICY SUREVERBINSKYMETALLIC STAR1:20.923.0 35.81 22.52 23.163-6-3-43.51151632319
05-06-16690ST tf g B+2140041D. Ferraris133N. Callan3TT NITRO EXPRESSG-ONE LOVERROYALE ELEGANCE1:22.523.5 36.11 23.41 23.075-6-4-1SH1153583.67.8
18-05-16651HV tf g B120044D. Ferraris133G. Lerena7TT MINT MASTERGENTILISSECRET AGENT1:09.723.2 24.74 22.75 22.818-7-43.251144607.512
01-05-16606ST tf g B120044D. Ferraris133D. Whyte3TT MULTIEXPRESSCAREFREE LET GOROBUST MOMENTUM1:10.122.5 24.67 23.22 22.595-8-42.51136609.98.4
13-04-16558HV tf g/y A120042D. Ferraris133D. Whyte6TT FAIRY TWINSNITRO EXPRESSMR GINGER1:10.824.3 24.43 23.09 23.509-10-211142601411
21-02-16423ST tf g A120038D. Ferraris119K. Teetan4TT LINE SEEKERTOP BONUSHONEST HORSE1:09.523.4 24.33 22.55 23.6810-9-86.251147622531
10-02-16395ST tf g C120036D. Ferraris116S. De Sousa7TT OUR FOLKSSOLAR HEI HEIFLYING FORCE1:10.222.3 25.46 23.22 21.859-9-621148631212
13-01-16325HV tf g B120035D. Ferraris121R. Fourie4TT FOREVER REDALL WIN BOYTRENDY WIN1:10.923.4 24.54 23.66 23.1111-10-52.251144642315
27-12-15283ST tf g A+3120036D. Ferraris119R. Fourie4TT POPPING CANDYHONEST HORSEPENANG HALL1:09.422.5 24.97 22.73 22.5311-11-651145645399
08-07-15763HV tf g/f A1000312D. Ferraris118C. Y. Ho6TT1 HAPPY METEORGENERAL IRONHARBOUR ALERT0:57.123.3 13.36 21.85 22.9012-12-1261152667499

HKJC Comment

Steadied and shifted behind runners to race in final trio leaving the straight. Moved wider passing the 400m when conceding 6.5L to the lead. Held margin in run to line and was never a likely contender.