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Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 64

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Ken Leung Woon-kin
Last win: 16-06-19
Health: Unacceptable performance. (20/04/2017)
Sire: Husson
Dam: Russian Belle

Past Performances
Total Starts: 51: (6-5-2)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 22 (5-3-2)
ST 1600m: 15 (1-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1650m: 6 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
21-09-1948ST tf g/f A140032Y. S. Tsui114T. H. So7 KING OF HEARTSGREAT TREASURECHARIZARD1:21:2723.2436.35 22.64 22.3314-14-14-2N 1012621525
08-09-1920ST tf g/f C140033Y. S. Tsui113T. H. So2 COOL TEAMLOBO'S LEGENDGREAT TREASURE1:21:1922.5736.72 22.94 21.8712-12-11-321012621638
16-06-19746ST tf g/f C+3140041Y. S. Tsui125A. Sanna13B-GREAT TREASURECHIU CHOW KIDGIFT OF LIFELINE1:22:1323.0336.61 23.17 22.3514-13-12-11.751009541537
26-05-19692ST tf g/y A160047Y. S. Tsui130G. van Niekerk2BTOUCH OF LUCKSHANGHAI DRAGONSUNNY POWER1:35:8323.2248.43 24.70 23.175-5-7-731018561018
08-05-19644ST aw w/s -180048Y. S. Tsui131J. Moreira10BGENERAL DINOENFOLDINGKING'S MAN1:49:5524.5561.27 24.17 24.8410-11-9-8-84.51029581015
22-04-19593ST aw g -165046Y. S. Tsui133C. Schofield7BGENERAL DINOCLEAR CHOICEPERFECT TO PLAY1:38:0222.7953.14 23.57 22.5414-14-11-67.751038605.37
14-04-19579ST tf g/y C120044Y. S. Tsui133C. Schofield11BFLYING VICTORYEIGHT TRIGRAMSYICHUN BLITZ1:10:7523.3825.37 22.76 22.98 12-12-42.251034601726
24-03-19528ST aw g -165038Y. S. Tsui116K. C. Leung12BCHUNG WAH SPIRITGAMEPLAYER EMPERORULTIMATE GLORY1:39:3422.4954.59 23.46 22.3412-12-12-86.51032621421
10-03-19488ST tf g C+31600310Y. S. Tsui112H. T. Mo8BUNICRON JEWELLERYNOT USUAL TALENTEARTH TRILOGY1:35:2724.1248.36 23.63 23.8013-13-13-103.251041641739
07-02-19404ST tf g C+3160037Y. S. Tsui118H. N. Wong4BCORDYCEPSNOT USUAL TALENTFAMOUS WARRIOR1:34:6523.2848.61 23.56 22.9511-12-12-731021661686
20-01-19353ST tf g/f A+31600313Y. S. Tsui120M. L. Yeung14BSACRED IBISFAMOUS WARRIORSUPER GIANT1:34:6323.8148.87 23.23 23.7314-14-14-137.51021682217
19-12-18270ST aw g -1800310Y. S. Tsui125U. Rispoli6BZILONGWILLIE WAYGOLDFIELD1:47:8723.3961.07 23.97 23.736-9-9-11-105.51014699.415
02-12-18224ST aw g -165034Y. S. Tsui125O. Murphy7BHANG'S DECISIONNUCLEAR POWERCHUNG WAH SPIRIT1:38:0123.7351.17 23.91 23.3610-9-10-42.751022695.18.3
18-11-18183ST aw g -165032Y. S. Tsui121S. De Sousa3H-/BELUSIVE STATEGREAT TREASURETANG FLEMING1:39:0324.2452.18 23.09 23.837-7-4-20.51010661011
10-11-18172ST tf g A160035Y. S. Tsui118M. L. Yeung2B/HSTARSHIPKIRAMGO BEAUTY GO1:35:3523.3348.75 23.79 23.298-7-8-531021665.27.4
13-10-1892ST tf g C180032Y. S. Tsui119M. L. Yeung7B/HWILLIE WAYGREAT TREASUREMCQUEEN1:48:3523.3462.88 22.85 22.677-7-7-7-2N 1022647.114
22-09-1845ST tf g/f A140034Y. S. Tsui117A. Sanna5B/HINVINCIBLE FRESHRELENTLESS MESUN TOUCH1:22:1323.3137.03 22.63 22.6414-11-10-411016641420
09-09-1825ST tf g/f C160041Y. S. Tsui131A. Sanna5B/HGREAT TREASUREFULL OF CHANCESLET US WIN1:34:4124.0847.86 23.03 23.528-9-8-10.751009581724
08-07-18784ST tf g/f C160048A. Lee133A. Sanna3B/HWINNING CONTROLLERPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTMARVEL JOY1:34:3523.1548.34 23.50 23.078-8-7-83.51009595.715
01-07-18765ST tf g B140044A. Lee127M. F. Poon6B/HFLASH FAMOUSFRESH POWERPICKEN1:23:1923.8937.13 23.29 23.0114-14-14-41.51009591118
24-06-18747ST tf g/f A1600311A. Lee117C. Schofield12B/HMARZOUQRACING LUCKAMAZING SATCHMO1:33:9522.5249.73 22.82 22.8111-12-12-118.751025601121
03-06-18700ST tf g/f B160034A. Lee115K. Teetan12B/HMAGNETISMSUPER FORMSLEEP EDUCATION1:34:1224.0948.17 22.98 23.5013-12-13-43.251014601420
20-05-18665ST tf g/f C+31400310A. Lee113M. L. Yeung3B/HBOLD STITCHINTREPICBABA MAMA1:21:7622.4236.95 23.23 22.6410-11-11-106.751019601419
15-04-18570ST tf g/y C+3140041A. Lee117C. Wong6B/HGREAT TREASUREHARD BALL GETSUNNY POWER1:23:0823.7436.72 23.54 22.8212-12-13-1N1018552135
18-03-18503ST tf g A1400410A. Lee123H. N. Wong5B/HSONIC FIGHTERVITAL SPRINGSMILING CHARM1:22:7023.8037.45 23.01 23.2413-13-13-106.251035552530
25-02-18452ST tf g B140041A. Lee118H. N. Wong12B/HGREAT TREASUREROYALE ELEGANCEAMBITIOUS PINS1:22:6223.8736.54 23.05 23.0313-13-14-1H1036502437
07-02-18406HV tf g A165049A. Lee123M. L. Yeung9B/HHIGH VOLATILITYGENTRYMR KOOL1:40:8824.0454.05 24.07 23.6712-12-11-95.751041521526
13-01-18338ST tf g C+3140049A. Lee125M. L. Yeung12B/HAMBITIOUS HEARTROYALE ELEGANCEGOLDEN SLEEP1:22:6523.1537.63 23.07 22.4613-14-14-93.251030541213
11-11-17183ST tf g/f A1600410A. Lee126M. L. Yeung9B/HINDIGENOUS STAREVER LAUGHHIT A HOME RUN1:35:0623.4348.29 23.82 23.755-6-6-1051021552314
22-10-17128ST tf g/f A160046A. Lee126M. L. Yeung5B/HMORETHANLUCKYAMBITIOUS PINSINDIGENOUS STAR1:33:7823.1447.88 23.40 23.377-8-8-65.51025551811
08-10-1795ST tf g B+2140043A. Lee126M. L. Yeung9B/HRED HORSEENDEARINGGREAT TREASURE1:21:9923.2936.25 22.97 23.107-7-7-3210235499.4
16-09-1742ST tf g/f C+3140046A. Lee123M. L. Yeung5B/HDIAMOND MYSTERIOUSEXPERTO CREDEEMPIRE STAR1:21:9622.5336.94 22.85 22.665-7-6-631019549.66.7
09-07-17781ST tf g B+2140041A. Lee119M. L. Yeung3B/H GREAT TREASUREEXPERTO CREDEJOLLY BOUNTIFUL1:22.722.8 36.02 24.14 22.603-4-3-11.51010478.77.1
20-04-17585HV tf g/f B1650412A. Lee122H. W. Lai9B/H AMAZING FEELINGMR KOOLGREAT JOY1:40.823.5 55.00 24.16 23.9512-12-12-1216.5998481314
09-04-17558ST tf g/f C160044A. Lee122H. W. Lai3B/H THE SHOWPOLYMER LUCKAMBITIOUS PINS1:35.522.8 49.34 24.06 22.505-7-7-42.25998491617
19-03-17504ST tf g/y A140047A. Lee124H. W. Lai12B/H G-ONE LOVERCITY LEGENDMERRYGOWIN1:24.024.5 37.35 23.71 23.8513-14-14-75.5997511815
08-03-17476HV tf g A165046A. Lee125H. W. Lai2B/H EXCELLENCESOUL ACHIEVERCASA MASTER1:40.624.4 52.93 24.20 24.1210-10-10-63.51009528.76.6
05-02-17395ST tf g C140046A. Lee125H. W. Lai11B/H MEISTERSTUECKGENEROUS HEARTCARE FREE PRINCE1:22.322.8 36.57 23.60 22.6911-11-10-631004521315
22-01-17356ST tf g A140042A. Lee125H. W. Lai3B/H RED ELYSEESGREAT TREASUREPENANG HALL1:23.124.6 35.52 23.34 24.388-10-8-20.59965176.6
01-01-17303ST tf g/f B+2140042A. Lee123H. W. Lai9B/H A BEAUTIFULGREAT TREASUREMEISTERSTUECK1:22.222.9 36.15 23.58 22.738-8-7-21.251001502421
04-12-16237ST tf g/f C+3140047A. Lee123H. W. Lai13B/H WORLD RECORDCARE FREE PRINCESNOW SLIDER1:22.623.3 36.93 23.37 23.1213-13-13-74.75989502637
06-11-16159ST tf g/f C+3140041A. Lee118H. W. Lai5B/H GREAT TREASUREEVERESTWORLD RECORD1:22.623.1 36.38 23.74 22.519-9-7-1H981452530
18-09-1631ST aw g -1650410Ng Ting-keung122S. Clipperton8B/H GOOD FITELECTRONIC PHOENIXDRAGON HARMONY1:40.024.1 52.97 23.86 24.618-10-10-108.5981472420
26-06-16747ST aw g -165048Ng Ting-keung126N. Rawiller2B/H IMPERIAL CONCORDEDIAMOND FRIENDSHO LEE HORSE1:39.724.1 51.55 24.47 25.035-5-3-88987523331
22-05-16661ST tf g/f A1600414Ng Ting-keung128T. H. So14B/H BEAUTY LOVEGORGEOUS LEGENDABLE DEED1:34.423.7 48.47 23.26 23.9013-13-13-147.5993565799
24-04-16584ST tf g A1400410Ng Ting-keung128K. C. Ng9B/H CARE FREE PRINCEPURE MOMENTUMREAL SUPREME1:22.823.8 36.66 23.36 24.0114-12-12-107.25975599999
28-03-16515ST tf g A+31600314Ng Ting-keung116H. W. Lai13B/H BERLINITHE SHOWRED DANCER1:34.323.3 49.26 23.30 24.3614-14-14-1416986639999
06-03-16463ST tf g C1400312Ng Ting-keung119H. W. Lai3H/B1 JOLLY JOLLYGO GO WINWINNAM1:22.523.0 36.65 23.42 23.2912-12-12-125.25987665599
06-02-16380ST tf g B+21600311Ng Ting-keung121D. Whyte4H LUCKY GIRLLEADING HORSEWINNAM1:34.523.3 48.63 23.56 23.8412-12-12-119.251005682944
17-01-16337ST tf g/y C+3140037Ng Ting-keung123D. Whyte8H1 SO FASTMIDNIGHT RATTLERPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:22.122.5 37.26 22.97 22.9512-11-9-76.251003704299
01-01-16297ST tf g B+21200310Ng Ting-keung123D. Whyte13 SOLAR HEI HEILUCKY EVERLUCKY DAY1:09.622.8 25.26 22.42 22.8014-13-1051008705299

HKJC Comment

Taken back to race at tail, 8 lengths back, a bit closer on turn, taken wide in straight and finished off very strongly to take 2nd, just beaten by a neck.