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SUPER FLUKE (T382) 僥倖 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 93

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 8 yrs / NZ
Owner: Financial Combination Syndicate
Last win: 18-03-18
Health: Lame right front leg. (27/06/2017) Rider concerned horse's action during racing. (12/05/2018) Lame right front leg (prolonged period of rest advised). (03/11/2018)
Sire: Thewayyouare
Dam: Brilliant Kiwi

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (6-2-5)
ST 1200m: 9 (3-0-3)
ST 1400m: 8 (0-1-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (2-0-1)
HV 1650m: 10 (1-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-10-18133HV tf g A165029C. H. Yip133G. van Niekerk1 JADE FORTUNETURIN REDSTARSUPER TURBO1:40:5924.7251.30 24.85 25.524-4-4-96.751192972143
01-10-1864ST tf g A+31200212C. H. Yip123C. Wong4 LITTLE GIANTCALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:08:8122.6024.90 22.47 22.58 10-12-127.251179984439
15-07-18804ST tf y A160017C. H. Yip119U. Rispoli10B-RISE HIGHRIVETJOLLY BANNER1:34:4523.4048.51 23.38 23.9810-8-7-791205993898
13-06-18730HV tf g B120027C. H. Yip128U. Rispoli7B2HOT KING PRAWNSEVEN HEAVENSMY ALLY1:09:1323.1424.45 22.50 22.84 10-9-74.251186995323
12-05-18647ST tf g C140015C. H. Yip122B. Prebble3 CALIFORNIA WHIPRACING SUPERNOVATHE GOLDEN AGE1:21:1523.3036.17 22.60 22.838-9-9-52.751184995.410
18-03-18510ST tf g A120021C. H. Yip126B. Prebble6 SUPER FLUKECALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:09:4622.6024.61 22.65 22.20 8-7-1SH1194936.910
21-02-18443HV tf g C120017C. H. Yip119B. Prebble10 BORN IN CHINAHOUSE OF FUNCALIFORNIA WHIP1:09:1123.2024.41 22.46 22.95 10-10-74.51189931113
31-01-18389HV tf g C+3120021C. H. Yip122B. Prebble2 SUPER FLUKECALIFORNIA WHIPE-SUPER1:09:6623.3024.21 22.75 22.70 8-6-1H1194875.64.9
10-01-18336HV tf g B120023C. H. Yip124B. Prebble5 PERPETUAL JOYANCEMR GENUINESUPER FLUKE1:09:8523.2124.42 23.18 22.33 8-9-30.51171868.13.8
22-11-17215HV tf g C+3120031C. H. Yip133B. Prebble9 SUPER FLUKESIMPLY BRILLIANTCHARITY GLORY1:10:1423.0524.57 23.16 22.41 7-7-1N1177806.77.1
22-10-17135ST tf g/f A120031C. H. Yip126B. Prebble3 SUPER FLUKELUCKY DOLLARTOP BEAUTIFUL1:08:9722.9424.03 22.36 22.58 6-5-11.251152731412
24-09-1761ST tf g A120031C. H. Yip121B. Prebble2B-/TT-SUPER FLUKEWINNING FAITHALL YOU NEED1:09:4223.0124.12 22.45 22.85 5-4-12.251144651611
22-02-17443HV tf g/f C+31650312D. Cruz122M. L. Yeung11V-/B2THUNDER STOMPCHEERFUL BOYJADE FORTUNE1:39.624.3 52.47 24.18 25.3111-12-12-1214.751149682648
04-01-17315HV tf g A1650311D. Cruz120K. C. Leung10V/TT CHATER LEGENDPEARL WARM WARMVARA PEARL1:40.024.4 52.31 24.29 26.478-9-11-1118.751158692023
07-12-16248HV tf g/f B165038D. Cruz122H. Bowman4B-/V1BIG BANG BONGVARA PEARLCHEERFUL BOY1:40.823.4 53.88 24.42 22.997-8-7-82.75113669119.4
23-11-16210HV tf g C+3165034D. Cruz123D. Whyte6B/TT SUNNY WINHAPPY SPIRITTHE SYLPH1:41.223.7 53.52 24.21 23.842-4-3-42.251129691314
26-10-16138HV tf g/f C+3165031D. Cruz118J. Moreira6B/TT SUPER FLUKEPEARL WARM WARMBEAUTY PRINCE1:41.923.4 53.83 24.88 23.234-3-3-1SH11186433.2
05-10-1682HV tf g A165035D. Cruz118K. C. Leung8B/TT TEN FLAMESTHE SYLPHVARA PEARL1:41.624.1 51.96 25.56 24.381-2-2-51.751102643.63.4
21-09-1646HV tf g/f C165033D. Cruz116K. C. Leung3B/TT INVENTORCHATER LEGENDSUPER FLUKE1:40.124.5 50.90 24.66 24.691-1-1-30.51120633.64.1
22-06-16743HV tf g/f C165032D. Cruz115K. C. Leung12B/TT SO CAFFESUPER FLUKELITTLE ISLAND1:41.622.6 53.94 25.09 22.641-1-1-2H110562138.2
09-06-16703HV tf g A165034D. Cruz109K. K. Chiong5B/TT1INDUSTRIALIST WAYPIKACHUKING OF MONGOLIA1:40.623.8 52.37 24.89 23.617-6-6-41.51115635.35.6
14-05-16645ST tf g C+3140035D. Cruz116C. Schofield12B SIMPLY INVINCIBLERAGING BULLPOWER OF ONE1:21.823.1 36.07 23.30 22.7411-11-12-51.251116639.214
24-04-16589ST tf y A140034D. Cruz119K. Teetan14B FRIENDS OF NANJINGPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRADIANT BUNNY1:23.723.9 37.07 23.52 23.3614-14-11-41111563119.2
03-04-16536ST tf g B+2140032D. Cruz116K. Teetan4B NONE OTHERSUPER FLUKEENORMOUS HONOUR1:22.222.9 36.30 23.44 22.689-9-7-21.251111624.77.7
06-03-16463ST tf g C140035D. Cruz116E da Silva13B JOLLY JOLLYGO GO WINWINNAM1:22.523.0 36.17 23.58 23.0710-7-7-51.751107636.611
28-02-16444ST tf g B140036D. Cruz116C. Schofield4B MARVEL HEROJOYFUL MOMENTSDIAMOND KING1:22.023.4 36.09 22.87 23.528-8-6-62.751114631320
17-01-16335ST tf g/y C+3120033D. Cruz116C. Schofield7B LUCKY EVERPAKISTAN BABYSUPER FLUKE1:09.422.9 24.97 22.34 22.4011-11-31.751103631725
01-01-16297ST tf g B+2120038D. Cruz116C. Y. Ho4B SOLAR HEI HEILUCKY EVERLUCKY DAY1:09.622.8 24.50 22.74 23.087-8-841110652429
13-12-15244ST tf g A1400311D. Cruz120M. Demuro14B1 JOLLY JOLLYPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRUN FORREST1:22.023.4 35.53 23.34 24.404-3-4-117.751109674465
21-11-15196ST tf g B+21400310D. Cruz121G. Benoist7 TRAVEL RENYISICHUAN DARBEAUTY KINGDOM1:21.523.2 35.56 23.22 24.016-8-10-107.751116681116
10-10-1599ST tf g C120039D. Cruz121N. Callan5 BRILLIANT DREAMNEW ASIA SUNRISESO FAST1:09.323.5 23.84 22.51 23.815-7-951114687.48.7
28-09-1562ST tf g A120033D. Cruz124J. Moreira7 LUCKY DAYLUCKY YEARSUPER FLUKE1:09.323.0 24.07 22.53 22.874-3-30.51124673.36.3
12-07-15770ST tf g/f B+2120033D. Cruz122K. C. Leung4 MIDNIGHT RATTLERLET ME DOSUPER FLUKE1:09.223.1 24.17 22.47 22.787-6-31.251113679999

HKJC Comment

Broke well from the one draw and but was sluggish and given a reminder, travelled 2L back in 4th on the rail most of the way to home straight, came to challenge under pressure but weakened inside the 200 metres.