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CALIFORNIA JOY (T406) 加州再豫 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 81

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Howard Liang Yum-shing
Last win: 01-07-18
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (14/01/2018)
Sire: Fastnet Rock
Dam: Laetitia

Past Performances
Total Starts: 38: (6-6-2)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 15 (2-2-0)
ST 1600m: 11 (3-3-1)
ST aw 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 7 (1-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
04-11-18154ST tf g C+3140028A. S. Cruz128C. Y. Ho10B/TTDRAGON GENERALGREEN ENERGYSUPERICH1:21:9623.5835.77 23.25 24.087-6-6-871212861619
21-10-18118ST tf g/f A140024A. S. Cruz116C. Y. Ho13B/TTCITRON SPIRITGOOD STANDINGSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:21:6623.0235.47 23.33 23.005-2-2-40.751202852744
22-09-1846ST tf g/f A1400213A. S. Cruz115K. C. Ng9B/TTREGENCY BO BOMORETHANLUCKYFAST MOST FURIOUS1:21:1923.4435.53 23.22 24.308-11-13-1311.51196852619
02-09-1810ST tf g B140028A. S. Cruz114M. F. Poon1B/TTWORLD RECORDRATTANCITRON SPIRIT1:21:4422.5836.27 22.95 22.7411-10-8-83.25118285127
01-07-18769ST tf g B140031A. S. Cruz133J. Moreira13B/TTCALIFORNIA JOYHOME RUNSUPER GIANT1:22:3323.2836.14 22.91 23.285-3-1-1N118680117.1
10-06-18723ST tf g/f C140035A. S. Cruz133N. Callan4B/TTDIAMOND KINGVOLITATIONVILLA FIONN1:21:8423.2635.92 23.14 22.875-6-7-50.51175807.23.5
27-05-18685ST tf g/f A140032A. S. Cruz132N. Callan7B/TTSACRED IBISCALIFORNIA JOYPLAY WISE1:21:8622.7535.86 23.41 22.876-6-3-21.7511767994.8
12-05-18649ST tf g C140032A. S. Cruz129R Maia13B/TTVOYAGE KINGCALIFORNIA JOYINVINCIBLE FRESH1:21:9823.8636.03 22.93 23.0510-8-11-2H1176762924
02-05-18619ST aw g -1650310A. S. Cruz132T. Berry7B/TTTURIN REDSTARGONNA RUNHANG'S DECISION1:38:2022.9651.57 23.67 24.162-1-1-107.51182783578
18-04-18584HV tf g B1650310A. S. Cruz128H. N. Wong8B/TTDON'T MISSHAR HAR HEARTROMAN IMPERO1:39:6723.9152.09 23.87 24.783-2-3-106.751184802029
02-04-18544ST tf g B+2140028A. S. Cruz111K. C. Ng2B/TTWHAT ELSE BUT YOUCALCULATIONKINGSFIELD1:21:1422.6036.79 22.71 22.696-8-7-86.51192812736
18-03-18507ST tf g A140028A. S. Cruz111K. C. Ng3B/TTPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRACING SUPERNOVAAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:22:0522.3437.59 22.88 22.2411-11-10-841195811817
13-01-18343ST aw g -1650212A. S. Cruz115K. C. Ng9B/TTCLASSIC EMPERORBEAUTY PRINCEPEOPLE'S KNIGHT1:37:3423.1151.70 23.37 24.556-6-8-1214.251223815761
23-12-17299ST tf g A+3140031A. S. Cruz129A. Sanna2B/TTCALIFORNIA JOYEXPERTO CREDESACRED IBIS1:22:2123.4835.93 23.16 23.125-5-5-1H1215761211
13-12-17269HV tf g C165037A. S. Cruz124M. F. Poon8B/TTWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIARIGHT CALL1:40:2623.7252.33 24.21 24.254-1-1-73.251211783.43
26-11-17225ST tf g C160034A. S. Cruz126H. T. Mo1B/TTMORETHANLUCKYPING HAI STARBRING IT ON1:34:0723.4047.68 23.43 23.277-7-6-421212797.513
08-11-17178HV tf g B165033A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick3B/TTBANK ON REDGO BEAUTY GOCALIFORNIA JOY1:41:0323.6953.00 24.70 23.585-5-3-31.751203794.32.4
22-10-17136ST tf g/f A140029A. S. Cruz112K. C. Ng10B/TTNOTHINGILIKEMOREJOLLY JOLLYSIMPLY INVINCIBLE1:21:3522.5836.36 23.41 22.5811-13-14-96.251196812923
08-10-17100ST tf g B+2140025A. S. Cruz112K. C. Ng13B/TTFIFTY FIFTYRACING SUPERNOVACALIFORNIA WHIP1:21:8122.5936.01 23.69 22.6011-12-11-531202822734
13-09-1736HV tf g/f B165025A. S. Cruz115M. Chadwick12B/TTSICHUAN DARCLASSIC EMPERORFRIENDS OF KA YING1:40:0523.5352.62 24.18 23.423-3-3-511178821623
18-06-17741ST tf g/y C+3160022A. S. Cruz108H. T. Mo5B/TT SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA JOYJOLLY JOLLY1:34.822.9 48.50 23.57 23.083-3-3-22116881811
23-04-17597ST aw w/s -180036A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick7B/TT VANILLAGIANT TURTLEKING GENKI1:47.024.0 59.54 23.83 24.942-4-3-67.751164811513
12-03-17488ST aw g -16502WDA. S. Cruz118M. ChadwickB/TT PEOPLE'S KNIGHTFRIENDS OF KA YINGTRAVEL FIRST1:37.623.4  117681  
02-02-17389HV tf g A165032A. S. Cruz131N. Callan2B/TT INVENTORCALIFORNIA JOYBEAUTY PRINCE1:40.524.4 52.01 24.18 24.411-1-1-2SH1178784.62.8
11-01-17330HV tf g B165031A. S. Cruz124N. Callan6B/TT CALIFORNIA JOYTHUNDER STOMPACCLAIMED LIGHT1:39.823.3 52.20 24.34 23.282-2-2-11.751161719.38.2
23-11-16209HV tf g C+3165038A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick6B/TT ENORMOUS HONOURBEAUTY PRINCERED MARVEL1:40.724.6 51.54 25.01 24.643-3-5-831171721110
12-11-16185ST tf g A+3160039A. S. Cruz124M. Chadwick13B/TT CLASSIC EMPERORPRAWN BABAAMAZING AGILITY1:35.022.7 48.98 23.32 23.603-2-2-95.51190722420
23-10-16128ST tf g A1600210A. S. Cruz125D. Whyte6B/TT SIMPLY INVINCIBLEBABA MAMAUNICORN1:34.323.3 47.27 23.90 24.262-3-4-106.75117972105.8
01-10-1668ST tf g A+3160032A. S. Cruz128J. Moreira2B/TT CHEERFUL BOYCALIFORNIA JOYMARVEL HERO1:34.822.8 49.74 22.96 22.574-5-5-22.51180711.92.1
11-09-1628ST tf g C160031A. S. Cruz118J. Moreira3B/TT CALIFORNIA JOYREDWOOD BABYPACKING DRAGON1:34.522.8 48.49 23.57 22.446-6-5-1SH1178652.21.7
26-06-16752ST tf g/f A160032A. S. Cruz118J. Moreira7CP-/BATHENA BABYCALIFORNIA JOYCLUB LIFE1:33.623.2 47.69 22.85 23.164-4-3-2N1156633.82
29-05-16676ST tf g A+3160033A. S. Cruz113C. Y. Ho8CP/TTGENERAL OF PATCHENERGETIC CLASSCALIFORNIA JOY1:34.423.1 47.75 23.84 22.919-8-4-30.51154628.15.7
24-04-16591ST tf y A160034A. S. Cruz113C. Y. Ho3CP/TTSOLAR HEI HEIUNICORNBEAUTY PRINCE1:37.423.6 49.30 24.54 24.142-2-2-431169624.44.5
03-04-16532ST tf g B+2160041A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho2CP/TTCALIFORNIA JOYSTAR OF BONDFORTUNE GIGGLES1:35.323.5 48.45 23.82 23.108-7-4-11.51162543.83
20-03-16493ST tf g A160041A. S. Cruz117C. Y. Ho7CP/TTCALIFORNIA JOYGOOD FOR YOULIGHTNING AND GOLD1:34.924.3 47.48 23.69 23.786-8-5-12.75116346128.8
06-03-16459ST tf g C140044A. S. Cruz119C. Y. Ho9CP/TTENERGETIC CLASSMOLLY'S JADE STARBULB MASTER1:22.222.9 36.57 23.00 23.093-4-4-42.51174485099
14-02-16399ST tf g C+3120048A. S. Cruz123G. Mosse4CP/TTMOMENTUM LUCKYMOLLY'S JADE STARHOT HOT PEPPER1:09.522.8 24.22 22.67 23.523-3-85.51194503574
24-01-16350ST tf g A1400413A. S. Cruz120K. C. Ng14CP/TTTEAM SWEETFASHION MAESTROMOTIF1:23.923.9 35.01 25.02 25.202-2-3-138.251204525399
01-01-16296ST tf g B+2120048A. S. Cruz126C. Schofield1CP1/TJOLLY SPRINGLUCKY PROFITHAMMER KING1:10.223.0 24.79 23.16 22.979-10-841209524499

HKJC Comment

Jumped well, showed no early speed, raced 4 wide in midfield, no cover throughout, kept on evenly after turning in, weakened gradually after passing final 150M.