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FORTUNE BO BO (V017) 運來寶寶 (Retired)

T. P. Yung / Rating: 85

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 7 yrs / NZ
Owner: Alan Tsang Ping-sing, Fiona Tsang Wai-sze & Claudia Tsang Hei-man
Last win: 25-04-18
Health: Palmar/plantar osteochondral disease lesion in right front fetlock (extended period of rest recommended). (30/08/2018)
Sire: Coats Choice
Dam: Blue Blond

Past Performances
Total Starts: 25: (4-3-2)
ST 1000m: 12 (1-3-1)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 5 (2-0-0)
HV 1200m: 7 (1-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
13-06-18730HV tf g B1200210T. P. Yung114M. Chadwick5B/TTHOT KING PRAWNSEVEN HEAVENSMY ALLY1:09:1323.1423.57 22.54 23.86 2-2-105.251107859575
23-05-18674HV tf g/f C120027T. P. Yung119M. L. Yeung6B/TTGUNNISONFORTUNE BOOTHCALIFORNIA FORTUNE1:08:5623.4523.20 22.19 23.98 4-4-751114852363
25-04-18600HV tf g C100031T. P. Yung128Z. Purton9B/TTFORTUNE BO BOEVERBRAVEDANCES WITH DRAGON0:57:2823.0712.69 21.56 23.03 2-2-10.51110804.23.7
08-04-18556ST tf g C100026T. P. Yung105C. Wong6B/TTMARVEL TRIBEBRAVO WATCHMANKEY WITNESS0:55:4522.2313.07 20.43 22.44 4-4-631110821424
18-03-18510ST tf g A120028T. P. Yung117U. Rispoli5B/TTSUPER FLUKECALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:09:4622.6023.77 23.09 23.36 1-1-84.751108842836
21-02-18445HV tf g C120036T. P. Yung128H. N. Wong8B/TTIVICTORYTRIUMPHANT JEWELRADIANT STEED1:10:0623.0023.32 23.74 23.54 1-1-63.51116852935
28-01-18378ST tf g B100039T. P. Yung131K. C. Leung10B/TTBALTIC WHISPERTURF SPRINTWATER DIVINER0:57:3523.0813.08 21.19 23.86 2-1-951105851516
10-01-18336HV tf g B120026T. P. Yung123P-C Boudot2B/TTPERPETUAL JOYANCEMR GENUINESUPER FLUKE1:09:8523.2123.54 23.34 23.42 2-3-62.751104851021
06-12-17250HV tf g B100031T. P. Yung130K. C. Leung9B/TTFORTUNE BO BOMONEY BOYGENERAL IRON0:57:2223.2412.67 21.39 23.16 2-2-1SH1106802146
15-11-17196HV tf g C100036T. P. Yung126M. F. Poon8B/TTKEEP MOVINGMONEY BOYSMART DECLARATION0:57:2722.9912.86 21.42 23.49 5-1-631097802121
14-10-17116ST tf g C100038T. P. Yung128H. N. Wong6B/TTACE KINGBEAUTY MASTERMONEY BOY0:57:0522.8413.38 20.91 23.59 3-3-85.251081801621
28-06-17765HV tf g/f C+3120031T. P. Yung131Z. Purton5B/TT FORTUNE BO BOCHEER WING-ONE LOVER1:09.823.5 23.84 22.57 23.481-2-1SH1094758.34.1
04-06-17705ST tf g/f B100033T. P. Yung119H. T. Mo6B/TT DRAGON MASTERMONEY BOYFORTUNE BO BO0:56.122.5 13.03 20.59 22.723-5-31.51072756.73.6
23-04-17595ST tf g C+3100031T. P. Yung120Z. Purton12B/TT FORTUNE BO BORED KYLINJADE THEATRE0:56.622.7 13.21 20.63 22.782-1-13.251070663.93
12-03-17487ST tf g C+3100035T. P. Yung111H. T. Mo1B/TT BRAVO WATCHMANACE KINGBOTH LUCKY0:56.222.7 13.16 20.43 23.123-4-531076668.58.1
11-02-17412ST tf g/f C+3100032T. P. Yung120C. Schofield4B/TT MAGIC LEGENDFORTUNE BO BOSO FAST0:56.522.7 13.35 20.54 22.863-3-21109065127.5
04-12-16236ST tf g/f C+3100035T. P. Yung118J. Moreira10B/TT D B PINFAIRY TWINSBEAUTY MASTER0:56.822.8 13.22 20.81 23.364-3-53.751075654.65.2
12-11-16182ST tf g A+3100032T. P. Yung115J. Moreira5V-/B2WATER DIVINERFORTUNE BO BORED KYLIN0:56.923.0 13.15 20.70 23.051-1-2Nose1093606.63.4
01-07-16759ST tf g/f A+3100039T. P. Yung116K. C. Leung9V DRAGON GENERALRED KYLINDRAGON MASTER0:55.822.3 13.16 20.41 23.232-2-961075639.17.5
29-05-16674ST tf g A+3100035T. P. Yung120C. Schofield3V GALLANT ROCKWINFULL PATROLDRAGON MASTER0:55.822.2 13.19 20.71 22.595-7-5411006596
04-05-16617HV tf g C+3100034T. P. Yung116K. C. Leung12V DIAMOND MASTERHARBOUR ALERTFLYING FORCE0:57.123.3 13.06 21.49 23.007-6-42.251095651712
03-04-16531ST tf g B+2100032T. P. Yung117C. Schofield9V1 BAD BOYFORTUNE BO BOSPEEDY ACHIEVER0:55.722.2 13.17 20.33 22.342-1-20.75111763188.2
09-03-16469HV tf g/y A100039T. P. Yung120Z. Purton8B- ARCHIPPUSTOP BONUSWAH MAY BABY0:57.323.1 13.01 22.03 23.109-8-94.751118641410
17-02-16414HV tf g B120035T. P. Yung121B. Prebble2B E-SUPERRED KYLINTIMELY ARRIVED1:10.923.1 23.95 23.87 23.541-1-52.51109657.47.3
03-02-16375HV tf g A120033T. P. Yung118S. De Sousa1B1 FANTASTIC FEELINGRAINBOW FIGHTERFORTUNE BO BO1:10.423.5 23.70 23.17 23.781-1-31.251106652.95

HKJC Comment

Away with them, sent forward to race in 2nd, 2 wide, 3/4L back, same position on turn, weakened gradually in straight.