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WORLD RECORD (V040) 世界紀錄 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 89

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 7 yrs / NZ
Owner: William Ching Hon-kuen & Raymond Ching Wei-man
Last win: 25-11-18
Health: Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (17/07/2017) Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (12/05/2019) Unacceptable performance. (08/02/2017) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (01/10/2016)
Sire: Savabeel
Dam: Run Brony Run

Past Performances
Total Starts: 35: (6-4-6)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 29 (6-3-6)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-1-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-07-19814ST tf g/f A160019A. T. Millard113V. Borges7XBHARMONY VICTORYTIME TO CELEBRATEKA YING STAR1:32:8222.6248.44 22.92 23.0411-11-11-99.751109912954
11-05-19654ST tf g C1400110A. T. Millard118A. Domeyer8XBGOOD STANDINGMISSION TYCOONLEAN PERFECTION1:20:7922.8236.04 23.01 23.1512-12-12-108.751116931017
14-04-19584ST tf g/y C140026A. T. Millard131G. van Niekerk8XBCHAMPION'S WAYGOOD STANDINGKASI FARASI1:22:7123.8837.01 23.34 23.0411-12-13-64.251107959.815
31-03-19546ST tf g A+3140028A. T. Millard130M. Harley13XBLEAN PERFECTIONTORNADO TWISTENCOURAGING1:22:0223.4636.82 22.58 23.1712-12-12-83.51113961313
20-01-19357ST tf g/f A+3140025A. T. Millard133K. Teetan1XBWAIKUKUTAKING AIMHINCHINLOVE1:21:2423.2935.90 23.01 22.8310-11-11-531120969.113
16-12-18262ST tf g C+3140026A. T. Millard127G. van Niekerk5XBCONTECITRON SPIRITJOYFUL TRINITY1:21:1623.4236.34 22.60 22.7313-13-13-63.251106961111
25-11-18208ST tf y C140021A. T. Millard129G. van Niekerk12XBWORLD RECORDSUPERICHCIRCUIT GLORY1:23:2424.8436.22 23.34 23.6813-12-12-1N1102891318
13-10-1898ST tf g C160022A. T. Millard125G. van Niekerk5XBVICTORY BOYSWORLD RECORDCIRCUIT NUMBER TWO1:33:9322.9248.59 23.18 22.3510-10-9-21.2510798897.9
02-09-1810ST tf g B140021A. T. Millard117G. van Niekerk10XBWORLD RECORDRATTANCITRON SPIRIT1:21:4422.5836.55 23.07 21.8213-13-13-1Nose1077831517
24-06-18751ST tf g/f A140029A. T. Millard120K. Teetan1XBWIN BEAUTY WINSOLAR PATCHCONTE1:20:7022.6236.14 22.62 22.8110-10-9-95.51106831215
27-05-18686ST tf g/f A140022A. T. Millard120C. Schofield8XBRATTANWORLD RECORDCIRCUIT HASSLER1:21:1022.4636.29 22.95 22.4810-11-12-241091837.18.3
21-04-18594ST tf g C+3140024A. T. Millard122C. Schofield8XBCOBY BOYFORTUNE BOOTHAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:21:7423.2336.04 23.35 22.5211-11-13-411095829.315
02-04-18544ST tf g B+2140024A. T. Millard115C. Schofield4XBWHAT ELSE BUT YOUCALCULATIONKINGSFIELD1:21:1422.6036.51 22.83 22.503-4-5-44.251085826.26.5
04-02-18400ST tf g C140033A. T. Millard130A. Badel11XBSIR REDALOTREGENCY BO BOWORLD RECORD1:21:7624.0936.28 22.79 23.0010-9-10-321088824.83.9
17-12-17281ST tf g C+3140027A. T. Millard118A. Badel14XBPINGWU SPARKHAPPY AGILITYBABA MAMA1:22:0923.2637.24 22.75 22.6711-14-14-73.5107682118.4
11-11-17190ST tf g/f A140031A. T. Millard128N. Rawiller8XBWORLD RECORDPING HAI STARSMILING CHARM1:21:5523.4736.07 22.53 22.9512-12-8-11.251094752.53.2
14-10-17118ST tf g C140033A. T. Millard126N. Rawiller10XBREGENCY BO BOKINGSFIELDWORLD RECORD1:22:0623.6336.33 22.94 22.8713-14-11-30.51085731911
16-07-17805ST tf g/y C140038A. T. Millard127C. Murray4XB CALCULATIONCHUNG WAH SPIRITFANTASTIC KAKA1:23.023.4 36.30 23.93 23.754-7-7-85.51073736.18.4
25-06-17760ST tf g/f A140033A. T. Millard126C. Murray6XB PENANG HALLHEALTHY JOYFULWORLD RECORD1:22.022.5 37.07 23.09 22.1014-12-12-31.51066736.77.9
13-05-17651ST tf g/y C140034A. T. Millard126S. Clipperton11XB HAPPY JOURNEYTANG FLEMINGMIGHTY MAVERICK1:22.923.8 35.92 23.83 23.3811-11-11-40.751075723.43.9
17-04-17580ST tf g/f C+3140033A. T. Millard126S. Clipperton2XB SUNNY WAYLUCKY DOUBLE EIGHTWORLD RECORD1:22.023.5 35.91 22.91 23.406-7-5-311089713.13
26-03-17525ST tf g A+3140031A. T. Millard117J. Moreira6XB WORLD RECORDCELESTIAL NOVAMYTHICAL EMPEROR1:22.423.5 35.87 23.69 22.8911-11-12-12.251061624.63.5
08-02-17406HV tf g B1650311A. T. Millard116C. Schofield9XB BULLISH SMARTBIG BANG BONGUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:39.823.9 51.30 24.99 25.863-3-4-1114.251063626.16.2
14-01-17339ST tf g C+3140042A. T. Millard133C. Schofield9XB SMILING CHARMWORLD RECORDGLENEALY PRIZE1:22.823.8 35.71 23.81 23.537-7-6-21.251064603.44.5
04-12-16237ST tf g/f C+3140041A. T. Millard126C. Schofield12XB WORLD RECORDCARE FREE PRINCESNOW SLIDER1:22.623.3 36.01 23.37 23.299-4-2-11.51049538.97.8
20-11-16194ST tf g B+2140041A. T. Millard118C. Schofield2XB WORLD RECORDSUPER SWEET ORANGEAMAZING FEELING1:21.722.9 35.83 23.37 22.595-5-6-12.51054456.78
06-11-16159ST tf g/f C+3140043A. T. Millard118C. Schofield11XB GREAT TREASUREEVERESTWORLD RECORD1:22.623.1 36.46 23.90 22.5010-10-11-31.51048457.89.3
01-10-1667ST tf g/y A+3140043A. T. Millard122K. Teetan13XB KING'S MANCOOL AND NEATWORLD RECORD1:21.723.8 36.14 22.89 23.1414-14-14-32.751031468.811
18-09-1633ST tf g/f C+3140049A. T. Millard121K. Teetan12XB IMPERIAL GALLANTRYTEAM SWEETMR POTENTIAL1:22.223.6 35.80 23.48 23.629-10-10-941037488.817
03-09-165ST tf g B1400411A. T. Millard121K. Teetan8XB RUN FORRESTREGENCY BABYTEAM SWEET1:22.123.7 36.28 23.30 24.2012-12-12-1110.251035486.810
26-06-16749ST tf g/f A140042A. T. Millard119J. Moreira14XB CHEERFUL BOYWORLD RECORDSNOW SLIDER1:22.123.5 36.79 22.76 22.6913-13-11-2N1025462216
05-06-16688ST tf g B+2120048A. T. Millard120C. Y. Ho7XB LOVE SHOCKRUMINAREVICTORY DUKE1:09.122.7 24.46 22.92 22.648-11-85.51024489999
22-05-16662ST tf g/f A140048A. T. Millard123K. Teetan7SR-/XMOLLY'S JADE STARG-ONE LOVERCARE FREE PRINCE1:22.223.4 35.37 23.82 23.709-9-8-84.251017504299
16-04-16567ST tf g/f C+31000413A. T. Millard125G. Lerena14XB/SRADVENTURERWINNING VIBEFISH N' CHIPS0:55.521.9 13.85 20.47 22.3114-13-1371030522417
09-01-16310ST tf g C1200412A. T. Millard124K. Teetan10XB1 RAGING BULLTHUNDER DASHSHINING CHAMPION1:09.622.8 24.10 22.97 24.064-5-129.251060527.914

HKJC Comment

Switched off to the rear, over 10Ls off the pace middle stages, swung wide 600M, couldn't muster the speed to challenge.