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P. F. Yiu / Rating: 102

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / br / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin-ki
Last win: 06-01-19
Health: -
Sire: Lonhro
Dam: Valkyrie Diva

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (6-4-9)
ST 1000m: 1 (1-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-2)
ST 1400m: 21 (5-3-4)
ST 1600m: 4 (0-0-2)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-1-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-07-19817ST tf g/f A1400211P. F. Yiu123K. H. Chan6B-FAST MOST FURIOUSGLORIOUS SPECTRUMELUSIVE STATE1:20:9122.8935.49 23.09 23.059-9-10-114.510401053749
23-06-19753ST tf g A1400G38P. F. Yiu127M. F. Poon8BFLYING THUNDERTIME TO CELEBRATEPINGWU SPARK1:21:1621.8937.15 22.84 22.008-8-7-85.2510651071730
11-05-19654ST tf g C140018P. F. Yiu133M. F. Poon14BGOOD STANDINGMISSION TYCOONLEAN PERFECTION1:20:7922.8235.56 22.97 23.278-7-6-86.2510491082747
10-03-19478ST tf g C+3120013P. F. Yiu114C. Wong1BWISHFUL THINKERGUNNISONJOLLY BANNER1:10:0622.2625.79 22.33 22.33 3-3-32.7510561086.711
07-02-19401ST tf g C+3140016P. F. Yiu130M. F. Poon5BWHAT ELSE BUT YOUSOLAR PATCHREGENCY BO BO1:21:3622.5936.47 22.62 23.373-3-3-6710531081016
06-01-19314ST tf g C+31000G31P. F. Yiu113M. F. Poon5BJOLLY BANNERSTYLING CITYWISHFUL THINKER0:56:6322.7313.84 20.62 22.17 6-6-11.2510381015590
19-12-18271ST aw g -120028P. F. Yiu124C. Wong2BGUNNISONPERPETUAL TREASUREMISSION TYCOON1:07:7022.8123.65 21.92 23.59 7-8-89.2510341031921
25-11-18205ST tf g/y C1600112P. F. Yiu129M. Chadwick8BSIMPLY BRILLIANTWHAT ELSE BUT YOURISE HIGH1:35:6424.3447.55 23.95 26.133-2-2-1212.510371053671
10-11-18170ST tf g A140019P. F. Yiu131A. Badel1B2RATTANCONTELITTLE GIANT1:21:1122.9335.76 23.10 23.059-8-9-9510591071318
09-09-1820ST tf g C140013P. F. Yiu124C. Schofield1B-ROMANTIC TOUCHRATTANJOLLY BANNER1:21:7221.6637.30 23.00 21.733-3-3-3210641074.33.2
15-07-18804ST tf y A160013P. F. Yiu124M. F. Poon3BRISE HIGHRIVETJOLLY BANNER1:34:4523.4047.87 23.66 23.653-3-4-34.751025109208.9
29-04-18606ST tf g A1400110P. F. Yiu128N. Callan3BWHAT ELSE BUT YOUROMANTIC TOUCHDUNDONNELL1:21:9023.2135.84 23.21 23.853-4-5-106.2510491106.75.5
28-03-18535HV tf g/f C+3180017P. F. Yiu122H. N. Wong5BGOLD MOUNTEAGLE WAYDINOZZO1:47:8023.6260.40 24.02 23.825-4-4-4-72.7510671101411
18-02-18434ST tf g A140012P. F. Yiu133N. Rawiller6B1DUNDONNELLJOLLY BANNERBOOMING DELIGHT1:21:0623.2535.44 22.85 22.835-5-6-2N 10651095.24.4
10-12-17256ST tf g A140017P. F. Yiu125C. Schofield5 SOUTHERN LEGENDNOTHINGILIKEMOREGIANT TREASURE1:21:2522.9836.09 22.58 23.075-6-6-7310551092918
19-11-17206ST tf g B1600G210P. F. Yiu123C. Schofield6 SEASONS BLOOMHELENE PARAGONBEAUTY GENERATION1.34.1322.8748.31 23.11 23.423-4-4-104.510411091116
22-10-17134ST tf g/f A1600G23P. F. Yiu115C. Schofield2 BEAUTY GENERATIONBOOMING DELIGHTJOLLY BANNER1:33:5622.5648.34 22.94 22.363-4-3-30.51050106137.3
10-09-1725ST tf g C140011P. F. Yiu119C. Schofield4 JOLLY BANNERWINNER'S WAYHORSE OF FORTUNE1:21:1521.9636.46 23.05 21.644-4-4-10.751055101105.3
25-06-17757ST tf g/f A1400G34P. F. Yiu115K. C. Leung1 THEWIZARDOFOZWINNER'S WAYMAGIC LEGEND1:20.822.2 35.50 23.36 22.705-4-4-44.510331019.89.8
12-04-17570HV tf g A165022P. F. Yiu133N. Rawiller4 WINNER'S WAYJOLLY BANNERSUPER TURBO1:39.223.4 51.91 24.15 23.773-3-2-23.510201017.24.5
02-04-17543ST tf g/f B+2140023P. F. Yiu133N. Rawiller5 WESTERN EXPRESSNEW ASIA SUNRISEJOLLY BANNER1:20.823.0 35.74 22.53 22.774-5-5-3110331014.73.2
05-03-17468ST tf g/f C140017P. F. Yiu125C. Schofield4 INVINCIBLE DRAGONSIMPLY INVINCIBLEROMANTIC TOUCH1:20.722.5 35.17 23.31 22.8310-7-9-73.510451012.92.9
14-01-17343ST tf g C+3140022P. F. Yiu133C. Schofield11 INVINCIBLE DRAGONJOLLY BANNERNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:21.622.9 35.31 23.46 22.902-3-3-2SH1042983.35.5
27-11-16222ST tf g C140021P. F. Yiu129C. Schofield14 JOLLY BANNERMIGHTY MAVERICKBABA MAMA1:22.022.5 35.59 24.06 22.412-2-2-11.75103890108.4
06-11-16166ST tf g/f C+3140021P. F. Yiu125C. Schofield7 JOLLY BANNERMY DARLINGMIGHTY MAVERICK1:21.923.0 35.78 23.20 22.942-2-2-11.51032837.45.6
08-10-1693ST tf g/f B+2140031P. F. Yiu131K. C. Leung10H- JOLLY BANNERMAGNETISMBEAUTY KINGDOM1:21.423.5 34.60 23.36 23.493-1-2-11.251031771110
10-07-16783ST tf g/f B+2140033P. F. Yiu130K. C. Leung5H BEAUTY KINGDOMCARE FREE PRINCEJOLLY BANNER1:21.122.9 35.68 22.82 22.942-3-3-31.751029775.75.7
05-06-16695ST tf g/f B+2140032P. F. Yiu129M. Chadwick4H SENSATIONJOLLY BANNERMEGA RED1:21.323.8 34.65 23.29 23.534-5-3-20.5102374126.7
22-05-16667ST tf g/f A140033P. F. Yiu125K. C. Leung3H MY DARLINGSICHUAN DARJOLLY BANNER1:21.523.2 34.82 23.67 23.343-4-4-31.75103474157.1
16-04-16573ST tf g/f C+3140031P. F. Yiu122K. C. Leung8H JOLLY BANNERATHENA BABYGLENEALY PRIZE1:22.223.0 35.58 23.83 22.824-5-4-10.751031685.34.8
06-03-16457ST tf g C120033P. F. Yiu122Z. Purton1H TONYBOYFLYING MOOCHIJOLLY BANNER1:09.322.1 24.92 22.76 21.936-9-31.751035687.45.1
06-02-16383ST aw g -120033P. F. Yiu116Y. T. Cheng1H FIGHT HEROPERPETUAL TREASUREJOLLY BANNER1:08.422.9 23.80 21.94 22.839-4-30.51045672012
17-01-16335ST tf g/y C+3120038P. F. Yiu120S. De Sousa12H1 LUCKY EVERPAKISTAN BABYSUPER FLUKE1:09.422.9 24.21 22.66 23.255-6-84.251038671318

HKJC Comment

Not bustled and raced in midfield between runners. Cornered 3.5L from the lead before failing to threaten in the final section.