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K. W. Lui / Rating: 71

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Patrick Fu Kor-kuen
Last win: 18-05-19
Health: Unacceptable performance. (29/05/2016) Castration. (13/06/2016)
Sire: Star Witness
Dam: Strikeline

Past Performances
Total Starts: 54: (4-10-0)
ST 1000m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 14 (1-3-0)
ST 1600m: 6 (0-1-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 7 (1-1-0)
HV 1650m: 10 (2-2-0)
HV 1800m: 7 (0-2-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
18-05-19673ST tf g/f C+3140031K. W. Lui119K. Teetan11 HIGH VOLATILITYINVINCIBLE MISSILELOOKING GOOD1:21:5422.7335.16 23.65 22.731-1-1-11.251169657.914
24-04-19609HV tf g C180034K. W. Lui110C. Wong1 TRAVEL FIRSTGLORIOUS DRAGONHAPPY DRAGON1:48:3723.9460.20 24.23 24.291-1-1-1-42.251164659.16.6
24-03-19529ST tf g C+3140032K. W. Lui113H. N. Wong6 BEAUTY SPIRITHIGH VOLATILITYRACING FIGHTER1:22:7423.4335.77 23.54 23.431-1-1-2Nose1149631729
02-03-19467ST tf g C1400310K. W. Lui120K. C. Leung1B-KASI FARASIGOD OF DRAGONYOUNG LEGEND1:22:2823.8635.05 23.37 24.542-1-1-104.251150658.911
10-02-19414ST tf g A1400312K. W. Lui120K. C. Leung4BRIGHT CHOICEGALLANT RETURNINVINCIBLE MISSILE1:22:0923.8434.99 23.58 24.766-4-5-127.751154671527
20-01-19353ST tf g/f A+3160038K. W. Lui123K. C. Leung6B2SACRED IBISFAMOUS WARRIORSUPER GIANT1:34:6323.8147.19 23.63 24.491-1-1-84.251164699.17
23-12-18282ST tf g/y A+3140036K. W. Lui122K. C. Leung12 KING OPIEHOME RUNSMART LEADER1:23:2023.9435.24 24.02 24.724-1-1-651159696.86.3
21-11-18195HV tf g/y C+3165032K. W. Lui121K. Teetan5 HAR HAR HEARTHIGH VOLATILITYSAM'S LOVE1:40:6024.1451.96 24.66 24.092-2-2-20.751165674.43.1
10-11-18169ST tf g A140032K. W. Lui120K. Teetan13 TAKING AIMHIGH VOLATILITYLADY FIRST1:21:6523.7334.92 23.00 24.001-1-1-21.7511756688.8
21-10-18114ST tf g/f A160032K. W. Lui118K. Teetan2 BIGWOODHIGH VOLATILITYSOUTHERN SUPERSTAR1:34:4823.6247.66 23.40 23.523-4-4-20.5117264117.3
01-10-1859ST tf g A+3140032K. W. Lui113M. L. Yeung6 GREEN ENERGYHIGH VOLATILITYGOOD BEAUTY1:21:3523.2635.19 22.90 23.351-1-1-20.51166624899
02-09-187ST tf g B100038K. W. Lui113M. L. Yeung5B-GOKOGOLDEN DASHTURF SPRINT0:56:5522.5113.88 20.88 23.25 8-8-89.251173621835
11-07-18793HV tf g/f A180037K. W. Lui122D. Whyte4BNAMJONG PLUSTEN FLAMESWILLIE WAY1:49:3524.4660.90 24.43 24.613-4-5-4-73.751150651824
27-06-18759HV tf g/f C165035K. W. Lui120T. H. So11BDON'T MISSTHUNDER STOMPSLEEP EDUCATION1:40:0023.8352.38 23.91 24.162-2-2-52.751154662859
27-05-18682ST tf g/f A180039K. W. Lui116H. N. Wong5BCONSORTGLORIOUS FOREVERACCLAIMED LIGHT1:47:5123.2962.11 23.55 23.017-7-7-8-97.251153683836
12-05-18645ST aw g -1200311K. W. Lui121C. Y. Ho6BCHEERFULJETGAMEPLAYER EMPERORLUCKY DOLLAR1:08:4822.9424.21 22.77 22.92 11-12-1191151681822
18-04-18584HV tf g B165038K. W. Lui121Z. Purton6BDON'T MISSHAR HAR HEARTROMAN IMPERO1:39:6723.9152.17 23.79 24.402-3-2-84.251154689.36.1
14-03-18501HV tf g B165034K. W. Lui113H. N. Wong6BLITTERATEURCHATER LEGENDCIRCUIT GLORY1:39:8023.8853.03 22.89 24.271-1-1-42.51171685.84
21-02-18446HV tf g C165032K. W. Lui110H. N. Wong9BIMPERIAL GALLANTRYHIGH VOLATILITYGOOD OMEN1:40:5524.5652.19 24.24 24.142-2-3-2SH 116864107.4
07-02-18406HV tf g A165041K. W. Lui131Z. Purton1BHIGH VOLATILITYGENTRYMR KOOL1:40:8824.0452.29 24.55 24.041-1-1-111166584.93
17-01-18351HV tf g C180045K. W. Lui131Z. Purton8BSANGRIAMASTER BERNINIISTANBUL BEY1:51:4524.0362.74 24.96 23.932-5-4-4-511178584.13.5
13-12-17267HV tf g C180042K. W. Lui130N. Rawiller6BCROWN AVENUEHIGH VOLATILITYAEROLUMINANCE1:50:7824.0162.81 23.96 24.211-1-1-1-21.251165577.28.6
26-11-17218ST tf g C120044K. W. Lui129K. C. Leung6BBETTER CHOICEPICK NUMBER ONENICE KICK1:09:0623.1924.22 22.17 23.12 6-5-42.751163582037
11-11-17190ST tf g/f A1400310K. W. Lui112M. L. Yeung3BWORLD RECORDPING HAI STARSMILING CHARM1:21:5523.4735.47 23.01 24.095-5-7-106.51169601843
29-10-17150HV tf g/f A120035K. W. Lui116K. C. Leung1BFORTUNE BOOTHHEALTHY LUCKPOWERMAX1:09:8923.7324.24 22.52 23.66 11-9-53.251157621012
08-10-1799ST aw g -165036K. W. Lui116K. C. Leung2BDIVINE BOYRED MARVELGONNA RUN1:39:2723.9051.28 24.17 24.732-2-2-65.751155643141
20-09-1748HV tf g/f C180038K. W. Lui118K. C. Leung4BSHARP SAILORKING OF MONGOLIAGO GO WIN1:49:0824.2061.11 24.37 25.923-2-2-5-814.51161669.39.2
06-09-1717HV tf g A165038K. W. Lui121U. Rispoli11BTHUNDER STOMPKIRAMGO GO WIN1:40:5324.0352.14 24.68 24.592-3-3-85.51157661818
28-06-17766HV tf g/f C+31650311K. W. Lui120K. Teetan12B OUTLAWEDDR LISTENINGTHUNDER STOMP1:39.523.5 52.01 24.28 24.335-4-4-1171142671713
07-06-17711HV tf g/f A180036K. W. Lui119K. C. Leung4B RICKFIELDEASY HEDGEMCQUEEN1:48.524.6 60.01 23.86 25.341-2-2-64.51137678.86.8
17-05-17655HV tf g/f B180032K. W. Lui119K. C. Leung9B VICTORY BOYSHIGH VOLATILITYSHARP SAILOR1:48.824.1 60.81 23.92 24.311-1-1-21.251151663229
30-04-17611ST tf g/f A160037K. W. Lui123K. Teetan4B CITRON SPIRITHOME RUNPENANG HALL1:34.423.5 47.39 23.53 24.441-1-1-75.51149663934
17-04-17579ST tf g/f C+31600311K. W. Lui115K. K. Chiong7B RAZOR QUESTROYAL PERFORMERPENANG HALL1:34.323.0 48.13 23.36 24.3012-6-5-1191151663241
29-03-17533HV tf g/f C+3165031K. W. Lui115K. Teetan1B HIGH VOLATILITYJADE FORTUNEHERO LOOK1:39.524.5 51.15 23.82 24.541-1-1-1SH1155619.28.9
08-03-17477HV tf g A120042K. W. Lui132J. Moreira8B ARM RUNDAHIGH VOLATILITYHOT HOT PEPPER1:10.123.9 24.26 22.63 23.2810-9-2H11575953.1
30-01-17375ST tf g B120046K. W. Lui132G. Mosse9B DARING FITALL MY GAINSTAR OF PATCH1:09.723.6 24.65 22.32 23.509-8-64.25115159147.1
22-01-17355ST tf g A120042K. W. Lui131J. Moreira1CP-/BNOTHINGILIKEMOREHIGH VOLATILITYFORMULA GALORE1:09.723.1 24.47 22.57 23.099-8-22.251150582.93.3
01-01-17303ST tf g/f B+2140046K. W. Lui132B. Prebble5CP A BEAUTIFULGREAT TREASUREMEISTERSTUECK1:22.222.9 35.59 23.94 23.202-3-4-631153598.411
17-12-16269ST tf g/f C+3100044K. W. Lui133B. Prebble10CP HEALTHY LUCKPEACE COMBINATIONINDIGENOUS STAR0:57.122.5 13.82 21.09 22.738-5-43.51160609.43.8
20-11-16194ST tf g B+2140044K. W. Lui133G. Mosse13CP WORLD RECORDSUPER SWEET ORANGEAMAZING FEELING1:21.722.9 36.23 23.13 23.136-10-8-44.51154601412
09-11-16172HV tf g B120046K. W. Lui133Z. Purton10CP BREEDERS' STARBUDDY BUNDYLOVE CHUNGHWA1:10.923.6 24.20 23.24 24.012-2-631169605.44.7
19-10-16115HV tf g/y C120041K. W. Lui127Z. Purton12CP/TTHIGH VOLATILITYWILD BOYSECRET AGENT1:10.623.2 24.03 23.45 23.192-2-11.51158538.87.9
01-10-1667ST tf g/y A+3140046K. W. Lui129M. L. Yeung12CP/TTKING'S MANCOOL AND NEATWORLD RECORD1:21.723.8 35.62 22.97 23.7912-10-5-63.751153556.29.4
25-09-1648ST tf g/f A160047K. W. Lui128Y. T. Cheng5CP2/TXINJIANG YARNVICTORY MASTERSUPERNATURAL1:35.323.1 47.98 24.16 23.791-1-1-73.751156558.711
29-05-16676ST tf g A+31600314K. W. Lui114C. K. Tong2 GENERAL OF PATCHENERGETIC CLASSCALIFORNIA JOY1:34.423.1 46.95 24.76 26.621-1-7-1424.51182633399
18-05-16655HV tf g B1650312K. W. Lui118C. K. Tong9 GOLDEN SLEEPHEROIC GURUSUPEROI1:40.524.1 52.18 24.66 24.832-3-5-127.251176672099
04-05-16618HV tf g C+31200310K. W. Lui125C. K. Tong12 ALMABABYTOP BONUSBEAUTY KINGDOM1:10.323.1 24.34 23.89 23.498-10-108.751180703399
20-04-16582HV tf g B1200311K. W. Lui116K. K. Chiong12CP- MY DARLINGTIMELY ARRIVEDHAPPY YEAH YEAH1:10.023.5 24.32 23.30 23.7310-12-118.251163731740
03-04-16531ST tf g B+21000311K. W. Lui129Y. T. Cheng11CP BAD BOYFORTUNE BO BOSPEEDY ACHIEVER0:55.722.2 13.81 20.57 22.4514-14-116.751157753463
13-03-16480ST tf g C+31400312K. W. Lui131Y. T. Cheng6CP MIGHTY MAVERICKCHEEKY TOOLUCKY GUY1:22.624.7 35.93 23.64 25.3714-12-13-1214.51169772375
21-02-16424ST tf g A1400213K. W. Lui120Z. Purton5CP RAPPER DRAGONTRAVEL FIRSTGREAT SPIRIT1:22.423.2 36.42 23.50 23.5610-10-10-136.751168791528
31-01-16360ST tf g A+3100027K. W. Lui118Y. T. Cheng10CP MY LITTLE FRIENDCOUNTRY MELODYGO BABY GO0:57.122.9 13.91 20.89 22.899-8-73.751164801842
20-01-16344HV tf g/y C1200211K. W. Lui119C. Y. Ho11CP PEACE N PROSPERITYSECRET COMMANDGENERAL IRON1:10.623.7 24.32 23.37 24.3910-12-119.251181826599
27-12-15290ST tf g A+31400213K. W. Lui117Y. T. Cheng14CP1 THEWIZARDOFOZBLIZZARDWHY WHY1:21.523.7 35.14 23.45 25.246-3-7-13141171822960

HKJC Comment

Pressed along on jumping from wide draw, crossed to lead 850M, was tackled from 300M, kept finding to hold rival at bay.