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HOME RUN (V101) 財寶家駒 (Retired)

K. H. Ting / Rating: 59

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Johnny Shih Jar-yi
Last win: 12-11-16
Health: Rider concerned horse's action during racing. (07/01/2018) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (03/04/2019) Unacceptable performance. (03/03/2018)
Sire: Hinchinbrook
Dam: Truly Kissed

Past Performances
Total Starts: 41: (2-6-5)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 25 (2-4-2)
ST 1600m: 9 (0-2-1)
ST 1800m: 2 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-07-19772ST tf g/f B1400411K. H. Ting133C. Schofield9 BEAUTY LOYALVITAL SPRINGMY POWER1:21:1822.9936.44 22.55 24.0411-13-10-1111.51156594.88.6
03-04-19550ST aw g -120034K. H. Ting112H. N. Wong5 JUST NOT LISTENINGCOBY OPPATEAM FORTUNE1:09:3523.9124.29 21.99 23.87 8-7-451182611415
24-03-19527ST tf g C+3120034K. H. Ting112H. N. Wong4 HONEST WAYFLYING THUNDERSMART LEADER1:09:6823.3624.33 22.59 23.06 9-9-41.751179629.214
10-03-19488ST tf g C+3160037K. H. Ting116G. van Niekerk14 UNICRON JEWELLERYNOT USUAL TALENTEARTH TRILOGY1:35:2724.1248.16 23.59 23.7911-11-9-71.751175639.427
10-02-19414ST tf g A140036K. H. Ting116A. Badel8 RIGHT CHOICEGALLANT RETURNINVINCIBLE MISSILE1:22:0923.8435.83 23.02 23.5112-11-10-61.751176631012
27-01-19375ST tf g B+2140033K. H. Ting116A. Badel2 KING OPIEPERFECT MATCHHOME RUN1:22:2222.8736.19 23.60 22.667-6-6-31.51183631310
12-01-19337ST tf g A1400310K. H. Ting115M. F. Poon5 RIGHT CHOICERACING FIGHTERHAPPY FORCE1:21:9422.5136.87 23.60 22.2711-11-11-1051192638.611
23-12-18282ST tf g/y A+3140032K. H. Ting115A. Badel3 KING OPIEHOME RUNSMART LEADER1:23:2023.9436.16 23.54 23.678-9-6-211188626.97.5
02-12-18226ST tf g C+3140036K. H. Ting113M. F. Poon6 MR SO AND SODIAMOND RHYMETAKING AIM1:21:9323.4936.58 22.82 22.839-10-10-62117563108.1
10-11-18169ST tf g A140034K. H. Ting116M. F. Poon10 TAKING AIMHIGH VOLATILITYLADY FIRST1:21:6523.7336.44 22.84 22.9714-14-14-43.751184651011
13-10-18100ST tf g C140037K. H. Ting120A. Sanna8 INVINCIBLE FRESHLADY FIRSTCOMFORT LIFE1:22:1522.9036.83 22.94 22.9110-10-9-73.251172679.111
22-09-1845ST tf g/f A1400310K. H. Ting118H. N. Wong3 INVINCIBLE FRESHRELENTLESS MESUN TOUCH1:22:1323.3137.15 22.71 22.779-12-12-103.251160688.89.1
15-07-18805ST tf y A1400310Y. S. Tsui124W. M. Lai8 BOLD STITCHRELENTLESS MEHANDSOME BO BO1:22:4424.7835.22 23.56 26.3510-10-10-1016.751156708.821
01-07-18769ST tf g B140032Y. S. Tsui116M. F. Poon1 CALIFORNIA JOYHOME RUNSUPER GIANT1:22:3323.2836.58 22.91 22.909-9-6-2N 1164681420
20-05-18660ST tf g/f C+3140032Y. S. Tsui122K. Teetan2 SOLAR PATCHHOME RUNVILLA FIONN1:22:3222.2837.06 23.54 22.018-9-9-21.751151672322
29-04-18605ST tf g A1600311Y. S. Tsui123A. Sanna13 LAND GRANTFAMOUS WARRIORNEW ELEGANCE1:34:6424.0849.15 22.97 23.7812-12-12-117.751145691644
02-04-18547ST tf g B+2140034Y. S. Tsui123A. Sanna5B-/H-HARMONY HEROSUN TOUCHFAMOUS WARRIOR1:21:6223.7536.74 22.69 22.5913-12-11-42.51146702431
03-03-18475ST tf g C1400313Y. S. Tsui126D. Whyte3B/HTURIN REDSTARULTIMATE GLORYCALCULATION1:21:6523.9737.75 22.69 22.6114-14-14-138.751135713646
07-01-18322ST tf g/y C1600312Y. S. Tsui126N. Rawiller2B/HMORETHANLUCKYCALCULATIONSMILING CHARM1:34:6923.1648.92 23.37 24.258-8-7-1211.51147731016
17-12-17279ST tf g C+3160035Y. S. Tsui126Z. Purton6B/HNEW ELEGANCEGREEN ENERGYROUNDABOUT1:34:5623.5247.63 24.01 23.239-9-8-52113973108.9
26-11-17226ST tf g C140035Y. S. Tsui128Z. Purton5B/HCONTEULTIMATE GLORYROYAL MOJITO1:21:8722.4036.68 23.27 22.5412-10-9-541141731612
11-11-17189ST tf g/f A160034Y. S. Tsui127N. Rawiller7B/HRATTANDARING FITSERGEANT TITANIUM1:35:7623.1948.90 23.87 23.0814-13-4-40.51136721320
05-11-17170ST tf g/f C+31800310Y. S. Tsui125J. Moreira10B/HGORGEOUS KINGJOLLY GENECIRCUIT HASSLER1:46:8523.4960.55 23.41 24.5512-11-9-11-1010.51131721113
08-10-1796ST tf g B+2160033Y. S. Tsui122J. Moreira5B/HRATTANWINWIN RUBYHOME RUN1:34:9222.7348.85 23.54 22.684-3-3-311135714.35.7
24-09-1763ST tf g A140033Y. S. Tsui126N. Rawiller12B/HDIAMOND KINGCHUNG WAH SPIRITHOME RUN1:21:8624.0635.67 22.93 23.5112-12-8-31.51131711522
03-09-1710ST tf g B140034Y. S. Tsui124N. Rawiller11B/HRATTANREGENCY BO BOGORGEOUS KING1:22:0724.1335.96 22.86 23.8612-12-12-43.751115711212
21-05-17669ST tf g C+3160036Y. S. Tsui124N. Callan9B/H CHEERFUL BOYSMILING CHARMLET US WIN1:35.224.2 48.02 23.77 23.7912-13-11-62.251128711312
30-04-17611ST tf g/f A160032Y. S. Tsui125J. Moreira2B/H CITRON SPIRITHOME RUNPENANG HALL1:34.423.5 47.87 23.49 23.176-6-6-2N1127683.86.1
02-04-17544ST tf g/f B+2180033Y. S. Tsui123D. Whyte1B/H GENERAL SHERMANVICTORY BOYSHOME RUN1:47.123.8 59.76 23.98 23.928-7-7-331129681811
26-03-17525ST tf g A+3140036Y. S. Tsui123U. Rispoli10B/H WORLD RECORDCELESTIAL NOVAMYTHICAL EMPEROR1:22.423.5 36.11 23.57 23.2812-12-13-63.251128681414
26-02-17451ST tf g B160032Y. S. Tsui122U. Rispoli11B/H WHAT ELSE BUT YOUHOME RUNISHVARA1:34.323.7 48.10 23.13 23.3014-12-10-21.251117672315
11-01-17330HV tf g B1650310Y. S. Tsui120S. De Sousa8B/H CALIFORNIA JOYTHUNDER STOMPACCLAIMED LIGHT1:39.823.3 53.16 24.22 23.1010-10-9-104111167158.9
11-12-16252ST tf g A140034Y. S. Tsui121S. De Sousa11B/H WINNER'S WAYBEAT THE CLOCKBOOMING DELIGHT1:22.123.1 36.64 22.90 23.009-8-7-42.251105671812
12-11-16179ST tf g A+3140041Y. S. Tsui133S. De Sousa4B/H HOME RUNSUPER TALENTWISKY1:22.223.1 36.54 22.96 22.749-5-4-11.51113603.33.5
23-10-16124ST tf g A140044Y. S. Tsui133B. Prebble8B/H VOLITATIONSUPERIOR BOYGLORY STAR1:23.122.3 37.41 23.79 22.256-8-6-421106609.66.4
25-09-1652ST tf g/f A140044Y. S. Tsui132N. Rawiller10H/B1 HOUSE OF FUNSUPERIOR BOYA BEAUTIFUL1:22.223.7 36.12 23.20 23.0514-14-12-40.51092599.18
10-07-16779ST tf g/f B+2140046Y. S. Tsui133N. Rawiller13H REGENCY BABYREWARDING FLYERVICTORY DUKE1:21.822.8 36.52 23.21 22.6513-13-12-63.51099591210
29-05-16671ST tf g A+3140041Y. S. Tsui127J. Moreira3H HOME RUNNAMJONG INVINCIBLESUPER MAN1:22.323.8 35.65 23.23 23.499-8-7-1SH1094542.32.1
01-05-16605ST tf g B140042Y. S. Tsui125J. Moreira8H1 BULB MASTERHOME RUNMOLLY'S JADE STAR1:22.823.6 36.71 23.07 23.2512-12-10-20.751098523.42.5
03-04-16530ST tf g B+2120043Y. S. Tsui121D. Whyte6 CAREFREE LET GOVICTORY MARVELHOME RUN1:09.622.0 25.34 22.72 21.847-5-31.5108952148.1
21-02-16416ST tf g A120047Y. S. Tsui127D. Whyte13 FRIENDS OF NANJINGWINNING VIBERICHCITY FORTUNE1:10.222.9 24.99 23.26 22.6011-12-73.51077521929

HKJC Comment

Drifted back after start to race in final trio passing the 800m. Taken very wide passing the 600m before cornering widest, 5L from lead. Eased down in late stages & was well beaten. (Uncomfortable action during race).