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SUPERIOR BOY (V102) 好叻仔 (Retired)

W. Y. So / Rating: 41

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Back Room Boys Syndicate
Last win: 31-10-18
Health: Lame left front leg after racing. (27/03/2019) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (17/07/2017) Rider concerned horse's action at the start. Lame left front leg. Withdrawn from race. (15/07/2018) Unacceptable performance. (12/01/2019) Lateral recumbency after fast work with forelimb weight shifting (long period of rest advised). (03/05/2019)
Sire: Magic Albert
Dam: Free Spirited

Past Performances
Total Starts: 38: (1-6-6)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-1-0)
ST 1200m: 6 (0-2-1)
ST 1400m: 16 (0-2-4)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 6 (1-1-1)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-03-19531HV tf g/f C+31650412W. Y. So112H. N. Wong10PC/TTROYAL RACERRULETHEROOSTCURLING LUXURY1:40:3823.4553.60 23.81 25.627-5-6-1216.51131425699
13-03-19493HV tf g B1650411W. Y. So117G. van Niekerk1PC/TTCINQUANTE CINQACCLAIMED LIGHTSEIZE THE SPIRIT1:40:6923.8853.03 24.54 24.855-6-11-1110.751148441325
24-02-19446ST aw g -165044W. Y. So116C. Y. Ho1PC/TTCHUNG WAH SPIRITREMARKABLEDEAL MAKER1:38:3023.9150.98 23.85 24.385-4-5-45.751147451310
12-01-19335ST aw g -1650413W. Y. So118S. De Sousa11PC/TTHOLY UNICORNGOOD FITENFOLDING1:39:1423.7151.73 23.98 27.712-2-5-1326.751178451111
19-12-18267ST aw g -165043W. Y. So118C. Schofield4PC/TTGOOD FITRADIANT BUNNYSUPERIOR BOY1:39:0023.7052.33 23.29 23.864-6-4-331178454.63.6
18-11-18182ST aw g -165042W. Y. So117C. Schofield1PC/TTGRAN MASTERSUPERIOR BOYTRAVEL FIRST1:38:7124.5750.60 23.70 24.503-3-3-20.51189438.74.4
31-10-18137ST aw g -165051W. Y. So128C. Schofield1PC/TTSUPERIOR BOYMY HONEYSWEET BEAN1:39:1725.1250.68 23.45 25.045-4-2-14.51196359.88.5
07-10-1876ST tf g B+2140054W. Y. So128H. N. Wong8PC/TTCHAPARRAL STARSPORTS MASTEREXPONENTS1:22:4223.6735.27 23.56 24.313-2-2-44.51176358.712
09-09-1819ST tf g C100052W. Y. So125H. N. Wong3B-/PC1/TTHAPPY SOUNDSUPERIOR BOYWHISTLE UP0:57:9723.3013.69 21.06 23.49 7-3-21.751187359.87.6
15-07-18798ST tf y A12005WDW. Y. So131J. MoreiraB-/PC1/TTOTOUTOEXPONENTSDYNAMIC LIONS1:12:1024.97 1149384.5 
24-06-18743ST tf g A140053W. Y. So129Z. Purton8B/TTCHAPARRAL STARAMBITIOUS SPEEDYSUPERIOR BOY1:22:5223.7536.15 23.22 23.1710-10-9-3SH 1151368.63.4
10-06-18715ST tf g/f C140056W. Y. So131C. Schofield12B2/TTEXPONENTSSCARBOROUGH FAIRDUTCH WINDMILL1:21:5323.3435.53 23.14 23.539-9-7-64.251147387.68.1
21-04-18586ST aw g -165048W. Y. So112K. C. Ng2TTNAMJONG INVINCIBLELET US WINGRAND HARBOUR1:38:6222.8451.99 24.19 22.913-3-4-831158401520
02-04-18545ST tf g B+21400410W. Y. So111K. C. Ng11TTSMILING CHARMVITAL SPRINGENDEARING1:23:0523.4336.85 23.73 23.0814-14-14-103.751164413056
25-03-18525ST aw g -120044W. Y. So116C. Schofield5V-/TTELITE BOYBOND ELEGANCEGRAND HARBOUR1:09:2123.1524.47 22.55 23.31 8-7-47117043105.1
03-03-18471ST tf g C1400410W. Y. So119B. Prebble3V/TTRAGING STORMEMPIRE STARSUNNY POWER1:22:1323.9535.19 23.47 24.207-5-5-104.51174451512
07-02-18405HV tf g A120049W. Y. So118C. Schofield4V/TTNAVASNUMERO UNOGOLDEN GLORY1:10:9423.7824.28 23.24 23.82 5-6-92.51186457.34.7
13-01-18341ST tf g C+3120042W. Y. So118C. Schofield6V/TTLEAN PERFECTIONSUPERIOR BOYDR PROACTIVE1:09:7722.3925.03 22.83 22.10 10-8-21.251186446.66
17-12-17275ST aw g -120045W. Y. So116K. C. Leung12V1/TTUGLY WARRIORELUSIVE STATEGRADE ONE1:09:0923.2124.18 22.66 22.75 11-11-531186461724
22-11-17212HV tf g C+3120046W. Y. So120C. Schofield10TTLONDON CITYHAPPY HAPPYMY BLESSING1:10:5523.7824.93 23.12 22.85 10-11-62.251176479.75
16-07-17802ST tf g/y C140049C. W. Chang123J. Moreira7TT GENEROUS BOBOGOOD FOR YOUEXPERTO CREDE1:24.023.9 36.23 24.03 25.083-4-3-98.51190503.84.8
18-06-17735ST tf g/y C+3140043C. W. Chang126K. Teetan2TT METALLIC STAREXPERTO CREDESUPERIOR BOY1:22.523.6 36.28 23.12 23.594-6-5-32.51173514.56.1
17-05-17656HV tf g/f B165047C. W. Chang129O. Doleuze1CP-/TCALL ME AWESOMEAGIAALGOOD CHOICE1:40.425.0 52.37 23.67 24.922-5-5-731164535.75.1
30-04-17610ST tf g/f A140047C. W. Chang127O. Doleuze11CP1/TMETALLIC STARVICTORY MACHINEC P POWER1:22.523.3 36.37 23.04 23.412-2-3-71.51162549.816
02-04-17540ST tf g/f B+2140044C. W. Chang128O. Doleuze2B-/TTEVERESTCARE FREE PRINCEMETALLIC STAR1:22.423.3 36.37 23.58 22.8410-10-10-41.751149554.88.5
19-03-17502ST tf g/y A100047C. W. Chang131N. Callan8B2/TTSTRATHCLYDESUPER JUNIORFISH N' CHIPS0:57.923.6 13.66 21.14 24.266-5-76.751155578.58.4
30-01-17375ST tf g B120045C. W. Chang132J. Moreira8TT DARING FITALL MY GAINSTAR OF PATCH1:09.723.6 24.33 22.40 23.746-7-54.251156595.85
08-01-17317ST tf g/f C140043C. W. Chang133O. Doleuze3B-/TTMR POTENTIALEVERESTSUPERIOR BOY1:22.322.5 36.36 23.66 22.755-5-4-32.751175604.66.4
30-11-16225HV tf g A120044C. W. Chang133O. Doleuze5B2/TTYO-YO DAWINNING BOYNEVER BETTER1:10.423.3 24.32 22.96 23.422-2-41.51173606.15.8
06-11-16165ST tf g/f C+31400312C. W. Chang110K. K. Chiong5TT WINNER'S WAYKINGSFIELDVOLITATION1:22.223.1 36.13 23.55 23.736-6-8-127.251178604.43.8
23-10-16124ST tf g A140042C. W. Chang132O. Doleuze11TT VOLITATIONSUPERIOR BOYGLORY STAR1:23.122.3 37.17 23.95 22.245-6-5-21.51170597.14.6
25-09-1652ST tf g/f A140042C. W. Chang130O. Doleuze14TT HOUSE OF FUNSUPERIOR BOYA BEAUTIFUL1:22.223.7 36.12 23.36 22.8313-13-14-2H1169571312
10-07-16779ST tf g/f B+2140044C. W. Chang131Z. Purton2TT REGENCY BABYREWARDING FLYERVICTORY DUKE1:21.822.8 35.92 23.49 22.914-5-6-431159573.83.6
26-06-16749ST tf g/f A140044C. W. Chang129O. Doleuze2TT CHEERFUL BOYWORLD RECORDSNOW SLIDER1:22.123.5 35.79 23.08 23.483-4-3-411152563.82.9
12-06-16713ST tf g/y C140043C. W. Chang130O. Doleuze3B-/TTA BEAUTIFULCOUR VALANTSUPERIOR BOY1:22.123.0 35.99 23.48 23.086-6-7-32.51145563.94.3
07-05-16624ST tf g C120046C. W. Chang131N. Rawiller8B1/TTUNLEASHED DRAGONSUPREME FLIGHTI'M A WITNESS1:09.823.0 24.77 22.42 22.894-4-61.51143562.72.8
20-03-16492ST tf g A120042C. W. Chang126G. Mosse12TT HAPPY COOPERATIONSUPERIOR BOYMULTIMAX1:10.523.0 24.41 23.35 22.843-4-2N1139549.98.1
21-02-16421ST tf g A120043C. W. Chang125N. Rawiller1TT HAMMER KINGGOOD MANSUPERIOR BOY1:10.923.4 24.57 23.09 23.293-3-3N1151524.74.7
17-01-16330ST tf g/y C+3120044C. W. Chang125N. Rawiller4TT1 G-ONE BO BOHAMMER KINGGOLDEN GUNNERS1:10.322.5 25.08 23.34 22.319-9-42.25115952247.6

HKJC Comment

Eased to sit in midfield, trapped 3 wide throughout, emptied 400M.