W. Y. So / Rating: 34

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 6 yrs / GB
Owner: Wong Chun-tat
Last win: -
Health: Left front medial suspensory branch injury. (28/05/2019) Castration. (19/11/2015) Failed vet exam: Substantial blood in trachea after barrier trial. (15/01/2019) Lame right front leg. (12/09/2017) After being loaded got down in barriers and then proceeded to get out under the front gates riderless. Withdrawn from race. (06/01/2019) Heart irregularity after racing. (02/12/2018)
Sire: Zoffany
Dam: Frabjous

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (0-3-2)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 18 (0-3-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
24-04-19603HV tf g C120052W. Y. So126K. C. Leung2B2/TTGREAT SONTRAVEL SUCCESSORSUNNY ORIENT1:10:0723.6123.61 22.85 23.69 2-1-20.51118338.66.8
03-04-19549ST aw g -1200511W. Y. So131K. C. Leung3TTCORRE RAPIDOTHE HAPPY BUNCHROCHFORD1:10:0523.6924.12 22.56 24.87 6-4-119.51105371627
10-03-19480ST tf g C+3140046W. Y. So111K. C. Ng1TTSKY TREASURECHAIRMAN LOSMART ROCKET1:23:0324.0536.01 23.53 24.644-5-4-67.251125402229
02-03-19464ST tf g C1200410W. Y. So116K. C. Leung1TTE STARCRAIG'S STARYICHUN BLITZ1:09:8923.2124.31 22.85 23.85 7-5-1071123434059
06-01-19318ST aw g -12004WDW. Y. So113H. N. WongTTWINNING SUPREMEMICKEY RICHDEAL MAKER1:08:8823.27 11444319 
02-12-18221ST aw g -120048W. Y. So117D. Whyte4B-/TTHAPPY TOURFLYING LOVERBOND ELEGANCE1:08:1423.0024.25 22.17 22.94 11-10-87.51149431612
28-10-18131HV tf g A120047W. Y. So113H. T. Mo10B/TTKHAKIDOLLAR REWARDSUPER LUCKY1:10:9723.4324.39 23.27 23.81 6-3-73.251144452023
03-10-1869HV tf g A120048W. Y. So118K. C. Leung5B/TTMR PICASSOTHE CREATETHSPICY KAKA1:10:7823.8024.10 23.32 24.06 5-5-84.51140454.34.2
12-09-1830HV tf g C120042W. Y. So116K. C. Leung12B/TT1MICKEY RICHTRAVEL SUCCESSORFOX CHEUNGER1:11:3524.0824.17 23.18 24.01 4-2-2SH 1125439.49.5
27-06-18753HV tf g/f C120044K. L. Man118C. Y. Ho8BJOLLY BOUNTIFULFANTASTIC FABIOTOP STRIKE1:09:7923.3824.72 22.41 22.94 9-7-41.751143471722
16-05-18651HV tf g/f B120043K. L. Man119C. Y. Ho4CP-/B2NICE FANDANGOTOP SCORETRAVEL SUCCESSOR1:10:0723.6124.03 22.55 23.63 2-2-30.751130472770
28-03-18532HV tf g/f C+31200411K. L. Man123S. Clipperton9CPHERO TIMELEISURED FEETSPLIT OF A SECOND1:09:9922.7124.89 22.99 23.55 10-9-1191137503299
03-03-18469ST tf g C1200410K. L. Man119M. F. Poon12CPIRON BOYSEVENTY SEVENTYCHARMING BACHELOR1:10:1223.4024.29 22.75 24.01 6-5-105.751152533459
14-02-18422HV tf g B1200410K. L. Man128Z. Purton7CPGRACYDADBINGOHONEST HORSE1:10:2623.4824.29 22.81 24.26 4-4-106.751142552817
13-09-1730HV tf g/f B12004WDK. L. Man124H. N. WongCPGOOD COMPANIONSIGHT SEEINGLONDON CITY1:10:5923.74 110955  
12-07-17792HV tf g/f A120048K. L. Man125H. N. Wong12CP STARLIGHTFOX SUNTERGOOD COMPANION1:10.023.3 23.78 22.95 24.032-2-84.51117572349
21-06-17745HV tf g C120043K. L. Man123H. N. Wong10CP NASHASHUKFOX SUNTERPHANTOM FALCON1:10.223.2 23.86 23.14 23.352-2-40.751108573645
24-05-17673HV tf g C1200410K. L. Man132O. Doleuze10CP MASTER VIKINGCONFUCIUS SPIRITCLEVER SPIRIT1:09.923.5 24.57 22.85 23.2210-9-1041102592643
15-03-17495HV tf g B1000312W. Y. So117H. W. Lai2CP WAYFOONG VINNIEDIAMOND MASTERTRAVEL COMFORTS0:56.823.3 12.94 21.26 23.997-7-128.251102613617
26-02-17448ST tf g B100039W. Y. So117M. Chadwick7CP MAGIC LEGENDMULTIMAXROMAN ODYSSEY0:56.722.6 13.86 21.16 23.007-8-97.751106634223
08-02-17405HV tf g B120037W. Y. So119D. Whyte3CP OUR HEROI'M A WITNESSSHARP HUNTER1:10.523.7 24.50 22.94 23.388-8-71.51100641815
22-01-17361ST tf g A1400313W. Y. So111T. H. So11CP MR POTENTIALMONGOLIAN KINGCHARITY KINGDOM1:22.123.4 36.50 23.13 24.2411-12-13-13111098645094
04-01-17313HV tf g A120032W. Y. So115T. H. So8CP HAPPY BAO BEITRAVEL SUCCESSORHARRIER JET1:10.823.7 24.57 23.33 22.9911-11-20.51102635299
30-11-16228HV tf g A120039W. Y. So120D. Lane8CP1 LUCKY DAYCHARITY GLORYIRON BOY1:10.223.6 25.00 22.86 22.8210-10-92.51101653641
12-11-16182ST tf g A+31000310W. Y. So120S. Clipperton6 WATER DIVINERFORTUNE BO BORED KYLIN0:56.923.0 13.59 20.90 23.627-7-107.51119672327
30-10-16141HV tf g A120039W. Y. So124N. Callan2 LAMAROSACHOICE TREASURESILVER SPUN1:10.724.6 23.98 22.42 25.155-4-951112691211
05-10-1683HV tf g A120037W. Y. So124N. Callan1 HAPPY SURVEYSSUPER LEADERVICTORY MARVEL1:10.923.9 24.12 23.19 24.073-4-72.51107712333
11-09-1624ST tf g C120037W. Y. So124Y. T. Cheng10 LUCKY DAYLOTUS BREEZEHAPPY CHEERS1:09.123.1 24.08 22.42 23.503-5-75.251097712119
19-06-16729ST tf g/f C+3120033W. Y. So119Y. T. Cheng3B- MALMSTEENSUNNY ORIENTTRAVEL SUCCESSOR1:09.721.9 24.69 23.28 21.935-4-311100706199
01-06-16684HV tf g C+31200310W. Y. So120Y. T. Cheng2B MINT MASTERWAH MAY BABYGRACE HEART1:10.423.4 24.08 23.14 24.213-4-1061088725799
18-05-16652HV tf g B100039W. Y. So122Y. T. Cheng5B OCEAN ROARHARBOUR ALERTNO MONEY NO TALK0:57.023.0 12.96 21.69 23.727-7-98.251092745599
04-05-16617HV tf g C+31000312W. Y. So124Y. T. Cheng8B DIAMOND MASTERHARBOUR ALERTFLYING FORCE0:57.123.3 12.94 22.09 24.066-9-12121082769999
20-04-16582HV tf g B1200312W. Y. So124Y. T. Cheng7B1 MY DARLINGTIMELY ARRIVEDHAPPY YEAH YEAH1:10.023.5 24.20 23.10 24.499-10-12111087763699

HKJC Comment

Began smartly, raced prominently, 2 wide, found rail near 700M, shared lead on turn, kept on well until peaked near 100M, headed thereafter, stayed on for 2nd.