RACING SUPERNOVA (V128) 世澤之星 (Retired)

W. Y. So / Rating: 102

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Wu Chak-man & Ng Chit-yam
Last win: 12-11-16
Health: Peritoneal effusion, small intestinal wall inflammation and thickening. (25/09/2018) Inappetence. (19/02/2018) Lame left front foot. (12/06/2018)
Sire: Duporth
Dam: Calibre Cut

Past Performances
Total Starts: 24: (3-6-2)
ST 1000m: 5 (2-1-1)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 15 (1-4-1)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
12-05-18647ST tf g C140012W. Y. So123M. L. Yeung1 CALIFORNIA WHIPRACING SUPERNOVATHE GOLDEN AGE1:21:1523.3036.09 22.36 22.886-8-7-21.251115100128.9
29-04-18606ST tf g A140014W. Y. So116M. L. Yeung4 WHAT ELSE BUT YOUROMANTIC TOUCHDUNDONNELL1:21:9023.2136.00 23.17 22.985-6-7-41.511221001923
02-04-18544ST tf g B+2140025W. Y. So133A. Sanna3 WHAT ELSE BUT YOUCALCULATIONKINGSFIELD1:21:1422.6036.75 22.63 22.497-7-6-54.511391005.16.5
18-03-18507ST tf g A140022W. Y. So131N. Callan1 PEOPLE'S KNIGHTRACING SUPERNOVAAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:22:0522.3436.91 23.12 22.036-5-6-2SH 113498108.4
18-02-18434ST tf g A140017W. Y. So124Z. Purton8 DUNDONNELLJOLLY BANNERBOOMING DELIGHT1:21:0623.2534.96 22.97 24.223-2-2-76.7511421005.87.4
04-02-18397ST tf g C140024W. Y. So133Z. Purton8 PING HAI STARMR GENUINEKINGSFIELD1:22:2722.6537.48 22.70 22.399-9-9-4211471029.69.9
21-01-18362ST tf g A140029W. Y. So131N. Rawiller3 PINGWU SPARKWAH MAY FRIENDEASY GO EASY WIN1:22:0422.8636.82 22.80 23.198-9-9-94.7511451021110
10-12-17256ST tf g A140018W. Y. So119O. Murphy9 SOUTHERN LEGENDNOTHINGILIKEMOREGIANT TREASURE1:21:2522.9836.01 22.66 23.128-5-7-83.2511501022327
11-11-17187ST tf g/f A140013W. Y. So125N. Rawiller4 WESTERN EXPRESSWAH MAY FRIENDRACING SUPERNOVA1:21:5822.4236.08 23.56 22.047-9-8-30.511441016.84.5
08-10-17100ST tf g B+2140022W. Y. So133N. Rawiller4 FIFTY FIFTYRACING SUPERNOVACALIFORNIA WHIP1:21:8122.5936.21 23.53 22.3314-14-12-21.511331005.55.5
12-07-17796HV tf g/f A120029W. Y. So133B. Prebble8 SOUTHERN LEGENDSUPER TURBOVERBINSKY1:09.523.4 24.15 22.74 23.247-6-93.75111610247.2
07-05-17630ST tf g/f A+3100029W. Y. So131Z. Purton6 HOUSE OF FUNADVENTURERMAGIC LEGEND0:55.922.7 13.36 20.35 22.919-7-94.2511261038.94.3
17-04-17578ST tf g/f C+3120025W. Y. So131Z. Purton9 MAGIC LEGENDSTRATHMORELINE SEEKER1:08.622.3 24.88 21.88 22.1311-9-51.511351035.53.1
05-03-17468ST tf g/f C140016W. Y. So127J. Moreira1 INVINCIBLE DRAGONSIMPLY INVINCIBLEROMANTIC TOUCH1:20.722.5 34.93 23.43 22.945-4-6-63.511391034.44.1
30-01-17378ST tf g B140012W. Y. So124J. Moreira9 INVINCIBLE DRAGONRACING SUPERNOVAFLYING MOOCHI1:22.023.0 36.28 23.47 22.419-9-6-20.511341003.52.8
01-01-17304ST tf g/f B+21400G35W. Y. So115S. De Sousa4 BLIZZARDDASHING FELLOWJOYFUL TRINITY1:21.222.7 35.74 22.75 23.234-2-2-53.2511371008.95.8
11-12-16255ST tf g A140016W. Y. So119S. De Sousa1 BLIZZARDMR BOGARTDASHING FELLOW1:23.121.7 37.23 24.52 21.757-6-9-62.2511341003.84.8
12-11-16183ST tf g A+3140011W. Y. So119J. Moreira8 RACING SUPERNOVAMR BOGARTBLIZZARD1:21.022.8 35.41 23.17 22.4210-6-6-11.251144938.55
16-10-16111ST tf g/f C100023W. Y. So129Z. Purton9 ADVENTURERBAD BOYRACING SUPERNOVA0:56.222.4 13.86 20.41 22.1714-8-31.51132924.32.7
18-09-1637ST tf g/f C+3100021W. Y. So122Z. Purton1 RACING SUPERNOVAADVENTURERBAD BOY0:55.822.2 13.45 20.38 21.9711-8-1N1128853.92.8
19-06-16733ST tf g/f C+3120024W. Y. So119J. Moreira2 WAH MAY FRIENDHAMMER KINGINVINCIBLE DRAGON1:08.921.5 24.85 22.91 21.406-5-41.51136851.81.9
29-05-16677ST tf g A+3120022W. Y. So120J. Moreira5 NEW ASIA SUNRISERACING SUPERNOVAALL YOU WISH1:08.822.4 24.16 22.69 22.088-8-20.751136832.82.2
14-05-16643ST tf g C+3100032W. Y. So128Z. Purton13 ARCHIPPUSRACING SUPERNOVADRAGON GENERAL0:56.722.7 13.45 20.71 22.574-6-2H11218031.8
06-02-16384ST tf g B+2100031W. Y. So124Z. Purton8 RACING SUPERNOVAMALMSTEENNO MONEY NO TALK0:56.422.4 13.61 20.71 22.1013-7-11.251138704.33.2

HKJC Comment

Held up along the fence behind midfield, drifted out 500M, did best work final 200M to go 2nd near line but couldn't reel in winner.