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LAND GRANT (V131) 鋒芒畢露 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 71

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Patrick Ting Siu-yin
Last win: 01-10-18
Health: Right front acute lameness after work. Update: Right knee haemarthrosis. (31/08/2017) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (31/03/2016) Lame right forelimb. (30/04/2016) Galloped considerable distance riderless during trackwork. (20/06/2018) Avulsion fracture of right front suspensory origin. (03/05/2016) Rider concerned horse's action during racing. (02/03/2019)
Sire: High Chaparral
Dam: Cashier

Past Performances
Total Starts: 32: (3-3-3)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 7 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (2-0-0)
ST 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 16 (1-2-3)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
02-03-19467ST tf g C1400314A. T. Millard133G. van Niekerk4B/XBKASI FARASIGOD OF DRAGONYOUNG LEGEND1:22:2823.8635.09 23.41 26.181-2-3-14151133783039
10-02-19414ST tf g A1400311A. T. Millard133M. Chadwick10B/XBRIGHT CHOICEGALLANT RETURNINVINCIBLE MISSILE1:22:0923.8434.71 23.54 25.032-1-1-117.51133802999
20-01-19350ST tf g A+31800210A. T. Millard119M. Chadwick10B/XBHO HO KHANHELENE LEADINGSTARSAVVY SIX1:46:6123.7859.12 23.71 25.371-1-1-1-10101133815036
26-12-18290HV tf g C+3165029A. T. Millard110C. Wong12B/XBLITTERATEURRED WARRIORWINNING FAITH1:39:9523.6651.33 24.96 24.651-1-1-96.251132813137
14-11-18180HV tf g C165027A. T. Millard107C. Wong1B/XBSUPER CHICTURIN REDSTARRED WARRIOR1:39:6623.5451.66 24.46 24.411-1-1-75.51125811010
01-10-1860ST tf g A+3160031A. T. Millard120C. Wong1B/XBLAND GRANTFAMOUS WARRIORBIGWOOD1:34:3223.1548.21 22.96 23.151-1-1-1SH1113756.43.5
05-09-1817HV tf g/f B165033A. T. Millard118C. Wong7V-/XB/B2SKY MELODYCLOUD NINELAND GRANT1:40:3724.7251.10 24.55 25.101-1-1-32.251117755.76.7
23-05-18673HV tf g/f C165032A. T. Millard117C. Wong8V/XBMULTI FACETSLAND GRANTHAR HAR HEART1:39:5723.6652.40 23.51 23.711-1-1-2N 1126725.75.6
29-04-18605ST tf g A160031A. T. Millard107C. Wong11V/XBLAND GRANTFAMOUS WARRIORNEW ELEGANCE1:34:6424.0847.63 22.93 24.081-1-1-141134631611
08-04-18553ST tf g C180036A. T. Millard108C. Wong6V/XBJOLLY GENEDYNAMIC EAGLETAI SMART1:47:5523.4060.69 23.46 23.711-1-1-1-621138652126
11-03-18489ST aw g -1650311A. T. Millard121K. C. Leung4V/XBCALCULATIONROYAL PERFORMERWILLIE WAY1:37:7623.8450.84 23.52 25.483-3-4-11131136689.214
28-02-18463ST aw g -165036A. T. Millard124A. Sanna10V/XBDR WIN WINNUCLEAR POWERKIRAM1:38:2923.6351.34 23.76 23.776-5-4-63.51143701014
07-02-18408HV tf g A165034A. T. Millard124A. Sanna1V/XBLET'S TAKE IT EASYIMPERIAL GALLANTRYSUPER LUCKY1:40:5424.0452.41 24.09 24.401-1-1-42.251140719.89.2
10-01-18335HV tf g B165034A. T. Millard126A. Sanna11V/XBWINNING FAITHLITTERATEURMISTER MONTE1:40:3323.4853.42 23.99 23.577-8-7-441125732496
13-12-17269HV tf g C165039A. T. Millard128N. Rawiller6V/XBWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIARIGHT CALL1:40:2623.7252.65 24.41 24.222-3-4-96.51128756.97.1
29-11-17234HV tf g A180037A. T. Millard130C. Schofield5V/XBKING OF MONGOLIASHARP SAILOREASY HEDGE1:50:4423.5362.17 25.02 23.581-3-3-3-721146767.514
28-06-17766HV tf g/f C+3165039A. T. Millard132C. Murray8V/XB OUTLAWEDDR LISTENINGTHUNDER STOMP1:39.523.5 51.61 24.32 24.411-1-1-95.251105791116
21-06-17750HV tf g C165034A. T. Millard132C. Murray2V/XB KIRAMBULLISH SMARTSPICY SURE1:39.324.0 50.73 24.81 24.313-4-3-431116795.79.4
24-05-17675HV tf g C165032A. T. Millard132C. Schofield4V/XB MAGNETISMLAND GRANTAPACHE SPIRIT1:39.624.2 51.36 24.30 24.174-4-4-21.251099787.47.5
26-04-17604HV tf g/f C165034A. T. Millard131S. Clipperton4V/XB GOLDEN SLEEPMAGICAL BEAUTYUNICORN1:40.024.3 52.42 23.30 24.414-5-3-40.51100774.34.2
20-04-17588HV tf g/f B165034A. T. Millard131S. Clipperton5V/XB CHATER LEGENDWISKYLITTERATEUR1:39.923.5 52.89 23.70 23.534-4-3-41.251107771211
22-03-17516HV tf g C165033A. T. Millard129S. Clipperton8V/XB LITTLE DRAGONFANTASTIC KAKALAND GRANT1:40.123.8 52.57 23.80 24.025-4-2-311108761815
05-03-17471ST tf g/f C1400312A. T. Millard131C. Schofield3B-/V1MIGHTY MAVERICKDARING FITCITRON SPIRIT1:21.123.8 35.14 22.94 24.227-8-9-1271116782737
11-01-17330HV tf g B165039A. T. Millard133J. Moreira10B/TT2CALIFORNIA JOYTHUNDER STOMPACCLAIMED LIGHT1:39.823.3 52.88 24.34 23.227-7-8-93.751117805.33.7
30-10-16145HV tf g A1650210C. S. Shum121C. Schofield10B PRECISION KINGCHEEKY TOOPIKACHU1:41.823.6 54.19 24.99 23.769-10-10-106.51127811311
01-10-1675ST tf g A+3120029C. S. Shum115K. C. Leung14B TURF SPRINTMR BOGARTEROICO1:08.522.7 24.91 21.94 22.5212-12-951137814699
03-09-1610ST tf g B1400211C. S. Shum114K. C. Leung11B FLYING MOOCHIMERIONPIKACHU1:20.723.4 35.28 22.71 24.589-8-8-1111.251136816484
31-03-16524HV tf g C+3165031C. S. Shum128J. Moreira11B LAND GRANTRED MARVELGRAND HARBOUR1:39.723.9 51.61 24.71 23.418-8-7-11.51130747.74.1
13-03-16480ST tf g C+3140039C. S. Shum130G. Lerena14B MIGHTY MAVERICKCHEEKY TOOLUCKY GUY1:22.624.7 34.61 23.28 25.862-1-1-971133761222
02-03-16452HV tf g C+3165033C. S. Shum129G. Lerena3H-/B1ULTIMATE GLORYBULLISH SMARTLAND GRANT1:40.123.8 51.67 24.95 23.904-4-3-32113376105.9
31-01-16367ST tf g A+31400312C. S. Shum130N. Callan14H1/TTRACING HEROBEAUTY PRINCEHO IN ONE1:22.323.5 35.88 23.20 24.867-7-4-129.751140771313
01-01-16301ST tf g B+21400310C. S. Shum131N. Callan1TT MODERN TSARAEROSPEEDLUCKY GIRL1:21.923.6 34.89 23.77 24.217-4-7-105.751128775.24.8
13-12-15246ST tf g A120032C. S. Shum129N. Callan7TT1 WINSTON'S LADLAND GRANTFLYING MOOCHI1:09.723.0 24.47 22.60 22.797-7-20.51134754490

HKJC Comment

Vied for lead on outside, commenced to weaken inside 350M, dropped out tamely. (Jockey : gave ground rapidly early straight, eased down as the horse may have gone amiss.)