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SEE ME NOW (V171) 一支梅 (Retired)

K. W. Lui / Rating: 50

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 8 yrs / IRE
Owner: Ip Wai-tung
Last win: 14-02-18
Health: Lame right front leg (suspected distal sesamoidean ligament injury). (09/03/2016)<br>
Sire: Galileo
Dam: Mauralakana

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (2-1-2)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 6 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 8 (1-1-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-06-18699ST tf g/f B1600413K. W. Lui129M. L. Yeung7TTAMAZING SATCHMOENJOY LIFESTRATHSPEY1:35:1923.0648.55 23.98 23.695-6-8-136.5973562947
11-04-18561HV tf g A165049K. W. Lui129J. Moreira7TTELECTRIC LIGHTNINGPLANET STARI'M A WITNESS1:41:3722.8753.83 25.15 23.267-7-6-95.5972564.23.6
21-03-18514HV tf g C165043K. W. Lui130J. Moreira10TTPLANET STARPLAY ITSEE ME NOW1:40:7323.9053.83 23.80 23.329-11-12-31.25969563.33.9
14-02-18421HV tf g B165041K. W. Lui123J. Moreira2TTSEE ME NOWGREAT JOYWAH MAY BABY1:40:6923.7252.54 24.67 23.484-3-4-11.259715033.2
10-01-18332HV tf g B165043K. W. Lui120C. Y. Ho5TTCONTRIBUTIONGOOD CHOICE AHEADSEE ME NOW1:41:6223.5454.11 24.37 23.225-5-5-30.5971491116
06-12-17248HV tf g B165042K. W. Lui120S. De Sousa1TTOUR HEROSEE ME NOWFOREVER POSH1:41:1423.8552.55 24.98 23.613-3-3-2SH 965478.710
29-10-17149HV tf g/f A165048K. W. Lui121C. Y. Ho4TTMR KOOLGENTRYDARING HEART1:40:7723.5952.45 25.01 24.052-5-4-84.75961499.813
01-10-1775ST tf g A+3120048K. W. Lui123C. Y. Ho5TTBOSSIEESTAR OF PATCHSUPER EURO STAR1:09:8622.4824.18 23.28 23.27 2-3-85.5962511433
10-09-1723ST tf g C140045K. W. Lui122K. C. Leung1TTMORETHANLUCKYA BEAUTIFULRED ELYSEES1:22:1522.4336.52 23.48 22.744-3-3-53.75964511846
16-07-17800ST tf g/y C140047K. W. Lui125C. Y. Ho10TT THE FULL BLOOMSILVERFIELDFIVE STARS AGENT1:23.724.2 36.45 23.71 24.376-8-7-75948531931
14-06-17726HV tf g/f B165044K. W. Lui127H. W. Lai1TT MY BLESSINGACCLAIMED LIGHTAMAZING ALWAYS1:39.924.5 53.11 22.71 24.443-6-4-42941541119
24-05-17673HV tf g C1200412K. W. Lui123K. K. Chiong3TT MASTER VIKINGCONFUCIUS SPIRITCLEVER SPIRIT1:09.923.5 24.77 23.13 22.8811-12-125949558.116
20-04-17583HV tf g/f B120046K. W. Lui126C. Y. Ho11TT RESPLENDENT GLORYSHOWING CHARACTERNASHASHUK1:09.823.1 25.15 22.53 22.9810-8-64.75946552228
29-03-17531HV tf g/f C+31200411K. W. Lui126K. C. Leung12TT JUMBO HAPPINESSSHOWING CHARACTERGOLD TALENT1:09.922.9 24.09 23.32 23.832-4-118940551613
22-03-17511HV tf g C120041K. W. Lui121C. Y. Ho5XB-/TSEE ME NOWGAME OF FUNBUMBLE BABY1:10.623.4 24.24 23.39 22.975-6-10.75944491414
01-03-17455ST aw g -1650412K. W. Lui122K. K. Chiong12XB/TTGRAND HARBOURLANSBURYSUPER EURO STAR1:39.424.7 51.34 23.86 25.243-3-3-126.5938521640
08-02-17402HV tf g B120048K. W. Lui124K. K. Chiong9XB/TTARM RUNDARAY OF GOLDG-ONE LOVER1:11.023.7 24.41 23.28 23.785-7-83943541755
25-01-17366HV tf g C+31650410K. W. Lui127K. C. Ng3XB/TTIMPERIAL SEALSUM WIN DRAGONSPINNING DANCER1:40.724.1 52.02 24.62 25.281-1-1-107.25951572173
22-12-16280HV tf g/f C+3120049K. W. Lui133H. W. Lai1XB/TTWILD BOYNEVER BETTERCONFUCIUS SPIRIT1:10.423.7 24.39 23.13 23.987-7-96.5945604096
04-12-16238ST aw g -1650313K. W. Lui115T. H. So12XB/TTPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRED MARVELGO GO WIN1:38.023.1 52.58 23.62 24.1013-14-13-1314947643599
06-11-16165ST tf g/f C+31400313K. W. Lui118H. N. Wong1XB/TTWINNER'S WAYKINGSFIELDVOLITATION1:22.223.1 35.77 23.63 24.374-3-3-139.5964683299
08-10-1689ST aw g -1650312K. W. Lui125H. W. Lai11XB/TTVANILLAIMPERIAL GALLANTRYNORTHERN FALLS1:39.222.5 53.06 24.28 23.0713-12-13-127.5958714696
25-09-1654ST tf g/f A1200311K. W. Lui123T. H. So1XB1/TLOTUS BREEZEMULTIMAXCHARITY GLORY1:09.422.9 24.38 22.51 23.307-6-115963723899
10-07-16782ST tf g/f B+21200313K. W. Lui129H. W. Lai3TT LOVE SHOCKFLYING MOOCHIFIVE UP HIGH1:08.422.7 24.86 22.35 22.9312-13-1311949766099
19-06-16729ST tf g/f C+3120039K. W. Lui132H. W. Lai9TT MALMSTEENSUNNY ORIENTTRAVEL SUCCESSOR1:09.721.9 25.21 23.12 22.1310-11-94.5954785289
05-06-16691ST tf g B+21200311K. W. Lui131M. L. Yeung3TT BORNTOACHIEVEMYTHICAL EMPERORLANG TAI SING1:09.623.0 24.40 23.00 23.0311-12-114.75963808099
28-02-16444ST tf g B1400310K. W. Lui133H. W. Lai9TT1 MARVEL HEROJOYFUL MOMENTSDIAMOND KING1:22.023.4 36.33 23.15 23.3911-11-14-105.25971805699

HKJC Comment

Clean jump, positioned 2 wide, 2 lengths or so back, same margin back on turn, failed to close off in straight. (See Racing Incidents.)