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C. S. Shum / Rating: 52

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / gr / g / 7 yrs / USA
Owner: Li Wing-hon
Last win: 28-05-17
Health: Lame right front leg after racing. (24/01/2018) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (23/10/2017) Left proximal humerus stress fracture. (22/02/2018) Uveitis in left eye. (16/03/2019) Castration. (13/07/2016) Not suitable for vet exam: Lame left front leg. (12/02/2018) Rider concerned horse's action during racing. (01/01/2018)
Sire: War Front
Dam: Photograph

Past Performances
Total Starts: 34: (2-2-2)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 7 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 8 (1-1-0)
ST 2000m: 7 (1-0-1)
ST aw 1650m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 4 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-07-19781HV tf g C180042C. S. Shum126U. Rispoli1TTFAMILY LEADERGREEN DISPATCHCROWN AVENUE1:49:1224.3160.54 24.27 24.382-1-1-1-2N 117552108.5
23-06-19752ST tf g A200047C. S. Shum128N. Callan12TTHO HO FEELGORGEOUS AGAINLONDON HALL2:01:6222.7075.39 23.53 23.272-2-2-1-73.51175542955
26-05-19693ST tf g/y A1800314C. S. Shum110C. Wong5TTSPLENDOUR AND GOLDI DOCHAMPION SUPREME1:48:4223.2061.21 24.53 24.561-3-4-11-1411.751185603496
28-04-19615ST tf g A1600313C. S. Shum117M. F. Poon12B-/TTCHAMPION SUPREMECORDYCEPSRED ELYSEES1:34:0023.8947.06 23.33 25.284-3-3-1310.51187655699
07-02-19404ST tf g C+31600314C. S. Shum121M. F. Poon7PC-/B2/TTCORDYCEPSNOT USUAL TALENTFAMOUS WARRIOR1:34:6523.2847.61 24.08 25.081-2-5-1413.251177695899
12-01-19336ST tf g A1800312C. S. Shum125M. F. Poon8PC/TTDANCES WITH DRAGONHAPPY SEBRINGRULE THEE1:48:0323.7960.26 24.02 25.232-1-1-2-129.251184723577
01-01-19310ST tf g C1600313C. S. Shum128K. C. Leung4PC1/TTNICCONI EXPRESSVINCYPAKISTAN FRIEND1:34:1723.0747.79 23.63 24.923-3-5-1313.51183754099
24-01-18370ST aw g -1800312C. S. Shum126P-C Boudot12TTPRAWN BABAGRAN MASTERGOODHEART SUCCESS1:47:3222.9161.25 23.92 25.287-10-9-11-1219.51186781742
01-01-18316ST tf g B+21800312C. S. Shum133Z. Purton12TTBRING IT ONTAI SMARTCIRCUIT HASSLER1:48:6323.5660.68 24.39 24.645-2-2-1-126.75118880177.8
17-12-17281ST tf g C+31400211C. S. Shum110H. T. Mo10TTPINGWU SPARKHAPPY AGILITYBABA MAMA1:22:0923.2636.92 22.87 23.229-11-12-115.751187814299
22-10-17132ST tf g/f A1800210C. S. Shum106M. F. Poon10TTGOLD MOUNTDOYENIDINOZZO1:46:3823.1560.67 23.28 23.685-4-4-6-107.751164822314
03-09-178ST tf g B140027C. S. Shum119S. Clipperton6TTMONGOLIAN KINGSOLAR HEI HEIBABA MAMA1:21:9723.1136.48 23.14 23.1612-12-11-751172823565
09-07-17787ST tf g B+2200027C. S. Shum107H. T. Mo11TT GENERAL SHERMANROCKETEERHELENE CHARISMA2:00.423.1 73.84 23.42 23.781-1-1-741172821116
18-06-17738ST tf g/y C+3180032C. S. Shum132Z. Purton2TT VICTORY BOYSGREEN DISPATCHGORGEOUS AGAIN1:48.923.5 61.80 23.62 23.531-1-1-2SH1165791410
28-05-17679ST tf g/f A200031C. S. Shum127J. Moreira2TT GREEN DISPATCHLOTUS STRIKES BACKHAPPY ROCKY2:02.323.6 75.42 23.30 23.622-2-2-1N1161742.22.8
07-05-17626ST tf g/f A+3200033C. S. Shum127H. Bowman8B-/XBJOLLY GENEENSURINGGREEN DISPATCH2:02.323.5 75.11 23.73 23.752-2-2-31.751166749.913
23-04-17597ST aw w/s -180038C. S. Shum116H. T. Mo1B/XB2VANILLAGIANT TURTLEKING GENKI1:47.024.0 59.82 23.79 24.966-7-7-89.251166762719
05-04-17552ST aw g -1650313C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller9CP-/BLITTLE DRAGONDIVINE BOYFRIENDS OF KA YING1:37.623.4 51.13 24.00 23.476-7-10-136.251165781619
12-03-17489ST tf g C+31600314C. S. Shum131K. C. Leung14H-/CPWHAT ELSE BUT YOUGO BEAUTY GOENERGETIC CLASS1:34.522.9 48.37 23.77 24.106-7-7-1410.251164802936
19-02-17432ST tf g/f A200026C. S. Shum116A. Badel7H/TT BOOMING DELIGHTHAPPILABABYAMBITIOUS CHAMPION2:02.323.0 75.98 23.44 23.475-5-3-63.51179828.214
22-01-17358ST tf g A180024C. S. Shum115A. Badel8H/TT DINOZZOHAPPY PLACEAMBITIOUS CHAMPION1:47.124.0 59.22 24.64 23.569-12-11-421176822633
27-12-16294ST tf g A+3200028C. S. Shum119K. C. Leung8H/TT SUPREME PROFITDINOZZOAMBITIOUS CHAMPION2:01.924.1 73.40 24.45 25.376-4-1-88.251158821518
16-11-16192HV tf g C1800212C. S. Shum115C. Schofield2H/TT WINNIE'S HONEYDYNAMISMMAGICAL BEAUTY1:48.723.8 61.33 24.74 24.126-9-9-1291173821511
16-10-16108ST tf g/f C180031C. S. Shum130N. Rawiller6H/TT GREEN DISPATCHLOTUS STRIKES BACKHOLMES LEGEND1:47.423.5 60.03 24.03 23.342-6-3-1Nose1163769.512
28-09-1662HV tf g C+3180035C. S. Shum129N. Rawiller5XB-/HHAPPY SPIRITWINNIE'S HONEYHAPPY CONTENDER1:49.723.6 62.32 24.35 23.603-4-5-531153769.811
06-07-16768HV tf g A180038A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick2XB1 SAVVY NATUREHO HO FEELFORMULA WON1:50.523.7 62.60 24.52 23.742-5-5-81.751204781610
12-06-16712ST aw w/f -165038A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng6 GRAND PLUSNOBLE ALPHASURE PEACE1:39.623.3 52.72 23.94 23.784-5-5-84.751184805.68.1
22-05-16666ST aw g -165026A. S. Cruz108K. K. Chiong8 HARBOUR MASTERCIRCUIT LANDSICHUAN VIGOUR1:38.023.0 51.36 23.74 23.587-2-2-63.751188825.86.7
24-04-16592ST tf y A1600210A. S. Cruz113K. C. Ng8 BERLINISANTA FE SUNJOYFUL TRINITY1:36.924.3 48.89 24.43 25.295-7-10-1010.251195843525
06-04-16543ST aw g -165033A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng1 NORTHERN FALLSHIT THE BIDGREEN DISPATCH1:38.723.1 52.48 23.49 23.344-3-3-33.51191851316
20-03-16498ST tf g A2000G111A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho9B-/TTWERTHERVICTORY MAGICGIOVANNI CANALETTO2:01.722.8 74.90 24.25 24.551-3-4-1112.251187879999
21-02-16422ST tf g A1800G110A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick8B1/TTSUN JEWELLERYWERTHEREASTERN EXPRESS1:48.023.8 60.26 23.91 25.392-1-1-109.751191895999
24-01-16355ST tf g A1600G112A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho10TT SUN JEWELLERYWERTHERBLIZZARD1:35.023.5 48.09 24.36 25.5413-11-12-1218.51184914656
09-01-16319ST tf g C1600214A. S. Cruz127N. Callan13TT1 CELESTIAL SMILEAPOLLO'S CHOICESICHUAN DAR1:35.222.6 48.99 24.26 23.5812-10-11-149.751182911733

HKJC Comment

Ridden along to take lead, travelled well, responded nicely in the straight, missed by Neck.