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BABA MAMA (V214) 怪獸家長 (Retired)

L. Ho / Rating: 82

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 6 yrs / NZ
Owner: Jimmy Chung Kwok-man & Dominic ChungWon-lok
Last win: 06-11-16
Health: Substantial mucopus in trachea after trackwork. (30/09/2016) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (20/04/2016) Right front oblique sesamoidean ligament injury, medial proximal sesamoid bone partially displaced fracture. (16/01/2019)
Sire: Per Incanto
Dam: Irish Magic

Past Performances
Total Starts: 35: (4-4-7)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 1 (1-0-0)
ST 1400m: 20 (3-2-6)
ST 1600m: 10 (0-2-1)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-01-19311ST tf g C140032L. Ho124M. F. Poon6TTWAIKUKUBABA MAMACOMFORT LIFE1:22:3122.5636.52 23.63 22.348-7-6-21.251146731223
09-12-18245ST tf g A140039L. Ho129H. Bowman8TT2ENCOURAGINGNOBLE STEEDNICCONI EXPRESS1:22:2922.6037.19 23.30 22.7914-14-12-96.25114074108.7
15-07-18803ST tf y A160039L. Ho131D. Whyte3 CIRCUIT NUMBER TWOGO BEAUTY GOMARZOUQ1:35:9624.5647.67 24.49 24.977-8-11-97.251139781412
01-07-18769ST tf g B140037L. Ho131N. Callan9H-/V-CALIFORNIA JOYHOME RUNSUPER GIANT1:22:3323.2836.54 23.11 22.926-7-10-71.51143785.212
20-05-18665ST tf g/f C+3140033L. Ho132N. Callan4H/V2BOLD STITCHINTREPICBABA MAMA1:21:7622.4236.67 23.15 22.009-8-8-3N 1132774.26.5
29-04-18612ST tf g A160029L. Ho118K. C. Leung12V-/HRISE HIGHCIRCUIT HASSLERDOCTOR GEOFF1:35:3522.0750.19 23.89 22.3612-12-13-96.751127791323
08-04-18557ST tf g C140035L. Ho132N. Rawiller7H/VROUNDABOUTCOBY BOYBIG BANG BONG1:22:3222.6537.31 22.88 22.3310-8-8-51.251125795.45.7
18-03-18511ST tf g A140035L. Ho133N. Callan9H/VCIRCUIT HASSLERSTARSHIPDUKEDOM1:22:9122.7837.80 22.93 22.4213-12-10-51.51137806.26.5
04-02-18400ST tf g C140036L. Ho130N. Rawiller2H/VSIR REDALOTREGENCY BO BOWORLD RECORD1:21:7624.0936.68 22.55 23.0414-13-12-63.251141824.25.7
21-01-18362ST tf g A140025L. Ho113K. Teetan8H/VPINGWU SPARKWAH MAY FRIENDEASY GO EASY WIN1:22:0422.8636.66 22.80 23.1110-8-6-53.251134842115
01-01-18318ST tf g B+2140023L. Ho117K. Teetan12H/VKINGSFIELDNEW ASIA SUNRISEBABA MAMA1:22:2122.7136.94 23.28 22.1613-11-11-31113684109
17-12-17281ST tf g C+3140023L. Ho120K. Teetan5H/V1PINGWU SPARKHAPPY AGILITYBABA MAMA1:22:0923.2636.68 22.67 22.9112-9-7-311134841212
01-11-17162ST aw f/t -165027L. Ho117K. Teetan1HCLASSIC EMPERORDIVINE BOYPEOPLE'S KNIGHT1:37:6322.7951.96 23.76 23.605-5-4-710.51130846.28
14-10-17114ST tf g C160023L. Ho116K. Teetan11H/TT-CITRON SPIRITKEEN VENTUREBABA MAMA1:34:3223.3748.50 22.97 22.9113-13-10-3N112583129.9
24-09-1764ST tf g A1400210L. Ho120J. Moreira6H/TTCITRON SPIRITSOLAR HEI HEIJOLLY JOLLY1:22:0222.5536.73 23.50 22.497-10-12-104.251130834.14
03-09-178ST tf g B140023L. Ho118K. Teetan8H/TTMONGOLIAN KINGSOLAR HEI HEIBABA MAMA1:21:9723.1136.12 23.34 22.7011-9-10-31.251121824.44.1
16-07-17807ST tf g/y C140022L. Ho114K. Teetan6H/TT SOLAR HEI HEIBABA MAMAMONGOLIAN KING1:22.923.6 35.77 23.95 23.307-8-7-20.51129808.89.6
18-06-17741ST tf g/y C+3160024L. Ho115K. Teetan11H/TT SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA JOYJOLLY JOLLY1:34.822.9 49.26 23.33 22.8810-11-8-43.751103811214
28-05-17683ST tf g/f A140023L. Ho116K. C. Leung1H/TT MY DARLINGHANG'S DECISIONBABA MAMA1:21.723.4 35.67 22.84 23.544-5-3-32.2510978168.9
07-05-17634ST tf g/f A+3140026L. Ho120D. Lane3H/TT NEW ASIA SUNRISEHANG'S DECISIONMY DARLING1:21.723.8 35.74 22.71 23.888-7-7-63.75109382149.4
12-04-17570HV tf g A1650210L. Ho115H. W. Lai7H/TT WINNER'S WAYJOLLY BANNERSUPER TURBO1:39.223.4 52.39 24.19 24.407-8-9-1010.51087831828
26-03-17524ST tf g A+3160026L. Ho120J. Moreira12H/TT WHAT ELSE BUT YOUWINNER'S WAYCALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:34.923.3 48.71 23.38 23.276-6-6-62.751092832.53.2
26-02-17453ST tf g B160022L. Ho113K. Teetan1H/TT GOLD MOUNTINVINCIBLE DRAGONBABA MAMA1:34.423.1 48.56 23.07 22.923-3-4-20.751102809.28.3
11-02-17414ST tf g/f C+3160025L. Ho116K. C. Leung2H/TT CALIFORNIA DISEGNOCIRCUIT HASSLERTRAVEL FIRST1:34.123.3 47.57 23.71 23.138-5-5-51.751099803.64.8
22-01-17360ST tf g A1600Restricted7L. Ho126G. Mosse10H/TT RAPPER DRAGONSEASONS BLOOMBEAUTY GENERATION1:34.922.4 49.33 24.10 22.2312-12-13-74.251107803378
17-12-16277ST tf g/f C+3160039L. Ho131K. C. Leung8H/TT HAPPY PLACESKY KINGUNICRON JEWELLERY1:34.423.6 48.06 23.50 23.6510-13-10-94.751111802.74
27-11-16222ST tf g C140023L. Ho119B. Prebble5H/TT JOLLY BANNERMIGHTY MAVERICKBABA MAMA1:22.022.5 36.39 23.70 22.269-10-9-321111803.72.7
06-11-16167ST tf g/f C+3140031L. Ho127N. Rawiller11H/TT BABA MAMABEAUTY KINGDOMCLASSIC EMPEROR1:22.022.9 36.68 22.99 22.3414-11-10-111096722.32.7
23-10-16128ST tf g A160022L. Ho124N. Rawiller1H/TT SIMPLY INVINCIBLEBABA MAMAUNICORN1:34.323.3 47.79 23.54 23.429-9-7-22.51100714.34.5
03-09-169ST tf g B140031L. Ho117K. C. Leung10H/TT BABA MAMASMART BOYBEAUTY KINGDOM1:21.523.2 36.08 23.01 22.4911-10-10-10.751094652.73.5
10-07-16778ST tf g/f B+2140041L. Ho128K. C. Leung10H/TT BABA MAMAWINNING BOYTEAM SWEET1:21.423.3 36.08 23.05 22.3311-11-12-10.7510955754.8
26-06-16745ST tf g/f A120041L. Ho120K. C. Leung6H/TT BABA MAMAVICTOR EMPERORCIRCUIT KING1:09.022.8 24.77 22.28 21.9711-9-11.251100495.14.8
12-06-16710ST tf g/y C140044L. Ho121K. C. Leung13H/TT1SUPER MANCARE FREE PRINCEVOLITATION1:22.423.8 35.82 23.50 23.369-9-8-41.51099501612
14-05-16641ST tf g C+3100046L. Ho126K. C. Leung1H ADVENTURERLOVE SHOCKART OF SUCCESS0:56.322.3 13.52 21.08 22.518-10-64.751100524678
20-04-16577HV tf g B120049L. Ho123K. C. Leung4H1 MASTER VIKINGNEVER BETTERMASSIVE MILLENNIUM1:10.324.0 24.35 22.89 24.016-7-95.51102528.914

HKJC Comment

Had soft run in midfield on the fence. Over raced slightly in middle section due to slow pace. Moved away from the fence on cornering before improving between runners and finishing well in final section.