C. H. Yip / Rating: 54

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mr & Mrs Tang Kwok-yung
Last win: 12-01-19
Health: Restricted action of both hind legs and lame left front leg on the day after racing. (17/09/2017) Lame left front leg. (10/05/2019)
Sire: Duke Of Marmalade
Dam: Stolen Girlfriend

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (2-3-2)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 18 (2-3-1)
ST 1600m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
20-03-19510HV tf g/f C165049C. H. Yip123H. T. Mo1B/TTPERFECT TO PLAYHAPPY WARRIORNITRO EXPRESS1:40:1123.7151.92 24.96 24.353-4-4-971221549.36.3
24-02-19445ST tf g B+2140042C. H. Yip126W. M. Lai6B/TTPLANET STARHINYUEN SWIFTNESSCHAIRMAN LO1:22:1123.9235.34 23.01 24.132-2-2-22.251227539.17.3
10-02-19409ST tf g A160044C. H. Yip126W. M. Lai4B/TTCHIU CHOW KIDFLASH FAMOUSROMANTIC CHEF1:35:8923.4448.11 24.34 23.622-1-1-411237532224
12-01-19334ST tf g A140041C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai6B/TTHINYUEN SWIFTNESSCHAIRMAN LOBEAUTY ENERGY1:22:4423.6235.36 23.46 23.622-1-1-11124646217.8
29-12-18296ST tf g B+2140045C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai13B/TTPEARL CHAMPIONWIN WINI DO1:22:3323.9534.87 23.51 24.481-1-1-53.25125247148.9
16-12-18260ST tf g C+3140044C. H. Yip118W. M. Lai8B/TTMONICACORDYCEPSTOUCH OF LUCK1:23:3722.8136.47 24.09 23.071-1-1-41.51250478.36.1
04-11-18148ST tf g C+3160044C. H. Yip122W. M. Lai10B/TTLET US WINEVER LAUGHMY WINNER1:35:7023.3148.44 23.99 23.512-2-2-41.51266474039
01-10-1858ST tf g A+3140047C. H. Yip123W. M. Lai2B/TTFRESH POWERCITY LEGENDCARE FREE PRINCE1:22:3323.5435.41 23.58 23.762-2-3-72.751268472012
09-09-1826ST tf g/f C140041C. H. Yip117W. M. Lai1B/TTHINYUEN SWIFTNESSCITY LEGENDPAKISTAN FRIEND1:22:3422.7636.03 23.55 22.761-2-1-1SH1238427.58.4
08-07-18786ST tf g/f C140047C. H. Yip118K. Teetan12B/TTPAKISTAN FRIENDENJOY LIFEENDEARING1:22:4323.4436.21 23.50 23.2111-10-10-731221451114
24-06-18746ST tf g/f A140042C. H. Yip118K. Teetan2B/TTENJOY LIFEHINYUEN SWIFTNESSYOUNG EMPIRE1:21:6723.0936.12 23.06 22.615-6-8-20.751217435.89.1
03-06-18695ST tf g/f B140045C. H. Yip121D. Whyte5B/TTMAGIC SUCCESSVIVA COUNCILLOTUS BREEZE1:21:6923.5536.22 22.36 23.416-8-6-521213445.26.5
12-05-18643ST tf g C140043C. H. Yip120D. Whyte2B/TTEXPERTO CREDEAMAZING SATCHMOHINYUEN SWIFTNESS1:22:4122.6236.84 23.23 22.795-5-5-32.751215459.612
15-04-18571ST tf g/y C+3160048C. H. Yip121D. Whyte8B/TTNAMJONG PLUSSTRATHSPEYPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:36:5123.5849.63 23.74 23.678-6-6-83.251210481621
18-03-18502ST tf g A160048C. H. Yip123U. Rispoli8B/TTSMART CHARADEDASHING DARTELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:36:4422.9850.06 24.08 22.758-9-10-82.751204501320
25-02-18450ST tf g B120045C. H. Yip125G. Mosse2B/TTHANDSOME BO BOBINGOFRESH POWER1:09:8623.0824.26 22.88 23.26 5-5-53.251212526.96.9
18-02-18428ST tf g A140047C. H. Yip129Z. Purton6B/TTVITAL SPRINGBEAUTY DAYAMAZING SATCHMO1:22:3823.7735.64 23.49 23.698-8-8-72.751208545.25.2
21-01-18358ST tf g A1400414C. H. Yip127U. Rispoli11B/TTDESTINRED ELYSEESLUCKY TIME1:23:0123.1436.53 23.78 24.156-7-9-1491216548.99.2
23-12-17294ST tf g A+3140042C. H. Yip125U. Rispoli8B/TTNAMJONG PLUSHINYUEN SWIFTNESSBETTER CHOICE1:23:0723.7036.72 23.41 22.9711-11-10-2H1215529.410
13-12-17268HV tf g C165049C. H. Yip127K. C. Leung2B/TTENORMOUS HONOURPLAY ITMASTER BERNINI1:40:2223.4852.77 24.13 24.193-4-4-95.51230546.45.9
05-11-17166ST tf g/f C+3120043C. H. Yip128K. C. Leung1B/TTCONTEAMBITIOUS HEARTHINYUEN SWIFTNESS1:09:5022.2524.17 23.32 22.31 3-4-321237541741
16-09-1741ST aw g -165049C. H. Yip123H. T. Mo2B/TTGRAN MASTERFIVE STARS AGENTSURE PEACE1:39:6323.6953.11 23.35 24.355-6-6-97.51224566.77.4
10-09-1724ST aw g -120046C. H. Yip131T. Berry8B1/TTAMAZING MOMENTSTARTLING POWERMASSIVE MOVE1:09:0722.8824.32 22.43 23.27 6-6-661206588.56.8
16-07-17806ST tf g/y C1200311C. H. Yip113K. C. Ng9TT IVICTORYFIFTY FIFTYSO FAST1:10.123.3 24.96 22.64 23.5510-10-116.251210634743
11-06-17720ST tf g/f C120038C. H. Yip117T. H. So8TT PERPETUAL JOYANCEFANTASTIC EIGHTMASTER ALBERT1:09.122.4 24.56 22.71 22.689-10-85.251199664999
28-05-17687ST tf g/f A140038C. H. Yip119T. H. So6TT PENANG HALLGREEN CARDHIGH AND MIGHTY1:22.423.2 36.20 24.08 22.7912-14-14-841186683699
13-05-17651ST tf g/y C140037C. H. Yip124Z. Purton4TT HAPPY JOURNEYTANG FLEMINGMIGHTY MAVERICK1:22.923.8 35.68 23.83 24.225-7-8-74.51186702023
26-04-17605HV tf g/f C1200310C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng8TT1 WONDERFUL FIGHTERPERPETUAL JOYANCEOUR HERO1:09.723.6 24.08 22.86 23.899-10-106.51184724599
02-04-17541ST tf g/f B+21400310C. H. Yip122H. N. Wong7 KINGSFIELDREGENCY BO BOCONVINCIBLE1:21.923.0 35.34 23.68 23.973-2-3-106.51170747599
05-03-17470ST tf g/f C1400314C. H. Yip129W. L. Ho8 LUCKY DOUBLE EIGHTCELESTIAL NOVACONVINCIBLE1:22.023.6 35.34 23.60 23.964-7-10-145.51177764799
05-02-17399ST tf g C1200311C. H. Yip126K. K. Chiong2 ALWAYS WINBLAZE STAMINAHANG'S DECISION1:09.222.5 24.48 23.01 23.355-10-119.751178782394
08-01-17321ST tf g/f C140039C. H. Yip128K. K. Chiong1 BIG BANG BONGTANG FLEMINGDIAMOND KING1:22.322.9 36.38 23.58 22.968-8-8-93.751155804588
22-12-16284HV tf g/f C+31200312C. H. Yip133O. Murphy8 WONDERFUL JOURNEYLAMAROSAGIANT STARS1:09.823.9 25.04 22.50 23.4712-12-127.51154804085

HKJC Comment

Began fast before being crossed in the lead near the 1200m. Hard ridden passing the 500m and maintained three length margin until cornering before weakening out in the straight.