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D. Ferraris / Rating: 40

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 5 yrs / AUS
Owner: Chow Wailee & The Executors of the Estate of the late Dr Chow Yei-ching
Last win: 15-11-17
Health: Unacceptable performance. (28/06/2017) Castration under general anesthesia. (15/03/2016) Unacceptable performance. (14/03/2018)
Sire: Show A Heart
Dam: Kamiri

Past Performances
Total Starts: 26: (1-2-4)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-1-1)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 18 (1-1-3)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
24-02-19442ST tf g B+21400513D. Ferraris133M. Chadwick12BFLYING NOBLENEVER BETTERBEST EFFORT1:23:1323.7938.66 22.64 24.4014-14-14-13161056401617
27-01-19369ST tf g B+2140052D. Ferraris132M. Chadwick3BDIAMOND LEGENDDARING HEARTDISTRICT EXPRESS1:23:0724.1835.90 23.39 23.887-3-3-20.51053391723
16-12-18259ST tf g C+3160049D. Ferraris117M. Chadwick9BEVER LAUGHROMANTIC CHEFMY WINNER1:35:6823.4148.98 23.93 23.5310-10-9-94.751051413172
21-11-18196HV tf g/y C+31650410D. Ferraris117K. C. Leung9BGOLD LANDCHIU CHOW KIDASSOCIATION FANS1:41:1224.3452.78 24.24 25.262-2-5-107.251044431126
07-11-18157HV tf g B165046D. Ferraris117A. Badel2BCURLING LUXURYMARVEL JOYSPARKLING SWORD1:40:3524.2852.05 24.54 24.028-7-6-61.751034441524
28-10-18130HV tf g A165047D. Ferraris119U. Rispoli6B1FLYING QUESTCHAPARRAL STARTRUE GRIT1:41:1525.1152.66 24.22 24.8411-12-12-73.51030461954
18-10-18105HV tf g C165049D. Ferraris121U. Rispoli8 FINE WITH MELUCKY SHINY DAYSPARKLING SWORD1:40:3623.7653.24 24.00 23.978-8-8-95.251036483633
26-09-1852HV tf g C+31650410D. Ferraris123K. Teetan2 SPARKLING SWORDCHARITY WINGSFINE WITH ME1:41:2222.9154.22 24.37 23.402-3-3-104.751043491426
08-04-18552ST aw g -1650413D. Ferraris126K. Teetan4 CROWN AVENUESPEEDY WALLYGO GO WIN1:39:2024.0252.14 24.40 25.519-12-13-1317.75102751108.3
14-03-18495HV tf g B1650412D. Ferraris125N. Callan4 MULTIGOGOGREAT JOYPEARL WARM WARM1:40:4123.6453.45 24.16 24.5412-11-10-1210.751035517.57.4
21-02-18442HV tf g C165046D. Ferraris126N. Callan9 SICHUAN BOSSGLORY STARCONTRIBUTION1:41:0923.6454.00 24.49 23.2311-11-11-64103851108.8
31-01-18385HV tf g C+3165043D. Ferraris123N. Callan3 WIN FOR CHARITYMONEY WINNERDARING HEART1:41:0723.7953.73 23.99 23.396-7-7-3N 1041507.74.5
27-12-17302HV tf g A165048D. Ferraris123K. Teetan7 DON'T MISSDESTINPOLYMER LUCK1:41:0523.3154.01 24.49 23.638-8-9-86.751037501714
15-11-17194HV tf g C165041D. Ferraris116K. C. Leung5 DARING HEARTNEVER BETTERMR KOOL1:41:0424.0253.06 24.40 23.585-5-5-11.251024457.48.1
29-10-17149HV tf g/f A165043D. Ferraris117K. C. Leung3 MR KOOLGENTRYDARING HEART1:40:7723.5952.69 25.01 23.364-8-6-31.751021451212
11-10-17105HV tf g B165046D. Ferraris118K. C. Leung2 GENTRYSPEEDY WALLYTHE JAZZ1:41:1823.9753.78 24.15 24.186-9-10-65.751015471016
20-09-1752HV tf g/f C165049D. Ferraris124U. Rispoli6 SPEEDY WALLYTORNEYMEGATRON1:40:7224.3352.91 24.36 24.648-7-9-97.51013491114
28-06-17762HV tf g/f C+31650412D. Ferraris123N. Callan7 GO GO WINWORKS OF ARTFINE WITH ME1:39.823.6 52.80 24.43 23.8811-10-10-127.75997505.65.4
07-06-17710HV tf g/f A165042D. Ferraris123N. Callan10 RAGING BULLDARING HEARTNEVER BETTER1:39.824.0 52.39 24.11 23.4710-10-9-21.25996492017
17-05-17656HV tf g/f B165048D. Ferraris127N. Callan12 CALL ME AWESOMEAGIAALGOOD CHOICE1:40.425.0 52.85 23.59 24.918-10-10-85.5998517.110
09-04-17558ST tf g/f C1600412D. Ferraris124K. Teetan6 THE SHOWPOLYMER LUCKAMBITIOUS PINS1:35.522.8 49.30 24.14 23.746-6-8-1210.25999519.512
22-02-17437HV tf g/f C+3165043D. Ferraris122K. Teetan8 SPINNING DANCERTRENDY WINDARING HEART1:40.324.6 51.63 24.64 24.057-7-7-3SH990496.69.8
02-02-17385HV tf g A165045D. Ferraris124M. Chadwick2 SPARKLING SWORDARGENTUMCASH COURIER1:41.624.5 53.03 24.37 24.514-4-3-51.5996503248
22-01-17356ST tf g A140048D. Ferraris126U. Rispoli8 RED ELYSEESGREAT TREASUREPENANG HALL1:23.124.6 35.44 23.38 25.6311-8-7-881000522513
08-01-17317ST tf g/f C1400410D. Ferraris125N. Callan12 MR POTENTIALEVERESTSUPERIOR BOY1:22.322.5 37.00 23.42 23.1612-12-10-1081008521412
27-11-16212ST tf g C140043D. Ferraris125H. W. Lai7 LOOK ERASAMBITIOUS HEARTDARING HEART1:22.923.9 35.81 23.72 23.748-8-9-32.25994524043

HKJC Comment

Jumped with them, commenced to buck shortly after start, dropped out of contention thereafter. (See Racing Incidents.)