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GO BEAUTY GO (V316) 美麗寶寶 (Retired)

J. Moore / Rating: 71

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / br / g / 7 yrs / NZ
Owner: Kitty Kwok Sea-nga
Last win: 12-05-18
Health: Substantial blood in trachea, sustained overreach wounds and abrasions in both front legs after racing. (25/11/2018) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (10/01/2018)
Sire: O'reilly
Dam: Lodore Mystic

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (5-4-3)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (0-1-0)
ST 1600m: 20 (5-2-3)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 5 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-01-19310ST tf g C1600310J. Moore130M. F. Poon10XB/TTNICCONI EXPRESSVINCYPAKISTAN FRIEND1:34:1723.0747.67 23.59 24.432-2-3-109.51147801624
25-11-18207ST tf y C16003URJ. Moore133T. Angland2XB/TTAMAZING SATCHMOPAKISTAN FRIENDRAZOR QUEST1:37:1025.04 1141809.59.2
10-11-18172ST tf g A160033J. Moore126C. Wong6XB/TTSTARSHIPKIRAMGO BEAUTY GO1:35:3523.3348.23 23.83 23.453-3-2-311155798.77.4
21-10-18114ST tf g/f A160039J. Moore128M. F. Poon11XB1/TTBIGWOODHIGH VOLATILITYSOUTHERN SUPERSTAR1:34:4823.6247.38 23.48 24.281-1-1-94.251148798.611
15-07-18803ST tf y A160032J. Moore127M. F. Poon7TTCIRCUIT NUMBER TWOGO BEAUTY GOMARZOUQ1:35:9624.5647.03 24.37 25.051-1-1-231141798.610
24-06-18747ST tf g/f A160034J. Moore128M. F. Poon2TTMARZOUQRACING LUCKAMAZING SATCHMO1:33:9522.5248.33 23.10 22.821-1-1-421148784.67.5
03-06-18700ST tf g/f B160036J. Moore133J. Moreira3TTMAGNETISMSUPER FORMSLEEP EDUCATION1:34:1224.0946.97 23.06 24.702-2-1-63.751140782.62.5
12-05-18646ST tf g C160031J. Moore124M. F. Poon4TTGO BEAUTY GONITRO EXPRESSFAMOUS WARRIOR1:35:5422.5349.33 23.68 22.531-1-1-1N1134735.43.5
29-04-18604ST tf g A140032J. Moore127Z. Purton2TTRIGHT CALLGO BEAUTY GOVOLITATION1:22:4423.0036.26 23.46 22.863-4-3-20.751139717.84.9
10-01-18335HV tf g B1650310J. Moore119H. T. Mo2TTWINNING FAITHLITTERATEURMISTER MONTE1:40:3323.4852.70 24.15 24.771-1-1-1081149731110
01-01-18315ST tf g B+2140036J. Moore128T. Berry10TT1CONTEHEALTHY JOYFULREGENCY BO BO1:21:8023.1235.18 23.50 24.011-2-1-65.51150751328
13-12-17270HV tf g C165034J. Moore131Z. Purton6 MISTER MONTEDR WIN WINNITRO EXPRESS1:39:5623.3552.65 23.76 23.683-3-3-43.251136766.86
03-12-17240ST aw g -165036J. Moore132T. Berry6 TURIN PEARLKYRUS BOWSERDOLLAR REWARD1:39:1722.4153.31 23.53 22.792-2-2-63114078109.8
22-11-17216HV tf g C+3165036J. Moore133T. Berry4 MAGNETISMMISTER MONTEBANK ON RED1:40:5324.1451.72 24.87 24.524-4-3-63.75115178109
08-11-17178HV tf g B165032J. Moore130S. Clipperton6 BANK ON REDGO BEAUTY GOCALIFORNIA JOY1:41:0323.6952.80 24.54 23.773-4-1-20.51148767.26.8
25-10-17143HV tf g/f C+3165034J. Moore129T. Berry11H-DR WIN WINLUCKY GIRLBANK ON RED1:40:3523.4252.87 24.90 22.7712-11-11-41.251145761511
08-10-1796ST tf g B+2160035J. Moore128T. Berry4HRATTANWINWIN RUBYHOME RUN1:34:9222.7348.45 23.74 23.111-1-1-52.251154779.26.8
24-09-1763ST tf g A140038J. Moore133T. Berry7HDIAMOND KINGCHUNG WAH SPIRITHOME RUN1:21:8624.0634.83 23.25 24.452-2-3-84.251159781928
03-09-1710ST tf g B140038J. Moore131T. Berry10HRATTANREGENCY BO BOGORGEOUS KING1:22:0724.1334.96 23.14 24.928-2-2-861147782822
25-06-17758ST tf g/f A160036J. Moore121M. F. Poon2H WINWIN RUBYCITRON SPIRITBRING IT ON1:34.523.2 47.96 23.79 23.361-2-2-63.251141785.73.8
11-06-17724ST tf g/f C160031J. Moore125Z. Purton11H GO BEAUTY GOSMILING CHARMCLUB LIFE1:34.223.9 46.98 23.63 23.672-4-4-1SH1143729.96.6
17-04-17579ST tf g/f C+3160039J. Moore126Z. Purton2H RAZOR QUESTROYAL PERFORMERPENANG HALL1:34.323.0 47.93 23.48 23.933-4-4-96.251140724.44.1
26-03-17526ST tf g A+3160039J. Moore119H. N. Wong9H PENANG HALLCITRON SPIRITCHEERFUL BOY1:34.624.3 46.48 23.91 25.253-2-2-96.251130721310
12-03-17489ST tf g C+3160031J. Moore120Z. Purton9H WHAT ELSE BUT YOUGO BEAUTY GOENERGETIC CLASS1:34.522.9 47.81 23.81 22.971-1-1-1DH1136673.64
11-02-17413ST tf g/f C+3160041J. Moore132Z. Purton1H GO BEAUTY GOC P POWERBEST EFFORT1:34.623.2 47.93 23.65 23.085-3-5-121153593.22.1
14-01-17337ST tf g C+3160043J. Moore133S. De Sousa4H IMPERIAL SEALKING'S MANGO BEAUTY GO1:35.124.2 46.82 24.13 24.236-3-3-3N1155572.83.3
01-01-17300ST tf g/f B+2160041J. Moore127Z. Purton1H GO BEAUTY GOTRIUMPHANT LIGHTDASHING DART1:34.723.9 47.36 23.71 23.655-5-4-11.251154511.82.1
17-12-16272ST tf g/f C+3160043J. Moore125J. Moreira10H TRIUMPHANT LIGHTKING'S MANGO BEAUTY GO1:35.223.8 47.58 24.34 23.668-7-7-321146511.52
27-11-16217ST tf g C160042J. Moore123Z. Purton8H UNICRON JEWELLERYGO BEAUTY GOFANCY MUSIC1:35.522.8 50.18 23.30 22.219-11-9-21.251147505.75.3
06-11-16162ST tf g/f C+3160045J. Moore123Z. Purton4H BLAZING PASSUNICRON JEWELLERYARGENTUM1:35.623.6 47.98 24.61 23.348-8-8-521160508.77.4
23-10-16124ST tf g A140046J. Moore125S. Clipperton10H VOLITATIONSUPERIOR BOYGLORY STAR1:23.122.3 37.53 23.99 22.1611-10-10-63.51164525.928
01-10-1667ST tf g/y A+3140047J. Moore128Z. Purton5H KING'S MANCOOL AND NEATWORLD RECORD1:21.723.8 35.14 23.57 23.875-5-8-751165524.67.2
01-07-16755ST tf g/f A+3100046J. Moore125K. Teetan1H1 MASSIVE MOVEART OF SUCCESSC P POWER0:56.022.1 13.91 20.67 22.5310-9-66.51135523228

HKJC Comment

Began fairly, sent forward to race prominently, 2 wide, a length or so back on turn, peaked early in straight, weakened gradually thereafter.