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GORGEOUS AGAIN (V326) 華麗再現 (Retired)

C. S. Shum / Rating: 47

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mr & Mrs Yip Kong-wah
Last win: 02-06-19
Health: Unacceptable performance. (25/10/2017) Colic surgery. (04/04/2018) Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (03/06/2019)
Sire: Fastnet Rock
Dam: Ocean Pearl

Past Performances
Total Starts: 41: (5-4-4)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 9 (0-0-2)
ST 1800m: 13 (3-1-2)
ST 2000m: 6 (1-3-0)
ST 2200m: 2 (1-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
06-10-1969ST tf g B+2180049C. S. Shum120J. Moreira6B/H/TTCROWN AVENUEBLASTOISEBULLISH GLORY1:47:3823.0762.14 22.57 23.726-6-6-5-96.51094477.58.3
15-09-1929ST tf g/f C+3180043C. S. Shum123J. Moreira4B/H/TTCROWN AVENUEFAMILY LEADERGORGEOUS AGAIN1:46:5422.6860.69 23.33 23.145-4-4-3-341097471110
01-09-195ST tf g B1400414C. S. Shum121H. W. Lai4B/H/TTSUNSHINE WARRIORCASIMIROVIVA COUNCIL1:22:0523.6636.94 22.89 24.3911-11-14-1413.51100475295
14-07-19812ST tf g/f A1800411C. S. Shum120A. Domeyer4B/H/TTDEFINING MOMENTDOR DORCROWN AVENUE1:48:1923.1761.54 23.76 24.286-2-3-2-118.75110147106
23-06-19752ST tf g A200042C. S. Shum119A. Domeyer10B/H/TTHO HO FEELGORGEOUS AGAINLONDON HALL2:01:6222.7076.15 23.37 22.197-7-9-6-20.5109443137
02-06-19703ST tf g/f B200051C. S. Shum129J. Moreira2B/H/TTGORGEOUS AGAINBEST EFFORTROMANTIC JOURNEY2:01:5623.3874.88 23.30 23.385-5-5-1-13.51085341.71.7
11-05-19648ST tf g C180052C. S. Shum126G. van Niekerk1B/H/TTFORTUNE PATROLGORGEOUS AGAINYOUNG GLORY1:47:8124.3359.62 24.30 24.107-7-8-10-21.251101334.23.7
14-04-19578ST tf g C180054C. S. Shum127G. van Niekerk13B/H/TTBEST EFFORTFORTUNE PATROLLITTLE FANTASY1:49:4324.2561.63 24.35 23.8613-13-12-12-42.51094341320
31-03-19539ST tf g A+3160057C. S. Shum130C. Y. Ho12B/H/TTINDIGENOUS STARBEST EFFORTLITTLE FANTASY1:35:2423.6949.05 23.66 23.7412-11-11-77.51083371610
02-02-19385ST aw g -180056C. S. Shum132Z. Purton5B/H/TTSWEET BEANENJOYABLE SUCCESSJIN JIN KING1:49:4424.7060.88 24.66 24.7012-10-10-10-651099392036
20-01-19349ST tf g A+3160049C. S. Shum118K. Teetan11B/H/TTEVER LAUGHI DOSWOT WINDICATOR1:34:9724.0548.57 23.51 23.7713-13-12-95.51090413360
01-01-19301ST tf g C160048C. S. Shum114C. Wong7B/H/TTSMILING PRIDEGOLD VELVETMANAGEMENT STAR1:34:6123.5848.92 23.15 24.199-9-9-810.251088442545
02-12-18219ST aw g -1800410C. S. Shum117H. N. Wong5B/H/TTTRAVEL FIRSTKING'S MANBRING IT ON1:48:8122.8863.89 23.16 23.539-10-10-9-10111091472866
21-10-18110ST tf g/f A1600411C. S. Shum119H. T. Mo10B/H/TTCHEERFUL BOYYOUNG GLORYSPEEDY WALLY1:34:8923.5849.49 23.22 23.3212-12-12-1171087505799
07-10-1878ST tf g B+2160049C. S. Shum120H. T. Mo5B/H/TTPAKISTAN FRIENDHAY RUNRIGHTEOUS MATE1:34:5523.5149.00 23.24 23.4811-11-10-97.251085523241
02-09-186ST tf g B1400410C. S. Shum121H. T. Mo8B/H/TT2WINNING CONTROLLERBEAUTY DAYGOLDEN FOUR1:22:2823.6836.64 23.00 25.0710-10-10-1015.251102544280
25-03-18523ST tf g A+3200045C. S. Shum132K. C. Leung4H/B2AUDACITYJE PENSEEVER LAUGH2:03:2723.4776.82 23.30 23.637-7-9-6-531092581514
25-02-18453ST tf g B1600413C. S. Shum126M. F. Poon10B-/H/TT-MARQULARED ELYSEESNAMJONG PLUS1:35:9623.2249.01 24.21 23.999-8-8-137.751103603532
13-01-18340ST tf g C+32200310C. S. Shum116M. L. Yeung8B/H/TTGIANT TURTLEENSURINGSUPER CHIC2:17:1022.8891.82 22.92 22.969-9-9-9-10-103.751085622113
01-01-18316ST tf g B+2180037C. S. Shum115M. L. Yeung14B/H/TTBRING IT ONTAI SMARTCIRCUIT HASSLER1:48:6323.5661.08 24.35 23.707-8-6-8-73.251090643670
10-12-17254ST tf g A1800310C. S. Shum119L. Henrique2B/H/TTSERGEANT TITANIUMVICTORY BOYSBRING IT ON1:47:8423.8760.72 23.73 24.139-6-6-6-104.751084664152
19-11-17202ST tf g B2000312C. S. Shum121A. Badel4B/H/TTGIANT TURTLELOTUS STRIKES BACKENSURING2.02.4323.2775.38 24.06 24.074-4-4-6-126.75107568116.6
25-10-17137HV tf g/f C+3220037C. S. Shum123N. Rawiller6B/H/TTHAPPILABABYENSURINGHAPPY CONTENDER2:14:9423.8386.62 24.61 25.292-2-2-2-2-79.751074683.72.9
01-10-1774ST tf g A+3180035C. S. Shum123Z. Purton1B/H/TTGORGEOUS KINGHO HO FEELENSURING1:47:3323.1761.14 23.30 23.466-6-6-5-53.51081683.12.6
10-09-1726ST tf g C160033C. S. Shum119J. Moreira7B/H/TAMAZING AGILITYWINWIN RUBYGORGEOUS AGAIN1:35:8322.5550.27 23.33 22.316-6-5-30.51077664.23.3
01-07-17772ST tf g/f A+3200032C. S. Shum116K. C. Leung5B/H/TJOLLY GENEGORGEOUS AGAINRULE THEE2:01.823.1 75.52 23.58 22.705-4-4-2Nose1067648.83.8
18-06-17738ST tf g/y C+3180033C. S. Shum116K. C. Leung3B/H/TVICTORY BOYSGREEN DISPATCHGORGEOUS AGAIN1:48.923.5 62.20 23.34 23.703-4-4-321063645.34.3
21-05-17664ST tf g C+3180041C. S. Shum132J. Moreira7B/H/TGORGEOUS AGAINKING WINSAINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:49.223.4 61.72 24.31 23.207-7-7-10.51044582.92.8
07-05-17629ST tf g/f A+3200042C. S. Shum125K. C. Leung7B/H/TBEST REWARDGORGEOUS AGAINALLCASH2:03.124.2 74.87 24.54 23.786-6-6-2N1055552.23.1
17-04-17573ST tf g/f C+3180041C. S. Shum117K. C. Leung8B/H/TGORGEOUS AGAINFANCY MUSICASHKIYR1:48.422.5 62.51 23.77 22.148-7-7-12.51049476.47.6
12-03-17485ST tf g C+3220041C. S. Shum113K. C. Leung6B/H/TGORGEOUS AGAINGARLIC YEAHFANCY MUSIC2:17.223.4 90.60 23.37 23.274-4-3-1N106641125.6
11-02-17409ST tf g/f C+3180051C. S. Shum129J. Moreira14B/H/TGORGEOUS AGAINTELEPHATIAFAITHFUL BOY1:47.924.3 60.22 24.00 23.773-5-5-11.510633532.4
08-01-17316ST tf g/f C160053C. S. Shum127J. Moreira12B/H/TBEST EFFORTCASH COURIERGORGEOUS AGAIN1:35.325.0 48.53 23.52 23.4610-10-10-30.751066344.84.4
14-12-16262HV tf g/f C180054C. S. Shum127C. Y. Ho6B/H/TGARLIC YEAHHIGH SPEED METROMALAYAN PEARL1:51.223.9 62.17 25.11 24.343-2-2-42.51056362218
04-12-16232ST aw g -180058C. S. Shum130C. Y. Ho12B/H/TDRAGON HARMONYFAITHFUL BOYCOMMANDANT1:49.024.5 62.07 24.21 24.269-12-13-891060394534
20-11-16196ST tf g B+2180047C. S. Shum115C. Y. Ho14B/H/TWILLIE WAYXINJIANG YARNASHKIYR1:47.224.1 58.93 24.36 25.1410-1-2-771051429499
02-11-16154ST aw g -1800411C. S. Shum111K. K. Chiong7H/B1/WILLIE WAYMASTER GOLDGOOD FIT1:49.623.6 63.50 23.64 24.0214-12-12-119.251049455999
16-10-16107ST tf g/f C1600413C. S. Shum121S. Clipperton5H/TT VICTORY MASTERXINJIANG YARNINVENTION MASTER1:35.123.1 48.91 23.84 23.4712-10-10-136.51048486778
01-10-1667ST tf g/y A+3140049C. S. Shum126C. Schofield10H/TT KING'S MANCOOL AND NEATWORLD RECORD1:21.723.8 36.02 22.97 23.7213-13-11-961056504763
18-09-1633ST tf g/f C+31400410C. S. Shum125S. Clipperton1H/TT IMPERIAL GALLANTRYTEAM SWEETMR POTENTIAL1:22.223.6 36.56 23.00 23.5213-13-13-105.251061527186
11-09-1620ST tf g C1200410C. S. Shum125S. Clipperton12H1/TTFAIRY TWINSRUMINAREUNIQUE JOYFUL1:09.322.5 25.77 22.55 22.0412-12-106.251080526699

HKJC Comment

Eased to sit in midfield, trapped 3-4 wide, made early move 700M, emptied 300M.