UNICRON JEWELLERY (V333) 首飾大帝 (Retired)

John Size / Rating: 68

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / br / g / 7 yrs / NZ
Owner: Tung Moon-fai
Last win: 10-03-19
Health: Lame right hind leg. (12/09/2017) Unacceptable performance. (11/06/2017)
Sire: Savabeel
Dam: Lucida

Past Performances
Total Starts: 34: (4-3-4)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 22 (4-3-4)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-11-19149ST tf g/f C+31600314John Size123U. Rispoli12BCORDYCEPSBEAUTY DAYDEFINING MOMENT1:33:3023.0548.07 23.38 26.5912-14-14-1429.51132683592
12-10-1994ST tf g/f C160037John Size125B. Shinn9BBEAUTY DAYVINCYCHAMPION SUPREME1:33:8722.4748.92 22.88 22.814-6-6-74.751120702075
21-09-1946ST tf g/f A1600310John Size128R. Bayliss2BMORE THAN THISBEAUTY DAYASSIMILATE1:33:3123.5147.71 22.77 24.057-8-6-107.751121722035
01-09-1910ST tf g B140037John Size126B. Shinn5BCORDYCEPSWORLD FAMOUSREGENCY BO BO1:21:6023.2636.05 22.85 23.428-7-10-74.51146724457
28-04-19615ST tf g A1600312John Size127J. Moreira7BCHAMPION SUPREMECORDYCEPSRED ELYSEES1:34:0023.8947.94 23.01 24.299-10-11-127.751109721627
14-04-19583ST tf g/y C160035John Size125J. Moreira2BEVER LAUGHSOUTHERN SUPERSTARBEAUTY DAY1:36:1123.8348.74 24.18 23.428-8-8-51.51111721110
31-03-19547ST tf g A+3160033John Size128J. Moreira10BNOT USUAL TALENTDEFINING MOMENTUNICRON JEWELLERY1:35:3924.4647.40 24.13 23.988-8-11-30.751115711117
10-03-19488ST tf g C+3160031John Size119Z. Purton9BUNICRON JEWELLERYNOT USUAL TALENTEARTH TRILOGY1:35:2724.1247.72 23.79 23.766-7-6-1SH1117661014
24-02-19451ST aw g -165034John Size114S. De Sousa11BKING GENKIGLORIOUS ARTISTCHEERFUL GIGGLES1:37:7623.7552.09 23.32 23.8512-12-10-49.251109667.720
02-02-19391ST aw g -165034John Size119J. Moreira9BIMPERIAL CONCORDEVOLPINOKIRAM1:39:2624.4951.96 23.45 23.8812-12-9-4H1109647.66.2
20-01-19353ST tf g/f A+3160034John Size118J. Moreira7BSACRED IBISFAMOUS WARRIORSUPER GIANT1:34:6323.8147.71 23.31 23.876-6-4-41.751119648.48.3
29-12-18298ST tf g B+2200034John Size119J. Moreira4BTIANCHI MONSTERGRAND CHANCELLORHELENE CHARISMA2:01:1124.4073.15 23.84 24.745-5-4-3-441116667.15.5
16-12-18263ST tf g C+3160033John Size120J. Moreira6BPAKISTAN FRIENDGREEN LUCKNEW ELEGANCE, UNICRON JEWELLERY1:34:5523.0148.11 23.63 23.224-3-4-32.751125666.610
28-11-18211HV tf g A180034John Size122S. Clipperton7BFLYING QUESTTOP LAURELSSANGRIA1:49:6324.4461.50 24.29 24.219-9-9-8-42.251124683047
10-11-18169ST tf g A1400310John Size124C. Schofield5BTAKING AIMHIGH VOLATILITYLADY FIRST1:21:6523.7335.96 23.04 24.0411-11-12-108.751124701518
08-07-18788ST tf g/f C140039John Size122H. N. Wong13BWINSTON'S LADBOMBAY BLITZULTIMATE GLORY1:21:3123.5636.13 22.42 23.5214-14-13-94.751102722235
16-06-18740ST tf g/f C+3180037John Size127J. Moreira4BGLORIOUS FOREVERTRAVEL FIRSTNAMJONG PLUS1:46:1823.1160.11 23.64 23.438-6-6-6-76.251099748.916
16-05-18657HV tf g/f B165038John Size128J. Moreira5BOUTLAWEDSILVERFIELDTHUNDER STOMP1:39:9924.0952.10 24.12 24.305-5-4-83.251102756.55.4
29-04-18605ST tf g A160034John Size129J. Moreira14BLAND GRANTFAMOUS WARRIORNEW ELEGANCE1:34:6424.0847.95 23.01 24.392-2-3-44.5110675125.7
15-04-18568ST tf g/y C+3160032John Size131J. Moreira7B1FIAMAUNICRON JEWELLERYRADIANT BUNNY1:35:9724.2847.46 24.23 24.512-1-1-21.51104744.34.4
25-03-18524ST tf g A+3160036John Size130J. Moreira5 AGREEGREEN ENERGYTAI SMART1:34:4823.4348.70 22.91 23.437-7-6-63.51107743.23.2
11-03-18493ST tf g C+3160033John Size131O. Doleuze10 EVERESTSANGRIAUNICRON JEWELLERY1:34:1123.5647.64 23.55 23.108-8-6-31.251119736.57.2
25-02-18457ST tf g B160032John Size125J. Moreira12 SUPER FORMUNICRON JEWELLERYEVEREST1:35:6023.1648.87 23.81 23.127-7-3-21.251122724.13.6
28-01-18382ST tf g B160031John Size120J. Moreira2 UNICRON JEWELLERYLADY FIRSTSACRED IBIS1:35:7223.4247.92 24.50 23.305-3-2-11.51122656.46.2
01-01-18312ST tf g B+2160041John Size133J. Moreira13 UNICRON JEWELLERYGODSPEEDJOYFUL PARK1:35:4524.0448.21 23.68 23.5611-12-9-1N1118607.26.5
03-12-17240ST aw g -165035John Size116J. Moreira11 TURIN PEARLKYRUS BOWSERDOLLAR REWARD1:39:1722.4153.75 23.17 22.626-6-3-52.51121618.49.1
29-10-17152HV tf g/f A165037John Size114C. Y. Ho1 THUNDER STOMPFULL GLAMOURFLYING QUEST1:40:3423.6553.13 24.28 23.258-8-8-721114611618
13-09-1734HV tf g/f B16503WDJohn Size113M. L. Yeung INVENTORDIVINE BOYMAGNETISM1:40:2423.70 109461  
01-07-17776ST aw g -1650310John Size116J. Moreira10 TURIN PEARLWHITE MAGICAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:38.523.9 51.56 23.50 25.7011-9-6-1014107863159.4
11-06-17724ST tf g/f C1600312John Size116J. Moreira3 GO BEAUTY GOSMILING CHARMCLUB LIFE1:34.223.9 47.02 23.59 25.025-5-5-128.51083634.63.2
01-01-17305ST tf g/f B+2160039John Size116J. Moreira1 RAZOR QUESTBOOMING DELIGHTFRIENDS OF NANJING1:34.923.3 48.33 23.58 23.463-4-4-92.751120632.52.2
17-12-16277ST tf g/f C+3160033John Size116J. Moreira1 HAPPY PLACESKY KINGUNICRON JEWELLERY1:34.423.6 47.14 23.82 23.734-3-2-31.51127612.92.1
27-11-16217ST tf g C160041John Size127J. Moreira3 UNICRON JEWELLERYGO BEAUTY GOFANCY MUSIC1:35.522.8 49.30 23.62 22.583-3-3-11.251131542.32.1
06-11-16162ST tf g/f C+3160042John Size125J. Moreira5 BLAZING PASSUNICRON JEWELLERYARGENTUM1:35.623.6 47.74 24.65 23.255-5-5-2SH1133522.31.9
16-10-16107ST tf g/f C160044John Size123M. L. Yeung3 VICTORY MASTERXINJIANG YARNINVENTION MASTER1:35.123.1 48.43 23.92 23.024-5-6-41.2511175255.6

HKJC Comment

Jumped with them, raced 3 wide with cover at rear, 7 lengths or so back, there to turn, failed to close off in straight, finished tailed out. (Irregular heart rhythm.) (Lame right hind leg next day.)