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RED HORSE (V334) 紅駿之星 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 53

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / b / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Red Horse Syndicate
Last win: 08-10-17
Health: -
Sire: Flying Spur
Dam: Vivacious Spirit

Past Performances
Total Starts: 36: (3-2-5)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-1-3)
ST 1400m: 17 (3-1-1)
ST 1600m: 5 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-04-19551ST aw g -120044C. H. Yip122J. Moreira8BCOOLCELEBVIVA COUNCILHEARTS KEEPER1:09:6023.9724.77 22.34 23.06 12-11-43.51173479.28.3
24-03-19524ST tf g C+3140047C. H. Yip121K. Teetan9BBAND OF BROTHERSWIN WINDOR DOR1:22:8523.7835.45 23.78 24.452-4-3-75.251175486.210
24-02-19444ST tf g B+2120043C. H. Yip122K. Teetan4BVOYAGE STARBRAVE BABYRED HORSE1:10:1023.8324.30 22.85 23.26 6-6-321208486.44.4
07-02-19398ST tf g C+3120043C. H. Yip121K. Teetan4BSOLAR WAI WAILUNAR ZEPHYRRED HORSE1:10:0022.8124.72 22.99 22.44 4-4-311196487.17.8
12-01-19332ST tf g A120042C. H. Yip118W. M. Lai1BMIDNIGHT RATTLERRED HORSESPLENDOUR AND GOLD1:09:3122.9924.07 22.33 22.96 4-3-2N 12054696.3
01-01-19304ST tf g C120043C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai3BFULL OF BEAUTYLAKESHORE EAGLERED HORSE1:09:8823.1124.41 22.96 22.85 9-9-32.251210471624
09-12-18236ST tf g A1400410C. H. Yip122M. Barzalona8BSMART CHARADENOBLE DE LOVEDESTIN1:22:3523.8635.36 23.65 24.546-9-9-107.51200492543
04-11-18148ST tf g C+3160047C. H. Yip126C. Schofield1BLET US WINEVER LAUGHMY WINNER1:35:7023.3148.60 23.99 23.673-3-4-73.51186519.711
07-10-1877ST tf g B+2140045C. H. Yip114C. Wong7BWITNESS HUNTERSUPER FUNEMPIRE STAR1:22:2922.7936.18 23.44 22.932-4-2-51.751197514.55.9
09-09-1824ST aw g -120044C. H. Yip113C. Wong1BKIROVGRAND HARBOURSTRIKING MR C1:10:0623.8223.89 22.67 24.12 5-4-43.751204515.96.3
15-07-18802ST tf y A140042C. H. Yip124Z. Purton1B2VIVA COUNCILRED HORSEENJOY LIFE1:24:1824.8135.73 23.76 24.727-4-2-2H1195497.54.8
30-05-18689ST aw g -120044C. H. Yip123W. M. Lai7 SHIMMER AND SHINEAMAZING MOMENTELITE SPIRIT1:09:3623.1524.61 22.68 22.49 12-12-42.51192501330
12-05-18642ST aw g -120044C. H. Yip125W. L. Ho3 GRAND HARBOURGIDDY GIDDYFLYING GODSPELL1:08:3622.6323.94 22.27 22.73 7-6-43.751190511935
25-04-18601HV tf g C1650412C. H. Yip125W. M. Lai12B-THE JUDGEENJOY LIFECHARITY WINGS1:41:7422.9555.17 24.86 23.6712-12-12-1212.251191521199
11-04-18559HV tf g A1650412C. H. Yip126C. Schofield6BCONTRIBUTIONJOLLY GAINSKIRAM1:40:4824.3051.72 25.18 26.384-4-4-1217.5119853819
18-03-18503ST tf g A140044C. H. Yip126C. Schofield7BSONIC FIGHTERVITAL SPRINGSMILING CHARM1:22:7023.8036.37 23.01 23.655-5-6-42119453118.8
28-01-18376ST tf g B1600412C. H. Yip126N. Rawiller3BEVERESTMARQULAEVER LAUGH1:35:3924.0948.04 23.86 24.956-6-7-129.251194539.48.6
01-01-18310ST tf g B+2140045C. H. Yip128N. Rawiller14BWUSHU CHAMPIONBRILLIANT DREAMEMPIRE STAR1:22:7924.1836.88 22.93 23.2014-13-12-51.51191535.74
05-11-17168ST tf g/f C+3140043C. H. Yip125C. Schofield12BWIN BEAUTY WINLET'S TAKE IT EASYRED HORSE1:22:0523.7936.16 22.90 23.259-9-10-31.751179523118
08-10-1795ST tf g B+2140041C. H. Yip118J. Moreira2BRED HORSEENDEARINGGREAT TREASURE1:21:9923.2936.25 22.73 23.016-8-4-11.751178446.84.1
24-09-1759ST tf g A140049C. H. Yip121D. Whyte10BSILVERFIELDRED ELYSEESGOOD FOR YOU1:21:9523.3835.85 23.08 23.883-3-3-95.251176461411
03-09-176ST tf g B140045C. H. Yip120D. Whyte12BGOOD FOR YOUEVERESTEXPERTO CREDE1:22:5624.1536.18 23.07 23.697-7-6-52.251168462143
18-06-17736ST aw w/s -1650413C. H. Yip120C. Murray13B NAMJONG INVINCIBLESURE PEACEFIVE STARS AGENT1:39.723.8 52.64 24.85 24.9110-10-14-1316.751164472799
07-06-17710HV tf g/f A1650412C. H. Yip114H. N. Wong5B RAGING BULLDARING HEARTNEVER BETTER1:39.824.0 52.15 24.63 25.397-9-10-1214.751170473615
30-04-17609ST tf g/f A1400411C. H. Yip120C. Schofield10B AMBITIOUS HEARTCARE FREE PRINCEGOOD FOR YOU1:22.623.2 35.58 23.91 24.173-4-3-116.51166479.69.2
02-04-17536ST tf g/f B+2140051C. H. Yip133N. Rawiller14B RED HORSEREWARDING FLYERBE THERE AHEAD1:22.522.7 36.28 23.64 22.663-3-3-12115940117
05-03-17463ST tf g/f C160053C. H. Yip133S. Clipperton7B DASHING DARTPOLYMER LUCKRED HORSE1:35.724.1 47.95 24.12 23.948-7-5-31.51167401516
05-02-17390ST tf g C140051C. H. Yip130N. Rawiller4B RED HORSEMASSIVE POWERMAGIC STAR1:23.023.4 36.14 23.57 23.295-5-6-1N1166351011
22-01-17354ST tf g A1400512C. H. Yip129N. Rawiller14B STRIKING STARMASSIVE POWERGOLDEN CANNON1:23.124.3 36.34 23.27 24.5814-11-11-126.51171373443
27-12-16287ST tf g A+31600511C. H. Yip131T. H. So1B1 AMAZING ALWAYSIMPERIAL SEALBEST JADE TRIUMPH1:35.925.4 47.30 23.66 25.994-3-3-116.251168401015
20-11-16194ST tf g B+21400412C. H. Yip113T. H. So10 WORLD RECORDSUPER SWEET ORANGEAMAZING FEELING1:21.722.9 35.99 23.21 24.108-6-5-129.51168428899
06-11-16163ST tf g/f C+31400410C. H. Yip111H. N. Wong9 BEAT THE CLOCKHASTILY FEETTERRIFIC MASTER1:22.722.8 36.52 23.62 23.624-4-4-106.251170444359
16-10-16107ST tf g/f C160047C. H. Yip112K. K. Chiong10 VICTORY MASTERXINJIANG YARNINVENTION MASTER1:35.123.1 48.03 24.16 23.595-2-2-73.751166466899
01-10-1667ST tf g/y A+31400410C. H. Yip117H. N. Wong2 KING'S MANCOOL AND NEATWORLD RECORD1:21.723.8 35.34 23.09 24.368-7-4-106.51149483999
01-07-16755ST tf g/f A+31000410C. H. Yip123C. Y. Ho8 MASSIVE MOVEART OF SUCCESSC P POWER0:56.022.1 14.07 21.15 22.6111-11-10111131529499
22-06-16736HV tf g/f C120048C. H. Yip125C. Schofield5 I'M A WITNESSFLYING MONKEYCLEVER SPIRIT1:10.022.5 24.88 23.27 23.049-9-87.251135522460

HKJC Comment

Had no speed in the early stages and consequently raced at the tail. Three lengths behind second last horse and 9 lengths from lead at 800m. Conceded huge margin at top of straight before making good headway in last 250m.