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BEAT THE CLOCK (V397) 爭分奪秒

John Size / Rating: 127

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Merrick Chung Wai-lik
Last win: 19-01-20
Health: -
Sire: Hinchinbrook
Dam: Flion Fenena

Past Performances
Total Starts: 25: (10-8-6)
ST 1200m: 13 (7-2-4)
ST 1400m: 11 (3-6-1)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
16-02-20423ST tf g A1400G15John Size126J. Moreira2TTBEAUTY GENERATIONKA YING STARHOT KING PRAWN1:21:6422.7136.14 23.11 23.005-5-5-53.7511521273.33.1
19-01-20348ST tf g A+31200G11John Size126J. Moreira3TTBEAT THE CLOCKTHANKS FOREVERHOT KING PRAWN1:08:5722.1924.87 21.79 21.91 6-5-1H11381273.12.5
08-12-19231ST tf g A1200G11John Size126J. Moreira3TTBEAT THE CLOCKHOT KING PRAWNAETHERO1:08:1222.5524.15 21.90 22.07 6-6-1N11351206.26.5
17-11-19177ST tf g/f B1200G23John Size128J. Moreira8TTAETHEROHOT KING PRAWNBEAT THE CLOCK1:07:5822.2924.36 21.77 21.92 10-10-331150127109.7
28-04-19616ST tf g A1200G11John Size126J. Moreira5TTBEAT THE CLOCKRATTANLITTLE GIANT1:08:2621.7924.46 22.25 21.55 4-3-10.511251202.82.4
07-04-19558ST tf g/f B+21200G22John Size128J. Moreira6TTRATTANBEAT THE CLOCKMR STUNNING1:08:1421.5925.07 21.52 21.62 3-2-2N 11231272.72.8
17-02-19429ST tf g A+31400G12John Size126J. Moreira1TTBEAUTY GENERATIONBEAT THE CLOCKCONTE1:21:0322.2836.06 22.89 22.381-2-2-21.7511021279.25.6
20-01-19352ST tf g/f A+31200G11John Size126J. Moreira4TTBEAT THE CLOCKMR STUNNINGWINNER'S WAY1:08:4222.5723.80 22.25 22.37 4-3-1N11241253.93.1
09-12-18240ST tf g A1200G13John Size126R. Moore8TTMR STUNNINGD B PINBEAT THE CLOCK1:08:8522.6624.28 22.39 22.38 7-7-31.2511171186.27.9
18-11-18188ST tf g B1200G23John Size123S. De Sousa3TTHOT KING PRAWNMR STUNNINGBEAT THE CLOCK1:08:5922.3224.17 22.50 22.16 4-4-31.751117125146.4
29-04-18609ST tf g A1200G13John Size126J. Moreira1TTIVICTORYMR STUNNINGBEAT THE CLOCK1:08:6322.7424.49 21.84 22.45 7-6-30.7510951182.52.3
08-04-18554ST tf g C1200G21John Size123J. Moreira7TT1BEAT THE CLOCKMR STUNNINGWINNER'S WAY1:09:0221.3925.37 22.62 21.03 8-5-1N11121252.72.3
25-02-18455ST tf g B1400G12John Size126J. Moreira1 BEAUTY GENERATIONBEAT THE CLOCKFIFTY FIFTY1:20:8623.1535.08 22.83 22.986-4-4-2H112812043.2
28-01-18379ST tf g B1200G12John Size126J. Moreira7 D B PINMR STUNNINGBEAT THE CLOCK1:09:6422.1425.08 23.10 21.53 8-8-2N11221106.24.6
01-01-18317ST tf g B+21400G32John Size115J. Moreira2 FIFTY FIFTYBEAT THE CLOCKHELENE PARAGON1:21:1022.4935.85 22.96 22.376-7-5-20.5111410831.8
19-11-17208ST tf g B120021John Size133J. Moreira9 BEAT THE CLOCKPABLOSKYJUMBO LUCK1.09.4122.3125.21 22.61 21.59 14-13-11.51117996.52.8
16-07-17804ST tf g/y C160013John Size117J. Moreira3 TIME WARPBOOMING DELIGHTBEAT THE CLOCK1:35.323.1 48.85 23.58 23.513-4-3-33.51092993.52.1
11-06-17721ST tf g/f C140021John Size128J. Moreira7 BEAT THE CLOCKLIMITLESSHAPPY AGILITY1:21.822.6 36.76 22.61 22.454-4-2-11.251085917.51.7
05-03-17469ST tf g/f C120031John Size130J. Moreira12 BEAT THE CLOCKTURF SPRINTTIME WARP1:08.722.8 24.22 21.92 22.634-3-11.51107822.11.9
11-02-17417ST tf g/f C+3140032John Size133J. Moreira8 DARING FITBEAT THE CLOCKROUNDABOUT1:22.622.3 36.97 23.44 22.2910-6-2-2N1097792.51.8
14-01-17341ST tf g C+3140031John Size121J. Moreira2 BEAT THE CLOCKGREEN CARDSHAMAL1:21.523.6 34.88 23.14 23.482-2-2-13.51120681.71.4
01-01-17306ST tf g/f B+2140033John Size119J. Moreira11 SEASONS BLOOMREGENCY BO BOBEAT THE CLOCK1:22.422.5 36.40 23.70 22.473-4-3-311128664.52.8
11-12-16252ST tf g A140032John Size117J. Moreira12 WINNER'S WAYBEAT THE CLOCKBOOMING DELIGHT1:22.123.1 36.12 23.06 22.992-3-4-2Nose1127631.91.8
27-11-16221ST tf g C140032John Size116J. Moreira14 PEOPLE'S KNIGHTBEAT THE CLOCKBEAUTY KINGDOM1:21.723.2 35.46 23.21 23.235-4-3-20.751118623.92
06-11-16163ST tf g/f C+3140041John Size126J. Moreira14 BEAT THE CLOCKHASTILY FEETTERRIFIC MASTER1:22.722.8 36.12 23.74 22.891-1-2-131141525.62.6

HKJC Comment

Slightly slow out, soon picked up to 5th just over 3L back, remained similar to straight, unable to quicken to threaten.