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DARING FIT (V398) 一定賺 (Retired)

P. O'Sullivan / Rating: 59

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 6 yrs / NZ
Owner: David Ho Chi-hoo
Last win: 11-02-17
Health: Lame right front leg, substantial blood in trachea after racing. Update: Right front distal sesamoid ligament injury. (23/03/2019) Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (15/11/2018) Failed vet exam: Substantial blood in trachea after barrier trial. (09/05/2017) Unacceptable performance. (09/04/2017) Coughing. (08/11/2016)
Sire: Iffraaj
Dam: Skimmio

Past Performances
Total Starts: 26: (3-4-2)
ST 1200m: 8 (2-2-1)
ST 1400m: 10 (1-1-0)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-1-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
23-03-19518CH tf g A120042P. O'Sullivan130Z. Purton3 THE CREATETHDARING FITLOOK ERAS1:11:4222.9825.70 23.06 22.89 5-4-21.5123359  
27-02-19457HV tf g/f C+3120039P. O'Sullivan112T. H. So12 BREEDERS' STARBLITZINGFANTASTIC EIGHT1:09:3723.0125.01 22.43 22.50 12-12-93.51245613899
07-02-19404ST tf g C+31600312P. O'Sullivan118M. Chadwick3 CORDYCEPSNOT USUAL TALENTFAMOUS WARRIOR1:34:6523.2847.85 23.88 24.044-4-6-1271248632239
12-01-19337ST tf g A140038P. O'Sullivan120U. Rispoli1 RIGHT CHOICERACING FIGHTERHAPPY FORCE1:21:9422.5136.35 23.76 22.387-7-8-83.51252651527
12-12-18251HV tf g C1200310P. O'Sullivan124A. Badel7 SPEED VISIONBUOYANT BOYFEARLESS FIRE1:10:1423.1025.15 22.97 23.03 12-9-106.251239671010
14-11-18178HV tf g C1200311P. O'Sullivan125K. Teetan11 AMBITIOUS HEARTCOUNTRY STARHAPPY TIME1:10:1623.6224.90 23.08 23.21 11-11-116.51238672320
24-10-18125HV tf g/f C+3120033P. O'Sullivan120K. Teetan2B-POWERMAXPERFECT GLORYDARING FIT1:10:1123.2024.47 23.00 22.65 7-7-3SH 1243656.96.8
01-10-1863ST tf g A+31200311P. O'Sullivan119K. Teetan2BSUPERICHHANDSOME BO BOPRANCE DRAGON1:09:3223.0824.41 22.59 23.02 7-8-114.251232659.18.9
02-09-189ST tf g B120032P. O'Sullivan118K. Teetan3B/TT-WINSTON'S LADDARING FITSUN TOUCH1:09:2722.9124.33 22.43 22.67 6-5-211242648.93.2
10-02-18416ST tf g C+31400311A. S. Cruz118K. C. Ng9B/TTAPOLLO'S CHOICEROYAL MOJITOENERGETIC CLASS1:21:7423.0835.84 23.46 23.695-4-5-117.751231687.210
28-01-18382ST tf g B160036A. S. Cruz122K. C. Ng6B/TTUNICRON JEWELLERYLADY FIRSTSACRED IBIS1:35:7223.4247.68 24.62 24.032-1-1-63.75121670128.9
26-11-17226ST tf g C140034A. S. Cruz118H. T. Mo13B/TTCONTEULTIMATE GLORYROYAL MOJITO1:21:8722.4035.84 23.63 22.822-1-1-42.5122970118.5
11-11-17189ST tf g/f A160032A. S. Cruz116M. F. Poon4B/TTRATTANDARING FITSERGEANT TITANIUM1:35:7623.1947.86 24.83 23.141-1-3-20.51225689.64
22-10-17135ST tf g/f A120035A. S. Cruz116M. F. Poon4B/TTSUPER FLUKELUCKY DOLLARTOP BEAUTIFUL1:08:9722.9423.83 22.60 23.03 5-6-531221704.83.2
01-10-1781ST tf g/y A+3140035A. S. Cruz124D. Whyte5B/TTAPOLLO'S CHOICEINVINCIBLE FRESHEXPERTO CREDE1:22:2023.4735.27 23.46 23.761-1-1-51.751231716.85.2
10-09-1727ST tf g C120034A. S. Cruz128D. Whyte4B/TTPINGWU SPARKMYTHICAL EMPERORAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:08:8922.1324.90 22.42 22.08 6-5-43.251225717.36.6
09-04-17562ST tf g/f C1400314A. S. Cruz124Z. Purton8B/TT HAPPY AGILITYBIG BANG BONGG-ONE LOVER1:21.723.4 35.06 23.35 24.631-3-2-1481202716.83.8
26-03-17525ST tf g A+3140037A. S. Cruz126D. Whyte2B/TT WORLD RECORDCELESTIAL NOVAMYTHICAL EMPEROR1:22.423.5 35.39 23.81 23.783-4-6-73.251216713.42.5
05-03-17471ST tf g/f C140032A. S. Cruz122D. Whyte14B/TT MIGHTY MAVERICKDARING FITCITRON SPIRIT1:21.123.8 34.34 23.14 23.833-2-2-20.751231695.24.4
11-02-17417ST tf g/f C+3140031A. S. Cruz117D. Whyte12B/TT DARING FITBEAT THE CLOCKROUNDABOUT1:22.622.3 36.41 23.88 22.371-1-1-1N1228626.75.2
30-01-17375ST tf g B120041A. S. Cruz129D. Whyte5B/TT DARING FITALL MY GAINSTAR OF PATCH1:09.723.6 24.01 22.44 23.323-3-10.51224567.44
14-01-17336ST tf g C+3120041A. S. Cruz123N. Callan1B/TT DARING FITHAPPY HAPPY STARCAREFREE LET GO1:09.823.8 23.95 22.34 23.542-1-10.751226502.42.2
01-01-17301ST tf g/f B+2120042A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick5B/TT STAR OF PATCHDARING FITALL MY GAIN1:09.723.5 23.89 22.39 23.543-2-2N1227494.23.5
17-12-16271ST tf g/f C+3120043A. S. Cruz120M. Chadwick7B/TT MONEY BOYRADIANT STEEDDARING FIT1:09.623.5 24.10 22.29 23.387-6-30.751235481811
30-11-16226HV tf g A120045A. S. Cruz124N. Callan12B1/TTSEA JADEHASTA LA VISTAJUMBO HAPPINESS1:10.023.1 24.23 22.74 24.041-2-561232501417
16-10-16104ST tf g/f C1400410A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick8TT ARGENTUMGOOD METHODHOUSE OF FUN1:22.223.0 36.98 23.07 23.4311-13-12-107.751221523377
01-10-1667ST tf g/y A+31400411A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick8TT1 KING'S MANCOOL AND NEATWORLD RECORD1:21.723.8 35.42 23.49 24.017-9-10-117.251221521416

HKJC Comment

Began fairly before striding to midfield on the rail. Stayed close to rail when 2.5 lengths from lead on cornering. Made steady headway between runners in final 200m. Lame in right fore-leg post-race.