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BRING IT ON (V407) 放馬過來

C. H. Yip / Rating: 46

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 6 yrs / IRE
Owner: Healthy Rich Syndicate
Last win: 23-12-18
Health: Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (09/05/2019)
Sire: Arcano
Dam: Sassy Gal

Past Performances
Total Starts: 41: (2-2-6)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST 1600m: 9 (0-0-2)
ST 1800m: 7 (1-1-2)
ST 2000m: 3 (1-0-1)
ST aw 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 6 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
15-09-1930ST aw g -165048C. H. Yip122T. H. So9TTDEAL MAKERENFOLDINGGOOD RUNNERS WAY1:39:3222.9852.98 23.68 24.443-4-4-8111100483148
12-06-19733ST aw w/s -165049C. H. Yip118T. H. So9TTLASTING FRIENDSHIPTOUCH OF LUCKENFOLDING1:40:2923.5553.37 23.73 24.557-5-4-98.51141513347
08-05-19644ST aw w/s -1800412C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng4TTGENERAL DINOENFOLDINGKING'S MAN1:49:5524.5560.07 25.05 26.962-2-2-4-1215.751128532224
22-04-19593ST aw g -165044C. H. Yip126T. H. So13TTGENERAL DINOCLEAR CHOICEPERFECT TO PLAY1:38:0222.7952.34 23.41 23.255-5-4-46.251105552026
31-03-19542ST tf g A+3180049C. H. Yip132N. Callan9TTCHAMPION SUPREMECIRCUIT THREELONDON HALL1:47:3723.5259.48 24.61 24.485-4-5-6-97.51094572215
10-03-19479ST aw w/s -180045C. H. Yip133G. van Niekerk6TTHAY RUNKING'S MANTHE JOY OF GIVING1:50:5925.6260.43 24.62 26.363-4-4-2-55.251118581614
17-02-19424ST tf g A+3200046C. H. Yip125C. Wong4TTGARLIC YEAHLE PANACHECLEMENT LEGEND2:03:4824.4676.36 23.06 24.704-4-4-2-641123589.18.6
27-01-19366ST tf g B+2200043C. H. Yip132H. Bowman3TTAMAZING AGILITYYOU HAVE MY WORDBRING IT ON2:05:8022.5479.42 24.16 22.404-4-4-5-31.2511515873.8
06-01-19319ST tf g C+3180046C. H. Yip131S. De Sousa12TTDYNAMIC EAGLEHAPPY ROCKYLE PANACHE1:48:1024.0960.20 23.81 24.721-1-1-1-64115158126.6
23-12-18274ST tf g A+3200041C. H. Yip131S. De Sousa6TTBRING IT ONISHVARAPO CHING TREASURE2:03:9923.6576.76 23.86 23.375-4-4-4-1Nose1145534.33.8
02-12-18219ST aw g -180043C. H. Yip126C. Schofield1TTTRAVEL FIRSTKING'S MANBRING IT ON1:48:8122.8863.25 22.96 23.053-3-3-3-32.751148536.35.7
10-11-18168ST tf g A180042C. H. Yip124A. Badel3TTYOU HAVE MY WORDBRING IT ONRED ELYSEES1:48:8323.5162.26 23.46 23.136-9-7-5-2H1146514.83.9
07-10-1878ST tf g B+2160045C. H. Yip124C. Y. Ho9TTPAKISTAN FRIENDHAY RUNRIGHTEOUS MATE1:34:5523.5148.56 23.32 23.108-8-9-52.751143534.48.1
22-09-1840ST tf g/f A160044C. H. Yip126C. Y. Ho11TTELUSIVE STATEBEAUTY DAYLE PANACHE1:33:9823.8247.89 23.35 23.1011-10-10-42.251140548.114
09-09-1823ST tf g/f C120045C. H. Yip127U. Rispoli9TTENDEARINGSHINING ONFLYING QUEST1:09:4022.7224.48 22.68 22.68 9-7-52.751131541215
04-07-18771HV tf g C+31650410C. H. Yip130T. H. So7TTSPARKLING SWORDSTARLIT KNIGHTGOLD VELVET1:40:1623.6052.79 24.57 23.729-10-11-105.751134571518
06-06-18709HV tf g A1650410C. H. Yip132W. M. Lai10TTMULTIGOGOTEN FLAMESSICHUAN BOSS1:40:6023.8653.10 24.84 23.739-9-9-106.751151591934
23-05-18673HV tf g/f C165036C. H. Yip115C. Y. Ho3TTMULTI FACETSLAND GRANTHAR HAR HEART1:39:5723.6652.76 23.67 24.024-4-4-65.51146619.738
09-05-18638HV tf g A165039C. H. Yip118W. M. Lai3TTLUCKY TIMETHE JUDGEHAR HAR HEART1:41:1323.6053.26 25.07 23.9612-12-12-97.251126632146
25-04-18597HV tf g C2200310C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai2TTSUPER CHICGIANT TURTLEGOOD DAYS2:17:0223.3789.57 24.68 23.965-6-6-6-6-107.5113565035
11-04-18563HV tf g A165038C. H. Yip121W. M. Lai11TTPRETTY BAUHINIALET'S TAKE IT EASYLUCKY GIRL1:39:7423.7653.02 23.72 24.3312-12-9-88.251130671221
28-03-18537HV tf g/f C+3180039C. H. Yip117M. F. Poon9TTSHARP SAILORVICTORY BOYSHAR HAR HEART1:48:6323.7061.43 24.02 24.146-5-5-8-961137691713
11-03-18493ST tf g C+3160036C. H. Yip126C. Y. Ho8TTEVERESTSANGRIAUNICRON JEWELLERY1:34:1123.5648.28 23.15 23.0313-13-11-62.251139701214
03-03-18473ST tf g C180033C. H. Yip124C. Y. Ho2TTJOLLY GENEGENERAL DINOBRING IT ON1:46:7123.1061.38 23.07 23.206-6-6-6-361147709.99
04-02-18395ST tf g C180034C. H. Yip125J. Moreira6TTRULE THEEACCLAIMED LIGHTTAI SMART1:47:3122.8861.11 23.72 23.367-6-5-6-45.51151704.53.7
01-01-18316ST tf g B+2180031C. H. Yip118C. Schofield9TTBRING IT ONTAI SMARTCIRCUIT HASSLER1:48:6323.5661.60 23.95 23.0810-11-12-12-1H1147655.86.9
10-12-17254ST tf g A180033C. H. Yip115C. Y. Ho4TTSERGEANT TITANIUMVICTORY BOYSBRING IT ON1:47:8423.8760.92 23.61 23.394-8-8-8-30.5114864108.1
26-11-17225ST tf g C160033C. H. Yip114C. Y. Ho9TTMORETHANLUCKYPING HAI STARBRING IT ON1:34:0723.4048.00 23.23 22.9410-10-9-30.51144621340
11-11-17189ST tf g/f A160038C. H. Yip119B. Prebble13TTRATTANDARING FITSERGEANT TITANIUM1:35:7623.1948.62 24.67 23.247-9-12-84.751138648.711
14-10-17118ST tf g C140036C. H. Yip115C. Y. Ho8TTREGENCY BO BOKINGSFIELDWORLD RECORD1:22:0623.6336.09 23.22 23.0512-12-13-621124648.611
16-09-1746ST tf g/f C+3140034C. H. Yip114C. Y. Ho14TTGREEN CARDIMPERIAL GALLANTRYPRETTY BAUHINIA1:21:4922.9436.66 22.57 22.3314-12-13-4N1147632648
03-09-1710ST tf g B140039C. H. Yip114K. C. Leung6TTRATTANREGENCY BO BOGORGEOUS KING1:22:0724.1335.08 23.18 25.123-4-5-98.251133631322
25-06-17758ST tf g/f A160033C. H. Yip109H. N. Wong6TT WINWIN RUBYCITRON SPIRITBRING IT ON1:34.523.2 48.84 23.03 23.107-7-3-32.251130632820
14-06-17730HV tf g/f B1650310C. H. Yip118U. Rispoli8TT JADE FORTUNESUPER CHICUNICORN1:38.924.0 51.18 23.97 25.692-2-4-10121130651115
17-04-17580ST tf g/f C+3140037C. H. Yip122K. Teetan3XB-/TSUNNY WAYLUCKY DOUBLE EIGHTWORLD RECORD1:22.023.5 35.83 23.03 23.737-6-6-73.51109678.34.5
12-03-17489ST tf g C+31600311C. H. Yip120C. Y. Ho12XB/TTWHAT ELSE BUT YOUGO BEAUTY GOENERGETIC CLASS1:34.522.9 48.13 23.73 23.675-4-4-115.751138691820
26-02-17451ST tf g B160036C. H. Yip125Z. Purton13XB/TTWHAT ELSE BUT YOUHOME RUNISHVARA1:34.323.7 46.78 23.81 24.251-1-1-631128705.97.6
30-01-17381ST tf g B160034C. H. Yip116C. Y. Ho14XB1/TBOOMING DELIGHTFRIENDS OF NANJINGAMAZING AGILITY1:35.723.6 47.91 24.18 23.842-2-1-41.251126703141
17-12-16276ST tf g/f C+3140032C. H. Yip122C. Y. Ho2TT1 JOLLY JOLLYBRING IT ONROUNDABOUT1:21.823.4 36.27 22.91 22.8911-9-10-21.251163694165
30-11-16230HV tf g A120038C. H. Yip124Z. Purton7 WONDERFUL JOURNEYI'M A WITNESSFANTASTIC FEELING1:09.823.2 24.49 23.01 23.319-7-86.251155719.917
23-10-16126ST tf g A120038C. H. Yip124C. Y. Ho7 JING JING WINSTARSHIPDIAMOND KING1:08.823.1 24.85 22.25 22.9912-12-881106716699

HKJC Comment

Pushed forward, 2 wide, favoured by the slow pace, out of fuel 250M.