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C. S. Shum / Rating: 121

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / br / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Paul Lo Chung-wai & Kathy Lo Ho Hsiu-lan
Last win: 20-10-19
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (10/12/2017)
Sire: Captain Sonador
Dam: Pyramisa's Lass

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (7-4-2)
ST 1200m: 5 (2-1-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (2-1-0)
ST 1600m: 13 (3-1-0)
ST 1800m: 2 (0-1-1)
ST 2000m: 3 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-01-20300ST tf g C1400G37C. S. Shum133Z. Purton3TTGOLDEN SIXTYFAT TURTLECHAMPION'S WAY1:20:7022.7036.09 22.63 23.027-8-8-76.510621211616
08-12-19231ST tf g A1200G19C. S. Shum126G. van Niekerk12TTBEAT THE CLOCKHOT KING PRAWNAETHERO1:08:1222.5524.83 21.70 22.12 12-12-93.2510511122926
20-10-19107ST tf g/f A1200G21C. S. Shum125G. van Niekerk7TTSEASONS BLOOMFULL OF BEAUTYWISHFUL THINKER1:08:8321.7425.39 22.30 21.14 8-7-1SH10451169.18.3
01-09-193ST tf g B120012C. S. Shum132B. Shinn1TTREGENCY LEGENDSEASONS BLOOMJOLLY BANNER1:08:7422.1225.29 21.65 22.05 6-5-21.510491169.78.1
23-06-19758ST tf g/f A1800G32C. S. Shum130G. van Niekerk4TTRISE HIGHSEASONS BLOOMCITRON SPIRIT1:46:8721.9761.82 23.52 21.716-6-5-7-21.2510531169.310
28-04-19617ST tf g A1600G14C. S. Shum126H. Bowman6TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSINGAPORE SLINGSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:33:6322.3649.21 22.62 22.377-7-7-43.510311183435
07-04-19562ST tf g/f B+21600G26C. S. Shum123C. Y. Ho9TTBEAUTY GENERATIONEAGLE WAYPAKISTAN STAR1:33:2622.4649.42 22.34 21.969-9-9-6310421194268
10-03-19485ST tf g C+3160015C. S. Shum133A. Sanna3TTRISE HIGHWHAT ELSE BUT YOUDINOZZO1:34:5623.7248.27 23.13 23.527-6-7-52.2510431201132
17-02-19429ST tf g A+31400G15C. S. Shum126A. Sanna2B-/TTBEAUTY GENERATIONBEAT THE CLOCKCONTE1:21:0322.2836.54 22.81 22.335-5-5-5410451214348
09-12-18243ST tf g A2000G17C. S. Shum126R. Moore4B1/TTGLORIOUS FOREVERDEIRDRETIME WARP2:01:7123.0076.06 23.73 22.566-6-7-7-7410631181819
18-11-18186ST tf g B1600G25C. S. Shum128K. Teetan2TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSOUTHERN LEGENDBEAUTY ONLY1:32:6423.5147.47 22.38 23.868-8-8-56.7510601242940
21-10-18116ST tf g/f A1600G28C. S. Shum127U. Rispoli9TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSINGAPORE SLINGEAGLE WAY1:33:0723.1747.67 22.91 23.3210-9-9-85.2510711264373
01-10-1862ST tf g A+31400G37C. S. Shum133C. Schofield9TTBEAUTY GENERATIONPING HAI STARBORN IN CHINA1:20:6222.2836.26 22.84 22.207-8-8-74.2510671261516
29-04-18608ST tf g A1600G17C. S. Shum126J. Moreira5TTBEAUTY GENERATIONWESTERN EXPRESSSOUTHERN LEGEND1:34:3122.9648.12 23.79 23.008-7-8-73.7510451182.93.7
25-02-18454ST tf g B2000G13C. S. Shum126J. Moreira3TTTIME WARPWERTHERSEASONS BLOOM1:59:9724.2373.14 22.96 24.017-7-7-5-3110441268.18.6
28-01-18380ST tf g B1600G11C. S. Shum126J. Moreira1TTSEASONS BLOOMFIFTY FIFTYWERTHER1:34:7423.3648.86 22.80 23.087-7-4-10.510291228.54.1
10-12-17260ST tf g A1600G14C. S. Shum126J. Moreira5TTBEAUTY GENERATIONWESTERN EXPRESSHELENE PARAGON1:33:7222.7148.65 23.20 22.2614-14-13-42.510351152.92.6
19-11-17206ST tf g B1600G21C. S. Shum123J. Moreira9TTSEASONS BLOOMHELENE PARAGONBEAUTY GENERATION1.34.1322.8748.51 23.07 22.558-6-8-10.510281154.73.7
01-10-1780ST tf g/y A+31400G32C. S. Shum121J. Moreira3TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSEASONS BLOOMTIME WARP1:21:8022.5736.24 23.51 22.2912-7-7-21.510321152.42.3
03-09-173ST tf g B120011C. S. Shum117J. Moreira4TTSEASONS BLOOMBLIZZARDFABULOUS ONE1:08:3222.5224.91 21.89 21.52 6-6-11.510291074.53.9
18-06-17741ST tf g/y C+3160021C. S. Shum133J. Moreira1TT SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA JOYJOLLY JOLLY1:34.822.9 49.02 23.53 22.289-9-7-121021995.52.4
21-05-17670ST tf g C+3160026C. S. Shum131K. C. Leung7TT KEEN VENTUREBOOMING DELIGHTJOLLY JOLLY1:34.523.9 47.46 23.83 23.518-9-8-61.25102499139.1
30-04-17616ST tf g/f A160027C. S. Shum133Z. Purton11TT EASTERN EXPRESSBOOMING DELIGHTDOYENI1:33.722.8 48.31 22.99 23.006-7-6-73.751022992.73.1
19-03-17506ST tf g/y A20004yr4C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller1TT RAPPER DRAGONPAKISTAN STARBEAUTY GENERATION2:02.823.1 76.84 23.19 23.465-6-9-43.751034973516
19-02-17433ST tf g/f A1800Restricted3C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller3TT RAPPER DRAGONPAKISTAN STARSEASONS BLOOM1:46.922.7 60.62 24.22 22.608-9-9-3310349399.9
22-01-17360ST tf g A1600Restricted2C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller2TT RAPPER DRAGONSEASONS BLOOMBEAUTY GENERATION1:34.922.4 49.29 23.94 22.0510-10-10-221037831012
01-01-17306ST tf g/f B+2140031C. S. Shum128Z. Purton2TT SEASONS BLOOMREGENCY BO BOBEAT THE CLOCK1:22.422.5 36.80 23.62 21.9910-10-7-10.51036752.52
04-12-16239ST tf g/f C+3140031C. S. Shum120Z. Purton9TT SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA WHIPA BEAUTIFUL1:21.423.1 36.67 22.40 22.3910-9-7-121037664.74
12-11-16184ST tf g A+3120038C. S. Shum119S. De Sousa5TT1 WESTERN EXPRESSDIAMOND KINGMULTIMAX1:09.223.3 24.80 22.08 23.1311-11-84.51033669.37

HKJC Comment

Niggled along in last few, hampered and dropped further back 900 metres out, trailed the field rounding home bend and into the straight, produced some late impression closing stages.