Fifa World Cup: he asks girlfriend to text him England updates and her hilarious comments leave internet, like footballers, rolling on the floor

The motor racing fan and blogger mocks players who fall to the ground too easily as she provides commentary on England v Tunisia

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 7:10pm
UPDATED : Friday, 22 June, 2018, 12:35am

How many diehard football fans are willing to admit that their favourite players who strut their stuff on the World Cup stage are, in fact, cry babies who collapse to the turf feigning pain from the mildest of touches from an opponent?

Well, apparently the girlfriend of one England fan saw the theatrics for what it is and she has set social media alight with her text messages.

Twitter user @lightningstarr was asked by her boyfriend to send him text updates on England’s opening match against Tunisia and she posted them to her account. They have been retweeted almost 4,000 times and fans are asking for more.

A Formula One fanatic and blogger, she wrote: “My boyfriend asked me to text him updates from the #ENGTUN game as he’s on his way home. You can’t say it’s not accurate.”

Her comments mostly alluded to how easily footballers tend to go to ground after being tackled or “touched in the hair” by opponents.

After being overwhelmed with responses, @lightningstarr posted another message, saying: “Thanks everyone! If I knew this was going to take off I would’ve made sure I spelt floor correctly ... I’m sorry to say that I’m on a plane at the time of the next England game.”

Her pithy comments also piqued the interest of one non-football-loving American, who said: “Your commentary may actually make me want to follow soccer [I’m American and I don’t ‘get’ the sport!].”

To which she replied: “If you like good hair and people falling over, it’s the sport for you!”

Displaying a razor-sharp wit, her most hilarious exchange was with one fan who tweeted: “You NEED to get paid for this. My husband is rolling on the floor.”

Easy fodder for the motor racing fan, who replied: “Rolling on the floor? Congratulations on marrying a footballer!”