'No sense of shame': Chinese Playstation 4 and Xbox One console copycat blasted online

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 August, 2015, 12:10pm
UPDATED : Monday, 17 August, 2015, 12:10pm

A Chinese gaming console seeking funding on a domestic version of Kickstarter has been roundly criticised online for "blatantly" ripping-off the design of both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Developed by a Shenzhen-based company, the Ouye console is seeking US$15,000 in funding on JD Finance, a crowdfunding subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce giant.

The Ouye is powered by Android, and will retail for around US$70. The body of the console is almost identical to that of Sony's Playstation 4, while its controller appears to be modelled on that of Microsoft's Xbox One.

Even the name is not particularly original, being only one letter off that of the Ouya, a now-discontinued Android console which raised more than US$8.5 million on Kickstarter, becoming the fifth-most successful project in the website's history.

In an announcement, the Ouye developers said the console took 15 months to develop, six months of which were spent crafting its "unique design".

Since it was unveiled on JD Finance, the console has been widely ridiculed on both the Chinese and wider web. Popular site Tencent Games highlighted the creators' many references to their product's supposed originality, before saying that such "idiotic copycat behaviour" was an embarrassment to China.

On forum GamerSky, commenters said the Ouye creators had "no sense of shame" while others pointed out if there was no demand for such copycats then they would not be created.

China recently lifted the final remnants of a 12-year ban on consoles, allowing the PS4 and Xbox One to be manufactured and sold throughout the country. However, while the consoles have been available through a number of legitimate and grey-market avenues since their release, experts say sales are not living up to expectations.

The criticism of the Ouye is particularly embarrassing for JD, which – along with rival Alibaba – has promised to crack down on copyright violations on its e-commerce platform.

Representatives for Ouye and JD Finance did not immediately respond to a request for comment.